Adam and Shelly scamper, Porsche scheme to keep them from getting the votes one of them will need and the rest of the time is sleep, sleep, sleep

8:00 am
Shelly is the first up (as usual) and goes into the kitchen, gets a drink and heads out to the patio for her morning smoke. Everyone else is still in bed.

8:50 am
Feeds return for a moment and Adam is seen outside on the patio with Shelly smoking. Two minutes later feeds are back and S and A are outside talking about how much time they have left in the house. K and P are upstairs in the HOH laying in bed talking about the wake-up music and trying to return to sleep. A is going over the past evicted HG’s and how they left. They both agree that they are going to go out with class and just keep their goodbye speech short, sweet and simple - but with class.

9:00 am
Shelly is doing her morning chores, currently folding laundry at the pool table. Adam has returned to bed leaving her to take care of the laundry and her morning routine.

10:00 am
Rachel wakes up and goes outside and sits with Shelly. Rachel complains about her cramps and how she ‘finally’ got her period. S asks her if they use anything for birth control and R says that they do, but not in the BB house. She then starts to talk about how she is looking forward to getting pregnant. S starts to tell her about her symptoms and how fast she got pregnant.

Talk now turns to the fact that there is only 16 days left.. Rachel says “at the most”, and Shelly says she believes Rachel will make it to the end. Rachel says she used to be good at questions, she wouldn’t have even known the Dominic question she got out on - “who memorized Dominic’s speach.. I didn’t even know he said we suck at this game”. Shelly says look at Adam, everyone thinks he will know the answers, and he is always the first out in questions. They start talking about what they have learned in the game of Big Brother, Rachel says “to control my emotions”.. to be aware of how she acts. Now talking about Big Brother dreams, where Rachel says she missed finale night, and Britney won because she wasn’t there.

Shelly continues to try and boost Rachel’s ego. Rachel talks about how she and Brendon never thought either of them would make it far. Shelly uses that as an opportunity to tell her she should keep Shelly and use her as a pawn.. Shelly would throw everything to her. Rachel asks why she would want to do that - Shelly says “Because I love the experiment”, she says that she has a steady job and her life is pretty much complete, she just loves the game. She pitches reasons why she should stay, for about 30 minutes. Rachel finally says “Listen, girl”, and proceeds to explain she knows that Shelly is full of lies, and she would rather Shelly just be honest with her. She says that she is truly considering keeping Shelly, but they need to discuss scenarios in a realistic way. She says this is a very big decision. She says the reason she couldn’t keep Dani is because she told Dani not to tell Shelly, and she did. She says that if Jeff were there, she did think she could make F3 with J/J. Rachel continues to explain her entire thought process up to this point in the game, and all sounds legit. Shelly tells her that of course she wants to be in the final two, she would be a fool not to, but she mainly wants to continue to play the game and not let someone that has no respect for the game to end up winning. She tells her that she can not compete with the Vets and she was forced to have to find her path through the process. She keeps calling Rachel a superstar and how all the newbies wanted to stick together. She says that she knew that she had to go to the Vets. R tells her that she has played a great game and she respects her for it. They continue with the convo until noon when Adam comes outside and works on some laundry. They are now talking about how she and Brendan worked in the beginning. Adam goes inside and R continues to tell S how she has played the game and why she made the moves that she made. S agrees with everything that she says and says that she has enjoyed manipulating K and P. She says that if either of them make it to final two she will not vote for them. R says they are playing the way that Dani directed them to. S says that it makes her sick the way that they are continuing to “play for Dani”. Adam returns to the laundry area and R starts talking about how/why the Brigade made it in her season. R says that now she respects the plays that Hayden made, she said her biggest mistake was not getting in with Ragen. Adam just stands around smoking and doesn’t add any input.

