Tears, Fears, Bullies …….. OH My!

As always Shelly was the first house guest awake at 8:30 am. She made herself coffee and sat inside to drink it. She drank 3 cups of coffee and swept the floor before Kalia got up at 9:30. Rachel was next up and immediately said she had a bad night with bad dreams and no sleep. Rachel starts chatting with Shelly just about missing items in the house (Dani and Kalia hid them) and the game in general. By 11:00 am BB woke the entire house. People rolled out of bed and started to get ready for the food competition. They hurried through their morning routine to have to wait for BB to get ready for the competition.
Today is Adam’s 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Adam!

11:40 everyone gathered into the living room and Adam got to shed his elf suit. Yeah no more elf dances either.
Dani and Kalia chat in the HOH. Dani tells Kalia what to do and how do it. She pretty much told her how and who to put up. She told her if she had to pick someone to be a have not to pick Porsche because she has never been one. Kalia talks nonstop but Dani is running the HOH.

1:00 pm we lose the feeds to trivia for 3 hours for the competition.
Once the feeds return at 4:00 pm we see Jordon all upset and Jeff trying to comfort her in have not room. She was really melting down because she felt she could not trust anyone and that she did not like fish and coconuts. She wants to go home. Basically Jordon melted down because she is done with it all, she is a have not again, Jeff is probably going to be nominated and she just wants to go home. It seems during the competition Jordon told Shelly something and Shelly ignored her and they lost and Dani was real mean to her during the competition too.
Kalia was talking to Dani and she told her that it was a slap in the face that J & J didn’t come up and talk to her, and how dare they treat she should nominate them. She already told Jordon she wouldn’t nominate her but if Jeff or Rachel gets POV then she would put her ass up there. That she has no respect for the HOH. Shelly enters the HOH room and starts kissing major butt. She tells them how good they are and then strikes a F3 deal with them. Shelly has chosen her side it seems (at least for this week). She told them she would never nominate them or back door them. She is with them 100%. So, Dani immediately starts bashing Rachel. Shelly joins right in. Kalia then tells Dani that if Rachel comes up to the HOH she will SPIT in her face (shows lots of class there). She said that she will tell Jeff in her speech that he is force to be reckoned with because he ALMOST won POV this week. (Almost… really so did everyone else). Dani egging her on telling her to zing Rachel, say to her that she would never backdoor anyone… oops she almost did Jeff. Kalia thinks that J & J never wanted to play the game but she is forcing them too (she is so powerful).
Jeff and Jordon go up to the HOH. She tells them that Jeff and Rachel are going up and they can fight for the VETO but if it was used she would put up Jordon. Jordon tried to explain to her about the person coming back but Kalia could careless she wants Rachel or Jeff to go out. She said that Jeff will come back with a vengeance and she should look out. That if you put up two strong people then she will be really targeted. Jeff then said she was not her target before why would she do this and become his number one target? Kalia gets a bit nervous and said he is not her target and he has to put him up. He then said good luck and I will see you at the VETO meeting. He said he will win it and she will go down. Jeff was yelling and very upset. This conversation was not the ass kissing conversation she thought she would have gotten from J & J. Kalia actually stopped talking for a minute and stumbled over a few words. She defiantly was nervous and did not know how to react. (Well Dani did good… she got Kalia to be the #1 target of the veterans and now she isn’t)

5:20 we get trivia for nominations
When the feeds return it is no surprise that Rachel and Jeff are nominated. Rachel is heard first talking to Jeff saying if she had a chance to come back she wouldn’t come that she wouldn’t win the cash in the end anyways. Jordon tries to comfort her but Rachel still cries and cries.
Of course Kalia and Danni are chatting and Kalia is all over herself saying she did not come here to do what the big boy told her to do and she is very happy that Rachel is upset. It is their entire fault because they had days to talk to her and did not come up until the last minute. (Ummm Kalia you have not even been HOH for 24 hours yet). She tells Dani that if Rachel comes up and yells at her she will deck her.
Right after the ceremony Rachel was following Dani around the house. This drove Dani mad and Rachel loved it. Dani complained about her personal space.
Adam told Jeff that if he gets to play in POV he will bust his ass to take him off. Jeff thanked him then told him he didn’t think anyone was going anywhere this week. While talking to them, Jeff realizes it is Shelly that is going to them with information. That she is telling them everything they say.

