At Te Tuna, Sophie, who felt sort of sorry for Cochran before, begins to understand why the team treated him as it did, which is mostly because he can get annoying. But he does call Brandon “obsessively devout,” which is a really good description.

How is it that they’ve been out there over a month and Cochran is still stark white? He comes right out in the open and asks them to keep him longer, but that requires them to oust Edna first. And as Sophie points out, Edna has done just as much for her as Cochran has.

This recap may end up being shorter than normal, because I refuse to recap the same conversation over and over again -- namely, whether to keep Cochran another week. We won’t get a definitive answer before Tribal Council, because the producers won’t give away the ending. I do like that they’re not even pretending that there’s a chance that Cochran might win immunity, because he won’t.

Redemption Island duel time with Ozzy, Whitney and Dawn. Seriously, is there a name for a duel with three people? And the challenge today is … balancing dishes? Again, I think the people who come up with these games are starting to grasp at straws. This challenge seems to be inspired by a particularly dirty sink of dishes. Dawn is the first one out. And apparently Ozzy is also good at balancing dishes, as he wins this challenge too. I don’t know whether this is the plan he had going into the game, but this whole Redemption Island thing is working for him. Dawn has an emotional goodbye, and Ozzy tears up as she leaves.

Back at Te Tuna, both Edna and Cochran are trying to be as useful around camp as possible, which is funny because neither of them have been that useful (except for their votes) up until now.
Whoa. Now we’re hearing about how Albert does absolutely nothing around camp and waits for other people to do things for him. Is this a new thing, or are we just hearing about it now? Or is it just a red herring to give some relief to the back-and-forth between Cochran and Edna? But Rick says it, so it must be true. (Sorry, still rooting for Rick, because it would be awesome to have someone win who has only been onscreen for about 10 minutes -- being generous -- the whole season.)

Challenge time! This time it’s … wait, haven’t we done this before? It’s the same sandbag-themed challenge that Coach blamed Mikayla for losing, now played individually. The winner get not only immunity, but also a spa package with a shower and massage. Albert, Rick (yay) and Sophie move on to the final. Though Rick comes close, Albert wins and chooses to take Coach with him. Albert then gives away his own reward to Cochran, which I think is a strategic move to get both away from camp so everyone else can talk about them. Except the reward happens in camp, so maybe it was just a suckup move.

The massages do look nice, especially after sleeping on the ground for a month, but then Cochran has to make it awkward by talking about the nice young lady touching his thighs. Creepy.

Albert and Cochran are talking about whether Rick should go next. Albert doesn’t like Rick, which means I no longer like Albert. Why are they even talking about this? Why aren’t they just getting rid of Cochran or Edna? Oh, because it’s better for Coach to keep Cochran or Edna. But notice Coach is the only one not running around talking about it. He really is playing a good game this season.

Coach butchers some lines from Julius Caesar (but the gets the sentiment right), and we head into Tribal Council. The jury is brought in to listen, and if Jim rolls his eyes any harder, they’re going to fall out of his head. Brandon is consistent, at least; he plans to vote for Cochran this week, and Edna next week. But then the Crazy rears its head again. OK, that boy needs a few days sleeping in a real bed with some real food, because he’s losing it.

It's voting time, and Cochran, who fancied himself such a strategist, has gotten exactly what he was promised -- seventh place. Unless he manages to defeat Ozzy on Redemption Island