Big Brother Recap July 31, 2009
Russ shows his hand, and the Houseguests want the “Power”

Russ was the first to awake this morning at 10:00 am. BB woke everyone else up at 11:00. Not long after we find out that the Have and have nots get to eat squash and squid this week. Not long before Jeff and Russ talk game and Russ makes it clear he wants Ronnie out this week because he swore on the Bible and then went back on what he swore about. He said that Ron is a liar and he can’t be trusted. Russ then told Jeff he wants to team up with him and Jordan. The posters are quick to tag this alliance as the HGA alliance (Hot Guy Alliance). Jessie enters the HOH grumbles at them and grabs blankets. He complains about the squid. After he leaves Russ made the comment that Jessie this week is showing his true colors, that it was easy when he was HOH and others were on slop but he can’t take the stress of slop, and should be thankful that he has squid to eat and not just squash.
Jeff leaves, and Ronnie enters and immediately tells Russ that Jeff and Jordan wanted him to put up Russ when he was HOH and that he (Ron) would never have put him up. (Clear lie). Ron throws Lydia under the bus saying she always plays kiss up to whoever is the HOH. He then said that Russ should put Michelle up against Lydia because Michelle can’t be trusted either. Ron exits and Michelle enters HOH. Michelle talks about how Kevin and Lydia threw the HOH competition. She then said that she was forced into an alliance with Jessie and Nat.

A bit later Jordan and Russ talk. Russ tells her that he offered Jeff the deal of keeping her and Jeff safe this week. He also said that Ronnie threw them under the bus. Jordan tells him that he was never who she wanted out and that Ronnie is a liar and can’t be trusted. Russ said he wants him gone but is afraid that America will vote him to have the power because he bullied him last week. Lydia comes n and said she sucks at competitions and does not believe a competition is worth getting sick and bruised over. She also told them that she heard that she and Kevin are going up and that both of them are weak players and that Russ should target someone stronger. She then said that Jess and Nat both said that he was the going to be put up once the cliques were dissolved. She then turns on her charm and said ever since he (Russ) got HOH he has turned into a sweet and nice guy. Russ tries to get Lydia to admit she has a deal with Jessie. She tip toes around it. She said she want Nat to go that Nat is just star struck over Jessie. Russ asks Lydia who he should put up with Ronnie she said Ronnie and anyone but her (lol).

After she leaves Jessie, Nat and Chima enter. Nat starts in saying she wants Lydia up, that she will do anything to stay in the house even use her body, that she is a bipolar ho. Chima chirps in and said she wants Lydia gone too. Russ gets called to the DR. SO Jess and Nat take this opportunity to lie in the HOH bed, Nat said that they should never have let Lydia come up to the HOH (How could they stop her) and that she threw them under the bus. Jess again complains about Jordan putting him on slop and how she did it and how unfair it was. They talk about how confident Ronnie is walking around the house. Nat freaked out thinking that Jessie would keep Lydia over her.
At 9:30 PM the feeds come back after a bit of fish action and we immediately see that Lydia and Ronnie are nominated. Lydia and Kevin talk about her being nominated, and Lydia does not believe that Jess will vote to keep her over Ronnie. Kevin told her he might not love her but she has done “Favors” for him so he will keep her. Kevin then said that Russ did not have the balls to take out the other Alpha Male in the house and is just a wimp. He then tells Lydia she has to socialize with others in the house that she could get some votes.

Jessie and Nat talk about voting against Ronnie. Jess thinks that they have to support Russ and get him out and cut their losses. Nat said she can’t she has to vote Lydia out, that she hates her. Lydia cornered Russ and said to him that she didn’t understand that if he (Russ) didn’t have the balls to put up Jessie and Nat who will. That they are just handing them the game. Russ then explained that if Ronnie made it to the Jury house that they would not have a chance to win that he would twist and lie to make them look bad and have Jessie or Nat win.
Ronnie tried talking to Michelle to get her vote, but Michelle said she knows he lied and does not respect that. She said she would talk to him later but she knows he lies.

