The show began with all three remaining rockers toasting each other. Marty said that he was surprised that Suzie had been voted out, that she had kept them real and honest. At this point, he said, it's all about the game and winning. MiG felt that he deserved to be in the finals now because he had proven himself when he "came through" on the INXS song. Someone commented that Andrew Farris had said, "I hope you complete this." They took this to mean the band had not yet made up its mind.

In their separate interviews, MiG said that he felt Marty was the biggest threat. He said that JD has a "dangerous side" and that he thought INXS saw that. JD said that MiG was his biggest threat.

Dave showed up and told the rockers that they would be driving their new Honda Civics (the prize for being in the finals) to a collaboration session with Andrew Farris. They were given a song that AF had started working on. Marty said this would be a good test because they are all different songwriters. MiG questioned JD as to why JD wasn't working on the song, but JD felt "rock and roll shouldn't be too overthought." He did not seem to be preparing. MiG thought it would be wise to be prepared. He also said, "If you can't write with Andrew Farriss, then you might as well count yourself out of INXS."

The next day, all three went outside to find their new cars waiting for them. All were impressed. Before the session, Marty talked about the fact that this would be a lot of pressure. He didn't want to walk in with nothing and just wing it. Andrew said that Marty was impressive, that he was ready from the get-go, and that his chorus was "virtually perfect." When Marty said that he didn't really have anything for one section, Andrew said he had an abstract idea, which they both then worked on together. Andrew was "pleasantly surprised" with the collaboration session with MiG. He said that MiG really put some energy into it. He did comment that MiG makes things sweet, while INXS was sometimes darker. MiG said that, of course, if Andrew had any suggestions he would listen because of Andrew's track record. Andrew finished by saying that MiG was a pleasure to write with and that he "has a good sense of who he is and where he wants to go." JD brought in "a few sketches" for the new song. Andrew pumped him, asking for lyric ideas and more development. Andrew was surprised that JD hadn't brought more in and said "oookay" to self. He did say that JD was a quick thinker and thinks "outside the square." JD thought that it was important to show you were on the same page and that he done that and brought something to spark creativity. Andrew ended by saying that JD had surprised him, that he needs more of Marty's discipline.

When the three returned to the mansion, they again toasted each other and the day's work. They discussed what they would miss the most when they left the next day. They seemed to agree that they'd miss "all the beautiful girls" the most.

When they went to find their assigned songs for Tuesday, all they found was one folder. It held a note of congratulations for them and told them to choose any song from the season's catalog that they felt defines them, that proves they are right for INXS. The rockers spread all the songs out on the floor. JD chose the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want." He said that he had written in his will that that song was to be sung at his funeral (that and "Sympathy for the Devil"). Marty chose Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" because that was the song where he found his voice. MiG debated back and forth about whether or not to choose Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." One of the others (JD?) said it would be a "ballsy move." MiG talked about how he hated letting it go to Suzie the last time and decided to go for it. He felt that he had proven he was "ready to move on" (Ed. Note: MiG was referring to the fact that he had been in a Queen musical prior to RockStar. Marty privately questioned MiG's decision.

The rockers were shown packing up and leaving while a voice over of JD sang "You Can't Always Get What You Want". MiG said that this had been the most important event in his life. JD said that he had become a better artist and human being than he had been when he walked in three months earlier. Marty was looking to the next night and commented that "You can't walk in that door with any doubts. This is it."

The promo for the next show gave few hints as to what would happen. Dave said it would be an "epic show." During the credits, the three rockers were shown throwing furniture in the pool, saying that you couldn't be a rock star without trashing the place.