BBTV alerts have been going on at night must have something to do with a competition.

8:00 Am Willie and Jo Jo are getting up in the HOH room seems they are getting kicked out. Willie tells Jo Jo it's only 8 in the morning. He goes and takes a shower. He takes his bag and goes down stairs and changes his batteries. He goes to the kitchen and has an orange and some fruit loops for breakfast.

9:00 Boogie gets up takes a shower and makes himself some iced coffee. Willie goes back to bed in the bed that Boogie was sleeping in. Boogie gets up and does some stretch's and talks to the live feeders. Says it's been a quiet week 1 and he hopes we have been enjoying the feeds. Sends a shout out to his friends and to Jokerette and Jokers. Says he think's Ian is going to step into the spotlight and that Ian has a photographic memory. He says that he doesn't think Jo Jo will be remembered for her memory skills. He then starts talking to one of the stuffed Teddy bears and compliments him on his game says no one will ever suspect their alliance. He tells Ted that Janelle's team should win or that Ian or Frank should win so they can kick out the bully and Ted agrees. He tells Ted he'd like to get Shane and Willie out in the next couple of weeks but that they can't get too far ahead of themselves and just need to take it week to week, it's too many players downfall to get ahead of themselves. He warns Ted that when people start to get up he's going to have to put some distance between them so no other players suspect that they have an alliance. He thinks Kara is going home tonight says that the hot girls always go early, and Kara is very hot.

10:00 AM Boogie is still talking to Ted. Says he wants real people to wake up so he can start talking to some real people. They confer that Kara lives at the playboy mansion. Boogie says he will miss her for the poolside viewing. They talk about what a crazy night it was last night and how Boogie kept getting woken up.

10:15 Wil is up talking to Kara in the bathroom Jenn is up talking to Boogie. Boogie is selling out Ted to Jen. Poor Ted. Jen tells Frank she feels very disrespected because he farted on her last night.

10:25 Britt and Janie are up in the bathroom and Britt is talking about how loud the wake up music was this morning. Janie is going to dye her hair. Kara is upset and talking to Ashely in the storage room about how she wants her vote, if Ashely gives her her vote nothing bad is going to happen and how she's sad that not even Wil will give her his vote so they can stay friends. She thinks if Ashley votes for her to stay it will be a tie.

10:45 Jo Jo, Willie and Kara are talking in the storage room Willie says that Joe is Ashely's security guard and they think Ashely doesn't know what she's doing that this is an individual game and she's screwing up already.

11:00 Willies working Ashley for her vote denying that he ever said anything bad about her or sold her out for working with them. He's laying it on thick saying that her team doesn't care about her but he does, and that if she votes against him there's no way she's going to win. It seems to be working she's looking upset. He say's she's his girl and if she votes against Kara its a slap in his face. Jo Jo is in on it too. Ashely says it's a lot to think about right now and can they hug it out. They hug.

11:13 Britt has a talk with Willie and tries to coach him but he's being "unreasonable"
11:14 Wil Ashely and Janelle are in the bathroom. Janelle is dying Ashely's hair.
11:17 Joe is explaining why he switched teams. He says Willie is a bully and no one likes him and to stay away from him.

11:40 More of Joe talking about Willie being a bully and how he wants to get Willie out. Jo Jo says that keeping Frank is a mistake because Frank is making deals with everyone. She won't say who she's voting for but then again repeats that keeping Frank would be a big mistake. Jo Jo tells Joe that she hopes that keeping Frank blows up in everyone's faces.

11:47 HOH lockdown begins. Janie and Britt and Ashley are in the HOH bathroom talking about hair.

12:30 Still HOH lockdown not much of anything really going on Boogie and Wil were talking about Beverly Hills malls.

1:40 PM lockdown is over and house guests start being called to the diary room for good byes. Frank starts packing his stuff. Dan tells Danielle to throw HOH tonight. Joe tells someone he wants the votes to be 6-2 tonight. Dan tries to work Wil for a vote tells him he's his closest ally in the house.

