Survivor South Pacific Redemption Island The Finals!

39 Days 1 SURVIVOR!

After Ozzy is voted out the final 3 Coach, Albert and Sophie prepare for the finals.

They have a final meal

They burn down camp

They make their way to the final tribal council.

At the final tribal council they each get a cahnce to make a opening statement. After the Jury will address them.

Sophie says she feels like she has held her own. She says she was herself and as honest as possible

Coach says he played or lead with compassion,love appreciation and respect.

Albert thanks everyone for playing and being apart of the journey
with him.

Ozzy tells them no one wants to vote for any of them
and tells Sophie she is a brat.

Ozzy tell Albert he was in right place right time and did not do

Ozzy gives credit to Coach for getting to the end.
Ozzy tells tell him he did not play with honor or he would be
up there with him.
He says there are times that he was dishonorable.

Albert tells Jim that Coach did not carry them to the end.
He says he made more connections with people then Coach and Sophie did.

Coach apologizes for being dishonest to Rick.

Brandon calls Coach out on saying he would never vote him out.
Coach tells him he wants to make it up to him.

Brandon asks Albert did he know he was going to be voted out and wants a yes or no with no explanation.
Albert tired to explain but ends up saying no he did not know.

Keith ask Coach about not playing the individual immunity idol.
Coach say he did not need to play it so he didnt.

Sophie tells how Albert found the clue for the hidden immunity idol
and then shared it with her and Coach and that Coach found the idol.
Sophie says the only reason they told they found it was because
Bradon was looking for it so hard that they staged it to look like they found it long after they had it.

The jury votes and Jeff takes the votes and says see you back in Los Angeles.

Jeff arrives in Los Angeles with the votes.

In Los Angeles the jury is present.

In Los Angels the 3 finalist Albert, Coach and Sophie are present
and await the final votes to determine the winner of Survivor.

After a vote of 5 for Sophie 3 for Coach
Sophie wins Survivor!

Ozzy wins the Sprint Player of the Season and wins $100,000.

Jeff Probst presents Sophie with her 1 million dollar check.

Jeff closes by showing scenes from Season 24
Survivor One World