The news for Thursday is that Russ was evicted, Kevin is the new HOH, and that Julie announced in the live show that there will be a new twist involving the HOH. (Note: We didn’t get any more information about the twist from HG conversation—they don’t appear to know about it.)

As for nominations, as of bedtime, it appears that Kevin is planning to nominate Jeff and Michele. But, as always with BB, anything can change before the nomination ceremony takes place Friday.



10:00 am BBT…..BB wakes up the HGs at 10:00…All of them were sleeping-no early risers this morning….It’s the usual morning routine…J/J seem to be the first up, while Nat/Kev stay in bed for awhile longer.

Sometime after 10:30 am, the HGs are called to the HOH room for their usual Thurs lockdown…Jeff/Jordan/Nat are in the bed, the others are scattered around the room…As is typical for the Thurs. morning lockdown, the HGs are very quiet, almost no talking, some of them dozing.

11:00 am BBT….The HOH lockdown continues through the 11:00 hour. Still very quiet.


The lockdown ends about 12:20 pm…Just as soon as the lockdown is over, Jeff yells, “Everyone to the living room,” and we get FISH…..When the feeds return a few minutes later, the HGs are talking about “picking numbers,” and that BB told them to just wear regular clothes for the show. (Ed note: One poster stated that, later in the day, right before a FISH, he/she heard discussion of athletic clothes, but I missed that myself. For the live show, it did appear that most of the HGs were wearing athletic clothes under their regular clothes. In picking numbers, Nat got #1, Russell got #2, Jordan got #3, Michele got #4, and Kevin got #5. (We learn later, during the live show, that these numbers correspond to the lanes to which the HGs are assigned for the HOH comp.)

1:00 pm BBT…At the 1:00 hour, the HGs are scattered around the house. The conversation is chit chat, not game…Jeff/Jordan/Kevin/Nat are in the Red Room…Jeff kids about his “Johnnny Depp” facial hair. Jordan says she’d bang Johnny Depp, and Jeff reminds Jordan that Jordan’s mother said about “potty mouth” on TV. (He appears to be kidding with Jordan.)…Michele had been in the kitchen making coffee and the HGs decide to make tacos for lunch…Nat asks Michele if Russ is still in the shower…Russ is in the WC, but he’s shaving his head….The guests continue chit chat, mainly about TV shows….Russ goes to the kitchen for a bit then returns to the WC to take a shower.

Around 1:50 Russ is talking to Nat and Kevin (not sure where they are—possibly the GR)…Russ tells Nat/Kevin that Michele is the biggest threat in the house and they should evict Michele before Jeff…The
Three of them hug it out and then Russell leaves….Alone in the GR, Nat says that Russell is right because Jeff is stupid at questions and Michele is better overall.

Soon after this Nat runs to Jeff/Jordan in the WC, and lies that Michele just told Russell that she wants to keep Jeff/Jordan to the F3 because she (Michele) can beat them at comps because they are stupid at questions. Jeff is noncommittal and brushes it off. Nat says it makes sense to her way of thinking.

2:00 pm BBT—About 2:15 the feeds go to trivia.

3:00 PM BBT—About 3:20, the feeds come back until 4:00 pm….We see Jeff/Jor/Michele sleeping or just sitting quietly in the Green Room. No talk. Nat is showering…Michele whispers something to Jordan about competitions and voting, but it’s too low to understand.

About 3:25, Russ comes into the Red Room where Kevin has apparently been napping, very excited about a last minute plan to get Kevin and Michele to vote for him. Russ says that if Kevin votes for him, Russ will put something in his speech to put the blame on Michele….Kevin isn’t sold on the idea—hard to tell how much of that is because he doesn’t like it, or the fact that Kevin isn’t really awake….Kevin asks Russ if he has talked to Michele yet, and Russ says that he will talk to her-there is still an hour and a half before the show…Russ will tell Michele that she is a “third wheel” and Jeff will get Michele out at first chance…Kevin is still not buying it. Kevin doesn’t want to stick out his neck too far, and wants J/J to trust him….Kevin thinks that Russ needs to “work” Michele to give her a reason to vote to keep Russ, because Michele is convinced that J/J are on her side….Russ/Kevin sit quietly in the Red Room for a bit, with Russ waiting for his chance to talk to Michele.

