Survivor is back! Along with the 2 vets Ozzy and Coach, Brandon Hantz the nephew of one of Survivors most
notorious players Russel Hantz and the Redemption Island Twist.

The castaways have already been divided into two tribes.
Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth (30),John Cochran (24),Elyse Umemoto (27),Dawn Meehan (41),Mark Caruso (48)
Whitney Duncan (27),Semhar Tadesse (24),Keith Tollefson (26),Jim Rice (35),

Benjamin "Coach" Wade (39),Brandon Hantz (19), Rick Nelson (51),Sophie Clarke (22),Stacey Powell (44),
Mikayla Wingle (22),Edna Ma (35),Christine Shields Markoski (39),Albert Destrade (26)

Ozzy's tribe welcomes him with open arms.
Coach's tribe are not so happy to have him on the tribe.

They waste no time and the first challenge begins. It is a pyramid puzzle for rewards.
The rewards are a map, taro (equivalent to potatos) and flint for fire.

With the help of the other tribe members Ozzy wins the reward.

A very happy Savaii tribe head out to their new home. The defeated tribe Upolu head out to their new home.

The tribes get to know each other.
Back at Upolu a first day alliance is made between Brandon, Albert, Sophie, Coach and Rick Nelson

The tribes arrive at their first Immunity Challenge The COCONUT CONUNDRUM.
Jeff explains the rules of their first immunity challenge. Each tribe will race through zig zagging pathways and then
through a web of coconuts.They must then work together to get all their tribe members over a ten-foot wall.
One tribe member will then dig up a machete and use it to chop a series of ropes, releasing a bin of coconuts.
Three tribe members will then shoot coconuts into their tribe’s basket.
First tribe to get enough coconuts into their basket to raise their tribe flag wins immunity.
In addition, they win a clue to a hidden immunity idol back at their camp.
The losing tribe goes to Tribal Council and votes to send the first person to Redemption Island.

Upolu tribe win immunity. The people in the Savaii tribe are upset that Semhar did not do her part
and blame her for losing the challenge. It seems like she is the target to be voted out at tribal council.

Savii arrive to their first tribal council.

At tribal council Semhar and Cochranes name keep coming up as to why they should be voted out.
Cochran is quick to point out that he did well in the beginning portion of the challenge and just faltered in getting over the wall.
Cochran feels doomed and starts pointing out that Semhar does not do very strenuous tasks around camp.
Semhar responds that at least she does her job without someone having to tell her to do it.
Cochran promises to be everyone’s "genie in a bottle” after this and do whatever he or she want him to do.

Jeff reads the votes.
The vote is
5 votes Semhar, 1 vote Cochrane (thats enough to vote Semhar out)

Semhar becomes the first person voted out of SURVIVOR