9:30am Jessie and Natalie sneak out of the Have Not room and go into the green room to sleep. Big Brother tells them (again) that they cannot sleep in there. The two are again complaing that it is not fair, blah blah blah...they decide to stay there and chit chat.Nat was saying how her bf's mom hates her, that she wont talk to her at all, even when in the same room. Nat says her father loves her bf and treats him like family. Jessie Says he wants to show his son (guessing he's talking about one day) that they can achieve anything.
Says everyone that came to LA had the balls. Says his friends are married, has kids, pregnant, etc. and that their lives are over and nothing
to look forward to. They continue to talk about relationships for a little while dozing in and out of sleep.

11:00am BB wake up call! Nat adds her own wake up call saying "get up Mother F'rs!" Nat asks why are we still not allowed to nap here?
It's my nap time I've been up for two hours! Everyone else slowly gets up and gets ready for the day, while Nat & Jessie "nap" in the Green Room.

Lydia and Jeff in BY chatting. Lydia is worried she will be evicted, Jeff says she is not going to get evicted.Lydia says that if she gets evicted,
she is going to pour water on Nat head, since Nat is so afraid of water then possibly slap her. Jeff says again that she is not getting evicted. Chima & Ronnie talking in the kitchen, Ronnie is giving her the recount from his conversation with Russell last night except he is adding in a bunch of stuff that was never said! Such as Russ saying that he should have never put him up.
Chima tells Ronnie he can't believe Russ becasue Russ tolf her how bad he wants Ronnie out. Russ walks doenthe stairs and their convo

12:00pm In BY Russ, Jeff, talking about Ronnies pending eviction, Jordan has already been preparing Ronnie's goodbye message. She and Russ are hoping
that he doesn't become the wizard (lol). If Jordan gets it, she will wait until the last minute to use it, just to scare people.Russ is convinced that
somebody in the house already knows if they are wizard Jeff thinks that America will be voting until tomorrow. Jeff hopes that we haven't finished voting because he hasnt been told anything about it being him and he really wants it! (Go Jeff..Vote People!). Russ says that this game is rigged if douchebag gets it. Russ says he just desnt want to see Ronnie take himself off. Jordan says imagine if we make it to the jury house and we had to deal him there, and listen to his mouth!

12:37pm Ronnie makes a comment about JOKERSUPDATEs.COM and causes FOTH! WHOOT!!!

1:00 Michelle, Lydia, Russell, Jeff playing basketball in the pool, haveing a good time. Ronnie explaining live feeds to Kevin in the LR.

2:00 Jeff wonders who wants to keep Ron. Russ tells him that Chima does. He says Chima feels indebted to Ron for keeping her in week 1. Jeff says that Ron doesn't care about Chima...he only cares about himself. Russ tells Jeff that Ron is a theater professor. Jeff says Who cares? He's a F'n dork!Jeff says Ron keeps talking and doesn't breathe...you can't get a word in. Now talking about Ron reading the bible...Russ thinks Ron brought it as an act...Michelle tells them that Ron said he isn't religious, but just brought the bible as something to read.Russ is annoyed by this...says it insults their religion. Jeff says you feel bad for the kid (Ron)and then he just lies to you.Michelle says she's looking forward to Thurs. Russ says he (Ron) just doesn't stop! There's no off button. Jeff saying to just ignore Ron. Michelle worrying about Ron telling stuff about her.

2:30 Russ goes inside, Ronnie in the bathrooom. Russ yells in Ronnies direction that he doesnt want to be his friend, he doesnt want his phone number. Kevin & Lydia are watching in the kitchen. Russ telling Kev about Ron's debate stuff...Kev says he keeps talking about it. Lydia says Ron said that Hitler was a great speaker. Russ says to Kevin, You better not believe anything that rat-bastard says, Kev says no, im not, we werent even talking about that stuff

3:00 Lydia tells Mich that Ron said Hitler was great because he was a great speaker. Jordan asked, "Didn't he murder people?" Lydia now saying how Ron told them that if they believed him (his lies) that ti was their own fault.
Mich tells them how Ron threatened her...said she would be going out next if she didn't keep him.

