8:00AM Boogie is first one awake and heads to the backyard for a little time alone to strategize. Shane soon comes out to join him. They begin talking about who they think will go home this week. Shane ponders using the veto to save Frank but he and Boogie agree they should not get Willie upset with them at this stage of the game. Ashley, Joe and Frank come out and game talk stops between Shane and Boogie. Joe calls Frank over and says he has heard that Boogie is trying to get him put on the block in place of Kara. Frank says that Boogie did say that but only because he feels Frank would have a better chance to stay with Joe along side of him instead of Kara. Frank tells Joe that he is trying to distance himself from Boogie because he knows Boogie has a bad rep in the house and doesn’t want people to think he is controlling him. Joe decides to confront Boogie about wanting him on the block so he calls him over and asks him. Boogie says he floated a few names, he said he knows there are people that are off limits, he couldn't say Shane or Jojo. He says he doesn’t have a motivation to get Joe out, being a mentor doesn’t have to worry about that, but he has to protect his team by putting up the viable people. Boogie says that everyone honestly needs to look out for their individual interests, just because he mentioned Joes name is not to take that as he is coming after Joe directly, he is just trying to save Frank. Joe says he understands but he would rather talk directly about it with Boogie not hear rumors.

10:00AM Frank and Boogie outside. Frank is Boogie that he is telling everyone that he is distancing himself from Boogie, hoping that will gain him some trust in the house. Boogie loves that idea. Saying that will help them get information from the other side. Frank says he heard Dan has been throwing him under the bus. Boogie is not surprised. Boogie cautions Frank about gaming and advises him to be the good time guy. Boogie's completely wise that Janelle and Britney's goal is more about removing Dan.

12:00PM HOH Meeting with Team Brit and Team Janelle. Britney suggest that they don’t make a decision right now, just put the facts out there and decide later on who they will evict. Joe says he thinks everyone knows that Frank is strong and Kara is cracking. JoJo says it’s a win/win either way, she thinks she has a better chance of winning HoH, if Kara isn’t there. Wil says he looks at it 2 ways, individual and team , keep Kara, easy to bring the girls over to our game. Individual game he thinks that Frank would be a better partner to team with. Joe interjects that he noticed this morning that Frank was trying to get away from Boogie. They all agree that they don’t think that Frank really wants to work with Boogie, if he had the choice. Britney thinks that Frank realized when Boogie saved Ian that he doesn’t have his best interest in mind. Janelle says, if we get rid of Kara, it screws Dan. Britney agrees saying all he has is Danielle. Shane wonders if they can trust Frank. Janelle doesn’t think so. Joe says that he thinks that Boogie told Frank to distance himself from him and it will help him stay in the game. Ashley says now that you said that, I did think Kara should go, but now... maybe Boogie is smarter than Dan. Willie and Britney say that if Kara stays, she will put up one of their team for sure, they speculate on what Frank will do. Britney argues that Dan is also very dangerous. The suggestion is made that if they are coming to the conclusion that they are keeping Frank, that Frank throws the next HoH , everyone likes that idea. They decide that if Frank wins HoH, they will know that he lied. They decide to not tell anyone anything as of now, they will say that they have not come to a decision. Janelle says if this works out, then we need to blindside Dan, so that Danielle is so messed up and then she goes to the HoH comp right after. They continue to toss around the idea that it's best to get Kara out then work on getting Danielle out next and that would take Dan out of the game BUT they have to remember that Frank is also very dangerous and he will have to be taken out of the game sooner than later.

Houseguests spending most of the afternoon, laying in the sun, playing silly games and relaxing.

3:00PM Danielle and Willie in HOH. Danielle tells Willie that Frank told her that he would go for him and Shane in the future. She tells Willie that if she won HOH next week she would nominate Ian and someone from Janelle's team. Willie says he wishes that Ian had never gotten that key or his ass would have gone home, Boogie made a bad decision giving Ian that key, no one would have been upset sending Ian out the door. Danielle says if Kara walks out the door I will not be mad at you, but are you saying this because Kara is walking out the door? Willie says no. Danielle says she is going to vote to evict Frank, no matter what. Willie says he is not saying what is going to happen, but he doesn’t want her going anywhere. He says If someone brings up your name, I am going to steer them away from you. Danielle says she will do the same for him. Britney interrupts and they leave. Danielle goes to Dan and tells him about the conversation. She also tells him how much she dislikes Britney and how catty she is and that she sees her as a bully. Dan whole-heartedly agrees.

Evening in the BB house. Houseguests have dinner, talk about past seasons and play games about which actors or actresses they would date, sleep with or marry.

10:00 PM HOH with Britney & Janelle. They are working out when/which evictions end up being jury members, Janelle has it figured that they have two weeks until they “announce it” (meaning the Coaches will be players). They are deciding who to evict by week. Britney really wants to get Dan out. They talk more about how hard it's gonna be. Going over scenerios where they can get Dans team out of the game and by doing that making Dan ineligible to become a player in the game. They seem convinced that the coaches will enter the game.

Elsewhere Willie talks to Frank and says he is keeping him in the house, to go far with you, I'm not talking a F2 deal yet, they agree its too early for that. Willie says even if I trusted you 50% it's better for me to keep you in this house. Frank says he trust him 100% and if he stays this week, he will trust him 150% .Willie tells him that Russell Hantz is his brother. Frank seems surpised. Willie says he wanted people to get to know me, to know that I'm not a dick, I almost started to cry when I had to put you guys on the block. And, I am telling you because I trust you and I want you to trust me. Frank asks if anyone else knows. Willie says yes. Willie says I promise you Frank, if we stick to what we are saying, one of us will win this game. I promise you. And, you can believe everything I say from this point and I see that this can be a perfect thing and I am not gonna let anyone know how close we are. Frank says the way you win this game is to find someone you trust.