Rob and Amber Get Married

And we get to watch.

Romber fly over the beach and comment on how the water being so blue and the sand being so perfect is unexpected. Exactly what was expected is beyond me but….

As their chopper lands, they are greeted by Collin Cowie, whom our observant Rob notes probably wouldn’t being going to the same bar as him.

The couple are directed to come up with surprises for each other. Rob is not to keen on this idea, in fact he thinks Collin is out of his mind.

They start talking about the guest list, and Amber says their list is currently 500. Apparently this is slightly beyond the budget that CBS had planned on, so Collin guides them closer to 200. As Amber and Collin dance off into a frenzy of decisions, bride’s maid gowns, colors, decoration, choir etc, Rob looks ready to doze off,.

Collin then turns to the menu and suddenly Rob jumps to life. He starts naming off everything he has ever tasted in his life, according to Amber. Amber reigns in Rob but his willingness to trim the menu seems to be limited to removing the soup and salad from the menu. You have to admire Rob’s dedication to giving Amber the wedding of her dreams.

As they look for a location Rob has a minor accident in the golf cart. They finally come upon the most perfect section of beach for the wedding “kissed by the golden rays” of the sun. Rob and Amber walk on the beach and we hear a voice over of how perfect this spot is.

Next we are in Beaver, PA with its scenic factories. Here comes the first surprise. Arlette, a friend of the family is designing and making the wedding gown. She probably could have gotten a famous designer but instead she goes with this family friend. Collin is unsure of this choice but decides to hold off on judgment.

Back to the bulging guest list, Amber suggests they trim the list by removing Rob’s “and guest” additions to the guest list. We go back and forth as to whether they should invite friends “and guest” or not. We don’t really get to see what the resolution of this is, but since the wedding comes off, it must have been solved somehow.

Commercial break, followed by more in Beaver, PA. Amber is preparing for her wedding shower. Rob has decided that the Shower is for women and so he goes off quad riding with buddies. Amber is uneasy that things are going according to plan. Amber tries calling Rob on her cell phone but no answer. He apparently cannot hear the phone over the quad engine.

Amber keeps looking for Rob to come walking in, but he is delayed. He heads to the Shower with roses, assuming this buys him the immunity challenge. Amber is so onto his ploy, but succumbs to the charms of her Boston boy. After the Shower they head to his hometown of Boston, MA.

Amber suggests they take dancing lessons. Rob informs her they are in for a fight if she wants him to take dancing lessons. She suggests they try dancing to see if he needs lessons or not. He sweeps her into his arms and they shuffle around the kitchen for a few steps. She asks what if they want to dance to something faster, he suggests she dance with her friends. Amber decides to remind Rob that long ago on the island he told her he wanted to learn to dance.

Rob admits now that was a lie, told because he wanted to go out with her. She is not pleased by this lie. Rob now tells men across America not to lie about wanting to dance. So they head off to dance lessons. The teachers looks like “she just got off a cruise ship” and “he looks like he just got off a boat from Ireland”. Rob blames his inept dancing on Amber’s pointed shoes. “Nurse Cratchet” as Rob calls her scolds him to take this seriously. When she suggests they return for another lesson, he says “No” and she says “Amber?”.

Rob is now off to meet his buddies to get them to help with his surprise for Amber. His dad has given them a house in Florida and he wants his construction buddies to fix up their new house. Amber is off to get Rob’s surprise.. Amber remembers that both she and Rob like a painter named Giovani. She found out he has done a painting of the Red Sox, and Rob is a huge fan. So she buys the painting for him. It is really spectacular. She hints there is more to this surprise.

Rob meets Collin in New York to go clothes shopping for the wedding at Tommy Bahamas. Rob dislikes what Collin has picked out and decides to call Amber for final approval. Those who think this couple is run by Rob find out that is not the case. Rob then goes on to explain to us that he likes Collin, but not like like him, you know.

Amber and her sister are loading this huge painting onto the top of her car in the rain. She takes it to be shipped to Florida and requests it arrive the next day, the man laughs. Amber apparently is not seeing the humor in this.

Commercial break.

He informs her it can be there by 10:30am and Amber is pleased. Now we are back with Rob in LA with his brother to purchase furnishings for the house at Zgalleri since Amber mentioned she likes their things. They enter the store and pick out a bed first. Amber wants a canopy bed, he knows its going to kill him but she wants it. One of these, two of those, one of these, one of these “I don’t know what it is but it looks like something a designer would pick out” . Rob sees a dining room display and tells the salesgirl he wants all of it, including the rug. It is then he finally admits he does not have a clue what he is doing.

Amber arrives at spring training for the Red Sox to try to get them to sign her painting for Rob. She gets a great spot but then is shoed away from her prime spot.

Rob at the house in Florida. He is impressed at how his buddies are transformed into Martha Stewart wannabees. They have tons of ideas for the house and head to the hardware store to pick out paint and tools they might need. Rob wants a beigish, reddish, brown for the bedroom. Suddenly an image of bloody stool flashes through my mind but thankfully the clerk helps out a bit.

