It was a very late night in the BB house and everyone is allowed to sleep late. However, early feed watchers were treated to several rounds of kissing sounds by Jeff and Jordon buried beneath their covers.


Jeff was the first to rise. He makes his way outside and appears to be relaxing on the couch. He eventually heads to the pool and floats around on the raft.

1:00 PM

Michele goes to the pool also but no words are spoken by either. Jordon is now outside too. After a time, Jeff leaves and goes inside. Jordon asks Michele if Jeff spoke and Michele replies, "NO!"

Jordon goes to try to engage Jeff and he says, “Congrats to everyone, but I don't want to talk.” He walks away. (ed. Maybe he wasn’t so relaxed after all)

Jordon eventually follows Jeff out to the pool and gets him talking. It is a long conversation with many silent pauses. He says if he had it to do all over again he would pretend that his arms and legs were broken and he would skate by, “Michele has no reason to keep me, she plays for HOH next week. Kevin has more of a reason to keep me because he doesn't play for HOH next week.” Jordan encourages him to campaign and Jeff quips back, "If I campaign, you're going home!" She says, “You have a better chance of winning it than me.”

Jordon thinks there is something more to Pandora’s Box that has not been revealed.

2:00 PM

Jordan apologizes to Michele for not saying anything to her when she won the Veto. She didn't want to rub it in Jeff’s face. Michele says, “That's okay.” Jordan says Jeff thought he would be safe with Kevin. Michele says, “Yeah, and I would have been going home.” Jordon thinks Kevin will win if he makes final 2.

Jordan goes and wakes up Natalie to tell her about the conversation with Michele. She says “Michele was being smug.” Jordan tries to convince Natalie that Jeff should stay instead of herself. Natalie tells her that Kevin does not want Jeff in the house and that Jeff is going. Natalie suggests that Jordan keep telling Michele to get Kevin out and Natalie is will keep telling Kevin to get Michele out.

Natalie finds Kevin and tells him what Jordon is up to. They plan to get Michele out next (after Jeff) unless Michele wins Veto because she will take Jordan to the end and because she will be harder to beat in competitions.

Later, Michele tells Natalie she just wants to walk around naked. That’s her goal for the last two weeks.

3:00 PM

A camera zooms in on money left in a plant that no one has noticed from yesterday.

Jordan and Natalie engage in a little Michele bashing and who should win HOH or Veto to make sure they control the vote.

4:00 PM

Jeff tells Jordon that Michele wanted to talk. He doesn't want to, so he told her to give him a day or two.

Kevin and Natalie discuss how Chima’s leaving hurt them. Then Kevin says, “I don’t think it would've changed anything... However America will vote for these two (ed. I’m assuming Jeff and Jordon), they always go for like the pretty white people. I know it's mean, but middle America is white.” He thinks Jordan may be portrayed like Jessica Simpson.

5:00 PM

Natalie tells Kevin all of the jury house votes. She compares previous seasons and the competitions they had. (ed. She’s very knowledgeable about the recent past seasons). They plan out a fake final 3 deal with Michele. They will threaten her with jury votes if she goes back on it.

Michele and Jeff are shown in the bathroom primping. They do not speak. After Michele leaves, Jeff says, "What's up?" to no one.

Everyone sleeps except Michele. She is by herself and thinking hard. She eventually takes a long nap too.

8:00 PM

Kevin is up and quietly going over events in the house to himself.

The others wake too just before being called to an outside lockdown.

Jordon tells Kevin she is bummed. She really wanted Michele to be going home. Kevin says, “That’s why she fought so hard [to win Veto]. She knew it.”

Lockdown is over and there is beer and wine. There is also alien activity in the Splish Splash room. Flashlights are shining on various areas and moving around. Houseguests are not there to see this.

Outside, Natalie mentions possibly bringing Chima to the wrap party and the feeds immediately cut before she finishes her sentence.

9:00 PM

Sho2 Crawl: Michele and Jeff mended their friendship and alliance; Jeff tells Jordon in the event he leaves this week, that sticking with Michele is the only chance she has in this game; Jordon considers throwing in the towel to keep Jeff safe; The nomination ceremony will air tomorrow night.

Everyone stays gathered outside. Jordon starts on the wine. Jeff and Michele drink beer. Very little speaking until Kevin and Natalie go to the HOH. They bash Jeff a bit about being in such a bad mood.

Jordon thinks she was dreaming that Jeff was sniffing her. She asks if he really was. He tells her no, but she was actually sniffing him while they slept. She woke up worried that Jeff thought she smelled bad. She asks if he would leave her his deodorant. Jeff talks about not talking to anyone when he gets to the Jury. He wants to start building a raft so when he gets there he can put it in the ocean and get out of there. Jordan says that he can have her money. Jeff asks, “Why are you talking like that?” Jordon tells him he’s the only one who deserves that money. He’s the only one who played the game and made good moves.

When Jordon is called to the Diary room, Michele tells Jeff she wants him to stay and how they can save him by making a final 3 deal with Kevin. She also says she will vote to keep him and maybe they can get Natalie to do the same. Michele keeps working him hard to try to stay any way he can. After a long while he starts to consider it and gives reasons why people should take him to the final 2. Basically that he is loyal and won’t have the votes in the end.

They talk about the Veto comp. Faces were morphed together and they had to guess the right people. Jeff thought one person was predominant and easy to see, and the other was harder to figure out. The one he got stuck on was his own!

