11:30 AM
Houseguests awake!

12:00 PM
Dan and Danielle are talking. He asks if he can make her an omelet and she says no, pours herself a bowl and tears up telling Dan that she's depressed. She's really upset with Ian. Danielle breaks down while eating her Froot Loops. She says she is miserable and would NEVER come back. While Dan and Danielle talk in the kitchen, Ian is rocking in the hammock. Danielle says, "If I go home, it's my own fault. I lost." Dan, "But it's not over yet." Danielle says she feels like nobody cares. She says she threw the first comp lost the second comp and now she is alienated. Meanwhile, Ian says, "I gotta get them out."

12:30 PM
Danielle saying to Dan that it makes her sick to think of someone (Ian) winning that doesn't believe in God. Dan says that if he doesn't win Pt. 3 of the final HOH then that's what will happen. Dan explains to Danielle that the last juror walks out on the stage & has no input with the jury. She tells him that there's a commercial break that she will use to tell everyone the bad things Ian has said about them so that they'll be heated for that split second before voting. Danielle points out that part of Frank's anger was because of Boogie being taken out & that was on Ian. Danielle: "You think I can't let things go? Look at Frank still wearing Coach clothes." Ian comes inside to tell them that an LAPD helicopter is flying above. Then, Ian asks Danielle if she is doing okay today. She says nothing; then Ian says he is going back outside.

Ian goes outside. Danielle says to Dan: "I can be a real bitch if I wanna be." Dan laughs a little. Danielle mentions that it's been 72 days. Dan tells her that it is hard to keep your emotions separated in this game for so long. Danielle points out that she's disliked "that kid" since before Britney came in. Dan asks her why Britney loved Ian so much. Danielle responds that it's because they're both mean people and Ian sucks. Dan says he won't wash anymore of Ian's dishes. Danielle tells him not to and then says that one thing that would make her smile again is to go off on Ian again. Danielle asks Dan if he's going to throw pt. 3 to Ian. Dan says that would be suicide and asks Danielle if she really thinks he would do that. Danielle says she doesn't but she just has to ask. Dan says that it would be stupid of him to throw it in hopes of someone taking him to the end, especially when he can beat him. Danielle says what do you mean beat him, in pt. 3? Dan says yes and he thinks there's a chance that Ian would throw it to him but pretend that he didn't. Danielle says she's fine with that and wonders what Dan would say. Dan says he would tell Ian that he's been working with someone since day 1 and it isn't him.

Danielle says she prays every day and she doesn't want to be like this but right now she is only seeing red. Then Dan asked if she wanted to go in the pool with him later on so she could see blue and Dani said, no, because if Ian said anything to me, I might turn around and snap his neck. We get fish and when feeds come back Danielle is in the DR.

2:15 PM
Danielle is finally seen heading to the kicks room. The camera follows her and Danielle says "Don't follow me right now." Danielle walks into the kitchen, washes her dish and looks outside at the guys in the pool through the window. She tells the cameras to please stop again.

2:30 PM
Dan mentions to Ian that Danielle has been in there for a long time & he wonders if she DOR'd. Ian says that her eyes were really puffy when he saw her earlier. They comment on how crazy it would be to DOR with so little time left. Dan mentions that it was just him and Memphis for a few days at the end on his season. Ian says that it would be just Ian and Dan so they wouldn't have to worry about anyone else. Dan tells Ian about the things that he and Memphis did for fun when they were the last ones left but comments that it would just bother Danielle. Ian sighs.

Eventually, Danielle makes it outside with the guys to sunbathe.

4:45 PM
Dan is talking to Ian in the kit. Dan says she (Danielle) is just losing it. Ian says he thinks he figured it out, Danielle thinks she can guilt trip him into taking her to the F2 but Ian knows that Shane would have probably voted out Ian instead of Dan but she wants him to feel bad for her. Dan says he thinks their (Shane/Danielle)'s master plan was to make Dan vote out Ian so he had the blood on his hands. Ian asks Dan how he got Danielle to fall off part 1 of the HOH and Dan says he was just distracting her by talking about Shane. Ian says he walked outside with beer in hand and suddenly she was down. Ian: "Good. F***ing good." Ian tells Dan that he'll eat the carne asada. Then Ian heads outside with his soda and gets back on his hammock.