Then we get mostly trivia and front of the house for most of the afternoon.

4:30 Ian and Willie talk about working together next week.

We get the live show where Britt figures out that the coach's might get into the game at some point since they have key holes next to their names, would be like big brother to have such a creative twist this year . . . The vote was split 5-3 and Kara went home, Frank won HOH and we learn that whatever coach wins the coach's competition this week not only gets to pick a safe player they also can trade their player out for any other player except for the HOH.

7:00 feeds come back from the live show we see Dan coaching Danielle to get close to Janelle's team. Brittany complains to Janelle that Willie won't listen to her and Frank asks her if she wins if she's going to trade Willie and Brit says she's got a lot to think about. Janelle says that Shane is a good guy and she thinks he'll go far.

7:11 Willie tells Brit that if she wins the coach's save not to use it on him. She thought that he ment not to trade him and he says no do what you got to do trade wise but not to use the save on him because he wants to go for the power of veto. Boogie thinks its early for this coach's trade thing and he's going to fight hard so that Brittany doesn't win it because he doesn't want her to be able to trade Willie to another team.

7:14 Ashley and Wil are talking in the have not room they say Willie is dangerous and needs to go they pick out the people they don't think they can trust being Willie, Shane, Jo Jo and Danielle. Ashley says she has to be careful what she says because people are always around. They think Joe is playing too hard to fast and is going to put a target on his back for later and both say that's fine by them.

7:15 Boogie says that Janelle Dan and himself should all ban together. Shocker. Dan says he's not going to trade Danielle. Boogie jokes about Dan being stuck with Willie and Dan tells him not to get any ideas. Dan says that Kara threw in a little twist in her speech that he didn't know about and that he asked her to throw in some tears for Wil.

7:20 Ashely and Ian are in the storage room and she asks him if he has a final 2 deal with anyone he says no, he says he likes Frank but he doesn't have a final 2 deal with him because it's too early to have a final 2 deal with anyone.

7:30 Brittany and Jo Jo are talking, Brittany is giving her advice and telling her to play the game for herself. She speculates that if she wins the competition she may pick Danielle because then everyone would gun for Willie to get Willie and Dan out. Jo Jo goes to get Willie and he and Brittany hash it out. She tells him she can't defend or protect him anymore that he played the game too hard to fast. He tells her he loves her he just hates this situation. He says he know's he's going home this week and that's fine. He thinks the only way he won't go is if he gets the veto or if Danielle is put up next to him then maybe they will take Danielle out to get Dan out as well. Brittany says if she made one mistake in this game it was sharing information with him. Then she gets called to the Diary room.

8:08 Janelle and Boogie talking about how they are going to gang up on Willie in the HOH room and tell him if he uses the POV on himself it's going to send Shane or Jo Jo home. Frank and Boogie will be sitting in the bed eating snacks. Janelle wants to be there too.

8:45 Brittany and Willie are having a chat and Willie says that his wife would never talk to him the way she's talking to him, she says that's because he would beat her, then quickly changes it to yell at her. She then says if she's being too hard on him she apologizes but she's very upset and thinks maybe she should just not say anything at all. Willie says he's never mean to women and asks Jo Jo and Brit if he's mean to women in the big brother house and they tell him to chill that they were just joking.

9:41 Ian in the Kitchen with Frank Wil and Joe and he suggests putting up Willie and Danielle. Danielle tells them she will vote how ever they want and she hopes they are not mad at her that she voted to keep Kara. Ian tells her he understands and it's no hard feelings. Joe thinks he should put up Shane and Willie because he's worried about the coach's save competition and he wants to make sure one of them goes home. Frank and Joe are talking trash about Willie's home life.

10:18 Janelle and Ashley play pool against Frank and Jenn.

