As promised, BB woke the houseguests up early today at 8:08 am. They all get up, get dressed and Dan cleans out the refrigerator. They are all locked in all day. Ian was not happy because he could not wash his clothes.
9:00 They locked the houseguests in the HOH room. When the feeds return we see that the houseguests were treated to a brunch/breakfast by BB.
After they all lay around the living room, very awkward, no talking. All just sat there saying nothing. Eventually they all change out of their good clothes, and decide to sleep. Dan and Dani go into the kicks rooms and read each other their HOH letters, commenting about things that were said. Ian joined them. Eventually they all roll over and go to sleep.
Dan got up and started talking to the live feeders. He really wants to get Ian to throw the next part of HOH to Danielle. HE gave a lot of shout outs to people and JOKERS! He thanks people. He said anything less than a win would be a disappointment, which he has come too far to let anything happen. He admits to having to play a ruthless game this year and it was tough. HE talked about how he hopes no one is sending hate messages to his wife, that she works in a very catholic school and that they might not like how he is playing the game, lying etc. He apologized to America for voting out Shane (who he refers to as Jeff Shrouder 2.0). He also said that he can’t believe he talked both Dani and Ian into dropping out of the competition last night.
Ian woke up and found Dan. He told Dan that he had trouble sleeping because he could feel the wall Dani and him had up (tension) between them. Dan tried to bait Ian to throw him the last part of HOH (if he wins) so that he can send sour Dani packing. Ian told him right out he was not throwing it. Ian asked him if he was going to take him over Dani. An assured him he was. Ian told Dan that Dani wanted his head on a platter, that she was real mad. Dan turned on the mist and told Ian that He(Ian) is in a great spot because Dani will not take him to F2 now, so no matter what he will be going to F2. When Ian left the room, Dan mouthed to the camera that he has to get him to throw it.
When Ian left, he sat at the kitchen table to rock in one of the chairs. HE kept mumbling himself and it was hard to hear, something like F3, I want to do that so bad, quack pack, quack pack etc. Shane got skullduggered so bad so painful.
Dani got up and treated herself to a bowl of cereal. Talking to Ian she mentions the all day lock in and how elaborate it must be out there. She asked him if he thought ratings were down last night because of what Dan did. Ian said who knows but it certainly changed people’s opinions of Dan. Ian asked her if she wanted Dan out, she replied bad that he voted out her friend and romance, that he did not swear on anything but still broke his trust with her. Ian reminded her that if she did not use the VETO on him he would be gone right now. Dani said she wants to be the one to send Dani packing, Ian said he would feel honored to get $50,000 losing to her. Dani tells him that he will win America’s favorite, Ian said he thinks Shane will because of what Dan did to him. Dani said she is worried that he will not take her to F2, Ian said that he will lose to her, they try counting votes and then said the jury might think that Dan deserves to win. Dani does not think so. He screwed over too many people. Dan asked him if it would look bad if she evicted Dan with a big smile on her face and not crying Ian said no it would be fine. Dani said she has carried Dan for the whole game (lol) and he had to leave now, he screwed her over. That Shane kept him around because he knew how close they were. Dani asked Ian if she thinks Brittney hates Dan and Ian said absolutely.
A while later Ian gets disturbed because he power was out in the house. He thinks that nobody is watching them because the cameras can’t work without power. Ian starts to panic and Dani said she was going back to bed, Ian asked her please not to. (EN- There was power outages all over LA due to high 100 degree temps).
Finally the houseguests get out of bed and talk with each other. They play cards, make Ian’s volcano model, cook and discuss life after BB. Dani thinks that her name will always be linked with Shane’s. She also believes that she and Shane will be something outside the house when no cameras are around. They are really bored, they play word games, drop things from the balcony (BB kept telling them to stop that) and even wrap Ian up in toilet paper.
Aster doing nothing much Ian finally heads to bed at midnight. Dan then starts talking Morph competition to Dani. Dani then said that they would not have to worry about Ian winning it if they had kept Shane. Dani said she believes she is playing for 4rd place. Dan told not to worry about it. That if she loses to Ian tomorrow then he will try to convince Ian to throw part 3 to him so she will be fine. Dani keeps telling him it would have been easier with Shane. Dan keeps telling her she is sitting pretty, stop worrying.
Dani threatens Dan with that if he does not take her to F2 that her father will kill him. That she will really be pissed. Dan said that he evicted Shane so he could have control and she wouldn’t have to pick between the two of them. He then said for her to feel as pissed as she wants, that everything he has done was to get them both to the end. He said in 24 hours they will be laughing. That he will convince Ian to throw part 3 to him and they will sit pretty.
Here is a conversation they had: Dani "You didn't play this dirty last time" Dan "I didn't have was in me" Dan says he's got to do whatever it takes to make it to the end. Dani doesn't like hearing this.

Dan "I'm not going to screw you over in the end...if you don't know that by now..."

Dani takes offense that Dan said he got her to the F3. She believes she put just as much into it as he did.

Dani tells him she keeps having nightmares that Dan is going to cut her at the end and evict her.

Dan says he had to take control of the game to get them to the end together. He says he didn't sleep for 2 days after Dani talked him out of evicting Shane during the DE. He had to take the shot at him when the opportunity came up again.

Dani says she understands why Dan didn't tell her before the eviction that Shane was going home this week but she didn't understand why he had to do it until now, she says she had to drag it out of him.
They discuss how everything went down, how Dan wanted to be at the F3 with hoe or Jenn so they could easily win the final HOH. That neither of them would be sitting there without each other. That they worked together. He said he does not believe that she would ever have been able to cut Shane, she was too emotional. She told Dan that Ian told her not to trust Dan. Dan responded saying that is why Ian is good at this game. Dani said she can’t and trusting anyone else in this game. That she could never play this game again without him. Dan said that you can’t play emotionally. Dani said she thinks Dan might win the game again. HE said it is hard to win this game once never mind twice. That some will not vote for him to win again because he has already won.
Dan tells Dani that if Ian does win part 2 of the HOH then she should tell him that if he votes her out then she will lose her and Shane’s vote. HE told her not to get angry when he high fives Ian if he wins, that he wants to make a big deal out of his win. Dani asked what if she wins, he said they will go somewhere private and celebrate. Dan said that Ian would take him to F2 because he knows he can win sitting next to him.
Dani then tells Dan that if he can pull this off then he will be the deadliest player in all BB even beating out Dr. Will.
By 3:15 all were in bed and asleep again!

Who will the next HOH? Can Dan convince Ian to throw it? Who will be F2? Will Ian send Dan packing? Only time will tell! Thanks Jokers Updaters you have been great all season, best on the web!