Jokers: Eddie... how did you decide to do a Reality Documentary?

Eddie: It beats working in home depot. Actually, I'm interested in the topic for the same reason you are - and for other reasons too. Like you folks, I wonder what happens to these folks after the cameras quit. That's when I start to get interested. I like real people better than show biz folks.

Eddie: Hey George - are you typing or is Teresa?

George: T of course
Eddie: Ha, knew it. Hi Teresa!
George: Hi Eddie George is in his boxer and I can't stop looking at him 
Jokers: with a chicken on his head?
George: Only turkeys now

Jokers: Eddie, do either of you think that reality celebrities get a bum rap because of their reality status?
Eddie: Yeah, reality stars get a bum rap. Without a doubt. Everyone sees them as characters - and they're people. We see them as Dallas stars or something, that can be objectified or killed off. It's wacky. But, that's also what you volunteer for when you sign up for a tour of duty on TV
Joker: That's true.. but sometimes it's really harsh, what happens afterwards.
Eddie: yes.

Jokers: do you think reality people never expect the treatment they get, after they're out?
George: I didn't expect anything because it didn't even seem like I was on TV.

Jokers: Eddie: Did you take your documentary to the big networks, or go straight for the cable channels?
Eddie: AMC was starting a new signature doc series and asked me to pitch a project, and this was one of the ones I talked to them about.

Jokers: George: Did the cameras become like a lamp in your head i.e. an every day object?
George: Yes the cameras became an everyday object.
Jokers: and you were able to totally forget them?
George: For the most part after being in there awhile, but did enjoy the one in the shower!

Jokers: Eddie: is this the only reality documentary you have done/will do? 
Eddie: I don't know. My co-director, Rick Velleu and I are mulling another Reality People doc over. What seems interesting NOW is who would get involved in this stuff, knowing how hammered you're gonna get. It's like signing up for a car wreck.
Jokers: I would think you would have to be extremely secure in yourself to put yourself through that
Eddie: Secure? I don't think so.

Jokers: Eddie...did you contact any of the reality people that refused to do the documentary due to negative feelings of being in the "spotlight" so to speak?
Eddie: We talked to about 150 reality vets and only about 2 said no.
Jokers: wow that's a good response.
George: Yes it beat roofing in the summer
Eddie: Mostly they were dying to get on the tube again. Except George. George is totally unique.
Jokers: Yes we sure agree :) did you see where he did his lift-off?
Eddie: The lift off was insane. 

Jokers: Did you try survivor people? How did you settle on Big Brother/ R/W RR?
Eddie: We talked to lots of survivor people, but we didn't care what show they were on. It was the individual that mattered. We found that the network vets all had the same sort of stories.

Jokers: George.. have you gotten any good work out of big brother? What is this comedy thing?
George: As far as work goes I have been in training. I perform at the Improv Olympic in Chicago and also have my show that I have produced

Jokers: Eddie: How did you find producing On HBO's series Real Sex? How did that come about?
Eddie: I do a lot of documentary stuff. Real Sex was fun. Shooting sex is not fun.

Jokers: Teresa.. what did you think when George tried to stage a walk out?
George (Teresa typing for him): I felt he must have had his reasons. 

Jokers: George: Did you keep in touch with former BB1 HG's :)
George: Only the Mega Man

Jokers: who will be here for chat soon.. did you know he's running for office?
George: Yes he wants me to work on his Campaign. city council I believe. Only in America!
Jokers: Reagan became president.. ::::flee
George: and a roofer can be on national TV.

Jokers: Eddie... is Reality People positive or negative, on the whole, towards people who do reality shows? Or is it more about reactions to those people once they're out?
Eddie: I hate to sound really wimpy, but i don't like to judge other people's journeys. That antithetical to the way i get involved. I'm more
interested in presenting the 'why they do it' than posting a judgment on their results.
Jokers: I see... so we get a glimpse into why they chose that path?
George: What a journey this is.
Eddie: Something like that. But not why they went on the shows - why they're doing what they're doing afterwards.

Jokers: How has it been, George? overall, since you got out?
George: It opened up another opportunity I would of never thought of or did.