The GR group split up, to get ready for the show, and Michele goes into the kitchen alone, makes food for herself, and sits at the counter, giving Russ a chance to talk to her. Russ comes into the kitchen, plays with the food, looks into the fridge, but Michele ignores him…Russ goes to lie on the purple LR couch for a bit, watching Michele….Then Russ goes up to the memory wall and says out loud (pointing to pictures) that he (Jeff) made a deal with these two (Jordan, Nat) to get out this person (points at Michele’s picture)…Then Russ leaves the kitchen area….Michele also leaves and goes to the WC couch to finish eating….The rest is just the various HGs getting ready, very little talk between them until the feeds go to trivia right at 4:00 pm BBT.

4:00 pm BBT—The feeds remain on trivia.


During the live show, Russell is evicted by a vote of 3-0. Russell is very gracious both in his pre-vote speech and, as he leaves, hugs all the HGs.

The HOH comp is called S’mores. In the BY four lanes have been set up (like bowling lanes, but wider.) Each HG has his/her own lane. At one end of the lane is a barrel of hot chocolate. At the other end of the lane is a large fishbowl, with square plastic cover on top with holes, and an 8 oz cup with a handle (and also a leak, as we find out). The HGs have changed into athletic clothes and have put on what look like water shoes. (Ed note: I think that’s what they are—it’s hard to see the shoes closely.) The lanes already look wet. Each HG must take the 8 oz cup, fill it with hot chocolate from the barrel, then run back down the lane and pour into the bowl, in which there is a marshmallow. The first HG to fill the bowl, and retrieve their marshmallow, wins HOH.

As the comp starts, it is obvious that the lanes are slippery and it is not going to be easy to get back and forth. Also, at certain points in the competition, chocolate is poured down from the sky, drenching the HGs and making the lanes even more slippery. From the beginning, Nat and Jordan have a lot of trouble, slipping on the lanes. Michele is better, but it is Kevin who quickly figures out a way to move down the lane with a minimum of slipping. Kevin maintains a steady pace and is running faster than any of the women (although, obviously, he is not running fast). Julie tells the HGs that by the time they have filled their bowls, they will have run four miles.

Before the end of the show, out of hearing of the HGs, Julie gives us a “tease.” She says that there will be a new twist for the HOH could impact everyone. A door is shown, with a question mark, and Julie says that the secret lies behind the door. (Ed note: Some posters say that the door shown is the door to the HOH bathroom. However, it’s not clear whether the twist has anything to do with that particular door, or if the HOH bathroom was just a handy place to put the question mark, since the HOH room was closed to HGs at that point.) No more information is given.


6:00 pm BBT….The feeds return about 6:09 and it is clear that Kevin is in the lead….Both Natalie and Jordan continue to have a hard time with the slippery track, and walk at times to keep their balance. But, both fall several times. Nat even loses her cup (at least twice) and once drops her cup down her barrel of hot chocolate. Michele is doing better, but instead of just pouring her hot chocolate in the bowl, places the cup on the bowl cover before she pours, and afterwards wipes her hand across the cover. (Apparently this is to catch any hot chocolate that might have missed the hole in the cover.) Even though this extra step takes only seconds, it causes her to lose time. Michele also takes several falls, some of which look painful.

From the beginning, Kevin is able to maintain a steady pace, and continuously jogs as he goes back and forth filling his bowl. He maintains his focus, unlike Jordan and Nat, who occasionally make comments or kid around. Jeff sits at the sidelines and cheers on the contestants. (Ed. Note: To me, it seems as if Jeff remains pretty even-handed in who he cheers for.) Jeff’s other continual comment is that he has to “pee” very badly…From the beginning, Kevin has the lead, and never loses it throughout the competition. Occasionally the feeds go to FISH for some unknown reason, but there are no “twists” in the comp, except for the periodic downpour of chocolate onto the HGs.