A bit later Ronnie does talk to Michelle saying he only has deals with Jess, Nat and Chima and that he wants them (including Michelle) be the final 5. That he never lied (his shirts even said he lies), Michelle does not commit and said she is just worried that if VETO is won that she will be going up. Ronnie said that he wouldn’t campaign against her if she was put up (another lie). He then gets very cocky and said once he wins the America power he will send Russ home this week. He said that Russ sealed his fate this week that Jessie, Nat and Chima will now go after him for nominating him (Ronnie) and that the others are pissed he is nominated. He said Russ is just trying to drive a wedge between himself and Jessie and that he is jealous that Jessie is not in alliance with him and is with him. He then lies again and said that “they” wanted to get Michelle out and then Russ just let the jealousy get him at the last minute.

Every time someone gets called to the DR all day the house guests think it is because they won the American vote. They all cheer and say oh America’s player.

Chima tells Russ that she will vote the way he wants but she really wants Lydia out. That Lydia can’t be trusted. She said that Ronnie did keep him in the game when he was HOH and didn’t backdoor him. Russ sticks to his decision and keeps saying Ronnie needs to go, he lies and needs to go. Chima asked if Lydia gave him a BJ.. Russ said no. Chima also admitted to Russ that she magnified Braden’s racial slur to be worse then what it was. That she does not think he is a bigot at all, Russ asked her why would do that and she said to call him out and make him looks worse than he was. TO use his own words against him magnified.

Jessie went up to HOH and threw Kevin under the bus. He told Russ he already won $5000, sticks up for Lydia, is the only one that would use the VETO this week etc. HE said he never wins anything (so why Jessie worry about him using the POV). He talks round and round saying he wants Kevin out. Russ said that Jeff will go after Lydia and Kevin if he gets HOH because he wants to break up their team. Russ then said Ronnie has to go sometime and might as be now. Jessie said he does not want to give up his alliance and needs Ronnie for numbers but nothing else.
Kevin and Chima talk briefly before bed, Kevin tells her how he was brought up as a Jehovah Witness and was thrown out because he was gay. He also told her to be careful with Russ. She said he is too young and that she hangs with him to have fun, that’s all. Kevin also said that he thought Jess and Nat were trying to keep Ronnie and Chima (who wants Lydia out) said they don’t have the votes so not to worry about it. They both talk about how much they liked Casey and thought he was a riot. They liked how he called out Jessie saying he had Nat to wash his underwear and make him food. They talked about school, goals and how Chima should hook up with Russ. Nothing exciting before these two headed to bed.

So to sum up today:
Jessie- Complained all day, Is willing to let Ronnie go, wants Jeff to go, Thinks America won’t vote for him for the power, can’t understand why everyone won’t listen and vote the way he wants them to. Will not use VETO if he won it
Nat- Wants Lydia to go, started no fights, thinks that Chima will get power, Will not use the VETO if she won it, but wants others to believe she will to get information
Chima- Wants Lydia to go and flirted with Russ to try to convince him, Wants the power bad. Believes Jordan will get it and not know what to do with it and make a fool of herself with it, said she would not use VETO
Michelle- IS a wild card, wants to wait to after POV to see who to vote for, never made a comment about the power, again no commitment on VETO
Ronnie – Is running scared, lying and trying to get votes, Believes he will get power since he had such a bad week last week and everyone will feel bad for him, of course would use VETO to save himself
Jeff – Wants Ronnie out, Jeff wants the power for him or Jordan, Will get Jessie out with it if he can, would not use VETO
Jordan – Wants Ronnie out, wants Jeff to get the power will get Jessie out with it if she can, would not use VETO
Kevin- Trying to rally votes for Lydia, wants the power to have power ,made it clear that he would save Lydia with VETO
Lydia – Wants to do whatever to stay, wants the power to get Russ out, would save herself with VETO
Russ- Wants Ronnie out, has committed his alliance to Jeff and Jordan, does not believe he would get the power because he bullied Ronnie last week, would not use VETO to change his nominations
Everyone of them is speculating on what the special power is and they all have shout outs to America for votes
The day was just a complete circle, everyone saying the same thing over and over.
Sooooo… who will win the VETO? Will it be used? Who will get the special power? How will that change the game? Will Jessie leave in week 4 again because of an America’s intervention? Will the rat finally scurry home? Will Jessie finally stop complaining? Who knows.. till tomorrow