Season Two - Episode 7 - Release Me

Andy is stumbling around in the woods searching for the pig. Sam is trying to make sense of what’s going on as a demonic Tara tells him to give in. Naked bodies are dancing all around and Maryann is approaching Sam with the knife as Andy comes onto the scene. He shoots his gun to get order, and Sam is able to escape due to the distraction. Maryann chases after him, but he turns into an owl and flies off. Andy is left there with the demon/zombies and they begin to calm down. Andy notices Terry there and tells him to put his pants on. Terry grabs Andy and breaks his arm. At the church, Jason and Sarah have sex and Sarah wants to tell Steve. Jason thinks it would be a bad idea and wants to wait.

Sookie and Hugo have been put in a cage in the basement. Sookie thinks that somebody told them she was coming. Hugo suggests that Stan might be behind it because he wants to be Sheriff. Eric and Isabel stand outside the grounds of the church but Isabel doesn’t sense any distress from Hugo. They make fun of the humans preparations for battle. Eric is very interested in Isabel’s relationship with Hugo and asks her about it. Isabel suggests that he’s interested in Sookie but Eric denies it. They go back to the hotel and Eric comes to the conclusion that Godric has been already destroyed. Lorena is still keeping Bill a prisoner in his room. She flashes back to their parting, the time when Bill decided he no longer wanted to hunt humans and torture them. He argued and begged for Lorena to release him, and seeing that he didn’t love her, Lorena let him go. Bill threatens to stake Lorena if anything happens to Sookie. Lorena is refusing to let Bill sleep which causes him to weaken and bleed from the ear. (She is bleeding from the nose.) She won’t even let him call Eric to help Sookie. Lorena tells him that Eric is why she is there and that Eric wants Sookie for himself. Still unaware of what’s going on in the next room, Jessica and Hoyt get to know each other a little better. Hoyt confesses to her that he is a 28 year old virgin. (Isn’t it amazing that Jason is his best friend?) She says she’s a virgin too and asks if she can be his first. (Their storyline is becoming one of my favorites. Comical and sweet and loving all at the same time.)

In Bon Temps, Tara is wondering how she got back to Sookie’s house. She thinks that she blacked out. Eggs tells her not to worry about it. But then Maryann shows up carrying a bloody rabbit and she looks a mess, which confuses Tara even more. Sam tracks Daphne down at the lake and pulls a gun on her. She seems unconcerned and readily answers his questions. She tells Sam that Maryann can’t get inside shape shifters; that the shifters have to come to her willingly. That’s why Maryann wants Sam, because she can’t control him. He wants to know what Maryann is and she says Maryann is really a maenad. A maenad draws her powers from debauchery, excess, lust, and all of the other good stuff. Sam freaks out and leaves. Maryann shows up at the lake and Daphne is happy to see her. Her happiness turns to shock as Eggs steps out from behind Maryann and fatally stabs her.

Back at the church, Steve interrogates Hugo and Sookie and discovers that she is Jason’s sister. Sookie is forced to try to contact Barry with her mind and beg him to get help. Hugo becomes very agitated in the cage and he starts to lose it. In an attempt to calm him down, Sookie touches him and gets a clear read of his mind. Hugo is the traitor! Steve and Gabe grab Jason and drive off to a remote part of the ranch. Jason is confused about why Steve wants to kill him, at first he thinks its because of Sarah but then he begins to wonder. Steve leaves Gabe to do the deed, but Gabe makes the mistake of calling Sookie a whore and Jason beats the bejeezus out of him. Jason takes off running for the church. Sarah comes up on him in a jeep. He stops running when he realizes it’s her. She jumps out of the jeep and shoots him in the chest.

At Merlotte’s, Arlene tells Tara that she blacked out and can’t remember having sex with Terry. (Tara’s eyes get really big. She can obviously relate to the black outs.) Andy shows up at the bar looking for Terry and is screaming his name, disturbing all the bar patrons. Tara and Arlene try to calm him down but he accuses them of being demon women and devil worshipers. He tells everyone in the bar that he saw them at the orgy and acting all crazy. Everybody just blows him off as being drunk, except Sam looks at him with interest.

Lorena has Bill up against a wall with a stake at his chest when Barry delivers a message from Sookie. Eric hears Barry say that the Sheriff is at the church and jumps up for the rescue. Unfortunately for Barry, as he turns away from the door, Lorena drags him into the room. Meanwhile, Gabe has returned to the church and he is furious. Hugo tells Gabe that Sookie knows everything and asks to be released. Enraged, Gabe beats up on Hugo and knocks him unconscious. He then turns his attention to Sookie and rips her dress open and knocks her to the ground. As she’s struggling and screaming underneath him, he is suddenly lifted off of her. Sookie looks at her savior holding Gabe up in the air by his neck and says, “Godric”?