At Savaii, Jim is worried about Ozzy and Elyse becoming to close and
wants to try to do something about it and starts talking to others about
voting out Elyse.

At Upolu Brandon is doing his best to make up for the way he has been
acting the last few days.

It is time for the Redemption Duel. Jim and Cochran from Savaii and
Brandon and Edna from Upolu went to observe the Redemption Duel
between Christine and Papa Bear.

The sand bean bag toss duel got underway.
Christine and Papa Bear battled it out.
They had to toss bean bags onto 10 podiums.
The first one to land a bag on each of ten crates would win.

It was very close at the end but Christine came through
once again sending Papa Bear home.

On to the Immunity Challenge. Not only is Immunity
up for grabs but there is a reward as well. The reward is
2 chicken hens and 1 rooster.
The Immunity Challenge was a good old
fashioned endurance and strength challenge.
2 men and 1 woman from each tribe had to stand on a
small platform with a wooden pole on their shoulders.
Weighted bags were added to the end of the poles.
The opposing tribe would pick which person they wanted
the 20 lbs weights added to. The persons holding the pole
would have the weights added by their own tribe members.

The last person standing would win the the challenge for their
Dawn, Keith, Jim, and Albert, Stacey, Brandon carried the weights
for their tribes.
Dawn won immunity and reward for her tribe Savaii by holding up 140lbs.

Back at Upolu it was obvious Stacey was the one who was going
to be voted out. Stacey tried to stir things up in a last ditch effort
to stay.

At tribal council Brandon broke down emotionally in regards
to his family and restoring the family name after his uncle Russel
Hantz apparently shamed his family by his behavior when he was on Survivor.

Regardless of Stacey being the last one standing in
the Immunity Challenge today on her tribe and her attempt to stir things
up in order to stay she was still voted out by her tribe.
Coach tried to give Stacey a hug as she got up to leave and she pushed him away.

When Jeff asked Stacey why she refused a hug from Coach she said because it was not real.
By a vote of 7-1 Stacey was sent Redemption Island.

How will the 2 friends handle being opponents on Redemption Island next week? Can not wait to see who will stay and who will be going home.