Well that's a wrap on Season 5 of "The Real Housewives of New York," and we finally probed some of the bigger issues that needed to be addressed. Like last week's episode, this one was smooth sailing. So, who was right and who was at fault? Who really hooked up with Tomas the French pirate, and did Sonja finally find her sexy J?
Wow, I've never seen the Countess own up to anything. But was she telling the truth? According to her, she did in fact come home with Tomas that night, and not the "Italians" she claimed to spend the evening with. She admits to receiving a ride from the Johnny Depp look-alike, and offering him a tour of the bungalow, nothing more.

As Ramona points out, the way she often does, Luann likes her men and unlike Ramona, is into open relationships. Luann has been accused in the past of having an open relationship with her ex-husband, so it wasn't a surprise to me when all the ladies called her out for hooking up with Tomas. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't. I wouldn't expect her to answer that question, she has poor Jacque to think of. No one seems to believe that nothing happened, but everyone is gracious enough to let the topic rest and move on. Luann says it was hard on her relationship, and she simply made herself look guilty when she really wasn't. I'm willing to give the Countess a pass, we'll let this one go Luann, but don't think your broken French and lies are what did it. As Carole so eloquently puts it, "It's never the crime, it's always the cover up!" Next time, keep in mind that we're not idiots!

Sonja Morgan was a major topic tonight, from her toaster oven to her divorce settlement. It's never a good idea to mix business and pleasure. When Heather offered to develop Sonja's brand for her toaster oven and party planning service, it was obvious that this would put a major strain on their budding friendship. Sonja was a demanding client, especially for someone who wasn't really a client. Heather was extremely professional and did her best; she treated Sonja as well as she would any paying client. What did she get in return for her hard work, expertise, and quality service? Aggravation and disrespect.

It all started with the logo. Sonja just wanted a sexy J, not Times New Roman. I had to agree with Sonja that the logo Heather presented her was lacking any appeal or style, but Sonja failed to ask for what she wanted. Finally the toaster oven photo shoot, where Sonja's entitled attitude makes it clear how unappreciated Heather's help really is. Both women already know how each other really feels; I don't think Heather was still upset or expecting any sort of closure. Heather was really clear with Sonja a few times, calling her entitled and really letting her have it. Sonja can take a punch, you can call her out and tell her how you really feel, she can take it. That's what I like about Sonja, it takes a lot to hurt her feelings, she's OK with someone not liking her or her behavior. These two had no ill feelings after the fact; that is, until Sonja pulled out the new logos a viewer made. Heather, and even Luann, couldn't believe Sonja would whip them out to show Heather what she really wanted, as if Heather really cared at this point! Sonja didn't mean any harm, does anyone know what Sonja ever really means?

Sonja also opens up about her divorce settlement and ongoing seven million dollar lawsuit. These are the issues where Sonja's emotions come out, and we see that our fun bubbly party girl is actually really fragile and in despair. I really feel for her whenever she brings up her ex-husband: it's obvious she still really loves him and is heartbroken that her marriage ended. There truly are two sides to Sonja. Nehind the fun-loving housewife there's someone going through a hard time and I really feel for her. I can't see how anyone wouldn't; I can't think of a mean thing to say about Sonja, except that we've waited way too long for this damn toaster oven! Is it real?

Aviva received a lot of viewer questions, all correlating her dad's behavior with her comments about Ramona and Sonja in St. Barth's. It was obvious that the viewers thought Aviva was being a hypocrite in calling the ladies white trash, and for her comments regarding Sonja flirting with the opposite sex. Aviva's dad is a self proclaimed sex addict. His behavior on the show was appalling, even more so with Aviva's holier-than-thou attitude. For someone who condones the actions of her father, Aviva has no right to judge the other women's behavior, particularly when it comes to sex and dating. She not only laughs at her dad's sexual advances, she pushes him on her friends as well.

When asked about Aviva being hard on Sonja for her drinking, it's revealed that Aviva's mother died of alcoholism, and that is the root of her concerns. This really cleared up a lot; all the accusations Aviva made and how she looked down on the women for their party-hard ways. It all stemmed from her own tragic past, and everyone was very understanding. It was easy to see where Aviva's anger and distress came from.

So, whose side are you on? Was Aviva's dad unfairly kicked out of Ramona's charity event, or did he deserve to be escorted out? Whether right or wrong, I can certainly understand someone defending their father. He is an older man and it was hard to watch when he was escorted out by security. I think it was nice of him to show up to donate money to Ramona's charity, ($500 as Ramona clarified,) but it was the wrong time and place to confront Ramona on apologizing to Aviva. I see both sides, a dad defending his daughter, a daughter defending her dad, and even a host defending her event. Everyone was wrong, and everyone did what they felt was right.

Ramona states in the very end that she is not sure if she can forgive and move on when it comes to Aviva. Of all the housewives' nonsense we've witnessed in 5 seasons, I think that's a little much. With Jill and Luann as opponents over the years, certainly Aviva is not the biggest offender. When Ramona asked if she was off camera or on camera before making her final statement, I wondered if the answer would have been different if the camera was off. She may have said sure, all is forgiven, who cares! Instead, we were left with a cryptic statement to entice us to stay tuned. Thanks, Ramona. I'll be watching either way.

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