It is week 8 on Survivor and this week brings merges and backstabbing.

At Redemption Island Ozzy and Christine will have to build a long pole
out of a bundle of large sticks and use the pole to retrieve three keys.
The keys will open locks to a door through a barricade that
the Ozzy and Christine will be behind while they try to
retrieve their keys.
The first person to step through the door of their barricade wins the duel.

Christine is still having problems with her pole weakening.
Ozzy quickly retrieves his locks wins the duel sending Christine

Jeff Probst tells everyone to drop thier buffs and the tribes merge
and are treated with a feast.

It is time for the new named tribe Te Tuna to go to the individual immunity challenge.
There are two immunity necklaces up for grabs, for one man and one woman.
The survivors stand on a narrow stump and hold up a coconut with draw strings.
The last man and last woman to hold up their coconut win the challenge.

Dawn and Ozzy each win immunity and are safe at tribal council.

Cochran decides to backstab his former Savaii tribe and tells the former Upolu tribe members
about Savaii's plans at tribal council.

At tribal council Ozzy gives his individual immunity idol that he found early on to Whitney.
The tribe votes.
The votes are split even 6 Keith 6 Rick.

There is a a re-vote and they can only vote for Keith or Rick, who don’t vote.
Keith is voted out by a 6-4 vote and sent to Redemption Island.
Total blindside!

Next week the former Savii members are angry over Cochran backstabbing
them and plot revenge.