My Thoughts on Editing of F4 girls vs. Real F4 girls


So far she's been present but a bit hidden. She's now being brought out to be noticed by the audience as of episode 3. If we didn't have SC proof of her being sent home, with her stealth status I could see the potential of her being at least F2 or 3. Even now, if I could see there was a way to put the SC of Bettina in the hot tub or on the beach/sailing as happening during Her 1-on-1 and hometown date, I would put Sheena F3 instead of Bettina. Sheena seems to have genuine feelings for Brad which will only deepen as she gets her bejeweled 1-on-1 date and hometown date. However, if the SC hold true and she doesn't make it past F4, I can see, beyond Brad just not feeling her, that her age could be the potential stumbling block. Although, I have to be honest I've always thought she looked way older than 23. I think she looks the oldest of the F4. Certainly older than Bettina whose 27. So, far I don't think editing has shown anything different than who she really is, mainly, because she's been hidden up to now.


She has been in the forefront with the audience from the beginning with her getting the first impression rose AND her personality She came out the box garnering attention in her 2-on-1 conversation with Michelle (shown) and her 1-on-1 with Brad (not shown). She's had well known presence through all 3 episodes and her presence looks to continue to be in the forefront in future episodes all the way up to f3, and potentially beyond. She got the 1st kiss initiated by brad. As of now she's had 1-on-1 or significant screen time presence with Brad on every show. Brad has stated to the camera that they have extreme chemistry. Unlike most first impression winners she has not been shown to have any major negatives. She, based on SC and my memory, gets the farthest of the 1st impression rose winners. Before her, the 1st impression rose winner to get the farthest was I believe, Trish from Jesse's season who made it F4. She's going to at least get as far as F3 if not farther.

Slight negatives have been, her laugh right off the bat and the baby voice. Initially, the audience was annoyed, however, 3rd episode the laugh was toned down and not shown. Most people forgot, not me. A new slight negative or potential problem which might get her cut at F3 is her career. Her bringing her portfolio sparked the 'is she here for the right reasons' debate. Although, that was squashed by her getting the sympathy of the audience over her being persecuted and talked about by Jade & Hillary. Then, it was brought to audiences attention that she would want to have long-distance relationship for a year while finishing up her season in Phoenix. brad says it's okay but, is it? Plus, her Suns & Cowboys bio in her own words and her overall personality on the show indicate she likes to be the center of attention and loves her model/acting/dancing career. Quoting her on Monday's show she has "goals". One of those goals does include a family but not necessarily right away with career goals currently in front. After her year in Phoenix is up Austin doesn't offer her the ability to continue those career goals in the form of another sports team or acting/dancing/etc.

Editing-wise she appeals to those seeking some form of an out front romance. She at times appears fake, constantly perky, constantly with the throw-back-the-head-open-mouthed laugh, and utilizes the baby voice. Is she for real or is she just acting and pursuing exposure for her career? Alas, the dichotomy of the grown up cheerleader. They're always ON and playing to the crowd. even utilizing the baby-voice to sway Brad about finishing her year in Phoenix. Ahh, shades of Trista and the many cheerleader bachelorettes who have passed through the doors. But, she seems to at least be smitten by him, wanting to just stare at him at the circus (ala' web toed girl and Deanna thinking he's so beautiful and wanting to stare). Will this initial intense chemistry fade away as in the past or will she break the 1st impression rose curse? Remains to be seen if she's strong enough to hold up under the pressure of the 1st impression rose. Especially since she isn't smart enough not to flaunt her connection with Brad in front of the other girls as we'll see next week.


People have said she's been hidden, that they've not been showing her true personality. I beg to differ. I don't think she's been purposely hidden. Sheena's more hidden than Bettina. Bettina is right behind Jenni as far as visual presence on the show. She has had visible presence on every show so far being shown each time in 1-on-1 with Brad in addition to PI's, etc.

People say Bettina is not that shy that the episode 2 conversation was edited to make her seem disjointed and tongue-tied. I don't think so. She exhibits all the physical aspects of being a truly shy person that aren't edited. The constant licking if lips, playing with hair, rubbing her hands against her thighs, touching her forehead, touching her lips, standing in background watching others, disjointed, confused, stuttering speech. All of these are mannerisms of Bettina that demonstrate her shy nature. Does her being shy mean that she can't make friends with the girls, be catty with the girls, sale real estate, teach pilates, or talk to Brad? No, once she gets to know people she's more open with having fun with the girls and Brad but perhaps sill quiet in the background at times. In her career her shyness is aided by the fact that she's doing regimented things that she is in control of. however, that shyness is fully present in personal dating life. So, far the only negative they have shown beyond her shyness is her divorce secret. Brad says it didn't bother him but, did it? He doesn't believe in divorce and it shocked him so bad he thought he'd heard wrong.

Unfortunately, Bettina is one of the women whose fallen in love at first site. She's in awe of Brad, so much so she's so nervous she can't talk straight. She peeks round corners watching him and is jealous of other girls affection towards him. She feels already so strong for him she's terrified of being sent home. Hence, her RC tears on next weeks show. Is her 1-on-1 date meant to be reassurance ala' Tessa's date? Brad is attracted to her and feels concerned when she's upset. his southern manners want him to comfort any lady wose upset. However, he's uncomfortable with crying women, particularly if he doesn't understand the reason for the tears. Will Bettina overcome her shyness and awe of Brad enough to open up to him beyond physical chemistry? Is Brad really ok with divorce? Based on SC she makes F3. Will she surpass open and outgoing Jenni to F2? Time will tell.