Jordan wakes up and is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Adam goes inside and goes to the bathroom and questions J on what they are doing with S. J tells him that she and R are making her feel safe so she will just leave them alone. They don’t trust her and she confirms to A that they are leaning on him because they feel they can trust him and they are not sure about S. Outside S is now giving R relationship advice. Back in the bathroom J is still reassuring A that he is good with them. Adam says that he is just not sure how much he can trust R because he knows that she is missing Brendan and he doesn’t want her to let that reflect on him. A agrees that he is getting a bit paranoid but says that sometimes you just can’t help it. J tells him that he is okay and he believes her. Their convo breaks up and he goes to his luggage and takes his daily medicine. R and S are still outside talking about past HG’s, S says that Dominic was the person that really played everyone and that he played a game that she didn’t respect. R agrees that his tactic was off but that she says he was good. R says if they would of kept him that he would have continued to be a target. R says that she does not regret she took the slop in the veto comp but she is just a competitor, S says that she was so impressed with the way R plays, just continues to stroke her ego. Adam joins them and they just take another trip down memory lane.

J, S, A, and R are all on the patio talking about last season and how people played the game, and how R felt about the other HG. K and P remain asleep in the HOH.

J and S are tanning and talking about how much they have changed (weight, hair) since they came into the house. P, K and A are on the patio talking about what they may do when they get out of the house. K says that she would like to return to school and learn a different language. R joins them with items she needs to paint her toenails. They start talking about movies that were in a different language. S is telling J that R was so relieved this morning when she got her period because she was concerned about it being two weeks late. Feeds return at 1:44 and J is in the pool still talking to S.

P and R are both doing their toenails while chatting with K and A. Kalia is talking about how people mispronounce her name, and her parents thought they would have a boy and where trying to decide on her name (combo of Karen and something). While Jordan and Shelly are tanning, Adam, Rachel and Kalia having some random conversations about cussing and painting their nails. Porsche joins Jordan to sunbath, Adam jumps in the pool. The rest either sunbathing or jumping in and out of the pool.

Meanwhile, Shelly inside decided to get Rachel’s dog that she hid in a tissue box out of the SR, and put it on her bed under her pillow!

Rachel walks inside where Jordan was making some food, and Jordan asks her if she talked to Adam. Rachel says yes, she just wants to make sure they are in the best position. Jordan says that Adam was honest saying that all the newbies left were going to stick together and get the vets out. Jordan says if she really thought Shelly would benefit them, she would say so, but she doesn’t. She says it is pretty much a 50/50 shot, who can we trust more - and she leans towards Adam because he can’t lie, he is terrible at it. Rachel makes the argument that Kalia and Porsche are against Shelly, but Rachel agrees... for now.

2:40 p
S, J and K are sunning and J is on the patio with R and A, J is eating a salad she made herself for lunch. No game talk between any of the HG for now. R is sharing with J that she has hid the fact that she had so many tickets for her bad driving. She says that he found out right before they came into the house and that she had her sister take care of the ticket since they were in the house and she had ‘forgotten’ about it. She doesn’t really go into the argument that they had in the house about her irresponsibility. Then they start to talk about how the jury house is only 30 minutes away. They both say that they are going to be so excited about Dani being there and them still in the game.

3:00 p
Adam is in the HOH listening to music (after he cleaned up and put on a shirt per P’s instructions). R is sitting on the patio reading the Bible, J is in the Candy Room getting dressed. Kalia is laying in the shade in her swimsuit and is still tanning. S is taking a shower. Jordan comes outside and tells K that she is getting ready to work out and ask K if she still wants to work out with her. K says she has to change first as she goes inside. Twenty minutes later K is outside with J and they are working out - R remains on the patio reading.

J and K are done with the workout, J is getting her things and taking them to the bathroom to shower. R and P are on the patio chatting while P eats. Rachel heads inside, and Porsche and Kalia now talking. Kalia is saying if Rachel is on the block Thursday, they have to vote her out. Porsche said to Kalia that noone is allowed to talk game in the Jury house, and Kalia says they will be talking game all the time, no cameras or mics. They are now trying to decide what POV may be, OTEV? If it is a prizes comp, Kalia will give it up, she already has a vacation. Porsche says all she has is a little bit of money. Adam has joined Kalia for some small talk, while Porsche works out and Rachel takes a shower. Kalia tells Adam he needs to win HOH next week.

Rachel now outside running, and Adam half snoozing in one of the pool chairs... not much happening. Adam goes to grab some food, and Porsche joined Rachel for a walk... just small talk for now about the deodorant in the house, and that there is only 15 days until finale.