Rob admits his buddies are not Michelangelo’s. The clerk reviews the order and says they have picked “firefly” for the bedroom., Rob insists they call it something else, like “kick ass yellow”.

Amber is concerned because none of the Red Sox are coming to sign her painting. She had thought this would be much simpler. She starts calling out to players but it does not look promising.


Again back to Amber begging players to sign her painting. But finally it starts going well. The players having found out it was for Boston Rob are now more than happy to sign it. The giant painting goes back on top of the car and they drive away.

Rob and his buddies at the house in Pensacola, the buddies are sleeping. The door bell rings and it is the furniture arrives, Rob being the good host offers the drivers a breakfast beer. We find out at least some of the boxes are Italian, “fragile”. They begin the painting and Rob bails to tend to other things. The buddies are left to paint and decorate Amber’s future home.

Amber finds out she needs to head back to Beaver for a fitting. Amber has not scheduled this so she is worried because they have to meet up and head to Collin in the Bahamas to do food tasting. Amber asks if Rob is excited to go to the Bahamas, he yawns. They enter the limo and Rob admits he is excited to see what Collin is wearing. Rob’s inner stylist is coming to the surface. They meet the chef and begin the endless tasting. Trying appetizers, wines, meals, salads. Amber sees the platters of food and admits this is a man’s meal, Rob agrees happily. They decide on the seafood, although Rob thinks they should have steak too. Amber says no. No steak.

Collin reminds them of all the things they still have to do. Rob gets aggravated because of the pressures and stress. Amber is realizing she is not getting all the normal quiet moments that most couples get. They are homesick. It’s a very real moment where Amber is upset and Rob is pissed, mostly because he hates to see her upset.


Rob and Amber are checked into a hotel in New York, it’s nine days to the wedding. They raid the mini-bar. Robs voice sounds a bit rough, like he is exhausted. They decide to try to map out what they still need to do and how they are going to get it done. They decide to write vows. Amber suggest Rob start with “Amber you’re the most wonderful woman in the world”… they decide to go with the internet and look up how to write vows. They find a site and the task seems less daunting now.

They head out to the roof and sit outside and sit down separately to write their vows. They both seem to have a pretty easy time of it, which tells me they have true feelings for each other. It’s a nice moment they share with us.

Back to the buddies in the house in Pensacola. They are going through the boxes that have been shipped from LA. They are unsure of what the items are and decide to place a sign in the yard “Now Hiring”.

Back to New York to the meeting with the mixologist. They are supposed to choose a custom drink for their wedding. Rob comments that the mixologist would probably get his ass kicked back in Boston. The drink they come up with is the Roze-island with a Z. Rob doesn’t see the need to worry about how the drink is spelled.

Back to the house where the buddies have decided that some crystals on a lamp shade are to feminine for Rob so they cut them off. They are doing their best to decorate this house and I must admit, the painting looks great.

Back to the hotel room in New York where Rob moves the bed so they can practice dancing. He now admits he doesn’t want to look like a fool. They say good bye as Amber heads to Beaver and Rob heads off to Florida. Amber is going to go for that dress fitting. Rob needs to check up on the buddies. Before heading to Florida., Rob stops by to pick up the rings and chooses another surprise for Amber, a pair of diamond earrings. Rob designed her ring and chooses a pair of earrings to match.

In Florida the buddies have pulled off a miracle,. The house looks great and I personally am stunned at how well these guys have done.


Rob is impressed with the job his friends have done, “they stepped it up beyond my wildest dreams”. And they did. The house is actually fairly modest, not a huge house or overly fancy. it’s a beautiful home with nice furnishings and very tastefully done. Good on Rob and buddies.

Beaver, PA as Amber pulls up to her parents home. She calls Arlette to arrange to have the fitting done. She enters Arlette’s home and hugs her, but has her eye on the dress and is very happy with how it is coming along. It is a gorgeous, dress that has a soft delicate appearance. Amber’s sister is there for the fitting and gets emotional about seeing her little sister in her gown. It’s a nice moment. Mom admits how much she will miss Amber.
Boston, MA to meet up with Rob who mentions they have another dance lesson. Amazing how he gives into her so often, and very nice. The instructor informs them she wants to try adding a bit more swing to their dancing. Rob seems unsure of all this and informs the teacher “I don’t have rhythm” . Dancing apparently makes Rob very hungry and we are taken to his family’s home where his mother has laid out a feast. Rob refers to this as the Last Supper. As the family all sit in the living room it is clear Amber is very accepted and loved by his family.

Everyone heads to the Bahamas now, bride, groom, family and friends. They all get checked into the hotel. They met with the officiate of the wedding and met with the magistrate to sign the marriage certificate. They decide where to spend their honeymoon, and choose Cabo.

They have a big dinner with the family and friends. Rob goes on a search for the sausage and peppers. Then its off to the casino for a little gambling with all those winnings they have. The next day is the parities for our bachelor and bachelorette.

The guys are going deep sea fishing while Amber and ladies in waiting goes swimming with the dolphins. The irony that Amber is swimming with them and Rob is catching them is not lost on our groom. They all seem to have a great time.

