Welcome to the second episode of The Bachelor 6. I think I’m going to enjoy this season. This episode wasn’t quite as tacky as many episodes in the past, so the pleasure wasn’t quite so “guilty” this week.

Following is a detailed recap of the show, along with my usual comments.


For those of us who missed the first episode, or were struck by total amnesia in the past week (yet somehow managed to find our TV remote), the voice of host Chris Harrison reminded us what happened on the last episode of The Bachelor... “For the first time ever, not one, but two bachelors began their search for true love”... “This time, the women had the power” and decided whether Byron or Jay would be the next bachelor... “And, at the first-ever ladies’ choice rose ceremony, Jay was sent home, and Byron was chosen as the new bachelor.”.... “Then, the tables were turned, and Byron had to decide which of the 25 women would be receiving roses.”.... “The competition heated up as the ladies made their final plays for Byron.”... “And 10 women were sent home in tears.”

Hmm, I remember Amy crying, but all ten women going home in tears? Somehow I doubt that. Because, as attractive as Byron is, to be the wife of professional bass fisherman isn’t necessarily what every little girl dreams of. Heck, until last week, I had no idea that some people fish for bass as a profession. Obviously I’ve led a sheltered life, but I hope you’ll excuse my ignorance, because it’s not exactly the most common job here in Chicago. If we hadn’t realized it already, this season of The Bachelor looks like it’s going to expand our knowledge of the fishing world, whether or not we’re really interested.


Back to Chris...“Tonight, for the first time ever, the bachelor moves into the ladies' mansion.”... “And having Byron in the house changes everything.”... “The competition gets intense.”... “And some of the women can't take the heat.”...Leina (the Polynesian bachelorette): I'm really glad I met you girls...Hmm, looks like Leina is leaving early....Wende (the Texas redhead): I'm kind of glad she's gone... “And later tonight, there are more surprises in store.”... Chris tells the women that “....tonight is going to be different” .... “15 women, 10 roses. Who will he choose, and who will he send home brokenhearted?...Find out tonight..”...Since Chris repeats close to the identical phrases before breaking to commercials, I’m going to assume that you have them memorized by now, and will only pass along Chris’ pre-commercial teasers if there is something of interest.


In the first scene tonight, the 15 women are all sitting in the living room wearing casual clothes, as if this is a spontaneous get-together, rather than a scheduled camera call...They do their best to act surprised and excited when Chris makes an appearance...As usual, Chris delivers his lines in an earnest, serious voice, as if the news he is delivering is of such importance that it’s a wonder that local TV stations aren’t breaking into their regular programming to hear his remarks. And, even if the intern who first wrote the wooden, traditional Bachelor lines has moved on, he or she has been replaced by another intern, equally unable to write a good line of dialogue.

Chris to the women: Things have been pretty exciting around here the last couple of days, and now it's about to get even more interesting. Today, two new houseguests are moving in....The women do their best to look shocked...Chris: Now, I know you're dying to find out who they are. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to your new houseguests....Surprise! It’s Byron! And, he has a dog following him on a leash...Chris: Byron and his girl, Sabrina, are going to be moving in.

Note: The producers missed an opportunity for a great shot here. In last week’s episode, this season’s designated b*tch Krysta, said she thought the bachelor would think Kelly was nuts for bringing her dog, and went on to say that she (Krysta) didn’t like dogs...But, on her first glimpse of Byron and Sabrina, Krysta didn’t miss a beat, and acted as excited as all the other women....As the producers clearly intend, I can’t stand Krysta. But, I’ve got to give her props for rolling with whatever change in strategy may be required to get the guy.
Byron now gives us some lame lines, clearly prompted by the producers, because they are close to identical to the lines given to Byron to say in the last episode...Thus begins the mystery for Bachelor addicts. What/who is the real Byron? And, how have the scenes been scripted and edited to advance the producer’s story line?....Not to worry, I’m not going to give you all the lame dialogue in this show. But, I’m giving you a taste at the beginning, because the dialogue is so much a part of what we love to hate about The Bachelor...Back to Byron.