7:00 pm BBT….A little after 7 pm, the feeds go to FISH….At this point, Kevin has his bowl virtually filled. Michele is second, but her bowl is no more than 2/3 to 3/4 filled. Nat and Jordan are much further behind, with their bowls about halfway filled….Since the feeds to FISH just about as Kevin is to finish, it appears that BB does not want the feed watchers to see Kevin’s victory….The feeds return about 7:25…Kevin has won the competition and has the HOH key around his neck…The women are showering. (Ed note: This is Nat’s second shower today!), while Kevin waits to use the shower. Jeff is in the kitchen making dinner….Kevin says he is bleeding from a fall he took during the comp and goes to find a bandaid in the first aid kit in the storage room….All the HGs are sore, and Jordan asks Jeff if he will rub her tonight. Jeff agrees, and asks Jordan if she will rub him? Jordan says “Yes” and then asks if she’ll rub him in special places. Jordan says, “Yes,” and Jeff kiddingly grabs Jordan’s butt…..We notice at some point that the Have Not room is now locked.

It doesn’t take long for the game talk to begin…In the Red Room, Nat said she wanted to win tonight to give Chima vindication and to give Michele a bad speech when she leaves..Nat says the next HOH will definitely be questions, that there won’t be another endurance comp until the Final 3, and Michele is the best HG at memory questions so she needs to leave. Kevin agrees, but says that Jeff is a double threat because he both remembers things and is good at endurance..Nat/Kev agree to put Michele and Jeff on the block, but they will tell Michele that she is the pawn…Nat thinks that Michele would put up Nat/Kevin if she had won HOH…Nat reassures Kev that she will win the next HOH because it will be numbers, and the only way they will lose (this week?) is if Jordan wins the veto and takes Jeff off.

8:00 pm BBT…After a brief period of FISH, the cameras show us Michele coming out of the bathroom crying. She goes into the GR and continues to cry very hard, sobbing at times. She kind of talks to herself about how much her knee hurts, and reminding herself that this is just a game. Michele tries to stop crying and get herself in control, but then starts crying again.

Elsewhere, Jeff is in the DR….Nat/Jordan/Kevin are in the kitchen…They fantasize about getting a luxury comp with a shopping spree or bringing back a hot guy from a past season. Both Nat/Jordan agree that they would want to see Drew…Jordan says that if Russ had been at the HOH comp, it would have been neck-in-neck between Kevin and Russ…Kevin says that he won’t cry when he gets his letter from his partner, but if the letter is from his parents he would cry. (Ed note: Kevin has talked about being estranged from his parents because he is gay.)…In the GR, Michele seems to be getting herself under control, but still breaks into tears from time to time.

We get FISH about 8:18 pm, and when the feeds return, Michele is out of the GR and in the WC composing herself and re-applying her makeup….Jordan comes into the WC and asks Michele why she is crying…It appears that Michele has been crying mainly because she knows she’s going on the block….Jordan reminds Michele that she still has the veto…Then Jordan/Michele compare bruises from the comp.

In the Red Room, Nat/Kev are enjoying Kevin’s victory…After some Russ bashing, Kevin says it feels so good to be lying down and Nat reminds Kevin that he gets a “real” bed tonight (instead of a “have not” bed)….Kevin says he is tired but happy and relaxed, as if he has just had the best s*x he has ever had…Kevin says it is the first time he has ever felt relaxed in the BB house….Nat decides to finally unpack her clothes after living out of her suitcase for two weeks….Ed note: Jordan joins them at some point, not sure exactly when.)…They decide to move all the HGs into the Red Room. Kev/Nat return the mattresses to two of the beds. (Ed. Note: They had doubled up the mattresses on their two beds, and production told them that they would have to return the mattresses when the SS room closed….They want to bring the comforters in from the SS room because they don’t like the comforters in the Red Room….Jeff finally gets out of the DR about 8:45…Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to get drunk tonight. Jordan says maybe tipsy, not drunk, because she’s been stressed out all week..Jeff/Jordan/Nat/Kevin move their stuff into the Red Room drawers chit chatting about competitions, how sore they are, etc. They wonder who the jury house is expecting next…Jeff guesses they are expecting him or Nat….The Michele bashing begins. Jeff says he doesn’t deal with Michele any more. Nat/Kev both talk about what a liar Michele is.

