“The Real Housewives of Miami” has been bringing the drama this season, I know it hasn’t been the most popular “Housewives” of the franchise, but with “New Jersey” and “New York” coming to a close, I’d recommend you give it a chance. There’s plenty of backstabbing, questionable behavior, lack of social skills, and “say it to my face” attitude.

When Romain and Marta meet to discuss their living situation, it's obvious that Marta is just a spoiled brat. She’s a free loader and has taken advantage of her sister’s generosity. All Romain asks is that she pitch in; cleaning, errands, or working, as long as she does something. Romain came to this country with nothing: he worked for everything he has, and can’t stand by and watch someone be handed everything on a silver platter. It must be infuriating for one who led that type of life to deal with a person as self-centered as Marta. Her decision to move in with Lisa is ostensibly so that Romain and Joanna can “work on their issues.” She’s solving the problem without seeing the problem: her! Nevertheless, Romain seems relieved.

In this episode, the "Hearts and Stars Gala" is where all the fireworks go off. All the ladies are there for one purpose; to bash Karent - whose sole purpose in the event is to prove that her relationship with Rodolfo is genuine.

Karent with a T. This woman is, as the ladies have crowned her, an "eager beaver." She goes to a party and has to be the loudest in the room. Every conversation must include her and her inappropriate behavior as, at a charity event no less, she imitates a lunatic by jumping and running around, rubbing tongues with her fake boyfriend, all of which leaves our housewives rolling their eyes. Her worst offense is strong-arming herself into every picture and immediately posting them on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to Ana and her daughters (who like to Facebook-stalk people they hate,) we find out later Karent’s facebook is full of celebrity photos. She’s a social climber, a wannabe. Adriana in particular sees right through her, especially after last week when she famously beat her to her tweet.

Adriana was absolutely right in that tweeting situation; she was meeting someone she idolized and it was indeed a special moment, to have a picture taken with a legendary artist. Shame on stupid Karent for demanding her own picture as well, and then immediately tweeting it -- not even knowing his name. She took away something from Adriana who had every right to be pissed.

Back at the Gala, let’s get into Karent flying off the deep end. She’s infatuated with Thomas Kramer, the real estate mogul with whom who all the ladies except Karent are close. Karent is particularly loud and aggressive as she makes like she’s Thomas Kramer’s best friend. She’s all over him, while sitting among women who have been friends with him for 20 years. All the ladies are disgusted and can’t tolerate Karent's desperation as well as her pathetic act. The shit hits the fan when Karent invites everyone to an event she will plan in the near future, at Thomas Kramer’s home. No she didn’t! Marysol is furious!

Let’s break this down, because it is a big deal and I see why everyone is so offended. Marysol, who has been friends with Thomas for 20 years and has been to his home many times, is being invited to his home by someone who just met him and has never been there. I would be enraged too. Who do you think you are? Is this woman trying too hard, or is she this self-entitled and clueless? Karent is by far the most irritating housewife, and a big thorn in the show’s side.

I haven’t forgotten about Mama Elsa dancing the night away. I can’t get a read on this woman, thanks to her hideous plastic surgery face, but I have to ask, why do people like Mama Elsa? It seems like everyone thinks she cute; I know Andy Cohen can’t get enough of her. I for one can barely look at her. She’s hard to watch, and I don’t see anything adorable or precious about this lady at all. I want to know what you think, let’s set the record straight, Mama Elsa, cute or not? Tell us HERE.

Finally, when Lea invited Joanna and Adriana to her food-tasting appointment, Adriana has some time to vent about how much she loathes Karent. Joanna defends her and it’s obvious that she has only heard a warped version of the “beat my tweet” fiasco. She’s completely wrong in saying that Karent was innocent in that one. Adriana, always feisty, plans to confront Karent; Lea hopes a bitch slap is involved. Me too!

In the end, we see that Joanna does call and gives Karent a heads-up that it is about to go down, that Adriana plans to call her out: she might want to go into Alexia’s event guns blazing. This is setting us up for an action packed episode next week!

Also next week Mama Elsa gets into a fight with a drag queen, and Joanna finds some incriminating photos of a vacation spot that Romain was planning to take a mistress. Plus Karent ruins Alexia’s event! I can’t wait! Let me know what you thought of this episode, or anything else Miami: HERE. I know some of you said you were into this season, I am too, so let’s chat!