Byron: Moving into the house with 15 women, it's exciting, because it's gonna give me a chance to get to know each of the women better, and that's really what I'm looking forward to. These ladies have had life experiences like I have and come here with the same intention, which is to fall in love and find their soulmate....Back to Chris: As far as living together in the same mansion, there are no rules. Anything goes. Now, use your time wisely with him (Byron), because this time, the bachelor will be deciding who he'll take out on dates. There are only two dates before the next rose ceremony. And the dates will be all one-on-ones. No group dates....Chris to Byron: And, by the way, you need to start thinking now, because the first date is tonight...Chris designates Andrea, Kelly, and Kristie to help Byron move in... Krysta tells the camera that Byron being in the house will help those women who aren’t afraid to be assertive because they can sneak over and get Byron’s attention...Krysta: I'm definitely going to do that, whatever it takes....Hmmm, if Krysta does manage to land Byron, I wonder how she plans to make him ditch the dog.

Byron isn’t moving into the mansion itself, but into a nearby separate bungalow by the pool...B invites Andrea, Kelly, and Kristie in, and asks which of the women is the decorator....Andrea (she of the eight yards of silk already picked out for her wedding dress) raises her hand. Funny, I thought Andrea was a dental hygienist?.....The women get busy making Byron’s place cozy, while Byron and Sabrina look on....My first impression was that this was pretty sexist, assuming that the women will decorate. But, I decided to give B the benefit of the doubt for now, because it was also a good way to check out the women’s personal taste....Andrea enjoys the domestic experience, and reminds us once again that she thinks Byron has all the characteristics she needs in a husband.....I’m not sure that those characteristics consist of much more than being male, single, and wanting to marry her, but it’s still early.

While Byron is moving in next door, we hear from Jayne, who says she was thrilled when she heard B was moving in. She says she’s terrible on dates, and was really worried about it, so him moving in has given her a little more hope...I want to pause for a moment to talk about Jayne. She is truly beautiful – Medium long brown hair, big blue eyes, cheekbones to kill for, and dimples. I love Jayne so far—she looks exactly how I wish I looked. (In real life, I’m a blue-eyed blonde with short hair.)...And, in addition to her physical beauty, Jayne exudes a peaceful serenity that is very attractive. (Let’s face it, people who love me could find (if pressed) a number of nice words to describe me, but serene would definitely not be one of them. I’d love to be serene, but, at this point, I doubt it’s gonna happen)...My only question about Jayne is that she looks older than 37 to me. I’d put her at least 45. It must be something about television, because, as I mentioned in my recap of Episode 1, Byron (although he’s quite attractive) looks much more like 50 to me than age 40.

Back to the show...After moving in, Byron decides to have a little one-one-one time with Kelly. (As a reminder, Kelly is the blonde actress from LA, who is the mother to the cute puppy, Lola....Kelly tells Byron that she has been in several relationships, but none of them has lasted more than about 2 ½ years....After the talk, Kelly said that she felt like she and Byron hit it off.

After the one-on-one with Kelly, Byron suggests that he and the three women who helped him decorate go back to the women’s mansion to “check out your digs” and have some lunch... By “coincidence” all 15 women just happen to be in the kitchen of the mansion....Byron tells the women that he likes to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while he’s fishing....Cool beans on the PBJ preference. If Bachelor 6 doesn’t work out for Byron, he may have a future on Big Brother 6.... Andrea asks Byron if he likes almond butter, and, when he says, “Yes,” proceeds to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...Krysta, who somehow hasn’t grasped the concept that she isn’t the only woman on the show, is disgusted by this and compares Andrea to a lovesick puppy dog, looking at Byron with big eyes...That wasn’t a nice thing for Krysta to say, but, she does have Andrea nailed.....Brian tells the cameras how difficult this whole experience is going to be, now that emotions are coming into play...Then Byron leaves, telling the women he’s got to get ready for tonight’s date....As we go into commercials, along with the standard stock lines, Chris tells us Byron's first date gets the surprise of her life, and cuts to another man’s voice announcing “Multi-platinum, superstar, Brandy.”


