Its hard to say much because I know what we see is heavily edited and its 5-10 minutes out of an entire day, BUT .. based on what I saw, these are my opinions:

1) Shayne:

It looked to me like the have good chemistry with each other, they have some interactions that look like they've been a couple for a long time (for example when Matt said I hate you sometimes). Their physical connection is obvious, they can't keep apart for more than a few minutes it seems no matter if they are in the water or dinner or after dinner. His looks at her are full of meaning and intent, his eyes betray what he feels about her when he is looking at her.

My only comment is, are you stupid or not? If you are seriously making the comments like "Are there Palm trees in London" or "Intelectual, thats how you say it right?", etc.. then you are in fact "one sandwich short of a picnic" and if you putting on an act when you are making those comments because you know playing the dumb blonde gets you far in this world, personally, I would be slightly annoyed. At this point in the preceedings and given what is at stake, I would want the person to be completely upfront and be herself. Faking or putting up an act will get you what exactly? A failed relationship later? Let me love you for who you are and not who you want me to think you are.

2) Chelsea

She seems like an amazing person and beautiful woman, but her intimacy issues would bother me. Her body language in the boat was screaming "Why am I here" and "I don't really like this guy" and not only the not holding hands part. Matt says "I think about you a lot" and you say "Good" ... hmm that coupled with a lot of other things ... bye bye. Honestly if Matt has been this patient with her it must be because he REALLY sees a lot of what he wants in his partner in Chelsea. He has given her chance after chance after chance.

The events at night are even weirder, unless a lot of talking about eachother feelings happened in between. In the morning you act as if you don't want to be with me at all and at night you "have a surprise" for me?? Personally, I would have stopped her and asked, whats going on here. Which one is the real Chelsea and what can I expect from you when we are a couple, the one from the HTD + Fantasy Date or this one? Seems like Chelsea is the kind of person that is only intimate in private .. that would bother me personally.

3) Amanda

I left Amanda last on purpose because I REALLY like Amanda, as in, I sent one of the fan videos of her to my friends and told them if they knew somebody like her to let me know, meeps included. She seemed the most true to herself out of all the girls there, I seriously think I have the most accurate picture of Amanda out of all the girls there, warm, caring, honest, intelligent, witty, very beautiful but not full of herself, down to earth, not superficial, etc..

Having said that, I don't think she is the type of person Matt is looking for. I think she is too "boring" for Matt. Matt seems like he is looking for a little crazy, a lot of excitement. Wasn't one of his ex-GFs described as Paris Hilton type with a little less money and a little less blonde? I remember reading that somewhere. It was clear to me that as he got to know Amanda better, he saw a lot of good qualities, but not enough excitement, not enough crazy and that was evident in the date. He seemed more distant and a lot less interested in what she had to say, shrug.