No sooner had they returned to camp
That arguments broke out
But when the fish went missing,
They all began to shout

Burton blamed it all on Christa
A conclusion that seemed too quick
Before she had a chance to deny it
She's given the wrong end of the stick

In a private chat with the camera
Sandra owned up to the fishy stunt
But seeing how the tribe reacted
She'll let Christa take the brunt

The next day brought a new challenge
That involved their family
But Jon's friend had some bad news
Whatever could it be?

Seems Jon's beloved grandma died
The survivors' hearts just sank
So with pity for Jon, no one wanted
His friend to walk the plank.

The challenge really isn't important
As they handed Jon the win
The reward allowed his friend to stay
But oh my! Where do I begin?

On their way back to Balboa camp
We find out something bad
Seems Jon & his friend rigged this stunt
Yup, we've just been had!

Meanwhile the other survivors
Are stranded with no food
All thoughts are on poor Jonny
It was a very somber mood!

Can you imagine if they found out
Boy would it be a zinger!
Not only is dear Grandma alive
She's off watching Jerry Springer!

The next night Jon & Burton talked
With Ti & Sandra lending an ear
To Ti's surprise, she wasn't in their plans
Which was her greatest fear!

Immunity challenge was mental for once
Take three words that are shown
Rearrange the letters on their board
Forming twenty new words of their own

But alas! There was a twist to this
As they had to spell them right
If they had made a spelling mistake
They were disqualified from the fight.

One by one they made mistakes
Til Burton claimed the prize
But as they headed back to camp
They were in for a surprise!

Seems Jeff had looked a little closer
And spotted Burton's blunder
With that Jeff took the immunity back
Pulling Burt's rug out from under!

The challenge resumed with those who remained
With a new board to make it fair-ah
When time was up, Jeff counted the words
With immunity going to Darrah!

Now Burton, being the strongest one
Seemed to be next to go
But Jon pitched a plan to Sandra
To keep Burton on the show.

At Tribal council, I was glued to the set
Which way did Sandra go?
Oh crap! She voted along with Jon
But why, I'll never know!

So with a vote of two to five
Tijuana was voted out
And we, the viewers get one more week
Of listening to Jon the lout!

But mark my words, Jon'll get what's coming
Concerning his nasty lie
I hope that Karma catches up to him
With a lightning bolt from the sky!