Joe’s got a wonderful wife, and three beautiful daughters. Sometimes he must feel rather outnumbered. Lately though, perhaps he feels outnumbered for a different reason then most men in his situation.

He met Allison and lost his heart. But she had a surprise for him; she’s different from normal girls. No, no, no. She doesn’t twitch her nose and make magic happen. She’s not that different. She does however read minds, talk to the dead, and see into the future.

Joe’s a rocket scientist, but you might think this stretch into seeming science-fiction is a bit much for him. However, he seems to take it all in stride most days. But, as his daughters begin exhibiting the signs they take after their mother, will Joe find himself unable to deal with it all?

Sometimes Joe finds himself frustrated at never being able to put one past his wife. The joy his voice held on her birthday when he surprised her with a trip instead of a party told it all. It was probably wise of Allison to not let on that she already knew. He seems to find his way through things by keeping a good sense of humor. When Allison told him of a TV show she loved as a kid named “I Married a Mind Reader” he joked that he wanted to sue for invasion of privacy.

Perhaps part of his ability to cope comes from working a job most people do not understand. He’s used to people not understanding him and his love of higher math so he can empathize with his wife and her ability.

However, the worrisome question that lingers in the back of one’s mind is, how will he cope with his daughters sharing their mother’s gift? One can truly understand his longing that one of the children take after him; it isn’t too much to ask for after all. It must be hard enough to be the only man in a house with four women and what that will mean as the girls head toward adolescence.

Perhaps the baby will be Daddy’s girl. Though the oldest daughter loves spending time with him, her ability to easily read his thoughts must help her relate to him easier than most people.

After he got used to Allison using her unique talents for the DA and traveling, the hardest thing for him to deal with would be the time her gift told her something about a friend of Joe’s. However, he valiantly tried to protect his wife from the reactions of a disbelieving friend by saying Allison’s vision was his.

Joe may not have the relationship he expected to have, but he found happiness. He might sometimes feel a little like Darrin Stevens, but he copes remarkably well given the circumstances. His ability to roll with the punches is what has kept this marriage going and will keep it going.