Goodbye Regan

Regan when you were evicted
I thought the best player from the game had left
No I don’t mean the best physically
I mean brain wise…you were the best

You were usually thinking a few moves ahead
And could see how the game would play
Too bad you couldn’t make others see it though
To ensure that somehow you would stay

Your run as the second saboteur
Went well but could’ve used more flair
I thought the choices you made were safe
But you won the cash so who really cares

But there was a moment in the house
When I was so impressed with your style
It was when you blew Rachel out of the water
I was cheering you on the whole while

Your eloquence in how you told her off
And set the record for once and all straight
Telling her that she was fake and nasty
Regan, that moment was great

So now you are in the jury house
With the nightmare red-headed beast
But not to worry Regan, it’s almost over
Then at last you can find some peace

All in all you were a fave of mine
And I was disappointed to see you go
Some fans disliked you but I didn’t
And I guess I just want you to know

Thanks Regan, you were very entertaining and smart in the game.

Goodbye Britney

Ahh Britney your time is done
You’re no longer in the game
Some thought you were an uber bitch
But I liked you just the same

You played the game well I thought
But I didn’t always like when you were catty
Well except when it came to Rachel though
I mean that chick is just plain batty

Your diary room moments were some of the best
They always left me wanting more
Unlike Rachel’s who made my ears bleed
And some others who would simply bore

And you were a strong competitor
One of the strongest women there
And you did it without big fake boobs
And without tacky fake long hair

You showed some class and to your friends stayed true
Although some might argue that
But Lane couldn’t have asked for a better alliance
Even though he had another behind your back

In the end the Brigade came clean
They came forward and told you all
They let you know you no longer had a chance
That you would be the latest to fall

But Britney I think you should be proud
After all you made it to final four
No easy task in the game of Big Brother
I hope you felt proud as you walked out the door

Thanks Britney for being so entertaining, all the best of luck to you and your fiance….but I think you and Lane make a cute couple…just sayin.