10:30 Boogie and Dan talk honestly about the past week and the different things they did to try and get their player to stay. Dan asks Boogie if he did a good job in trying to keep Kara and Boogie tells him he did all he could, and he would have done things the same. They laugh about how Boogie slept threw some of the BBTV last night and Boogie says he didn't do it intentionally. Dan tells him he's going to have a talk with Brittany tonight to try and get her not to trade Willie to him if she happens to with the coach's competition. Boogie tells Dan if he wants to take Ian off his hands he wouldn't mind. He says that Brittany doesn't want to lose Shane and that makes him want to take Shane out this week. Dan asks Boogie why their pic's have key slots next to them and he can't help but think that the coach's are going to get dumped into the game at some point and that's when the real fun will start.

10:50 Danielle has a talk with Frank she tells him not to let Willie bully him anymore and basically gets a feel for what he's going to do this week. Sounds like he's thinking of putting up Willie and Shane because Shane won POV over him last week so he see's him as a physical threat. He then leaves it with he's going to put up Willie and Danielle but he's going to wait till after the coach's competition to do it. He says if Brit wins the coach's competition she'll be going up but she won't be the one going home.

10:58 Brit is talking to Boogie she tells him he's dumb if he thinks she's going to win the coach's competition and would just take a hit with one of her team going home. She tells him she thinks she's out of the loop regarding the coach's group. He's honest with her and tells her that Janelle's group helped him save Frank and her group didn't do that so there's a revenge factor. He's warning her that they might go after Shane because he's a physical threat and he can be a jerk where as Willie they already know he's a short tempered jerk but they don't think he'd be as good in competitions. Dan tells Brit that if he wins he's not going to trade. Brit asks Dan and Boogie how is it she's the only one with players who are going on the block this week. She says its pretty pointless to trade Willie and she can only do that if she wins. She says if she trades him they are just going to take out Shane. Boogie lays the ground work for an all coach's alliance once they get thrown into the game.

11:30 Frank get's his HOH room. Willie goes up and has some humble pie. He's being very cordial. Frank read's his letter aloud says something about "I hope your having fun making new friends" and everyone busts out laughing.

12:12 Joe says to Wil in the hot tub, "I hate to say it but we are going to have to start thinking about when to get Frank out" Oh boy.

12:30 Jenn and Danielle are having girl talk. Jenn is talking about how she was all upset with Frank the night before because he farted on her and she was in the middle of a really good sleep. Danielle says she's attracted to Shane. Jenn tells her to let him make the move and let that conversation happen naturally. Danielle says she doesn't want to get in too deep because he could be going home this week. She doesn't think he's that great a guy though because he's sticking with Willie and let Willie bully the others. I guess him sticking with Willie now still makes him a bad guy somehow because being loyal is a bad thing in the big brother house. They talk about Ian and say he's got an evil side to him. They want to pull a prank on him.

12:48 Willie and Jo Jo have a talk. Willie tells her the only way none of them are going home this week is if Brittany wins the coach's competition and saves Shane, then he wins the Veto and saves himself, and then Jo Jo goes against someone else and the someone else goes home since Jo Jo's not really a threat. It all sounds good on paper.

2:30ish There's a lot of what if's going on and thinking about the past week. Boogie had an all guy alliance idea similar to the Brigade, but Willie blew it to all hell. Janie talks to Ian and Ian says they have to work to get Frank out. She says she's happy someone has a brain and see's him as a threat in this house.

3:34 Janie gives Jokers a shout out. Joe asks her if she's going to trade Ashley if she wins the coach's competition and she says no she wouldn't trade anyone and then asks him why he's asking. He says he just wanted to know where her head was at. She asks him if he knows why Brittany is mad at her and he tells her its because Brittany told her all her secrets and then she moved out of the HOH room. She says she had to move out because of Willie and Brittany knew that. Janie tells him that Dan gave his word if he won the coach's comp he won't trade Danielle. Janie said that Brit is mad at her because she kept her team safe and then Janie's team decided who went home. Joe says that Willie's HOH was worthless. Joe says that they need Willie out this week and then Shane will take Frank out and they won't have to get blood on their hands. Janie and Joe are the last to go to bed at about 4 AM.

Will everything go according to plan? What's the deal with the coach's having key slots? Is there any way no one from Brittany's team won't go home this week? Only time will tell .. . .