First off a big we love you thank you to our updater's. Without you this daily recap wouldn't be possible and all the poor people who can't afford the feeds wouldn't have any clue what's going on in the house, so thank you very much!

In the wee morning hours several house guest get up and use the restroom and don't wash their handx Joe eats cereal right out the box and doesn't wash his hands ewe. . .he falls asleep in the lounge mid cereal I think not having a bed all this time is finally catching up with him.

9:30 AM We get fish and think it's wake up time for the hamsters, we find Frank in the bathroom again this time he wash's his hands.

9:55 A bunch of them are up and in the kitchen. Joe and Ian are sleeping in the have not room.

10:11 Ashley and Jen and Wil in the living room and they are talking about Jodi. They think maybe she'll be back tonight.

10:17 Frank and Danielle are talking in the bed room. He asks her if she trusts Shane. She says she thinks him and Frank will be going after each other back and forth. He tells her that Janelle is his enemy and Ashley and Wil might be his victims as he goes after Janelle. He says he's miffed that he's on the block but if he gets to stay he's going to let it go. He says he trusts Dan more than he trusts Brittany and blames Brittany for being on the block. Danielle is just agreeing with him. He says he's rock solid with her and Dan. He tells her he was asked who his favorite players in the game were before he came in and he said it was Dan and Boogie. Boogie for entertainment value and Dan because he played an honest game. He asks her who is still saying he's going to go after Shane and she tells him it's not her style to say. He says if they work together he will sell other people out to her down the road. She asks him on a scale of 1 to 10 how much does Boogie hate Janelle and he says not as much as I do. He thought about calling Joe and Janie out but decided to let sleeping dogs lie. He says that Joe's game play of telling lies is rubbing off on Janie and Danielle just keeps agreeing with him. Danielle says she's worried about Ian and Frank tells her not to be that Ian will do everything that he and Boogie tell him to do.

10:30 Janelle and Dan head up to HOH for the weekly lockdown. House guests take showers and get ready for the day.
10:40 Brittany and Janelle talk about Frank and how he needs to go and how he was following Danielle around all day yesterday. Saying that if he stays he's going to win the whole thing. Talk about how Frank and Boogie are so confident that Frank is going to stay. They head up for the lockdown.

11:00 Frank and Boogie are talking. Frank says he doesn't owe Danielle anything after this week because he's the one who got her the votes to stay last week. Boogie says if he can't get Shane out he'd love to get Danielle out. They talk about possibly trading for Wil because they think he would be willing to backdoor Shane. Frank is mad at Shane for putting his life in the hands of the wishy washy girl (Danielle) Frank says that Dan will be mad at them if they put her up and Boogie says he doesn't care screw everyone. More trash talking Shane, they call Jenn an extra body. They think they can control Ian and Ian will be up there all night if its an endurance competition. Frank says he's ready for it to be 6 o clock already because he wants to get it over with. Brittany joins the conversation and throws Janie under the bus. Start trash talking Janelle. Frank says he's thinking of mac'ing on Danielle that she doesn't look that bad after being there a month with nothing else to look at. They comment on how much make up she wears. They think if they get Shane out this week Danielle will hook up with them because she's got no other choice. Frank talks to the camera and says he's sorry for the way he's acting and he doesn't want to come across as a major doushe but this is what you have to do to stay in the Big Brother house and he's such a fan blah blah America please don't hate me. . . Boogie comes back from the bathroom and they trash talk Janelle Frank says he doesn't want to go to jury but if he does and Jo Jo is there they are going to fool around. They are both very cocky and trashing just about everyone else in the house. This goes on for far too long.

