First observations: The beginning was cheesy. All that military escort and radio chatter. Closing the airspace. I was like "Oh pleeeeze!" I was, however very impressed to see Jeff hanging out of the helicopter like he did. Now THERE'S a MAN!!

I think my biggest disappointment was that with three tribes and 2 extra people they definitely had a hard time editing in equal air time for all tribes. And some tribe members went completely unnoticed. Stars (ie. those who due to big mouths got the most air-time) of last night's show were Boston Rob, Sue, Jenna, Richard. I'm not sure I heard a peep from Alicia, or Colby!!

I can hardly wait to see Sue get her lazy-ASS attitude get booted the Loser Camp. You'd think contestants on this show would familiarize themselves with the hazards of the area which would include wildlife and parasites. DUH! Just because the water's clear doesn't make it safe. My uncle pick up a parasite from a trip he took to Costa Rica decades ago. About 5 years ago he got sick. REALLY sick. The doctors couldn't figure out what it was until they finally checked for parasites. Turns out he had a parasite indigenous to none other than that area of Central America.. in the drinking water!!! It lay latent in his body for decades!

Now, I wouldn't wish a parasite on Sue. Nobody deserves that. But let's be honest, wouldn't you have a hard time feeling sorry for her if she ended up with diarrhea and intestinal cramps that rendered her useless in a competition ultimately resulting in her getting booted? Wouldn't it just bloody well serve her right?

Richard drove me nuts. He needs a serious attitude adjustment. If I were on his team I'd dump a swarm of sand fleas all over his bare butt while he was sleeping. I'm assuming he's going "regimental" with that kilt of his. Speaking as a Scottish descendant, Richard Hatch has sullied the kilt and my heritage. Go bpléasca na míolta crúbacha do bhall fearga!!

The challenge. First and foremost... Jenna... get OFF THE RAFT!!! Do you think you're doing them some kind of favor by being half on the raft, making it uneven and tilted in the water instead of getting fully IN the water and using both your arms and your legs to swim it along? Rupert should have done the wok lighting because he could have had the strength to swim IN the water and hold the torch with one arm just like Big Tom did. Jenna spent more time getting a free ride on the raft than actually helping. She lost the challenge for them. Their raft was so awkward looking with her halfway sprawled all over it. She's in the way. She needs to go home. Now that said, my husband nearly jumped out of bed and did a jig around the room when Tina got voted off. He's hated Tina ever since she was responsible for getting Kel (the closest thing Canada has ever had to a Survivor) voted off in Australia with her fake "beef jerky" accusations.

To the ladies of Moga Moga..... DUH!!!! A little discretion goes a long way when it comes to plotting in the game of Survivor. In the case of Moga Moga, "Girl Power" does not involve any brain strength! Kathy better watch her back because I think she's just painted a big target on it.

No WWB review would be complete without an Ethan report. I thought it seemed pretty clear that whoever he has dated in the past, Jenna was not his favorite person last night. Maybe he's been with Jerri (Lord help us, I hope not.. ewww!) but he just didn't seem to have any pre-established rapport with her. I am more convinced now that ever that the on-island romance does NOT involve Ethan. More convinced than ever that it does involve Amber and Boston Rob. Sorry guys, doesn't look like it's going to be between Amber and Alicia.. but you can always dream, right?

Overall, I guess I wished last night's episode was a 2 hour special, but then I wouldn't have gotten to bed until 2:00 am if that had happened. I wished they would have had more time to show candid clips of all the survivors. The video diary/confessionals clips are good for hearing strategy, but how many people said in their confessional last night that they were going to keep their mouths shut... and then how many of those same people ended up with verbal diarrhea? Generally speaking, the first episode is never my favorite anyhow. For the most part the tribes are in the pre-strategy mode of setting up camp and working out a routine. It looks like maybe they will still be setting up camp come Thursday since none of them has fire yet. Thirst has become the focal point of their lives right now, and NOT game strategy. However, desperate people often have a very hard time hiding who they really are. By the time these tribes get fire with safe drinking water and some food in their belly's we could see some very ugly behavior from our favorite ASSes.