10:00 PM

Michele is still working Jeff hard. She tries to get him to commit to a final 2 with her. He dances around it, but is willing to do a final 3 deal if Jordon is not around.

Kevin and Natalie come back outside and game talk stops. They all get along and talk about fun things they got to do in the house.

Jordon returns from a long Diary room session. She is noticeably drunk and emotional. When Natalie is called to the Diary room, she doesn’t want to go (ed. She can tell Jordon is going to be entertaining or maybe even informative).

Natalie goes to the DR and Jordon gets Jeff to go to the Green room.

Jordon is crying and trying to tell Jeff about her DR session. She gets a direct “Jordon, you are not allowed…” from Big Brother. Basically she wants Jeff to campaign and work to stay. She is mad at herself for not winning Veto. She thinks Jeff deserves the money. He did all the hard work. She didn’t do anything. She will gladly go instead of him. She wants earrings and the Hawaii trip though. She thinks that would be a fair trade. She even does the lopsided math of $500,000 vs $5,000.

Meanwhile Michele starts working Kevin about getting rid of Natalie. Kevin says, “I don't know. I feel like she might get rid of me.” Michele points out that Natalie will have the jury votes. Kevin isn’t so sure. Michele points out that Kevin is vulnerable next week. He knows. She eventually tells him that she is voting to keep Jeff either way, so it will probably be up to Kevin to break a tie.

11:00 PM

Natalie is out of the DR and heads straight out back to see what she missed. Kevin and Michele stop their conversation abruptly. Kevin is called to the DR and Jeff comes out back while Jordon takes a sobering shower inside.

Jeff wants to know what else there is to the Pandora’s box. He’s hoping there’s something more since he found the Key. Natalie explains there probably isn’t anything more; that finding the key was a way for them to release Kevin from the hand cuff and they may not have been able to keep the money unless they released him.

When Michele goes inside, Natalie tells Jeff that he needs to convince Michele to use the veto on him. He shuts that idea down. He says he could try to get Michele's vote though. Natalie says she is receptive to keeping him if he makes final 2 deal with her. Natalie explains that Veto is the important thing next week (ed. She has explained this to every other houseguest at some point today).

When Jeff goes in the house, Natalie tells Kevin the campaigning has started.

Kevin and Natalie go play pool to discuss the recent happenings. When Michele walks over to the laundry, Natalie offers her a final 3 with her and Kevin and she has to answer yea or nay right now. Michele replies, “Nay” without hesitation. When she goes in the house, Natalie says she must want one of them [Natalie or Kevin] out.

While they relay all the earlier conversations with the others, Natalie makes Kevin promise he will take out Jeff this week. Kevin also makes Natalie promise that she will vote out Jeff this week. They’ll let the others think they are working with them.

Natalie says she has complete control over Jordon. She’ll do whatever Natalie tells her to.


Jeff is cooking while Michele and Jordon chat in the kitchen. Jordon wants Michele to keep Jeff this week. Michele is willing as long as Jordon won’t hold it against her.

Natalie gets Jeff alone and tells him she can’t vote to keep him basically because they can’t trust what Michele will do. Jeff wants her to consider it anyway because she would have two people fighting for her. Later Natalie says she wants to take Jordan to the end.

Kevin joins them out back and Natalie suggests they should try to get Michele to use the POV on Jeff. Kevin says that will NEVER happen and it would be up to Jeff to get that done. Natalie and Kevin try to convince Jeff he should flirt and lie to get her to do that for him and she would fall for it. Jeff doesn’t go for it and leaves.

Natalie must think this is still a good idea as she tries to think of ways that Kevin and she could get Michele to use the POV on Jeff. At some point they even tell Jordon this idea.

Inside Jeff reaffirms that Michele will vote to keep him. He heads back out to work on Natalie some more.

Natalie, Kevin, Jeff, and Jordon are now outside. They are all trying to convince Jeff to do whatever it takes to convince Michele to use the Veto on him. He is dug in that it won’t happen so he won’t even try. He leaves.

Natalie tells Jordan to spend her time with Jeff wisely because Jeff is going home.

2:00 AM

Natalie and Kevin have made it up to the HOH, where Natalie says she will win competitions from here out. She can beat anybody, even Michele in questions. She will win anything unless it has to do with eating bugs. After a bit, she thinks it is time for them to go downstairs and break up conversations.

Meanwhile Jordon is still trying to convince Jeff to do whatever he has to to stay. He gets uppity with her and won’t stab Michele in the back like that.

Various conversations continue throughout the house about random things. No one looks like they are going to bed any time soon.

4:00 AM

Natalie asked Jordan what she thought about her. Jordan says. “I didn't like you at first because I thought you were an instigator, but I was so wrong.” (ed. The sound you hear is me banging my head against my desk).

5:00 AM

Everyone but Michele has gone to bed now. Michele is outside on the couch. She says out loud that "I’ve become Zach! I am Zach!" She eventually falls asleep outside and Big Brother does not call her out about it.

Wow, there were a lot of scenarios tossed about tonight. Should we expect the unexpected? Would Michele use the Veto on Jeff? Would Natalie or Kevin vote to keep Jeff? Will Jordon actually sacrifice herself to save Jeff? One thing is for certain. Big Brother has all the material they need to make it look any way they want this week!

Thanks to all the updaters for hanging in there this late in the season.