She came out the gate as the fan favorite. So, much so she was the favorite all over the boards, viewing audience and news media. She was mentioned as having an instant connection with Brad. She was seen in the first 2 episodes but, no significant 1-on-1 time with Brad shown in episode 3. She was mentioned in the deliberation room when Jenni, the 1st impression rose winner, wasn't. Even twin brother Chad publicly called her as his favorite. Michelle and Solisa guess that she'll be chosen final one and noticed Brad's interest in her. Yet, in one show Deanna has dropped from the fan favorite thrown of SOME people. But, we still have SC evidence that points to her making it potentially F2 and definitely F3. Is her instant connection replacing the 1st impression rose curse? Have we ever had a turnaround like that so fast and so early on with someone whose going at least F3 and potentially F2? No, I don' think so. So, is it just that she's not going to be F1? Or is it that she was being noticed as the winner too soon and with an open, honest bachelor they needed to nip that in the bud anyway they could.

Plus, the show needs drama and ratings even if it involves a top girl. Did the editors need to lay the groundwork for the girl fights in the next episode at the house and the big 2-on-1 date showdown with Jade. This situation started as early as episode 2 when Deanna was consoling Jenni over Jade & Hillary's verbal attacks. This was the same episode when Jade & Hillary were jealous of Deanna's time spent with Brad and getting the date rose. Jade started then speculating that she must be acting differently around Brad to get a rose because they couldn't see the quiet girl getting a rose ahead of them. Next Hillary and Jade continued to talk behind her back and make up names about her. Then, do things further escalate with the group confrontation and ending with 2-on-1 date showdown?

People say Deanna's changed, her true colors have come out, she's acting one way with the girls and another way with Brad. I don't think so. I think she's the same person she presented herself to be the first episode. She's a strong, no-nonsense, tell it like it is, straight-forward, direct, honest person. What you see is what you get if you like it, you like it, if you don't, you don't. She's a quiet person but when she has something to say she says it and doesn't pull any punches. if you ask her a question she answers it honestly. If you don't want the answer don't ask the question. She's in competition with the girls fighting for a man she likes. She doesn't trust them. That's common sense and common knowledge based on what she's already seen of how they treated Jenni and other girls. Yet, she's just as honest with them as she is with Brad. She's honest about the fact that as nice as some girls are she's not there to be their friend she's there to get Brad. So, like them or not she wants all of them to go home eventually so she can be with Brad. The sooner they go the less she has to worry about whether she'll have more time with him and get a rose. She's honest. She tells this to girls to their face. She won't say anything behind their back that she wouldn't say to their face. Unlike Hillary who will talk about knocking girls down and beating them up to get a rose in PI's but, won't say it to a girls face. Hillary & Jade can call girls names behind their back but not to their face.

Deanna has never called anyone directly any names. She's honestly stated the obvious to direct questions from producers in PI's. She stated the true generalization that women can be bitches when fighting over a man. Probably, to a direct question the day after the meal discussion over whether Hillary would come home, she stated honestly she didn't think the girls were being truthful about wanting Hillary to come home. The producer probably asked her exactly do you think the girls meant it when they said they wanted Hillary to come home. Her statement was a true statement especially concerning all the girls who were concerned, yet glad when Michelle got injured and was one less contender for a rose. The producers always set up those will she come home conversations. Deanna was just calling them out on their truthfulness. The meal scene was also edited alot with scenes showing, everyone seating eating talking about whether Hillary would get a rose, to a few girls (Deanna, Steffy, Sheena, McCarten, Kristy, etc.) seated talking about whether they wanted her to come home, and back and forth again. Also the "I hate that girl" line is probably edited or taken out of context. Deanna could just as easily be saying, "you know the girl who smiles in your face then calls you names behind your back? I hate THAT girl". Even if she was specifically talking about Jade I don't see reason for everyone to be overwrought and think she's an evil mean person. People say that all the time and what they really mean is that girl is so irritating, annoying, and mean and I can't stand her. "I hate her", is just a figure of speech, even if she meant it literally if she felt the treatment by her warranted that statement it was true and honest. Plus, the only thing she did to Hillary was answer honestly the question Hillary asked that she SAID she wanted an honest answer to. Deanna just raised her hand. What would people have said if she hadn't done it knowing the night before she'd said she didn't want her to come. The other girls definitely would have mentioned it and Hillary and Jade still would have been talking about her behind her back calling her two-faced.

She's honest with the girls she's competing with that they're her competitors for the love of great guy who she cares about. she can't control whether he chooses her or not but, she can control not letting those women disturb her focus on exploring her feelings and getting to know brad. She's the same person with him, quiet at times, fun at times, and always brutally honest. She answers his questions directly and honestly and if he asked about things that went on in the house involving her she'd be just as honest. I think her strength, honesty, and poise are what attract him along with that southern kinship. I think she is attracted to the same things in him and cares for him.

Editing-wise knowing Deanna makes it f3 and most likely F2 some redemption editing has to occur to make her viable for those spots. If she's going to be F3, and especially if she's going to be F2, they have to show how she got there. If she's F2 and not F1 usual editing shows the F2 looking like she is going to when then they surprise you with the F1. If the F2 has gotten an unredeemable bad edit they accomplish that by showing extreme chemistry (ala' Kristen) and editing down the F1. That hasn't happened here. They're showing chemistry with Jenni and are going to start showing it with Sheena and Bettina. So, if they're not going the chemistry route they have to redeem the bad edit in time for the finale. They may do that next week by showing what's behind the Jade fight, what led up to it. They redeem her to be F2 or they only threw her under the bus for the unescapable ratings drama and because it was too obvious she's F1. Time will tell.