Matsing tribe member, Malcolm Freberg, tweets "Dear Every Straight Man Alive: I'm Sorry" following the latest Tribal Council.

I could see it coming. During the show we see Russell sitting in the sand praying that if he's only supposed to last through three episodes of Survivor, "Thy will be done." They obviously edited out the part where he asked the Lord to forgive him in advance for being a meanie to the cute blonde Angie at Tribal Council. I think that Russell's prayers were helped more by Malcolm, who let us know that like other reality TV-seeking (and sometimes winning) stars such as Ian Terry, his dream began when he was twelve years old. That's when I knew it was "Goodbye, Angie." (Oh, and just a note here: Angie, you did say "I can't do it" at the challenge.)

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see some other people at Tribal Council.

Tribe Matsing

We know Matsing (Blue loser tribe) well by now. Malcolm Freberg has great hair (yes, I'm jealous,) and Denise Stapley is a "comp beast." And then there's Russell Swan. I know all about editing, but is he even looking for the idol? Actually, I'm hoping not. I would hate for Matsing to head back to Tribal Council where he pulls that idol out: either Malcolm or Denise leave before the merge.

It's going to be difficult enough for them to not be picked off early in a merge unless they quickly join in with some other castaways, who by that time will be looking for sheer numbers to evict one of their unloved team members.

Let's check in on the other teams.

Tribe Kalabaw

  • Jonathan Penner: Penner, Penner, Penner! I repeat that three times because I'm beginning to think Penner has a touch of OCD. Last week he told us four or five times, "It was right under my nose," and now "My ass hurts" three times. Penner's fun; I hope he stays around awhile.
  • Jeff Kent: I like baseball players and that four-fingered "un-manly" handshake with Penner was worth one chuckle. It will be interesting to see his future in the game against Penner, and even Dawson. I'm anticipating her outting Jeff as a former baseball player; hopefully she'll use it to her advantage.
  • Sarah Dawson: we haven't found out very much about her. From reading her bio, I like her and am looking forward to seeing more of her. She looks like she could be a contender.
  • Carter Williams: he's athletic and good in challenges: we also haven't seen him do any scheming (yet). Mostly, they've shown Carter, Dawson and Dana responding to Jeff and then walking off together in the woods. Aha, an alliance in the works!
  • Dana Lambert: She's a tough girl and cosmetologist. I'm sure this team will soon hit the air more often. Oops...almost left out Katie.
  • Katie Hanson: she's also on Kalabaw.

Tribe Tandang

  • Abi-Maria Gomes: She's one of the "Executive-Assistant" alliance. I'm dying to shriek a warning at my TV : "Watch out, RC!" Abi seems pretty cutthroat, and she's aligning herself with Pete.
  • Pete Yurkowski: He tells us he's pretending he's not paying attention to what's going on, but he is!! Smart move, Pete. Duh! First week I liked Pete. He seemed funny and easy-going. Now I learn that he's part of the "Cut-Throat Alliance," I'm not so thrilled with him. He's thinking ahead to his desired eviction order, but I hope it backfires on him! Sorry Pete.
  • Artis Silvester: During the first show producers hid this guy, I'm not sure why. The second show he popped out remarking on Skupin's accidents and I thought, "who the hell is he?" He wasn't a medic coming in to bandage up Skupin: he's part of Tandang. Artis performed sufficiently in the challenge, but I'm not sure if his fellow teammates have noticed he's part of the team, , so he might be good.
  • Lisa Whelchel: Please stop crying, girl. Hang in there. We love you and hope you go far.
  • Michael Skupin: What can I say? He tries his heart out and seems to be a really nice guy. If Pete has his way you'll be gone. But we'll never forget you: maybe you can get a lifetime of Bandaids out of this gig!
  • RC Saint-Amour: Go RC!! Another "Comp Beast." Here's hoping she makes it to the merge. This girl has got game; just hope she has figured out the backstabbers, Abi and Pete. And for the record: Abi, I'm not sure that I would have let Pete see where I buried that idol.

Promos for next week show a tough challenge. I'm hoping Matsing will at least finish second, so that yet another member isn't sent packing.

"Survivor: Philippines" promised a move back to the old game, and so far that's proving to be true. They've definitely pulled this Survivor fan back into watching; something the Hantz years had ruined for me.