3:30 Nat decides it's time to wake up for the day.. goes to KT, Ronnie follows, starts game talk immediately.Ronnie says he talked to Russ and it was "very positive". Says Russ told him he may have made a mistake putting him up. They discuss mystery power. Ronnie says Michelle definitely has a deal with someone. Says he told her that if she did evict him that the people who DO like him will blame her for his eviction Nat decidesshe needs to wake up Jessie and scheme. She tells Jessie that they need to throw Michelle under the bus to Russell. The decide to lie and tell Russ that Michelle approached them and asked what type of protection they would give her if she used the Veto on Ronnie. Then they heard her tell Ronnie in the BR that she has a deal with "the other side of the house". (ALL LIES). They quickly fill Chima & Ronnie is on the scheme.Jessie calls Russ to HOH. Jessie and Natalie are telling Russell all their lies and that Michele wants to go against Russell. They say Michele is pressuring them to keep Ronnie. That it's going to be everybody against Kevin, Jeff, and Jordan. Russ asks What does this have to do with the vote this week? Russ says that's not true, Jess says It is true. This is what she wants. Because of the numbers. Russ says What exactly did she say, tell me now. Jessie says that's exactly what she said. Jessie is saying that Ronnie is going to go home . That's not the problem. Jessie says she has power so is messing with Ruselle. That Michelle thinks it's 6 to 3 if they keep Ronnie in the house. Russelle is saying that he is a bigger target than Jessie Natalie and Chima. Jessie says it's now 5 to 3 because Russell can't play next week. Jessie says Michelle wanted to keep Ronnie so that there would be more on that time. That her whole plan was to keep Lydia. Russell says his hands are tied that he can't do crap. They have to win now. He's saying stuff about Kevin and Lydia. Jessie says that if they have the numbers and they win that they (JNCR) are screwed.

4:30 Kevin comes out of the DR saying he has to be on slop 1 extra day because "someone" (Nat) told on him for eating a grape the other day.
Natalie is happy saying it's because she complained, Jessie says it will give K an excuse to not win HOH.

6:00 Ronnie in his room playing with play dough. All other HG outside chilling outside, random chit chat nothing exciting.

7:00 Russ complains to Jessie about Chima in HOH. I guess Russell got down on one knee and was flirting with the model/actress at the veto comp and this is why they are fighting. He says he's "this close" to going off on Chima. Russ says she takes it too far. At least Natalie backs off. She always pushes it. You realize why [a 34-year old] is single. They're set in their ways. Nothing you say is right. I'm trying to be cordial. Jess says When it comes down to it "they" will self-destruct themselves Russ says I wonder if Kevin told her that, Jess says I guarantee it.Russ says when you have issues with guys, like his issue with Jeff, you get over it, tell each other you respect each other,
and it's settled. Girls, however, hold grudges. Russ goes outside and talks with Jeff, Russ says chima acts like she is my girlfriend she is mad because I said that girl from yesterday was hot. Jeff says that’s weird I just ate an ant if that makes you feel better. Russ now what do I do just don’t talk to her.

8:30 Ronnie and Chima in the pool room Ronnie says he told Russ that he misheard the conversation with Lydia and Kevin, and that Kevin and Lydia confirmed as much with Jessie. He says Russ is probably worried now because it makes him look like the liar, which he is, says Ronnie. He asks if she heard Jeff's smart ass comment about his Bible. He says Jordan must have tipped him off because she kept walking by and seeing it. He says Jeff asked him if the DR gave him the Bible, which really offended Ronnie cause it makes it sound like the DR is helping him. He says Jeff asked if he was religious, and Ron said he told him he's more spiritual and that he and his wife don't go to church regularly because every single one they've tried has been full of hypocrites. He says it's too bad because they had such a good alliance and now he's gone, and if Jeff gets it he's going to put up Chima, maybe against Russell. He wishes he could get the power, and worries that it's already out there. He thinks it will be Jordan or Jeff, but probably Jordan because Jeff has been going around talking about it. He says if he does get it, he will shake this house up and go on a tear Thursday. He says he will save himself, vote out Jeff, get HOH and tell both Russell and Michele to pack their bags cause they're going home. He says he can say whatever he wants to the two of them. He says he is mad at Kevin, that he is the worst liar in the house. He absolutely lied to Jessie about me. Chima says, about what? He says Kevin told Jessie that he tested Ronnie and he failed. Ronnie says the only lie he's told was about that first vote. Jordan walks in, and Ron asks how much alcohol did they get. Jordan leaves and Chima makes a witchy face. Ronnie says when he walks out the door, he's gonna do something Casey didn't. He says he's gonna ask to stay around and watch to see who gets HOH and will ask who got the super power. They hear Michele called to the DR, and joke that she's getting the power. Chima asks if they know they're giving it to the crazy person? They talk about their edits. Ron says he's definitely getting the manipulator edit, and that he's probably getting the same as Crazy James. The manipulator who thinks everything through that everyone wants out of the house and refuses to go. He says maybe there will be something where the evicted houseguest gets to go back in. Chima says she is going to call Russ out after the veto ceremony. He recounts the convo with Russ last night where Russ apologized for all the mean things he said to Ronnie. He says Russ is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. He says his one regret in the game is not backdooring Russ in week 2. Ron says Russ wants him out for his ego, because he knows Ron is closer to Jessie. He says Russ told him he would talk to Jessie, and for Ron not to because Jessie won't believe anything he (Ron) says. Chima says Nat came to her and told her that Russell is sick and tired of the things Chima has been saying to him. She says Russell needs to get over his f'n self.Ronnie says once he's gone, Russell is gonna be chummy chummy with you guys again, like nothing is wrong. Chima says Michele told her that she told Russ that Jessie and Nat are working to try to get Ronnie to stay. Ronnie says you guys do whatever you want and that he doesn't want her to endanger her game.Ronnie says he's said it before and will say it again, when you get out and watch the tapes, you'll see that Chima, Nat and Jessie are the only ones he never talked any smack on. Chima says she hasn't really said any mean thing bad about him (kinda sounds like she did but is minimizing it).Chima says it's funny to her that everybody thinks they have to have a ridiculously good speech to top hers from week 1. She says Russ was asking around if his speech was good at the nominations, and Ron says yeah because he has to have that validation. Ron says if Russ had given a good reason for putting him up, he could live with it, and not the BS reason about something he didn't even say. He says he'd like to poke Russell in the eyes when he says that, and to get out of his face with that.Ron says Kevin is ridiculous. He says he used the word loquacious, and they laugh saying Kevin doesn't know what the word means. Chima tells him that Kevin was talking about Ronnie saying Hitler was a great speaker. Ronnie says he got it all wrong what he said. He's says he's gonna call Kevin out for it on finale night in front of all America. He says he told Kevin that he doesn't like when people blindly follow others instead of making up their own words. He says he told Kevin he's one of the most difficult people to persuade. He repeats words, not actions, are what matters to him.He says Kevin told him he has a unique perspective on things, and Ron says he told Kevin he has an educated perspective. Chima says an intelligent perspective. She says most people are followers with low IQs. Ron says Kev told Ron that he made a lot of mistakes in this game, but Ron says he told him no, not really. Chima says that Kev told her Ronnie said winning HOH in week 2 was a mistake. Ron says that's a bold-faced lie.