7:00 PM
Dan, Ian and Danielle are talking at the table in the kitchen. Dan starts questioning Danielle about the magazines her pictures are in and Danielle says there is a lot of her private life that she just doesn't want on the live feeds. Danielle is afraid that Joe would be all over her if he knew she was in a Harley magazine. Dan, Danielle, Ian eating dinner at table making small talk.

Dan says you appreciate people in your real life more after doing BB. Danielle and Ian exchange short comments about how good the food is. They all talk about tonight's TV episode. Dan asks how long they think the finale will be. They think it will be a long one because they have to show the comps and Dan says they'll have 2 "big dogs" on the non-jury side they (BB) will want to talk to. Ian says Wil is probably pretty popular so they'll want time to talk to him too. Says he went out 41 days in which in most seasons would make him a juror. Dan is talking about missing his condo and Ian is talking about his condo in Pittsburgh, talking about different neighbors.

Danielle says something about Dan not having to worry about Chelsea getting jealous. Dan says she is the most non-jealous person ever and that he could be in the bb house with the few ex-girlfriends he has and she still wouldn't be jealous. Ian says that (no jealousy) is really important. Ian says he was glad Boogie picked him because before the picks he told Boogie he wanted to be on his or Dan's team. Ian says Britney goofed on her 3rd pick, he would've picked Joe. Dan wonders if he could've ended up with Jenn, but then says no because no one would've picked Jodi. Wonders if she thought she would be a 1st round pick. Says if she had been sweet she could've been a 2nd round pick. Danielle says she was mad about being last pick. Says Jodi said just because she was picked last doesn't mean she isn't gonna be a bad player. Danielle says Jodi wasn't that nice, Ian disagrees a little. Danielle says Jodi accused her of having fake teeth. Dan says Danielle's picture doesn't look like her, that she looks older in the picture. Asks if that's what her modeling looks like. Danielle tells story about a train station photo shoot. Won't say what magazine it was for. Said she will tell Dan in 3 days. Talking about what magazines are considered "gentleman's magazines" Dan disagrees that playboy and maxim are gentlemen's magazines. He doesn't understand why she won't say what magazine. She says there are some things she doesn't want on the live feeds. He keeps pressing asking if it was a trade show magazine? She said no it's for a photographer that was asked to take photos of a bunch models. Dan laughs and says Southern College Girls.com? Danielle tells Ian she posed for a Harley calendar. Dan says Frank probably has it in his garage. Ian talks about whoever wins should get the other Quack Packers a gift. Thinks a vacation is the best idea.

8:15 PM
Dan telling Ian that Danielle is upset about his earlier John Blaze comment. They are laughing about it. Ian keeps repeating "You have got to be sh**ting me?" as Dan laughs. They are laughing at her jury threats, Ian isn't worried. He has comebacks prepared. They know Danielle will have no time to talk to jury members as she will join them live. Dan and Ian talk about how jury members will vote. Ian asks if Dani left the room because of him. Ian says he was just talking to her about the comp itself, not that he won. Says the comp was John Blaze, not him winning. Dan: 2012: Not having a strategy in the most important comp of the year. Ian says he would like it all to stop, but he doesn't think it will. He says he feels physically ill over it. Says he wouldn't hold any personal grudges like Danielle is. Dan tell Ian Danielle is trying to work him too. Ian says it's obviously ***** and to just ignore it. Dan says Danielle thinks she will win, no matter which of them she is up against. They both agree Danielle would win against either of them. Ian says how weird it is, this should be an extremely happy time, making it to F3, but it is a miserable time instead.

