6am – Casey is first one up. Goes to the backyard, has a couple of smokes, sits on the couch and looks deep in thought. Casey continues muddling around the house alone, making himself some eggs, doing laundry, etc. Russ gets up at 11:00 and after doing his morning routine, joins Casey in BY. Casey tells Russell that he thinks Laura will go home but isn't sure. Casey clarifies the POV rules to Russell. He says that the only way to guarantee your safety is to win the POV. Casey says that scrappy (Natalie) doesn't know any of the rules of the game. Casey and Russell talking about Natalie saying her slop pass was making her a "have" the whole time. Casey says BB set her straight on that. Jeff joins Russ & Casey in BY and tells them that Ronnie changes his mind all the time that ultimately he thinks Jordan is going up and Laura is going home. But who knows with Ronnie!

Big Brother finally wakes up the rest of the house at 12:00.
Jeff goes inside to get some breakfast and runs into Ronnie in the kitchen. Ronnie looks very glum. Jeff says “Who shit in your cereal bowl?” (LOL), “Is HOH getting to you?” Ronnie replies that he is just tired. Back outside Casey says that it's ridiculous in this game, if you pick on Chima, you're picking on black people and that if you pick on Kevin, you're picking on gay people. If Natalie, you're picking on kids. Russell tells Jeff & Casey that Jessie is calling the shots and that Ronnie is star struck w/ Jessie. Casey asks if Ronnie told Jordan if she's going up. Jeff says yes. Casey says but that was at 10pm. Jeff says yes, who knows what he's really gonna do? Casey says if that b*tch says my name, man.... that he shook his hand and told him he's good. no worries. Jeff and Casey joke that the other side thinks that they run production, that they ignore BB instructions. "We're the majority side, we get to do what we want." Jeff says Ronnie looks stressed, he should relax it's Sunday. Laura thinks Veto ceremony will be today. Ronnie says no it's tomorrow. Jeff tells Ronnie he's going to dunk him for 10 seconds to get back at him for putting him up. They joke more about Laura's bikini. Lydia playing with soap bubbles. Russell running around the BY. Jessie speaking to Chima telling her how his dislike for Laura is not personal. Inside, Ronnie is telling his group how Jeff said I am going to dunk you in the pool for 10 seconds for putting me up. The group doesn't like humor at someone else’s expense. But Chima jokes at others expense all the time but she is the exception because what she says is true! Jessie asking if she has come to anyone for a vote. All say no. Ronnie said she is like screw it. Ronnie says Jeff is antagonistic, and he didn't want him to go home. He says Jeff is not playing the game, he is not NOT using the veto, he would be dumb not to. Chima said Casey is intimidated by Jessie's brain. Lydia saying he hasn't sweated it out at all. Ronnie said if Casey wins HOH next week, you would have to force feed him if you put up so and so you will be screwed. Reinforce that I saved him.

Jess is telling Russ that Jeff and Jordan told Ron that Russ called him a fat f*ck and that he needs to talk to Ron and tell him that he did not call him that. Russ tells Jess that he did not call Ron that and Jeff and Jordan are lying and will say anything because they are targeting him. Russ tells Jess he need to tell Ron that he did not call him a fat f*ck. Jess is telling Russ that he needs to stay cool and people think he is going to snap on someone. He tells Russ when he talks to Ron that he needs to be sincere when he talks to him.

Jess now telling Chima and Ron about his convo with Russ, Ron tells Jess that he is still torn and he going to confront Casey about something he said. Ron said he is going to talk to Jordan and ask her if he can trust Jeff. Jess says that they are going to start playing the game. They are playing off of how Russ acts. Jess tells Ron that in the end he will support anything that he will do. Lydia is telling Ron that Laura lied to them and Chima so why is she staying and that she's being a good little girl right now. Nat says she doesn't care what he does she is going to support him. She says Laura can't be trusted because she lied to Jess and her. Ron tells her he believes Russ did call him a fat f*ck. Ron says he can understand why Nat and Jess want Russ in the house. Ron is still not convinced that Russ wants him out. Ron is saying his gut feeling is telling him not to send Laura home and he is convinced that he can get Laura to throw HOH. Nat says Laura would not throw it. Russ enters room and asks what they are doing Natalie jokes trying to get inside Ronnie’s head. Ronnie asks Russ what he was doing last night when Jordan told you she was going up Russ says I was asleep, Jordan came out and said she was going up and then went to the hammock with Jeff. Russ is trying to convince Ronnie that Jordan is mad at him. Now he is saying that they are making a last ditch effort in order to get Russ out and that they are playing off that everyone will hate Ronnie. Russ talking about how hard he was fighting for that veto and Ronnie says that if you won that would have solved all the problems with Jeff not coming down.

Ronnie now talking to Jordan in the red room. Ronnie says he will not put her up at the veto meeting. Jordan says "You're putting Casey up", he says "I probably am." Jordan tells him to not ask for her advice if he already knows what he's going to do. Jordan says "You're going to do what the majority of the house wants because you don’t want to be a target. You're playing both sides. I already know all this so you don't have to explain it. You want Laura out." Ronnie says "no matter what Casey tells you, he is playing the game for himself. Casey said earlier "I don't care who goes up as long as you don't put me up"." Jordan is telling him that you want me to think you are a good guy and you are playing sides. She tells him she can put money on it that he is going to put her or Casey up. Ronnie leaves.