Jokers: Eddie: And what is the most common 'Why' that you've found?
Eddie: Something like this: if you were picked to be on national TV, and survived the experience, and it felt good too, wouldn't YOU want to keep it going? We judge people like George as 'nuts' for thinking that he can keep it going. But, is he really nuts? Why couldn't he make it? 
Jokers: I am not sure he's judged.. I personally think he has great comedic talent and timing.
George: It is a nasty job but someone has to do it.
Eddie: yeah, but most people think reality stars should go home, and stop trying 'to be in the limelight'. 
Jokers: But people that perhaps would never have been seen w/out that venue.. now he's done your show too! It can't be all bad.
George: Thank you
Eddie: George, by the way, is really different. No BS. He has mad talent.
George: ROFL Eddie. Anybody need a turkey for dinner tonight?

Jokers: George Were you shocked with Eddie's disability on BB1, and were you shocked he won? (not because of disability)
George: Yes I was.
Jokers: how did you feel about Eddie?
George: I wish him the best

Jokers: Eddie... did you tell us what this next possible documentary is about? ;)
Eddie: what do you mean?
Jokers: You said you were considering another reality documentary? You teased us. LOL
Eddie: Oh, yeah. I'm fishing for new ideas. Haven't made up a mind about it.
George: Eddie is thinking about a documentary about the many uses of poultry. inside tip here
Jokers: bathrooms as used as rockets on reality shows
Eddie: and assless.

Jokers: George, I heard Brit has had enough of BB.. you think?
George: I believe you dance with the band that got you there
Eddie: Geo - so sage!
Jokers: It's an experience... would you do big brother again, George? Celebrity Big Brother, say?
George: I like that I sure would.
Jokers: George: How are your Daughters doing?
George: The kids are doing great Emily will be on the show Monday.

Jokers: How long did it take to shoot Reality People?
Eddie: We started shooting in - when were we there, George? October? We finished shooting in Jan.
Jokers: October to January? yow long time.. in new York? LA?
Eddie: LA, IL, and NV

Jokers: George: would you consider doing another reality show? if so, which?
George: Yes The best hunk body over 40 reality show!

Jokers: Are there any surprises you can kind of tease us with that we'll see Monday on Reality People?
George: Yes I am posing nude
Eddie: Well - this is definitely the first TV show to highlight God, tits and turkey testicles. 
Jokers: in that order, Eddie?
Eddie: No. Always lead with the tits. 
George: You will see me in my full playgirl spread

Jokers: which was funnier to shoot.. RP or Real Sex?
Eddie: Well, in Real sex, I had a half dozen women with rubber dildos suction
cupped to dishes. In RP, George put a 20lb chicken on his head. I don't know where to go from here.

George: Don't get too excited now

Jokers: Your company, EyePop, DID garner an Emmy did it not?
Eddie: a couple
Jokers: Dildos and turkey testicles and all!
Eddie: they don't know our sordid pasts (and presents)

Jokers: Eddie do we get to see YOU at all on RP?
George: Eddie is doing a show on sex lives of turkeys and their toys
Eddie: no, thank god. George kept wanting to get me into the shower, but I'm shy - and he's big
Jokers: but you'd make an excellent rocket
Eddie: you should see me blow

Jokers: And the Real World fellow.. how is he making out?
Eddie: Chadwick - you gotta know Chadwick. 

George: I went in Playgirl and didn't even need a boob job.

Jokers: George: what happens when you graduate this comedy thing, and will we see this comedy thing?
George: Hopefully you will get to see all of the Turkey Testicle Festival
Jokers: Someone will screen cap the festival and do live feeds on Jokers, trust me.

Jokers: How did Tanya do, by the way
Eddie: Tanya is ok. She mentioned that she's a good mother six billion times. We edited it down a bit. But, you know, she is actually a good mother. I like her kids a lot.,
Jokers: Eddie: do we see the Kiddy on the show
Eddie: yeah, we see the kids. She's a former stay at home mom with massive knockers. it's a weird dichotomy
Jokers: and a penchant for peanut butter
Eddie: uhuh
Jokers: did you show the peanut butter thing? ;)
Eddie: no. too sticky. I hate pb.

Reality People airs on the AMC June 16 at 10PM. Be sure to catch this one of a kind documentary.