Upolu return from tribal council and Coach and Rick talk about Brandon’s unpredictable outburst during the council. Coach says he will keep Brandon under control.

Next is the Redemption Island duel. The duel has Christine and Mikayla taking apart a boarded crate, use the boards to build a bridge and then flip the boards over to rearrange some of the boards into the Redemption Island Arena symbol.

Mikayla thinks she solves it, but the center pieces of the symbol are upside down and Jeff tells her that it’s not right. Christine almost makes the same mistake as Mikayla did, but she but arranges it correctly and she calls Jeff. “Christine stays alive!” Jeff announces. Mikayla leaves in tears.

Ozzy thinks the merge is coming after the next challenge and that it might be worthwhile to send somebody to Redemption to take Christine out.

Now it’s time for the immunity challenge. The winning tribe will not only have immunity, but also be taken to the Survivor Island Cinema where they will enjoy a sneak preview of Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler.

The tribal members are told in the challenge they compete in pairs and their face,body painting and their attire should be identical to each other.

One set of twins will be the “callers” while another set of twins will be blindfolded and collect bags through an obstacle course. After all of the bags are collected, the finishing set of blindfolded twins will open the bags and place masks on a rack pairing them up only through the sense of touch.

Albert and Sophie of the Upolu tribe are the first to deliver the fourth and final bag to the mask rack and they begin placing the masks on the rack. Sophie quickly gets the masks sorted out and paired up and Upolu wins the challenge!

Ozzy gets his hidden immunity idol and wears it back at camp. Ozzy wants the tribe to Redemption Island in a attempt to send Christine home and make the numbers even at the merge.

At tribal council ignoring their concerns about losing Ozzy the tribe follows through with Ozzy wish and sends him to Redemption Island.