Ian says he founded the quack pack and dragged all their asses to the final. Ian talks about how he doesn't get how easily Danielle just forgets everything Dan does to her. Dan asks Ian to promise he will take him to F2. Ian says of course. Ian says that he's said that he'd take Dan kicking and screaming to the final and he's going to stick to that. Ian says she better not mess this up. Dan asks what he is worried about. Ian says "winning", and that she's worried about her tainting the jury. Ian says that she's not helping her case. Dan says is there anything she could do to help her case? Ian says no. Ian is worried that Danielle will taint the jury during commercial breaks and destroy all the work that Brit has done saying good things about Ian to Ashley. Dan asks what Danielle said when she was yelling at him. Ian tells him about her jury threats.

9:00 PM
Danielle talks to camera about Ian, "So if you'd like to know what's going thru my head right now...is that I am so completely and totally over Ian bragging about how he's the best player to play this game...and how me beating out 13 other people isn't bad...I mean is this kid for real? For real? He is Frank made all over...he was just better at hiding it. There's no way I'd ever vote for him. Ever. You know I don't think I'm the best player ever or anything like that...you know, I was just good enough to align myself with good people and I won some competitions...but you know at least I treated people with respect and kindness...I'm not bragging in their face and telling them how they're leaving and... " trails off and stares at empty yard for a bit then starts to read her HoH letter.

Ian comes over to talk to her and asks how she's doing. Danielle tells Ian how mad Shane will be if she took Dan. Danielle is trying to get Ian to admit he has a deal with Dan. Danielle trying to get Ian to tell her he had no intention of taking her to F2. He sighs, shakes his head; looks down. Danielle telling Ian that Dan will burn Ian in his final 2 speech. Danielle then promises Ian she wouldn't say anything bad against him in a F2 speech if he takes her to the end and says that's all she has left to say. Ian is quiet. Danielle tells Ian she will base her vote on who cuts her he then rolls his eyes. They separate. Danielle goes inside and Ian goes to the hammock.

10:45 PM
Danielle confronts Dan about his F2 with Ian. How come you didn't tell me? Dan says it's same as your F2 with Shane. Danielle says you knew about that. Danielle is now retelling her convo with Ian. They talk for quite a while. Danielle, I love you Dan as much as I love my family. Danielle: You may not look at me like your family. Dan: Quit fishing. Danielle: No, Dan let me finish. Danielle asks Dan if he will give her a heads up if he says anything bad about her in his jury speech. He refused. He said, Why would I? You assume I'm taking you and started laughing. He tells her he's joking and that he's taking her.

12:30 AM
Dan asks why Danielle is so mad at him. He does not know except that she knows that Ian will take Dan to the end and not her. Ian reiterates to Dan that he isn't going to take Danielle to F2 even if she sits there all day long threatening to taint the Jury against him. Ian says that it hurts, hurts his feelings how she is behaving. He says she expects him to reward her for her behavior, he says it's just not gonna happen. Dan tells Ian that they (Danielle and Shane) just wanted to use him to get rid of Ian. They both seem disgusted with how Danielle has been acting. Ian keeps saying he just wants the 50K. Dan can have the $500,000. Ian notices that Danielle is in the kitchen. Ian complains about Danielle. She always wants things to go her way. They discuss how she has confronted them both about having deals with each other. Ian is bummed that he built this alliance and it ended in bitterness. He calls Danielle bitter. Dan keeps on insisting he will take Ian to the end. "I promise you on everything dude" Ian tells him the same.

2:45 AM
All HG's asleep!

Wow! It appears Dan has Final 2 deals with both of the remaining houseguests, Ian and Danielle. That said, who will Dan take to the end if he wins the final HOH competition. And will Ian stick to his word and take Dan? The fate of Danielle's BB life rests in Ian's or Dan's hands . . . will she be evicted on Wednesday or will she get a chance to face the jury? Stay tuned . . .

My last Sunday recap! It's bittersweet. Thanks so much to the Joker’s updaters and my fellow recappers! I've really enjoyed this. It's been an absolute honor and thrill hanging out with you all this season! Until we meet again, next year!