The show opened with the remaining rockers toasting each other making the final four. MiG commented that the night had been "The JD Show". Marty said that Jordis' elimination was the hardest to take because he had been closest to her. MiG said he was excited for her to "begin the rest of her life." Suzie started crying and said that she was honored to be there and that she felt empowered to be the only female. MiG still hasn't been in the bottom three, and he commented about not getting to sing an INXS song.

Dave came to tell the rockers that the next clinic would be a one-on-one meeting with INXS and to be prepared to answer their questions. He said that at this point, they've all proven themselves and that it's all about chemistry now.

JD was shown outside playing his guitar. He commented that he planned to be with INXS for the next 20-30 years. A car pulled up, and his mother and sister got out. JD felt it was a really welcome gift to have his family there and said he was on top of the world.

The day of the clinic was dubbed "Interview 101". Suzie commented that it was really important to be true to who she was and to be relaxed.

Before JD entered INXS said they wanted to make sure that when the pressure was on, JD wouldn't "flip out." They wondered how much is just bravado, will he have "controversial moments", and how he would get on with the band. During the interview, JD got out a picture of himself and his sister when she was 2 weeks old. The band thought it was a good indication that family was important to him. Upon leaving the intervieww, JD opened an envelope and found that his two songs for the week would be "Pretty Vegas" and "Money".

Before MiG's interview, the band commented that he seemed like the nicest guy. They were glad to see a little edginess come out. They asked him about his experience and he surprised them with a long list. INXS was surprised to learn he had done that much theater and said it would "take a little while to dilute the theater side." They wondered if he could be assertive enough. MiG said that he was not selfish, that he was giving, and that he'd be honored to be in their band. MiG's songs for the week are "Kiss from a Rose" and "Painted Black."

The band wondered how Marty could apply the new edge he would bring to the band to their back catalog of songs. They also commented that he had been forthright about his belief that he was the right person to take the band into the next era. They also like his confidence. INXS asked Marty if he likes to be in control. He answered that he was "patiently controlling." Marty's songs this week will be "Creep" by Radiohead (one of his faves) and his original "Trees."

Suzie was nervous going in to her interview. The band said that they admired her strength, but they were not impressed with her interview. She lost her train of thought at one point and seemed nervous. INXS worried that that might be an indicator of how she'd handle a press conference. Suzie said about INXS, "INXS is not broken, so I don't need to fix it." We were not shown what Suzie would be singing this week.

INXS liked the interviews, believing that they were seeing the real people. They said that Suzie was clearly the best singer, that JD brought a stage persona, Marty had come a long way, and MiG was unique in his own way. There seemed to be some disagreement among the band members about JD. Does he say what he means or what he thinks they want to hear? Is he playing games? About MiG, they again commented about the long list of bands and theater experience. They said that he looks like a rock star, but is he? They said that Marty was opinionated, but they thought it was good that he "had a spine." About Suzie, they commented that she had her voice to fall back on. They again came around to the JD/bad boy discussion. He "has some issues", but he can draw on that. They felt that if he doesn't always come from left field, he could be a fun guy to be around.

In the preview for the rest of the week, Brooke asked, "Can MiG show INXS his darker side?" and "Can Marty show INXS he has what it takes?"

As credits rolled, JD was shown bringing out an @ss shaped cake which he called a "full moon." He then commented that, as of tonight, "everybody had had a piece of ass."