Own It?

Were they selling sports equipment?

I really would have liked to see the actual commercials. Maybe I could have understood their decision better. I think the guys, without even meeting the clients, were more on track. The owners of Marquis said themselves, they would never use the women's ad. What a bunch of idiots those girls are. They would use sex to sell cancer medication. They did everything but say, "Fly with us, we always get it up." Personally I liked "Be the hat" better. As much as I don't care for Amarosa, I had to give her credit. She hated the campaign but she sold it like it was gold. That requires skill. Again, I would have liked to see the actual commercials they came up with.

Regarding the boardroom meeting. I have a question. Since when do you owe someone loyalty because they complimented you? I was under the impression that one should be true to their own opinions and not reward flattery with sycophantic falsehoods. Morally you may owe them gratitude but there is still the issue of who deserved to be picked. Unless objectivity is as unfashionable as understated furniture in Trump-Mahal, that decision should have been based on performance, not friendship. Although I don't believe he should have picked him just because he "had to pick someone", it seemed to me they were comparing apples to oranges. I am sure being in the room with Donald Trump and having cameras on you would not be conducive to your best thinking but it wouldn't surprise me if later these fired employees thought of a million things they shoulda-coulda-woulda said.

I believe he fired the right person for the right reason. But I was sorry to see Jason go. No doubt he will have continued success in real estate.

As for the girls, my head hurts. Probably because they lowered the glass ceiling so much I'm crouched under it. I demand a recount on their IQs. Maybe the producers got confused because the girls listed their bust size also.

I predict next week the guys finally take a win. Sam's going to get some dumb luck or something. It's funny when he said good by in the board room after he survived, I half expected him to say, see you soon.