12:12 all are upstairs for the HOH lockdown.
1:03 HOH lockdown is over, Shane feeds the fish, Janelle asks Shane if they all have to leave, he says yes.
1:12 the coach's keep getting called to the DR. Brittany asks Boogie why they are being called in there and he says probably because they are telling them about the twist and telling them that they are not allowed to talk about it.
1:18 Brit says to Ash what if someone is lying and Frank stays. Ashley says she'll kill herself.
1:21 Joe and Dan talk Dan ask's Joe how he's doing. He says he's alright and wish's that Dan was his coach. Joe then goes to Ashley and Brittany and tells them everything that Dan just said. Said that Dan just wanted to be ok with him if he gets dropped into the game.

1:29 Wil Shane and Danielle have a pow wow in the boom boom room. Shane tells them they are the only ones he trusts in this game. They agree that Joe needs to go but it sounds like Frank is going tonight. Danielle says she's not worried about endurance she will stand up there and get frostbite if need be. She complains about Ian and says that he's been talking crap to her about everyone. They say he needs to be the next one gone.

1:34 Ashley and Britt talk about how uncomfortable the house will be tonight and Brittany says that the house is intense. Shane says that if the coach's come in the game it's going to mess everything up.

1:48 Danielle and Shane talk she tells him that Frank tried to sleep with her last night and that he's been constantly asking her what she's going to do without exactly asking. Say's he keeps asking if we are good and she answers him, "I'm great." so it's not lying.

1:51 various people are cooking and eating. Ian and Boogie talking about feeds in the back yard. They ask Ashley if she was sitting at home watching the show who her crush would be from this season, she doesn't say but she says for previous season's it was Jeff and Enzo.

2:08 Danielle and Brittany go to the arcade game to talk. Brittany tells her Dan is acting suspicious. Danielle tells her Dan thinks that the coach's are coming back into the game. Brittany ask's Danielle what it is she does for work again and Danielle says she's a kinder garden teacher. Brittany says she's not going to stop bugging her till she fess's up. Danielle goes to Dan and tries to see what he said to Joe, Dan denies most of the conversation with Joe and tells the girls that he was just trying to get info out of him as in who Joe's going to go after next week. Dan tells them that they can't trust Janelle. Says he was shocked that Ashley told him she was gunning for Ian. He thinks Janelle sent Ashley to tell him she wasn't gunning for Ian anymore. Danielle says we have two liars on the block witch one do we get rid of? Brittany says no way are they getting rid of Joe he is entertaining but he can go next week. Dan says that he likes Wil that Wil is the only one from Janelle's team that he likes. Danielle is worried that Joe will go talk to Boogie. Brit says everyone know's what a liar Joe is to not worry about it. They think that Boogie is starting to get worried. Brittany says that she thinks the house is making Joe crazy. Dan says he thinks that Joe was crazy before he got in there. Brit says that Dani seems stressed and Dani says she's just pensive.

2:45 Boogie butters Jenn up saying tonight could be her night. She says she really hopes it is. More people are eating and idle chit chat about wedding rings and MRI's and other random things.

3:00 Frank is packing up. He asks what he should leave out to wear for the competition tonight.
3:09 Brit figured out that Danielle is a charge nurse without Danielle admitting it by asking her medical questions that Danielle answers. Ha.

3:20 we get trivia.

During the live show the coach's are given the choice to get back in the game, all the coach's accepted except for Boogie. It reset the game, there was no eviction and Shane got to compete for HOH again. It's an endurance competition where they are on a plank on a ship and the ship moves and water is dumped on them.

