Big Brother Recap September 11, 2009
Snoozing, Scheming and Shuffling

Well what is left to do in the BB house? The houseguests slept in, Jordan was the first one up at 11:15. She got herself some breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, and did laundry as the other two slept. Nat finally woke up at 2:45 and woke Kevin up and Jordan up who went back to take a nap.
As Jordan snoozed, Kevin and Nat discussed Michelle. Kevin stuck up for Michelle saying that Chima and Mich were never friends and that she was not evil. Nat did not want to hear that, she kept saying and blaming her for Chima’s meltdown.

Natalie attempts to cook, she made some chicken. She admits she really didn’t know how to cook. She coated the chicken in olive oil, browned it a bit on the top of the stove. Then baked it on a bed of tomato sauce and basil leaves. Jordan came in the kitchen, and Kevin asked her if she remembered how Michelle made Chicken parm, she told her how Michelle did it. This is how clueless these two are in a kitchen, this is an update: Nat wonders how to make breaded pork chops. Jordan says, "Breaded!?" Nat says yeah, that's how she has them at home. Jordan says, do you dip them in something? Nat says that's what she's wondering. Can’t BB just get them some take out before they kill each other with a foodborne illness? This might be Kevin’s way of winning this game, let them cook and eat their own cooking. They actually ate this and Nat was real proud of herself.

The three of them realize it is September 11th and discuss it. Nat piped in saying she was in elementary school, (keeping her 18 year old lie alive). Jordan was in 9th grade. Jordan wondered how they got the bombs on the plane, Kevin explained that they slit the pilots throats and flew the planes in to the trade center.
Kevin and Nat had this conversation while hanging out on the hammock: Natalie tells Kevin that she gets paranoid about the Final 2. As she says this he puts his arms inside his shirt.

Kevin asks her about her regrets. Boredom-downtime.

Kevin says, "for me this has been everything and more than I ever expected." Nat: "I never thought I'd be doing real-life competitions that I'd have seen." Kevin says his expectations were high and they were met. They agree they aren't disappointed (um, you're in the Final 3 - ed.).

Kevin says even the people in the house were super interesting, a crazy mix, everyone was just...

Natalie: is there anyone you wouldn't have wanted on this season? Kevin says, I don't know, it was a perfect mix - even Jessie, even Braden. Natalie says, I would have taken out Michele. She thinks Michele is no genius and that she was weird. Kevin disagrees. He liked everyone and got a chance to hang out with people he wouldn't have otherwise (Russell, Jessie). He liked all the girls. Natalie says she only liked Chima because she was a strong woman, "like me".

Kevin still doesn't believe Natalie is 18. "I don't know why you would lie about that. We can talk about it after the show." He says, she don't look 18, she don't look 18. She says do you believe it now. He seems to but only because she keeps on insisting. He says he wouldn't hang out with an 18YO - that she's mature and not like an 18YO. They talk about the unfairness of Coup d'Etat Nat says Jeff shouldn't have been able to play for HoH. They also think Chima should have been allowed to vote."For something that huge for America to vote on" Natalie doesn't think that's fair. Natalie says CDE should have been a competition. Kevin brings up Pandora's Box as being set up so it will be used. They probably gave Jeff the right to play for HoH because they wanted him to use CDE. Natalie warns, "Jordan's coming" under her breath and then keeps on talking about CDE and the unfairness of it all.

Kevin talked to Jordan, telling her that neither of them can take Nat to the end, which she would win. That he needs to tell her but didn’t want the drama, and that this is the toughest part of the game. Kevin is thinking about whether he should "just tell Natalie"... He doesn't want to lie to her. She has no idea (he's going to not take her to F2). She keeps asking him, he says. He thinks he will tell her Monday - afraid she will be a terror if he tells her earlier. Jordan says she keeps asking because she "kinda knows".
Kevin - if you stick to your thing, we've both won at least $50k. Jordan looks excited but she's scare Kevin is going to flip. "I'm scared YOU'RE going to flip." He doesn't like not being able to tell Natalie. They talk about votes in the Jury House and America's Vote. Kevin also said he thinks Jordan would benefit the most by winning the money.

After Nat came out of the dining room she jumped in on the money conversation. Kevin left and Nat again asked (told in her way) Jordan that she was taking her to F2. She then lied and said she has not talked game with Kevin since before Thursday. (Didn’t Kevin just tell Jordan that Nat keeps asking him about F2. She also told Jordan that Kevin thinks he already won the money (which he doesn’t).

Nat admitted that she cheated during the OTEV comp, that she helped Kevin. She said they reviewed the tapes to DQ them but they lost anyways. So there was no sense in DQ’ing them. Nat told Jordan she shouldn’t have given clothes to Michelle that she should have given them to her. Nat tries on a bunch of clothes from the luxery comp to see what she wanted to wear on the final night. Kevin told her everything looked bad. She tried on Jordan’s clothes too.
Jordan and Kevin went to bed at 3:45, Nat stayed up and played solitaire.

So who will pick who to go to F2 with? Who will back stab who? How will these guys survive another three days? Who will cook? Only tomorrow will tell.