Cochran can play the game any way he wants, but he doesn't get to complain that people are pissed off about it. Also, he thinks that Upolu is embracing him? Sure they are, at least until they run out of other Savaii members to vote off. He's also trying to justify his decision by saying he didn't watch this game for 10 years to be taken out by a rock.

Well, then, strategic genius that you think you are, what you should have done then is told Upolu that you were on their side, and then taken the information that they were going to vote out Keith back to Savaii; Ozzy could have used the Immunity Idol on Keith instead of Whitney, and Rick would have gone home (as much as it pains me to say it). You would have not only have kept the vote from going to rocks, you would have probably upped your standing with the only people who had a smidge of loyalty to you in this game. But whatever, wunderkind, I'm sure this is going to work out well for you, too.

Challenge time! And it's all about coconuts tonight. First four to land a coconut in the hole (kind of like horseshoes) move on to the next round. Dawn, Jim, Sophie and Whitney move on. Ozzy is pissed because he knows he has a big ol' target on his back. The second part of the challenge involves running a jungle gym with coconut water in your mouth. And Jim having a big mouth finally works in his favor, as he's able to hold more water in his mouth, and wins immunity.

Jim doesn't think he could ever betray his tribe the way Cochran did, which -- wasn't he talking about voting Ozzy off a couple of weeks ago? He does have a crazy plan to give his immunity to Ozzy and force the Upolu people to change their minds last minute, hoping at least a couple of them would vote for Cochran. At this point, it's worth the risk. As Jim points out, if he's not going home this week, it will be next, so they might as well make a big move while they still have some people left.

At Tribal Council, Cochran whines a bit that people are mad at him for lying to them (the nerve!) Jim launches into his speech, and he's hitting the right notes to get to Coach, which Jeff points out. Albert also looks like he's thinking about it, but that might just be editing. But then Jim screws up his potential big move by not giving the Immunity Idol to Ozzy. So where's the motivation for Upolu to change their plans? I think Ozzy is on his way to Redemption Island. And, yup, I'm right. Ozzy makes mention about Upolu falling for his "master plan" but that might just be desperate talk.

Wait, why is Tribal Council done and we're only halfway through the episode?

Oh, we're going to Redemption Island, and Ozzy is catching lots and lots of fish. Big fish. Keith and Ozzy are having a feast of fish.

And we're back with Jeff for an Immunity Challenge? It's a balance challenge, although people are given the opportunity to sit out and feast on sweet, sweet carbs instead. All of Upolu and Cochran decide to sit out. You know, if I were Cochran, I would still compete, although if I were Cochran it might not make much difference, since I would suu-u-ck at challenges, so I might was well have a muffin.

Jim is out first, and Brandon cheers when he is eliminated, which is a crappy thing to do. Dawn says she is going to stick it out so the other members of the tribe can eat as much as possible in a blatant attempt to suck up to the people with the power. But Whitney hangs on the longest and wins immunity. So it'll be Jim or Dawn. My money's on Jim mostly because Cochran seems to dislike him the most.

And Jim realizes it too, so the desperate shenanigans begin. He tries to get Albert and Sophie to break with Upolu, and talks a good game, but they have absolutely no reason to leave their alliance at this point. But Dawn might be a target because she's so darn likeable.

At Tribal Council, Cochran really needs to stop wearing Coach's clothing, and Brandon has decided to completely vilify everyone on Savaii in order to justify Cochran betraying them. Whitney calls them on it, and breaks down in tears about it. And Upolu decides to go with the more overt threat and votes Jim out.