Avast ye tribe of Morgan
The tide has come real high
Ye might be wise to relocate
To keep your shelter dry.

On Drake things aren't any better
As everyone is getting testy
Jon says he's the only one working,
And Burton is just being pesty

Seamail arrives to beckon them
the Reward challenge is at hand
16 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
Are buried in sea and the sand.

At stake, a machine for sewing
And fabric of all shapes and size
On your mark, get set and go
The tribes forge on for the prize!

Drake of course pulled out ahead
Then Trish done hit a snag
She couldn't seem to get her piece
Their team began to lag!

Because of Trish's problems,
Morgan had a chance to win
But Drake found all their pieces
And Rupert drove the last one in.

With the final piece of map in hand,
Drake set off their path to measure
The clues spoke of a devil's fork
That showed them to their treasure.

Meanwhile back at Morgan camp
The natives were in a mood
So Ryan and Andrew headed off
With spear to go find food.

Soon enough they both were lost
Which I don't quite understand
Just walk in one direction
It's an Island! You're sure to hit sand!

While they were gone, a visitor came
To pillage, 'twas Trish's turn
She seemed reluctant to plunder
But settled upon their lantern

Ah, here is where it gets chilling
As Burton pulls Rupert aside
"We are the strongest of the lot,
when we merge, they won't let us slide"

For Rupert that was just too much
He would not stand for such a traitor
He rallied half the camp around
To oust Burton, sooner than later!

Up next is Immunity Challenge
Where strategy came into play
Each team to traverse the course
Pushing each other out of the way.

Drake sat out Trish, Rupert & Burton
Their reasoning was quite lame
The purpose of benching their strongest
Of course was to throw the game.

But wait, Jeff mentioned a twist
A bonus the winners did earn.
A Drake member of their choosing
Was to join them on their return!

Without a moment's hesitation,
"We'll take Rupert" was their call,
So Drake went home a bit lighter
And immediately began to brawl.

On one side, Shawn Michelle Burton
The other, Christa Sandra & Trish
Johnny Fairplay was stuck in the middle
As a "puppetmaster", yeah Jon, you wish!

They went off to tribal Council
For the first time since it began
Jeff asked them to light their torches
A symbol of their tribal lifespan.

"I'll let the astrology signs guide me"
Too much liquor Jon obviously drank.
The votes came down at two to four,
'Twas Burton's turn to walk the plank.

What became of Rupert's abduction?
Did they convince him to mutiny?
Is Morgan finally out of their 'slump'?
Guess you'll have to wait and see!!