Adam has now decided to start messing with the Fortune Teller. He checks the plugs and messes with the frame of the box, then stares at it for a few seconds. He messes with the hair, and then gives up. Adam joins the outside crew, where Kalia has now decided to start walking with Porsche and Rachel. They start talking about how tall everyone is.

Adam now on the couch talking with Jordan about how they were going to rig a majority rules contest so they won. Jordan telling Adam that Shelly had a big talk with Rachel, and Rachel wanted to make sure Adam has their best interest in mind. They try to continue the conversation, but keep getting interrupted. Porsche and Rachel are now asking Adam what he will do to stay - will he run around the backyard without his shirt.. shave his backhair?

Jordan and Adam now on the couch by themselves - Jordan tells him that she has his back, and if she goes out, she will work the jury for him. She promises him that he will go to the final three with her and Rachel. Adam says he is scared, because he knows Rachel is a good competitor. He says he was upset because he just started opening up to Shelly recently, and he was telling her everything. He says another week and a half, and she would have been at the end, laughing at all of them. Jordan says maybe Shelly always looks so tired, because she has to keep up with everything she is saying! Now they are discussing Shelly-lies. They finish up as Shelly comes outside from her nap, and then DR.

S tells J that every time that she looks at her she feels bad because she can tell that she wants to be with Jeff. J doesn’t really respond, she gets up and goes to A in the hammock and tells him that she is with him 150% no matter what. J goes inside and fills R in on her talk with A. They agree that K is the person that they need to get out next.

Literally nothing is going on in the house.. Currently J, K and S are on the patio chatting. R is in the DR (possibly giving goodbye message) P and A are not on any of the feeds. They start talking about country music and who are their favorite singers/groups.

R and P are in the kitchen pouring wine into three glasses and making a cheese tray. Porsche tells Rachel that Kalia says to pay attention to Shelly because she's acting weird. Porsche thinks she doesn't like seeing everyone hanging out. They think she's worried about going home. Rachel says they don't have their minds made up yet. They are talking about A/S good and bad points. Rachel says it's 50/50. Talking about if Shelly made to final 2. Rachel thinks no one would take Shelly, but P says that maybe someone would because S is such a liar. They agree Shelly isn't likely America's Player. P says everyone knows S is a liar. R says so why would you take her, P pauses then R says because you could beat her. P brings up F4 with K/P/J/R. Rachel asks P if she thinks Adam could win POV? Por says she highly doubts it. Rachel says she doesn't believe Jeff threw that veto. She says she really doesn't believe it. Por disagrees, says that Jeff definitely could have beaten Adam. R says Dani didn't throw it either. R asks if Por threw the first round of the snake eyes. Por says not really. P says both will promise sun, moon and stars to stay but neither really deserve it. P says with as many ups and downs as there are with S, she wouldn't care. R says Jeff, Brendon or Dani will win America's Choice. Por seems a little put out by that idea. Por says that she is OK with either, as long as she is safe next week. They both agree that America’s Player would go to B, Dani or Jeff. Adam now practice quizzing Porsche in the kitchen. They then join everyone else on the couch outside.

Talk has returned to animals, dogs specifically. Rachel telling stories about her Rottweiler, Benz. Adam has moved to the hammock. At one point, Kalia steps inside and Shelly tells Rachel and Jordan she is getting tired of Kalia lying to her. Kalia tells her that they were all voting for her, and that it wasn’t supposed to be this way, and Adam should go. Jordan says that she doesn’t know anything because they haven’t told her. Kalia returns back outside and the small talk continues. After a while, it looks like Shelly has gotten tired of listening to Kalia, and decided to eat some food inside by herself.

