Loyalties Will Be Broken

Last week Brandon gave up his immunity idol to protect Albert
thinking he was safe.
He was wrong wrong and was sent to Redemption Island to face Ozzy.

The last 4 left will witness the duel between Ozzy and Brandon.
The winner of the duel will re enter the game and the 5 of them will duke it out.
The loser will become the 7th member of the jury.

At Redemption Island the duel is on between Ozzy and Brandon.
They have to hold on to a long pole without holding on to the top that
that has a few quarter inchs of wood on it to brace their hands or thier feet.

Both Ozzy and Brandon struggle to hold on but in the end Ozzy wins and
after 15 days on Redemption Island Ozzy re enters the game on day 36.

Back at camp Coach takes Ozzy aside and tells him that since he has a hidden immunity idol
and if he wins another immunity and feels like Ozzy is in jeopardy he will give him a idol.

The Immunity challenge.
With one hand the tribal members will steady a balancing board while simutanoulsy building a house
of cards. (wooden cards).
The first person to build a stack of cards high enough to reach the finish mark wins individual immunity.
If the stack falls you can start over but you can not use the cards that have fallen to the ground.

Several of Sophies cards fall to the ground and frustrated at how good Ozzy is doing she looks over and
see's that Albert is not doing well and she demands Albert to drop his stack and come pick up her cards that fell.
Jeff steps in and says this is a individual challenge you cant get help and if you want ozzy out then beat him yourself.

It is close in the end between Coach and Ozzy

Ozzy wins Immunity and is safe at tribal council.

Ozzy is eating up the fact that he is safe and the others are now going to have to turn on each other.

They feel Rick should go next because he was very likeable and had no problems with anyone.

Ozzy is making pitches as to why Sophie should go.

When Rick asks what Coach how he will vote
Coach avoids the question.
Coach tells Rick he thinks Sophie is voting for Rick
and when Rick asked if he would vote for him or Sophie
Coach said he would vote for Sophie.

Albert is talking about getting Rick out and Ozzy tells him
now is the time to get rid of Sophie and send a message.
Ozzy also tells Albert that Coach told him he was going to
take Ozzy to the end.

Albert tells Coach what Ozzy said about taking him to the end.
Coach is upset over Ozzy telling what they spoke about.

They go to tribal council with much speculation. Ozzy is safe.
Since Coach has the hidden immunity idol it would be a gamble to vote for Coach.
Since it is the the last night Coach can use the hidden Immunity Idol it they assume he will most likely use it.

Ozzy puts Coach on blast about saying he wants to take him to the end.
Sophie upset Ozzy said something negative about her character.
Jeff ask why she is upset when she did the same to Ozzy.

Sophie breaks down and cries over how awful it makes her feel that

Jeff tries to pull Sophie out of it by telling her alot of it might have to do with being there 37 days

Coach is so positive he is safe he does not play his idol.

Rick is voted out and when Coach standsup to say goodbye.
Rick pushes him away and tells him to sit down.

After a vote of 2 to 3 Rick is sent home

After Rick leaves and is talking to production he says Ozzy has his vote.

Coach takes Ozzy aside and says he is upset that he told abut taking him to the end. And said he feels stabbed in the back.
Ozzy says that he has been burned bad in the game by trusting people and he felt he had to be guarded and could not trust him.
Ozzy says he still wants to go to the end with him and when Coach asks who he wants to go home he says Sophie.
Then Ozzy says he would really like it to be a tie between Sophie and Albert and have them make fire to stay.
Coach says he likes that idea.

The final Immunity Challenge the tribal members will through a obstacle course.

They will retrieve 5 bags full of puzzle pieces one at a time and then solve a puzzle with them.

Ozzy has a huge lead the entire challenge. Ozzy has his last bag and is working on the puzzle.
Coach has his 5th bag and is working on the puzzle.
Sophie comes behind Coach with her last bag and starts the puzzle.
Albert comes behind Sophie with his 5th bag.
Sophie has passed Ozzy getting the puzzle together.
Sophie wins her 3rd individual immunity idol and is guaranteed to go to the final 3.

Ozzy says he is not going to give and he hopes Coach will keep his word to take him to the end but thinks that wont happen.

Coach tells Sophie she is the new dragon slayer and Ozzy is the dragon.

Ozzy ask Coach to vote so there is a tie with him and Albert so he can fight to stay in a fire making challenge.
Ozzy tells Coach that he gave him a word as a Christian man to take him to the end
and that he wanted to take a true warrior to the end. Coach is conflictred

Ozzy goes into tribal council unsure if he is safe.

Ozzy tells Jeff in front of the other tribal members and the jury how Coach and him talkd about
making the vote a tie so he could make fire against Albert.

Jeff tallies the votes

Ozzy is voted out.

The jury claps for him as he leaves.

Coach says at tribal he had dilema but at the end of the day it was no brainer to send Ozzy home.