7:10 The feeds come back on and everyone is still in the game.
7:13 Dan says, "So whats it feel like to watch people being tortured?" Brittany complains that her eye is burning, Boogie says it's colder than he expected. Dan and Frank rip on the feeders about how we are watching them being tortured. Boogie and Joe look like they are in trouble, Janelle seems to be hurting too.
7:18 Fake seagulls start flying overhead, looks like something else is going to drop on them. They get paint balls shot at them and they say it smells weird.
7:23 Boogie says he can't win this he's going to hang out for awhile but it's not easy. Tells Ian this is his contest to win. They are also blowing fog at them. The boat starts tilting and it starts "storming" on them again. Everyone is still on.
7:26 Dan's shivering after the "storm" Frank asks if the water is drinkable and makes a joke saying he already dropped a number 2. The little planks they are standing on are moving back and forth. Brittany says when she did this it lasted about an hour and a half and when they really want to get people to quit they leave it tilted and keep the water on.
7:31 Shane asks them witch one of the coach's hit the button. Jani Mike and Dan say they didn't, Brit says nothing.
7:35 Ian mentions how Jodi must feel that she sat in sequester all this time and then Big Brother says nope your not coming back. Joe looks like he's in serious pain.
7:40 The cold water is dumped on them again. When it stops Brit asks Ian if she's going to go up and he tells her never.
7:49 After about an hour in Big Brother adds a rule that you can't wrap your arms around the poll. The bird poop flies again.
7:54 Boogie is starting to get mad at production starts complaining about being crapped on by birds in the freezing rain. Wil starts quoting lines from Titanic.
8:00 Boogie ask's Ian if he's got this Ian shakes his head no, Boogie asks again and again he says no. Frank keeps singing random songs and getting yelled at by production and we keep getting trivia because of it.
8:01 Janelle says that the water doesn't look deep it only looks like its 2 inch's and Ashley is worried that it's going to hurt when they fall off.

8:08 Boogie is out at one hour and 8 minutes. Jenn is the next one out. Then Joe drops. The girls are looking good Frank looks like he's starting to crack. Shane tells Brit she's doing a good job and then says oh he takes it back she's not his coach anymore he doesn't have to suck up to her and then says he's just kidding.
8:18 Dan asks Ian if he can get a kiss from Ashley down there. Janie and Britt say they just have to beat Ian.
9:00 Joe tells Dan that Janie said he was the only one to hit the button. Big Brother starts trying to speed things up by keeping the boards slanted and Frank is out. Wil and Shane are struggling. We find out the ones who already dropped are have not's for the week. That means Boogie, Jenn, Frank and Joe, poor Joe are have not's for this week.
9:17 Wil is freaking out because there's a moth flying around, Ian is starting to shake because he's so cold.
9:23 Boogie is getting annoyed with the rules because Janelle is locking her elbow's on the bar and Wil isn't facing forward. He tells Ian to lock his elbows if he needs to because everyone else is doing it.
9:33 Ashely says Hi to all the live feeders.
9:36 Wil and Shane are out.
9:40 Janelle is out. Brittany is trying to make a deal with Ian to get him to fall. Shane is encouraging Brit saying she needs a picture of her husband. He's encouraging Danielle by saying he'll give her a picture of him.
9:45 Boogie and Frank talk. Frank's concerned Boogie is going to team up with the other coach's. Boogie tells him no he's going to be loyal to Frank. He tells Frank that Dan told him he pushed the button in the hallway to the Diary room. Dan starts giving Dani a pep talk saying he picked her for a reason she needs to not make deals but set her own deals. Then he gives the speech to Ian.
9:50 Ian almost falls and he goes to the next spot over. He thought he was disqualified but they say he's still in it. Brittany keeps trying to get him to drop, keeps telling him if he does he's safe but he doesn't want to deal. the fake birds come back. Ian says yay for fake bird poo.
10:00 the rain starts again. Boogie tells Ian they want Frank out you have to stay up there.
10:08 Ian is out. Brit drops about a minute later, and Danielle is the new HOH.

Order of finish (duration in hours and minutes):
12. Boogie (1:08)
11. Jenn (1:08)
10. Joe (1:10)
9. Ashley (1:49)
8. Dan (1:50)
7. Frank (2:14)
6. Wil (2:43)
5. Shane (2:43)
4. Janelle (2:47)
3. Ian (3:15)
2. Britney (3:16)
1. Danielle (HOH)

