When next we visit the Morgan tribe
The morale has dipped quite low
The lack of sleep and shelter
Is now mentally starting to show.

To help provide for her tribemates
Scoutmaster Lill goes out fishing
While back at camp her companions
Started on their normal dissing!

The Blowfish were nibbling
but that's not all that they took
Before Lill could stop them
they had unknotted her hook

At Drake tribe all was groovy
Until tree mail floated ashore
Beckoning all to a challenge
Blankets & pillows was the reward

When deciding who to sit out
Jon's opinion he did voice
"If the challenge includes swimming,
Then I'm the better choice!"

Sandra being the bold one,
Got into a scuffle with Jon
"When we first had to swim to shore,
You were struggling while I was long gone!"

The reward challenge was exciting
Their mission to stay afloat
While using hook and bucket
You must scuttle your opponents boat

At first it seemed they were neck and neck
Then Osten ended up sinking his tug
Flanking Morgan on either side
Drake succeeded in pulling the plug

Later that day Drake sent Christa out
To Morgan to pillage and pinch
She was met with a barrage of questions
But Christa didn't budge even an inch!

Immunity challenge was an endurance one
Their smallest tribe member they did hold
Every 5 minutes a member must drop out
The strain on the rest became 100 fold.

It all came down to Rupert and Osten
The pressure was taking its toll
An hour and a half had lapsed
When finally Osten had to let go.

At Tribal Council later that night
Jeff questioned their losing streak
The general consensus amongst the tribe
Their unity was where they were weak

So one by one they cast their vote
This time they thought hard and deep
They weighed the pros and cons of each
Which one would they ultimately keep?

Five to one the vote was read
'twas Lill's turn to leave to game
But the spirit of the Isle did speak
With two tries to extinguish her flame

Does this mean that the choice was wrong
To vote out Lill and not Darrah?
Better keep your night lights on,
Or Blackbeard's ghost might Scare ya!