Big Brother Daily Recap September 2, 2011
Shopping, Spelling, Pectacular and Noms

After a late night the houseguests were woken up at 8:30 am. Once BB wakes them up and the feeds return we see all the houseguests milling around Kalia and Porsche both want to talk to Rachel and try to get her to put up Adam. Kalia mentioned that they (Jordon and Rachel) made her look bad because she voted to evict Adam instead of Shelly. It does not take Rachel long to figure out that there is a lot more game to play, and that this HOH week will be a short one. Rachel knows there is only one live show left to the finals and that they need to evict 2 people to get to the final 3.

9:30 am – We got brief palm trees on the feeds and when they returned we see the houseguests scurrying around trying to get dressed up nice because BB told them to. At 10:45 am we get trivia on the feeds.

The feeds were out for about an hour and when they returned we see that the houseguests have all kinds of new clothes and they are all trying them on and trading them. Then we find out that Rachel opened Pandora’s Box and she had to stay in the HOH room while the other house guests had a shopping time and a visit with Tory Spelling. She was in the HOH with Mr. Pectacular himself Jessie. He did his normal stuff and did give Rachel some of his T-shirts and autographed photos. Adam was ecstatic about Tori Spelling, he is a huge fan, she kissed his blown up duck with her lipstick. He was so happy, bouncing around and just very jovial. He kept thanking Rachel for opening Pandora’s Box. The houseguests shared some of their clothes with Rachel and she gave out those great Pectacular T-Shirts she got from Jessie.

First one to talk game with Rachel was Porsche. She told her that she loved that she evicted Shelly, and that she was hurt that Rachel never talked to her during her HOH. That Kalia cut all the deals that week. She told her she really liked her and that she always wanted to work with her. Rachel said that she hears a lot in the house. That she knew Shelly was snow blowing everyone. That she had wished she had worked with her during the game but she switched sides and went to Dani and basically worked against her to get out Brendon and Jeff. Porsche left saying they would talk after the VETO ceremony.

Meanwhile Adam and Jordon had this conversation while Porsche was in the HOH:

Adam - Porsche and Kalia were telling me there were things Dani taught them about the game that will help them get further, like formulas for who gets nominated and wins POV and stuff.

Jordan - Oh geez. Dani really doesn't want us to win, does she?

Adam - No, she doesn't. Kalia told me you guys were leaning towards Shelly and she was upset when she was the only vote against me.

Jordan - Do they really think we don't now what we're doing? They think Dani predicted and knew everything.

Adam - Kalia can't win POV this week. When we made the deal week two, when you told us to keep you for the jury and you would keep me for my birthday, Jeff told me, "don't you dare break this little girl's heart." I wanted to play the Shelly game, I wanted to lie to both sides, but when Jeff gave his speech in the purple room about picking a side and sticking to it, I listened.

Jordan - Now somebody's going to get pissed off at you anyway, but when it's down to five you gotta.

Adam - After the competition Kalia was in the shower and called me over to tell me you guys lied about how you were voting and that she's so sorry.

Jordan - She plays so innocent, she's playing a good social game.

Adam - Yeah, I know. Dani probably told them to get on my sensitive side, work me until they could dump me. I never ever trusted Dani even though she tried to tell me that she had my back. And Porsche told me that Shelly told them (the week of Kalia's HOH) that she controlled my vote, that I would do whatever she said. That pissed me off. And I did feel bad when we kept Rachel but couldn't tell her, we had to keep it from her because she would blab it. I felt bad about that.

Jordan - At least Shelly and Dani, the manipulators, are there together in the jury house.

Adam - Yeah, Jeff and Brendon both know better than to listen to them. And Porsche and Kalia always talk about what Dani wants.

Jordan - Why?! She is not that great, I don't get it.

Adam - I know, I even told her, people talk about your dad being good but not you.
hey say that Kalia needs to go because she is good at questions, which will be coming up soon.

Adam - We can do this, with us up against Porsche in questions, we can win. And for POV, I know that this week Porsche will be begging me to take her off the block if I win, but I won't. You guys have stuck with me and been honest with me, I like her, she's a great girl, but I gotta stick with you guys.

Jordan - Do they really think you'll use it?

Adam - They think I'm on their side, they really do. They wanted me to win HOH to knock you guys out.

Jordan - I don't get how they can be so against us but be all buddy-buddy with us, I can't do that.

Adam - Well that's the way Dani taught them to do it.

Jordan - Well, Dani wanted to make a deal with us, that night we sat out here until 5 AM, she wanted a deal. We thought about it, but Jeff said he couldn't just abandon Shelly and Adam, he couldn't do that to his alliance.

Adam - I know, I feel bad about going with the newbies at the beginning of last week. When Kalia came to me I fell for it.

Jordan - Yeah, she has a good social game, when she comes to me she plays like a victim and like she doesn't know what's going on. And I just want to say, seriously? Get away from me.

Adam - I never brought up that I was suspicious about Dani and Shelly to Jeff because I didn't know if they were closer to Jeff than I thought, and maybe you guys would have gone against me because of what I said. But as soon as Jeff brought it up, I threw out that it was bothering me as well. I can't believe I didn't see through Shelly until now. I know something that really pissed her off was when I told her that if Rachel was in the final 2 I might vote for her, she hated that.

Jordan - If Kalia is in the final 2 and is asked what her biggest move is, she will say getting out Jeff. We gotta get her out.

Adam - I hate calling myself a floater...I bounced. It sickens me the way it went down, I was only with them for a day, and then the whole fortune teller thing they lied about, I don't think it moved.

Jordan - I don't believe it either.

Adam and Rachel talk briefly and he told her exactly what she wanted to hear. That he wants to vote out Kalia and that he will not use the VETO if he wins it. Rachel talks to Jordan and tells her what Porsche and Adam just told her. They agree again that Kalia had to go she was too good at question competitions.

4:20 pm – The feeds again go to trivia for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds returned we see that Jordon and Adam’s keys were still in the memory wall so she nominated Kalia and Porsche. Kalia and Porsche were sleeping and soon after Rachel went to take a nap, too. The only one that did not take a nap was Adam. He fixed himself something to eat and just hung out waiting for people to wake up.

7:45 pm - Most of the houseguests finally got up from their naps, they got some wine and beers from BB. Rachel and Jordon asked Adam if he knew Porsche before he came into the house. He replied no.
All seem to think that the VETO could be the morph of OTEV competition so they all have been studying the memory wall. Rachel and Jordon talked about things that could stand out like eyebrows etc. Adam tells Jordon he really wants to win VETO. Jordon told him that if he used it and removed Kalia or Porsche from the block she would be the only one that could be put up. Jordon then said that she believes that he and Porsche have something together. He told her that he was not going to screw her over and he really wants Kalia out because she is good at questions.

1:00 am - All house guests seem to be asleep waiting for the big VETO Competition tomorrow.
The nights seem to be getting longer in the compound and there is still a lot of game to be played. This should be a fast and exciting week.

Who will win the power of veto? Will it be the morph competition? Will Adam sleep with that stuffed duck that Tori Spelling kissed? Will Adam even try to win the VETO? Will Kalia ever shut up? Only tomorrow will tell. The nights seem to be getting longer in the compound and there is still a lot of game to be played. This should be a fast and exciting week. Thanks to all the updaters this season you have been great!