7:30 pm Kalia is in HOH crying uncontrollably. Really sobbing to Dani saying she can’t take the stress. Dani rubbed her back and tried to calm her. It seems the DR made a comment saying wouldn’t it be easier to team up with Jeff so he wouldn’t come after her. Dani said one will be gone this week (maybe) and then they will only have to deal with two of them. Shelly walks in and Kalia starts telling her how Jeff and Jordon were yelling at her before the nomination ceremony. Shelly suggests that she go talk to J&J. She tells her that everyone thinks your Dani’s puppet. (DUH). She said all she wants is Rachel out of the house. Shelly asked her who would go up if VETO is used she said not Jordon. Shelly said that if a vet leaves this week they will be back for the drama purpose.
Adam and Lawon talk and both decide Rachel is the target. Lawon said Kaila’s speech was too long and that she shouldn’t have said so much. Lawon commented it was because they are women. (When does Kalia stop talking??).
Shelly then goes to Jeff and Jordon Jeff tells Shelly he has some questions for her. She says ask them. Jeff stutters saying he just doesn't understand some things..Shel interrupts and tells him to he straight with her because he is straight with everyone else in the house. Jordan quietly asks Shel if she is really with them 100%? Shelly sighs loudly and asks how can they ask that when she is the one person who has stayed with them...Shel turns to walk out. Jeff stops her lightly by touching her on the arm. Shel tries to leave a few more times saying she has to go check her food. Jef says that he just doesn't understand how they were supposed to be safe, then suddenly "they" are on the block. Shel says she has been on their side all alone and that she is the one that has been talking on their behalf (she points up to the ceiling). Jef says again that he doesn't understand. Shel had said they were safe! Shel says that she has been over this ten times with them. Jef says he wants to hear it ten more. Shel finally leaves after saying again that she has been with them.

After Shel leaves Jor says she still doesn't know. Then they are interrupted by Dani...
Dani is talking to Jeff saying she 100% never told Kalia to put him up (sure Dani). She told him to take it for what it is worth. (Target Kalia not her). Dani then said she made a stupid move and kept trying to tell Jeff it was not her fault.

8:15 we get front of the house so they can pick players for the VETO ceremony.
Jeff and Jordon talking saying they don’t trust either of them and that they are trying to cover themselves because Dani is not playing for VETO. Jeff asked Jordon to go get Shelly so he can apologize to her. Shelly tells her he does not need to apologize and that she can’t believe he thinks she threw the have have not competition. She said the whole game she has idolized them and helped them and got hurt when he said he only trusted her(Jordon). (Shelly did you not just make a F3 deal with Kalia and Dani). Shelly starts crying. Jordon then tells her Porsche threw Shelly under the bus to them. Jordon gets Jeff and Jeff tries talking to Shelly. Shelly tells him that she is upset because he thinks she threw the food competition. She assures him she didn’t. Jeff tells her Rachel and him are not going anywhere this week. He assures her they have her back.
Rachel goes up to HOH and tells Kalia she respects her game play, she is not her target and that she wants the floaters out. She told her speech was mean but she still respected her. Kalia said she talks mean about her behind her back and will walk out of there and talk bad about her. Rachel told her she will win POV tomorrow. Kalia said with the twist she will probably be back. Note: Kalia did not deck her!!!
Dani again needs to know what J & J said to Shelly so she goes to talk to upset Shelly. Shelly tells Dani that they think she threw the foods competition because she was afraid of Dani (which was never said or implied by either of them). Dani thinks it is ridiculous and Shelly said she did not hear them say candy yams or something like that. Dani then said that this will be an elaborate POV because they are already on lockdown. Dani then said she does not like Porsche because she is like Rachel. Shelly said she does not want Porsche to make it to the end. Dani said she would be the one to take her to the F2 because Porsche wouldn’t win everyone knows who she is. Shelly gets called to the DR. Kalia then starts talking to Dani.

10:00 pm – Not even 4 hours after the nomination ceremony and these two have this conversation.
Kalia: I am starting to rethink my game and playing it smart. I need to even consider
the fact that this twist may bring back someone.
Dani: She is going to come after me, and keeps you in the game.
Kalia She said she would not come after me. She is my target but I am really, really thinking.
Dani: Well let’s fix it! We will fix it with Jeff. Don’t worry we will fix this.
Dani said she has J&J right where she wants them that they are pissed and will play hard for VETO. She said not to worry that Rachel will go home and that she does not believe anyone is coming back. Dani then asked her if she would put up Lawon if VETO is used. Kalia said yeah Lawon or Adam. Dani tells Kalia that Jeff pissed Shelly off and that so many people use her (Shelly). Dani said she thinks the POV will be giving stuff up like HOH for 2 weeks to get POV, or to be on slop for 30 days.
Kalia brings Adam to HOH and tells him to work hard to get VETO. Adam then asked if she has a target and she said yeah, then asked her if he was suppose to use this VETO he is suppose to win and she said she was not sure (she is real wishy washy). She told him she is not sold that someone is coming back he agreed. He then said to her that his ultimate goal is to not have a veteran win, He then said that it was good that Dani broke away from them but she really has to be watched. (and you don’t think that will get back to Dani bad move Adam).

All house guests were in bed by 3:30 knowing that the POV will be a big and an early one!
Who will win that POV/ Will Kalia ever shut up? Will Dani still run the house? Will Rachel finally really crack? Will Adam now that he is 40 actually play this game? Only tomorrow will tell….. Thanks Updaters!