Revenge: Season 2, Episode 10

Power (6 Jan. 2013)

Before I get started I want to offer my humble apologies. I had some technology issues this week and even though this article was written several times, I only just managed to figure out what I was doing wrong. In IT land, we call those kinds of errors, eye-dee-ten-tea errors (I D 10 T), but you didn’t hear that from me.

As the episode starts, we see a gorgeous navy blue grey sky. The moonlight shows the top of an ocean cliff. The camera moves closer, and it’s disturbing to find that this Disney moment, kind of like the calm before the ride Pirates of the Caribbean starts is cut short because some animal is mercifully beating up someone.

Oh wait, that’s Emily giving Aiden a few love taps. Aw, isn’t that sweet. Don’t fret, it’s all in good fun and he does get some kisses.

Also, I’m compelled to jump ahead just a moment and let you know that the woman who only speaks in her car, actually speaks outside of her vehicle this episode.

Sadly, my efforts to do everything in my power to ignore the Ryan brothers (at least I’ve bothered to learn their names now) has been without success. Tonight I can’t ignore them. Drat.

Lastly, Jack is now calling Amanda "babe". I seriously wonder, was there a writer's strike, did his regular writer go on holiday or are the writers of this show so cleaver and careful with every word they type that they are hinting Jack isn’t as into her as we are lead to believe.

Which causes me to pause, did we ever think he was into her at all. I certainly picked up on a desire to continue a childhood fantasy, but aside from that, has love been really conveyed.

Or did the actor who plays Jack just slip and they kept it in?

Thankfully even after a short break, some things never change. Self-righteous Victoria is encouraging Conrad to attend a fundraiser for the innocently accused. After all, what else does he have to do with his time since his son is now at the helm of Greyson Global?

Continuing from last season, whispering so always speaks as if her mouth isn’t fully open (I love that about her, she is written/plays her character as if she is suppressing rage by talking softly each time she opens her mouth) is getting even harder to hear this season. I need to have my hearing checked apparently. I was able to catch that she discloses a new character to our story, James Barnes, RIP.

Because I’ve written this article a few dozen times it feels, I’m putting in what my initial notes say about this next topic, Daniel.

Thump thump, enters Dean Cain's illegitimate son, Daniel Grayson. Really, you don't see it? I've been screaming for someone to pick up on this for months now. Let's think about how Dean Cain looks at 46 compared to Conrad...which reminds me, how old is Conrad? 55? Is he supposed to be Victoria's age? How old is Daniel? 24?

Do the math; Dean Cain (only man on my list) could be his dad.

Moving on…

In the meantime, Emily, at Victoria's urging, is looking out for Daniel, which brings my favorite couple back together. Hurrah!

I’m pausing to bring up this side point and looking for input here. Is sweet Emily memorized by Daniel or is it/was it a smoke screen? I think she has/ had sincere feelings for him. Nolan does too, I think. Nolan has lowered his whispering after the break too so it's hard to tell.

Just when I was wondering what happened to Padme; Mario is making the moves on our red jacket wearing friend, Nolan. So far, unsuccessful, but only time will tell.

Emily confronts the Supreme Court judge’s wife, Patricia Barnes, about the letter Emily thought was initially written by James Palmer.

I have to credit Revenge this season, they have addressed molestation, I’d like to see them do more with it, but they’ve addressed it, and now they are addressing spousal abuse. They are not shying way, it’s a triumphant outing. I hope they keep the judges wife strong and alive in upcoming episodes.

She bravely exposes her secrets, both regarding the David Clarke jury trial tampering and her bruises.

Jack is framed by the Ryan brothers. Yawn. I am not sure what their connection is to the big picture, except that Emily, we are to believe, will always love Jack, but I daresay Daniel is giving him a run for his money.