9:00 pm BBT….The Michele bashing continues in the Red Room. (Michele is in the DR.)..Jordan talks about how Michele wanted Kevin out…Then Russ comes in for his share of bashing, with J/J saying that Russell often referred to Kevin as a “fag.”…Jeff asks Nat/Kev a couple of times if they are planning on getting Michele out next. (Ed note: Oh Jeff!)…J/J talk about how Michele talked about wanting Kev/Nat out…Jeff repeats the lie (created by Nat/Kev) that Michele said J/J were dumb…Nat says she would normally call Michele out. But, Jeff replies that Michele would just say she didn’t remember…They make fun of Michele for crying a lot because Michele knows they want her out…Jeff tells Kev/Nat, “Whatever. You guys know who you’re putting up.”…Then J/J/N/K go back to rehashing the HOH comp and comparing to the teacup challenge in a previous BB season.

The same kind of talk continues….Jeff lies down on a bed with Jordan, and says it kind of reminds him of the old days….They talk about S’Mores and Nat says she has never had one. The other HGs are surprised….Kevin says he needs to not talk so much about Jeff being hot, because he’s worried about the CBS edit, and he’s committed to “his boy” and doesn’t want to seem fickle….More Russ bashing, including Russ’ last minute attempts to get Kevin’s vote… Jordan talks about her long (negative) good-bye message to Russ..The same general type of conversation continues until 10:00.

10:00 pm BBT….As a joke, BB calls Casey to the DR. (LOL!) Actually, next is Kevin’s turn to go to the DR…The remaining three continue to bash Russ and Michele…Nat doesn’t think that Michele will have the balls to ask for votes. J/J think she will and will be up in HOH a lot..Jeff says Michele looks away from you when she lies, and that’s how you can tell. Nat says that everything Michele says is a lie…(Note: Kevin has returned from the DR at some point in this conversation—he wasn’t there long.

Jeff asks Kevin what his boyfriend looks like…Jordan says she has a picture of him in her head, but it’s probably wrong…Kevin says he is cute….Jordan asks Kevin where he met his boyfriend, and Kevin doesn’t want to talk about it, because it is somehow related to Jehovah’s Witness…Nat is a little upset and says Kev lied to her and told her that he met his BF at Banana Republic. Kevin says that was because he didn’t want to talk about Jehovah’s Witness at that point.

We get fish at about 10:08, and when the feeds return, Kevin says, “Who wants to see my HOH room?”…After all these weeks, the new HOH room experience is about the same. Kevin gets some pictures, and among his HOH goodies he gets some little toys, Twinkies, a razor, flaming hot cheetos, Hamburger Helper, a new red/black scarf, and a very colorful hoodie. Kevin also gets a letter from his boyfriend. His CD is Enrique Iglesias. The HG’s decide that Kevin’s BF is very hot.

Kevin chooses to read the letter out loud. The letter is very touching and Kevin cries as he reads it. (The full text of the letter is posted in Updates for 08/28/09 in a post by IceTheBest at 12:20 am.)…Kevin also gets Mike’s Hard Lemonade, fried chicken, and sushi…Nat immediately lays claim to Kev’s hard lemonade (and no one bats an eye)….Kev tells the other HGs they can have anything they want from his fridge. Jeff says, “Okay,” and laughs….Kevin is called again to the DR and everyone goes downstairs.

The HG’s congregate in the kitchen and snack…Just random chit chat….Then Natalie goes to the WC, J/J go to lie down on separate couches in the LR, leaving Michele in the kitchen alone….J/J chat about Ronnie, about their middle names, etc….Jeff says that as of right now he is going to sleep in the SS room. (It may be due to the fact that Jeff said earlier didn’t really like his old bed in the RR because of the light.)… Jeff says that they really need to clean the house. He says that before, the HGs really vacuumed and dusted and now they are acting like spoiled little b*tches.

11:00 pm BBT….Michele gets out of the DR around 11:00…She sits on the kitchen stool while J/J are still in the LR….Jeff wants to be allowed outside so he can wash the blankets…Jeff kiddingly asked if Michele laid on the big bed (presumably in the SS room) all smelly? Michele acts surprised, and asks, “Your bed? No, that’s why I was sleeping in the small bed.” Jeff replies, “I appreash(sp?)” Jordan looks at Jeff and giggles. Jeff tells Michele he was just asking because he has to wash the blankets because everyone was dragging his blanket around all week.