Ronnie sitting by himself in BY on couch, looks either like he is going to cry or he is mad. Nat just came outside and told him she heard the whole thing. Ronnie says bets are off, Jordan's dead. Ronnie says "Basically Jordan is not as dumb as she has been playing”. Kevin and Jesse joined in with Ronnie and Nat, fueling Ronnie's anger. Ronnie said he knows who is playing both sides: Casey and Michelle. Natalie says to Ronnie "You've made an enemy out of her, so putting her up won't change it.

Ronnie goes inside and is walking around the house looking for Michelle, once he finds her they go into the storage room. Ronnie asks her is she is going to vote the way he wants, Michelle says of course. Ronnie complaining to Michelle that she is the quiet one and no one knows what she is thinking...and now the blood is all on his hands! Telling Michelle that his HOH is always open to talk to and she hasn't come up. (He is actually yelling at her.) Ronnie says you are part of the "brains", you are a part of these discussions!

Jeff and Jordon now talking, Jeff said I am not talking cause your pissed that’s’ why I told you not to say anything, don't say that *****. Jordon said well I get mad. Jeff tells Jordon to try to relax but she can't. Jeff goes to the backyard alone to sit and think.

7:00 HG taking showers, brushing teeth, etc. General chit chat about guys, girls, movies, etc. Everyone seems to be getting along well.

Ronnie goes to Jeff in the red room and tells him that Jordan is going up. Jeff tells him he is not playing strategically. Why take out the weakest players in the game? Ronnie says his plans were originally different but everything got all messed up and he is now trying to regroup and figure out his next move. Jeff goes outside and tells Jordan that she is going up. She says why because I told him what I thought? Jeff tells her to be cool, she isn’t going home.

10:00 Ronnie & Jessie in the bathroom, Ronnie tells Jessie "It's not personal, it's strategic, that's why Laura has to go out the door first. Then we'll go from there with the others”. Ronnie also says please, let's be on the jury, because as long as we stick together, we'll get to the tie-breaker.

Jessie: Don't worry about that. No worries. I'm so f*****ng glad Laura's gone. Laura & Jordan in BR chatting, Laura said the DR is probably wondering about her because she knows everything there is to know about this game. She says she has a very strong respect fo he people who have done this game in the past. Ronnie comes out of the DR & Jordan says he really can't stand us. Casey said I am willing to bet my last dollar that 90 percent of the house threw each other under the bus. Laura said she can't wait to watch the tapes. She doesn't like judgmental people. If you don't know someone, don't judge them on just appearance. Russ & Jessie in BY working out, Ronnie watching.

Jeff in pool with Laura and Jordan Jeff says "All of a sudden today, people stopped talking to me. It was Ronnie's plan to backdoor Russell, not mine, you know what I mean. I don't know how these people make the plans but then I'm blamed for it." From across the yard, Casey on the hammock, who has not been in the conversation, yells out: Welcome to my world. Casey says someone comes out and makes a negative comment and they use that. Jeff says Ronnie wanted to put up Russell, but now it's my bad because Russell found out about the plan. Laura & Jordan discuss getting together after the show.

1:00 Chima, Ron and Kev in HOH. Ron asks AGAIN.do you really think I am making the right decision? Kev pipes up first and says yes. (if they are sure they can trust Russ) More discussion about how this will be good for them. They think they need to get rid of the 4 first. (J/J/C/M)
Chima said but I thought we wanted to get Russ out before the sequester house. Ron said he really thinks that Jess will put up Jeff and Russ when the twist is over. They plan to keep Jordan till the last...out of the 4 because she can't win anything and would never win the game in the end. Ron is not letting Kev and Chima in on the fact that he told Jeff about the BD plan for Russel. So Chima and Kevin figure Jordan spilled the beans, after they told her not to tell. And now they are trying to figure out who told Casey because Jordan didn't hear anything about putting Casey up. Chima suggests maybe it was Jess or Nat. Ron covers quickly and said...he thinks he might have said something to Jordan about putting Casey up. Now, they are worried that Laura is going to reveal everything... they think they should convince Laura that they are actually going to keep her and send Jordan home. But they would be voting her out. Ron just says we call her a liar. They are trying to figure out how to do damage control.... Kevin says I think we have to put up KC. Then they could tell Laura they are keeping her, and she might believe it. Ron wants to tell Jess the truth...but spin it. Chima shoots this down. Says it won't work. Ron thinks this can be controlled... by lying and denying. Kevin is not happy about being told he has to lie... kevin prefers to say that Laura must have just overhead some of their conversations.. Now they want to drag Lydia into this conversation to make sure that Lydia will tell the same lie. All leave HOH and Ron goes to find Lydia. Ron couldn't talk to Lydia because jess was right there. Kevin approaches her and asks her if Ron asked her a question...Lydia says no...Jess says he will leave so they can talk. Kevin fills Lydia in on calling Laura a liar if she calls them out about the HOH conversation. Lydia says yes...and mouths he(Jessie) can never know.

2:35 All HG are now in bed.