Most of the Houseguest had hangovers from the night before slept in today. They finally woke up after 12pm (noon).
Or at least some of them did.

The Houseguest are on a lockdown and are not allowed outside while production gets ready for the competition tomorrow.

The Houseguest spent all day sleeping, and making general chit chat.

Ian upset and sniffles because he feels responsible for Britney going home this week.

There was basically no game talk from anyone today. Britney has resolved
herself to going home and so has the rest of the house.

About 9:30 pm the Houseguest all sat down to have dinner.

Today had to be one of the most boring days this season.

The Highlight of the day was Britney doing a impression of Christina Aguilera singing.

Hopefully tomorrow things will get more interesting.

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