Alas, sweet Amanda Rantuccio was sent home by the most recent front man for Fleiss’ farce. Who is Matt Grant, and why was he cast? That is an interesting question. Was it the production staff, so paranoid about knowledge of Grant’s past acting foray, made sure that any one of the 25 who had knowledge was set for immediate elimination? The secret word is “Firedrake”. And, Fleiss isn’t Groucho Marx. Heaven forbid that folks would suspect they’d hire a wanna-be actor. Why, he is an honorable “investment banker’. People do trust him so. A future Warren Buffet if you ask me! They say they want to increase viewers. They say that there was a true romance. They always say those things.

The previous occupant of the pilot’s chair kept saying how “happy” he was with the outcome, and that he, “could be married right now.” In truth, I think that he’s happy to be back with mama. There was such flack from that one, one of the two girls that the Austin bar owner dissed, Atlanta firecracker DeAnna Pappas has her own gig. She’s a cool lady. I wish her luck, but my good wishes could be drown in a plethora of Fleissinization for good TV. DeAnna is the first Bachelorette since Jen Shafty “Dec’d” good guy Jerry Ferris. I understand that for awhile Jerry dated Jehan from the Travis series, so at least he was able to spend time with a good woman, and get the bad taste out of his mouth of being Shafted. But as to the current situation, I have to ask, what are they going to do now after they see the reaction? Beg Amanda to come as the Bachelorette too?

I for one have no interest in seeing the outcome, because I think it was probably set up. If anyone really believes he will choose Chelsea Wanstrath, contact me by Email, because I have a great deal on the Vincent Thomas bridge which runs over the LA harbor. It’s a nice shade of green & everything. A real steal . I will sell it cheaper than the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel went for on Ebay! I personally believe that Fleiss, having caught so much flack about the last outcome, bought some insurance and forced an outcome this time. It will backfire, because he made a mistake of editing a real participant to be ridiculously popular.

In that vein, I also listened to an interview on a 99.7 FM Grant gave this morning (April 28) , and he made this very telling remark. “I don’t think it would be cute if I had to live with them (meeps) 24/7”. As far as I have heard, they are not constant, occur at specific times of stress. How many meeps have we heard in the past two or three episodes? So the sarcastic quip is quite out of line. If they were a problem, he shouldn’t have kept her this long. But he did. I have come to give them an analogy to someone having a mild case of asthma. You live with and deal with that kind of thing. If you truly care about a person, an occasional meep is a non-issue. His answer was SHALLOW. But, Amanda’s reference to him on her exit. Kapow! So now we know why he may have said what he said… Poor baby had his feelings hurt by being called an interesting name…. Amanda is far too good for him…

Just look at the past. I have already touched on the previous series. Before that we had Andy Baldwin. We must separate his service to the country, which is honorable and heroic, and his less than stellar personal behavior with women. Tessa Horst and Bevin Powers really dodged a bullet…. At the time, I favored Bevin, and I thought that the choice of Tessa was insincere, but I never realized how insincere. His finagelling and philandering will become legend. First there was this “Miss Iran”, then he is seen cavorting with the ex-wife of a billionaire. Now, that takes talent.

Then there is perhaps my favorite doophus Travis “Don’t Be That Girl” Stork. Without medical training it is doubtful if he would have a proper knowledge of the female anatomy to do anything with a girl in an intimate moment. How could he let go of the likes of Jehan Huleisy and Kristen Morse? Great ladies both, and who are not only personally, but mentally and socially far above anything the Stork would understand. And then, what about Moana Dixon?

How did she get to F2? I think he did have ruminations of some sort of physical attraction, but in the end he chose someone who would be no challenge. Moana had a quick wit, and would have run circles around that over-book-learned buffoon. He took the easy way out. Then, he dumped Sarah Stone immediately.

Who would have thought that in the recent series that Lorenzo Borgheze would be a shining light. He approached the whole thing with a camp humor. Picked someone in the end from two, where people generally liked them both. Of course the thing didn’t last, but that was probably more due to the immaturity and infidelity of the F1, Jennifer Wilson, with an ex-boyfriend. Later on he was supposedly seeing Sadie Murray, his F2. Well, he did say he made his final decision two hours prior to the taping. It is obvious he did like them both. And I am sure Sadie doesn’t run around 50 times a day saying that she is “Saving her self for marriage”. That was more mean and gratuitous editing.

So in the end, Grant is nothing more than the typical socially dysfunctional male Fleiss hires for these things. I hope there is a huge backlash, and now that we see what nonsense this all is, the show will be buried for good.

There is too much in terms of body language, etc. for me to say that under normal and honest situations, without a hired insurance policy, that Matt would have picked Amanda. I think the poster who suggested he developed feelings for Amanda but had to pick Shayne, may have been onto something. Even rumors of him getting upset at questions by the “last one released” (Amanda)? Why did he get upset? That is telling. Supposedly this disgruntled employee also indicated that he had to pick Shayne. Well, sometimes they can be honest whistle-blowers ...

Although I like DeAnna Pappas, I have no more interest in watching at this time... Though I may be seen to lurk here and there... We all must remember that it’s only a TV show, and this is supposed to be entertaining and fun, even if your favorite does not get the last rose. It isn't anymore. I have more important things to do.