Jordan in bed because she is bored, K comes in and tells her she is tired of talking about dogs, K settles on Rach's bed to talk to Jor. Talking about the BB experience. Talking about how they only have a few weeks left. Jor says every week is different. Says it changes all the time, K says yes, the house shifts. K hopes to make it to F3 so she can fight to the end. Jor says you never now, K says you never know what deals people have. K says she really hopes she makes it to final 3. Kalia freaks out cause she thought she saw a piece of glitter and explains that when she was little she was told it was made of glass & if you got it in your eye you could scratch your eyeball. A and P talking about the HOH bed, she is offering to trade her bed for the HOH bed and he says that he would rather earn the right to sleep there. P tells him to make any deals he has to, as long as he is really with P/K. P telling Adam K is a bitch for implying P is Queen B. A telling P that S has nothing to offer J/R that he can't offer them. Running over possible future scenarios for who wins what. He says he can’t figure out who wears the pants in the R/J relationship. He tells P that he told R that he is going to fight. Porsche says Kalia needs to do things on her own too.
Shelly comes out and they wonder were Kalia is, Shelly says it's so funny leaving a goodbye.....(she is laughing about it & feeds cut.) Adam and Shelly outside talking and smoking; about going to BB auditions. Shelly said she went to get two hours to herself - did not expect to get picked. Shelly - "We'll never see it the same way again." She says she'll understood more the emotions the houseguests go through. Adam says the house looks so big on TV but it's not that big in-person. They discuss the latest twist and then go over what their thoughts were during pass comps.

10:00 p
A and R are playing a game of pool. K and P are the Candy room chatting about their ambitions and what their family/friends must be thinking about their gameplay. Porsche says she is not the telephone person. Jordan says things were much more katty this year. So much drama in her year but she stayed out of it. Porsche says she has nothing else to do this week and at least Kalia gets to vote. Kalia says maybe someone does have a super power and veto her noms., Porsche says she doubts it.
Shelly leaves the hammock where she was thinking and goes to the patio for a smoke. J in the DR.

Jordan watching Adam, Shelly and Rachel play pool.K talking out loud now about who she would help if she won money. Talking about repaying money to parents for all the classes, modelling, dance and head shots they paid for. Por saying she would help her dad out because he needs it. Por saying her dad was there through thick and thin. Says her dad would do anything for her. K says $50,000 is more than she has ever seen in her bank account and $500,000. would be even better but the $50,000. would change her life and if she got to the end would be great. Porsche says I know I want to do certain things and that she (Dani?) wants to do certain things & we will be living like 2 blocks from each other and you know what, let's go for it. K says she is still in debt from when she was living in NYC. Both say their credit scores are in the sixties. P is called to the DR and K says she has to go to the bathroom. J comes out of the DR and tells K that she will be going to bed at midnight. A does his shoutout to Farrah. K is laying on R bed alone and thinking.

10:38 p
P comes out of the DR and passes K as she is called to the DR, she shows P her bra and P says it’s sexy then tells her that she is going to go outside and monitor conversations.
She sits on the couch and talks to J about the Bible that R says she stole from the hotel and has been reading.

11:00 p
Everyone is outside on the patio chatting and laughing.

11:55 p
J goes in to prepare for bed, all others are still outside talking. A puts the cover on the pool table as R asks P for one of her sugar-free fudge ice cream bars, she says ‘of course’. A comes in and starts to clean the dirty dishes in the sink while K and P sit in the living room watching the ‘Palm Tree Channel’, then they discuss playing a game of chess. J comes into the kitchen and tells everyone goodnight as Shelly heads back outside to smoke and have some quiet reflection time. R eats the ice cream and watches A clean. She then announces that she is going to go to bed as well. K and P are talking about the lights in the house, musicals and pretty much nothing that has anything to do with anything. P says that she is going to the HOH to remove her makeup and if K was serious that she will play chess - if not then she is going to go to bed. P stops in the kitchen for a snack and K follows her and gets her to start making bendables again since she is an expert. A tells them how tired he is and hints that he will be going to bed as well pretty soon. R is putting her acne medicine on her face and then heads to bed. S comes in and puts another cup of coffee in the microwave. K goes into the Candy Room for clothes since she is sleeping in the HOH room again. R mentions that she misses her puppy and hopes that it will show up some day. She does not yet know that it is under her pillow. S tells R that “a little birdie told me something today, look under your pillow”, R reaches under her pillow and finds him, she ask who took him and J doesn’t say anything.

P goes upstairs to sit at the chess table. Shelly and Adam are going to bed. K is going upstairs to play chess with P. during the whole game and the remainder of their time awake, they discuss what has happened in the house.

After chain smoking almost an entire pack of cigs, Adam finally heads off to bed.
All houseguests are snug in their beds.

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