The episode started with Christine arriving on Redemption Island.

The first Redemption Duel between Christine and Semhar had them balancing an idol on a pole and adding new pieces to the pole, making it higher and more unstable.The first person to drop their idol would go home.

Christine outlasted Semhar and stays in the game.

Feeling uncomfortable about his position in the tribe, Brandon finally revealed Russell Hantz is his uncle.
Brandon made things even worse when Mikayla confronted him about why he targeted her. Brandon called a tribe meeting in an attempt to make Mikayla look like a drama queen. The plan backfired, and the entire tribe saw Brandon as unstable.

Ozzy decided to reveal he had the hidden immunity idol to Keith hoping to gain his trust.
Later Keith pulls aside Whitney, telling her Ozzy has the idol.

At the immunity challenge, players had to run across a floating bridge to grab bags containing long banners. Once they got the banners they had to climb on a bodyboard attached to a rope, and the rest of the tribe would crank the rope back to shore. Once all five bags were retrieved, two tribe members would climb up to a tall ledge, retrieve the bags off the ground with grappling hooks take out the banners, and arrange them to form their tribe's logo. First tribe to complete their logo would win immunity,
a hidden clue to the idol's location, and jars containing chocolate, cookies, and coffee.

The challenge was very close. Mostly due to Coach and his performance Upolu won their second immunity challenge.

Back at Savaii they decided to vote out Papa Bear and told Cochran they were going to tell Papa Bear they were voting Cochran out to throw Papa Bear off but Cochran was really safe. The Tribe told Papa Bear they were voting for Cochran and he did not believe it.
Papa Bear ran into the jungle and began digging in the sand like crazy. He made a fake immunity idol and put it in his shorts so everyone would see it and believe he had a idol.

The tribe did not believe Papa Bear had a idol and at Tribal Council they voted Papa Bear off.
The vote was 6-1-1.

Papa Bear will go to Redemption Island where he will face Christine in the next duel.