10:09 Shane gives Danielle a big fat kiss. Hey didn't he say he wasn't going to do that anymore on the live show just a few hours ago? Ha. Dan gives her a hug and says he's so proud of her.
10:18 Janelle tells Boogie that Frank said he'd nominate Boogie if he came in the game not even 2 weeks ago. Also throwing Wil under the bus for double dealing.
10:21 3 coach's Dan, Boogie and Janie talking game, they are worried about the numbers ratio. They are thinking they need to adopt the weaker ones for their votes and then dump them later. Dan asks Boogie why he pushed the button (joking) Boogie says he knew Dan was going to push it he had his Karate Kid headband on and everything. They said the messed up thing is now they feel like they have a bond with all these people now and now they have to go after them.
10:27 Ashley, Frank and Joe say they think it's important as newbies to band together to get out the coach's. Frank is upset that the HOH competition wasn't at an even level for everyone to win.
10:33 Boogies talking with Dan. He's upset that Dan didn't tell him that the plan was to get out Frank this week. Dan says he saved Frank by pushing the button and Boogie says Dan was going to push the button regardless. Boogie tells the feeders that Dan is playing at Will Kirby level now.
10:44 Brit talks to Shane about the getting Frank out plan tells him to deny deny deny everything.
11:14 Brittany talks to Janie, "Are we going to win this game or not?" Janie says she's not going to lie it's going to be hard but she's not going down without a fight. Says that they need to convince Danielle to keep them safe this week. Janie says that Frank needs to go because he's a bigger leader than Joe.

11:38 Sour grapes from the stronger newbies who would have had a decent chance at winning the game. Janie plots with Dan for a coach's alliance she's convinced the newbies are gunning for them- well duh.
11:50 Dani tells Dan the only way for her to win Franks trust back is not to put him up. Sounds like she wants to put up Janie.
12:07 Dani and Brit have a heart to heart. Brit tells her Janie is wanting a coach's alliance. Dani tells Brit shes the only girl she's close with in the house. Brit tells her she wants to trust Dan so bad but he's got a history of being untrustworthy and Dani reminds her that he was loyal to Memphis the whole time. Brit says Dan will probably give her good advice for nominations. Neither of them really trust Janelle. They talk about Dan spilling the beans to Boogie about getting Frank out. Dani says she can forgive him and asks can Brittany. Brit says yeah but she's still pretty mad.
12:17 Janie has a talk with Joe and Ash and says that they have to lay low this week they are still together, Wil only cares about himself, pep talk yada yada.
12:36 Janie tries to get Dani to let her sleep in HOH for the week but it's clear that Dani wants the room to herself.
12:42 Janie tells Brittany that they both have their one newbie that they won't backstab or go against.
12:55 Dani tells Dan she hates Janelle and wants her out. Dan tells her that if that's her plan she should put up Ashley to insure Janie will go home. He mentions bringing Frank and Boogie in as an alliance to earn their trust back by putting up Janie and Ash. Not even 20 minutes later Boogie tells Frank he will buy Dan's bs this week but next week is a new story. Frank is mad that Dan was going to let Dani vote him out and wants to go after him.

1:25 Am Danielle gets her HOH key and all go up to see her room.
2:30ish Dan and Brit and Danielle in HOH talking game. They are thinking about putting up Wil and Frank. Dan wants to bring in Ash and Janie to their alliance but tell them they can't be seen together. He ask's Brittany if she can "girl it up" with Ashley and Janie.

3:39 Wil and Janie chat in the bathroom. She tells him she'll always give him good advice and they are still working together. She tells him not to go running around saying "We need to get the coach's out" and he says he wasn't doing that even though he was just about 10 minutes ago.

4:12 Janie is up in HOH butt kissing tells Dani that she didn't want to play because if she was a coach and got out she could go home to her daughter but now if she leaves she'll be going to jury.

4:50 Dani reads her letter from home again and goes to bed.

Should be interesting to see how the coach's coming into the game changes things up. Who will Dani nominate? Only time will tell. . .

Also a big we love you thank you to all the updater's this season your doing a fantastic job, keep up the amazing work thank you for giving so generously of your time so that people who don't have feeds can see what's going on. You guys are the best!