The rehearsal dinner is attended by all. Rob and Amber present their surprises to each other. Amber begins by showing a tape of her getting the painting, having it shipped to Florida and going to spring training for the Red Sox. He misses the painting part and is focuses that she got to spring training without him. He is advised by one of the Red Sox to be faithful to his wife and stop cheating like he does on all the games. The painting is brought in and Rob cries. He is moved to tears by this beautiful gift. She tells him he needs to build a really big house.

Segway into Rob’s gift, the house in Pensacola. Amber is floored. His video shows the transformation the buddies have pulled off. Amber is amazed and so moved by this very sweet gift. Amber is in tears now as well. Rob tells her he got the canopy bed because of how much she liked the one in Botswana. How sweet is that?


The Wedding Day!

As we see a montage of Collin and workers putting together all the things for the wedding and meal itself. Rob and Amber are spending time with their family and friends. They exchange their second surprises. Amber has a vial she makes into a necklace for Rob. It contains sand from Panama where they met and sand from the Bahamas where they are going to be wed. The gift also contains a poem that Amber’s mom gave to Amber’s dad when they got married.

Rob reads the poem and on the line “never leave your breast” Rob of course, slips into teenage humor like Beavis and Butthead…. “I said breast”. He likes it very much and that he will keep it forever. Amber is delighted to see her gift, the diamond earrings with a card that was apparently written with a Boston accent.

Dressing and preparations for the wedding. The girls are focused on hair and makeup while the guys place dice. The bridesmaid’s dresses are lovely. Back to Collin doing the preparations and it looks really festive and sparkly. Collin talks about the trumpet player Chris Botti, he has gotten for the first dance and Bebe Winans and his choir will be leading them to the reception area. The guys are presented with watches as a gift and the girls are given gift bags but we are not shown what is in them.

Collin is blown away by the dress when he sees it for the first time. The guys are all dressed and drinking champagne. Amber likens the day to Christmas and seems more than ready to be Mrs. Mariano.

Amber waxes wistfully about Rob and then he does the same. They talk about how quickly they clicked and Rob mentions he found his perfect mate while he was starving on an island. Back and forth we hear why they love each other and how they feel about each other. It is truly touching. (read: get out the Kleenex)

Amber begins her walk down the aisle, her veil gets caught on the archway, a minor thing when you see how she is beaming , a beautiful bride. Her father walks her down the aisle to the waiting Rob. They make a beautiful couple. The officiate begins the ceremony and speaks out how they started out as competitors, but ended up as each others best and truest friends.

Amber and Rob exchange vows.

Rob: “Amber, I’ve never met anyone who has who has made me feel so special until I met you. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me feel important and smart, sometimes you make me crazy, then you make things alright again. You taught me patience and you taught me compromise. You brought me into your family, you’ve given me friendship, you’ve given me love and you’ve always given me the window seat. And today you’re giving me all of you and for this I am honored and privileged and in return I promise to always be true to you, to always treat you with respect, to always be your friend. To always put you above everything else and to always love you with all my heart, forever and ever and ever. The End. “

Rob smiles like a boy has just remembered all his lines for the school play.

Amber: “Amen! That was very good, I didn’t know you were going to do so good.
Robert, I want you to know that even though this wedding has turned out to be more than I ever dreamed. It would not be perfect without you standing here in front of me today. You are what matters most, Today I stand here telling you that I am yours. My heart is filled with love for you and our future together. I promise to patience and giving, understanding and truthful and dedicated to your every need. I promise to always be with you to laugh or even cry and to learn and to grow old. Thank you for making my fairy tale wedding come true. And by that I mean thank you for giving me you. “

The family and friends are then asked to remember this day and remind them of the love they witnessed, they crowd says, “I do”.

They exchange their rings.

Rob: Take this ring as a sign of my love

Amber: Rob, Take this ring as a sign of my love.

:Officiator proclaims them man and wife.

The officiator then gives Rob a low five behind the back as they leave to head to the reception.

Bebe Winans and Choir begin to sing “Oh Happy Day” as they all proceed to the reception.

First dance, Chris Botti plays :When I fall in Love”’ as Rob and Amber forget every step they have been taught and decide to just hold each other and make the best of their first dance. A feast then ensues that is just amazing.

The cutting of the cake is enhanced by a night sky filled with fireworks.

The junkanoo band comes in and everyone starts dancing., Rob and Amber and all their guests. Everyone seems to be having a great time and it was like any other wedding at that moment. Rob ends by saying that “tonight was the best night of my life, best night of my life”. Montage of wedding scenes of a couple truly in love.

It ends with the toast “To Rob and Amber, today, tomorrow and forever. Cheers”.

Editorial: In general I think this was very well done. The filming was fairly no intrusive, especially during the ceremony and they used a voice over that was done later by Rob and Amber to narrate the whole thing. Rob and Amber got the wedding they wanted and CBS got a nice show that was not bad at all. Rob and Amber seem to love each other very much and I wish them all the happiness in the world.