Russell faked a "I want to talk to you" after Michele left the Diary Room. Everyone thought he was going to ask her if she was in the Pool Room as he earlier told people he suspected, but Michele just said to Jeff
and Jordan that he was asking her about things she had been accused of. We know that this is the lies Jess and Nat came to Russ with earlier. Michele confirmed that they are lying. Russ now knows not to trust Jess and Nat.

11:00 Jeff up in HoH tells Russell they over reacted and thought Jessie was with Michelle and Chima but it wasnt true. Jeff tells Russell everything Michelle told him and said they all over reacted. Russell asks if Jeff trusts Michelle and he says 100%. Jeff tells Russell Chima and Michelle were talking perosnally about her realtionship with Russell. Jeff tells Russ that Jessie was not talking to Mich and Chi earlier. He says Mich said Chi was talking about Russ...Mich says she was just being a friend because Chi had been drinking.Jeff says Mich is still on board. Russ asks if he trusts Mich and Jeff says he does. Russ worries about the vote. Jeff says Mich wants Ron out and isn't worried.Now talk turns to Chi liking Russ. Russ asks how he's supposed to tell her he isn't interested without causing a scene...Jeff suggesting ways "I'm not ready for a girlfriend" etc...Talk turns to wondering where Jess is...they think he might be with Ron. Russ says his head is spinning. Jeff tells him to relax because he thinks the others are spinning and trying. Russ says he doesn't trust Jessie and Jeff tells him he shouldn't. Jeff tells Russ that the others will try to pull him back in after Ron is gone. He's telling Russ that Ron will go...they have the votes.
Now talking about how they can't trust Lydia because she likes Jessie.Now Russ saying that Chima has been throwing herself at him...says she wanted to have sex..suggested in the shower.Jeff says he can use Chi in the game, but both agree she can be hard to deal with. Russ doesn't want to talk to her while she's been drinking.Russ again asks if Jeff trusts Mich. Jeff says he does.

Ronnie about Jokersupdates: Did you know that Braden was the 100th evicted HG the 1st evicted from BB11 is the 100th evicted. I didn't even think about that until we were sitting here talking about, after 10 was over on I think it was Jokersupdates.
C: I don't know those websites, why is it called Jokersupdates, so he updates on all reality shows
R: its a she, Jokerette -
C: so she updates on all reality shows
R: Mainly BB from what I read but the site also updates on Bachelor and Bachelorette and I think they have a sister site survivor updates

2:00 am Jess tells Lydia that sometimes he wants to talk to her but Kevin is there. L says that she feels the same when he's with Nat.
Jess says that there are things he wants to tell Lydia that he doesn't want Kevin to know but he knows she'll tell him anyway. She says she doesn't, he says she does, back and forth
Jess & Lydia play fighting on hammock, Kevin gets up from BY couch and goes inside. Jess & Lydia chasing each other and smacking one another. He went to give her a hug and she hit him between the legs
Jess says he got asked "by the fans" about him & Lydias relationship and he responded that they are "strictly platonic".

All other HG sleeping.