J/J move to the Red Room (leaving Michele alone at the kitchen counter)…Nat is all smiles as she whispers to Jordan that they have to get her (Michele) out….Michele is sighing and mumbling to herself, and looks like she’s going to cry again. Michele goes back to the WC…J/J/N in the Red Room once again trash Russ and rehash Russ’s eviction…Jordan says that Russ was being nice to Jeff just in case he did stay, so he would get Jeff’s vote in the jury house. Nat thinks Russ was just lonely. Jeff replies (regarding Russ) “Too little, too late, brother. You made your bed, now sleep in it.”…Nat keeps saying she wants Michele gone…Nat says to Jordan that she hopes that Kev sticks to the plan and Michele goes hom….Nat tells Jordan that she really wants the experience of being HOH….Jordan says she keeps getting the feeling she’s going home because she hasn’t won anything…Nat says the same is true for her, but Jordan tells Nat that her time is coming…Jordan thinks Kev is putting up Jordan and Michele. Nat agrees. Jordan says she tried to help Michele feel better by saying that she (Jordan) was getting put up, too. Nat asks what Michele said, and Jordan replies that Michele said, “They’ll keep you.”

In the kitchen, Jeff talks briefly to Michele…Jeff is upset that they haven’t opened the backyard and says maybe there will be a luxury comp tomorrow. Michele crosses her fingers and agrees.

Jeff goes back to the Red Room with Jordan and Nat. They talk about what they can do with the Have Not room now…Jeff kids that he can use that room to masturbate….Nat replies that Jeff had the HOH room…Jeff says, “Dude you can’t do anything in there.”..Nat reminds Jeff about the HOH shower, but Jeff says, “Forget it. I’m not getting on YouTube with me jerking off.” (Ed note: Okay, it’s tasteless, but LOL anyway.)…They ask Kevin if he cried in the DR, and Kevin admits he did.

A little later, Jordan/Jeff are in the same bed in the DR….Michele has joins J/J in the Red Room…(Ed note: I think Nat is in the DR—sorry, it’s hard to keep track.)…The group makes idle chit chat about laundry and movies.

Then Michele goes up to HOH to talk to Kevin….She shows Kevin how to work the spyscreen…Michele tells Kevin that she wanted Nat out if Kev/Nat were on the block—that’s she’s wanted Nat out for awhile..They do some Russ bashing, and discuss Russ’ last-minute plan to get Kev and Michele to vote to keep him.

As soon as Michele leaves, Jordan and Jeff do some whispered strategy talk. Jordan thinks that Kevin’s plan might be to nominate Michele and Jordan, then backdoor Jeff. Jeff agrees and says he has the same feeling…Jordan thinks Kev/Nat will see this week as an opportunity to get out another strong player now that Russ is gone…Jordan promises that if she is on the block and wins POV, she won’t use the POV to save herself, because she thinks she’d win against Michele. Jeff replies, “I appreash.” (Apparently Jeff’s phrase of the day.) Jordan thinks she’ll be put up so Kevin can say that he never put Jeff up.


As the 12:00 hour begins, J/J are still in the RR talking….Jordan says she doesn’t like the way she feels in the house anymore, the emotions that she’s feeling. She says it’s kinda like Jeff said the other day when he said he didn’t like the way he was acting. She feels kinda drained and sad, and she doesn’t like that feeling. Jeff says he gets what she’s saying…Jeff tells Jordan she needs to talk to Kev tomorrow and see what’s up….Jordan asks Jeff if they are still going to be best friends when they get out of the house. Jeff agrees that they are. They also agree that if Jordan wins she’ll get him season tickets to the Bears (Ed note: I thought it was the Cubs. LOL), and Jeff will get Jordan diamonds. This time Jordan is the one to say, “I appreash.”….J/J agree that they need to stop bickering. Jordan says that Jeff is the one who gets frustrated with her. Jeff agrees, and says that Jordan needs to laugh it off. But, Jordan says that when Jeff gets frustrated, she gets scared and thinks she needs to stay away from Jeff. Jeff doesn’t understand.

Back in the HOH room, the conversation continues between Michele and Kevin…Michele tells Kevin she’d like him to be honest about whether she’s going on the block or not….Kev says he won’t reveal his nominations beforehand, but since his options are limited three people, two of them are going up…Kev says that Nat had a clear plan, but he’s still fuzzy….Michele says she’s not campaigning, she’s just neurotic and wants to know things. She says she won’t start WWIII or stir up bullsh*t if she is nominated….Kevin tells Michele that the fact she put up Chima and Nat will have nothing to do with his decision. He says it’s not personal, that he just needs to rehash who’s been winning and coming close to winning, who will be the bigger threats, etc….Michele reminds Kev that as he gets closer, he needs to think who he wants on the block with him as the F2. Kevin replies that he knows that if Jeff makes the F2 that American will vote for him, because nothing negative about Jeff is being shown on the show….Kevin reminds Michele again that he is not Nat and his mind is made up. He says Nat’s plan involved putting up Michele and Jordan.

Kev tells Michele that she is one of the cooler people in the house. He says he was on Chima’s side in thinking that Michele was one of the more intelligent, strong women…But, Kev says he also needs to talk to Nat, too. He wants a non-personal talk, not about hatred or things they don’t like about people, just what is the smartest decision. And, then it will come down to POV….Kevin is surprised that J/J didn’t tell Michele about the Russell backdoor. Michele says that they were afraid she’d tell Russ….Kev asks Michele what she would do if she were HOH. Michele says that Jeff is the strongest competitor because he gets close to winning in comps…..Nat suddenly walks into the HOH. The strategy talk ends, and changes to general chit chat, and once again rehashing the HOH comp….Michele gives her congratulations to Kevin and that his boyfriend is hot. Nat says good-night to Michele and that she’ll be downstairs shortly.

As soon as Michele leaves, Nat asks Kev “What has that crazy b*tch been saying.” He says that Michele feels that Jeff is the strongest player and they need to break up the couple…Nat replies that Jordan is a nobody…Nat says Jeff and Michele have to go up…Kevin says he’ll tell Jeff ahead of time, but tell him that he’s the pawn….Kev isn’t sure who they want to go home. Kevin thinks Jeff. But then, Nat says that Russ is right and Michele will be good at memory, and that J/J are not good at anything except for Jeff on endurance…Nat thinks the POV will be questions, possibly on dates, and that Michele will give them a run for their money on that….Kev says they’re assuming Jeff is not good at that kind of thing, and that Jeff may be smarter than they think, and may be pretending to be dumber than he is….Nat says she is fine with Jeff going home and that she can compete against Michele on memory.

Kev asks if he can tell both Michele and Jeff that they are not the target…Nat says no, because Michele will tell Jeff…Kev says that Jeff is trying to play anti-Michele right now, but that he is really “Team Michele.”…They feel Jordan and Michele are a weaker pair than Jeff/Jordan, because they don’t have as strong a bond…..Nat wants to stick with the original plan of getting out Jeff…Kev says that production is not against him, because that HOH was made for him….Strategizing, and bashing of the other HGs continues…..Kev/Nat don’t want Jordan to win the POV, but think she won’t, because she hasn’t really won anything. (Ed note: Well, except for the last POV.)…Nat finally leaves the HOH.

1:00 am BBT….It appears that all the HGs are in bed…Kevin isn’t asleep however, but lying in his HOH bed deep in thought….Jordan was apparently called to the DR earlier, but by 1:15 she is back in bed with Jeff. (They are sleeping in the SS room.)

Michelle tells Jordan (not sure where they are) that the person that is not nominated has to win the veto so that Nat goes up and the block and home…Jordan just says, “Okay.” (Ed note: It’s not clear if Jordan is not enthused, or just doesn’t understand.)

2:00 am BBT….Jordan has gone back to the Red Room and Jordan/Nat/Michele rehash the game and everyone’s best and worst moves in the house…There is more discussion of past nominations and fear of going to the jury house….Since the house is still on inside lockdown, they once again hope that tomorrow is a luxury competition.

By the end of the 2:00 hour, all the HGs appear to be asleep, with Jordan/Mich/Nat in the Red Room, Jeff in the SS room, and Kevin in HOH.

Night hamsters, and thank-you from me for going to bed before 5:00 am.


As always, thank-you to all of the wonderful Updaters. There was a LOT to cover tonight.