When we return, Krysta is telling us that she thinks she could be the one Byron picks...Krysta: I want to be the date that he picks, but that might not happen.....Whoa, Krysta showing any doubt? That's a first....Byron tells us how he wrote out an invitation to one of the women and put it by the podium by the pool....Note to Bachelor novices: All invitations to dates by the bachelor are delivered in the cheesiest way possible, are greeted by the women’s best cheerleader-camp screams, and were clearly written by same intern hired last week who also writes Chris’s lines for the show...Byron tells us how excited he is, although frankly, after moving in and having lunch with 15 women crammed in the kitchen watching him eat his PBJ, a quiet evening with a good DVD and Sabrina the dog might be what he’d really prefer...Of course, Miss “Really Should be on the Apprentice,” namely Krysta, is the one who “discovers” the invitation and runs to go look at it...Krysta: It better be me. It better be me....But, alas, the first date honor goes to Cheresse...At this point in the show, I find it a little hard to tell the difference between Cheresse and Amanda, since they both have long, straight, brown hair (although Amanda’s hair is darker and longer)....However, Krysta is kind enough to yell out Cheresse’s name for us...The women cheer for Cheresse, but you can also tell that they wouldn’t mind if Cheresse broke out into a bad case of hives before tonight—nothing life-threatening, just itchy and ugly.

Cheresse reads the invitation written by the intern who has a bright future as a mime and was asleep during the lecture in English class about the use of “me” versus “I”.... "This star-filled night is ours to share, if you'll join me. An evening on the town for you and I to enjoy each other's company. Byron."...Cheresse tells us that she is both excited and nervous, and wonders aloud to the other women what she needs to do to get ready. “Shop?”... Krysta, of course, is in shock...Krysta: How did I fail to impress this guy enough to ask me on the first date? When I opened up the invitation and saw Cheresse's name, it was like a punch in the stomach”...Krysta tells Kelly that “This one girl getting all his attention right now, it just kind of makes my stomach turn flips...Krysta decides that she needs to steal her moment with him, and get her “A” game on...Krysta: What was I thinking? This has all been warm-ups...Yeah, Krysta, you’ve been having a real problem not being assertive enough.

Back to Byron who is telling us how important this date is for getting to know Cheresse. (Heck, if he has figured out how to spell her name correctly without looking it up each time, he’s way ahead of me.)...Separately, Cheresse confesses to the camera that, although Byron is a very good-looking guy, she has chosen the wrong men in the past. A lot of the men have been “commitment-phobes,” so she’s looking for someone who is ready to be committed....Byron and Cheresse get in the limo. Byron knows where they are going, but keeps it a surprise from Cheresse...Cheresse tells Byron: I'm really shocked that you picked me. I didn't even know that I was gonna get a rose....Byron says that talking with Cheresse was very natural, and they didn’t stop talking until they arrived at the club....It’s still daylight outside, and they arrive at a near-empty club...Then, we hear an announcer say, “Multi-platinum Grammy awards-winning superstar, Brandy....Brandy is singing on a bare stage at the front of the club in casual clothes, with four young men, also in casual clothes, dancing behind her...Cheresse is very excited about the prospect of a private performance from Brandy....Cheresse: I thought I had had maybe one or two phenomenal dates, but this, by far, has topped the charts. How many times do you walk in somewhere, and you see Brandy standing with four of her dancers, and she's actually singing to you? It was the most unbelievable-ever evening I've ever had in my life.

I had two reactions here. The first was, “Why Brandy?” Granted, she is a big-name singer, but how many 40-year olds do you know who listen to Brandy?....Also, the Bachelor usually has at least one, ‘”private performance” date each season. I know these dates are supposed to be very romantic, but they just look awkward to me. One couple is sitting up in the audience, while some distance away, a lone performer is emoting. To me, it’s a little like being at a Mexican restaurant when the loud musicians come up to play for you, and you’re torn between paying polite attention to them, or eating your chile rellenos before they get cold...To her credit, Brandy came up to Byron and Cheresse after the show, and very politely greeted them and asked them how they enjoyed it. Brandy was the consummate professional, but she also didn’t seem wildly excited by the whole thing. Frankly, I couldn’t blame her.

Back at the house, we get a glimpse of Krysta making up for the lack of Byron’s attention...Krysta is in the kitchen, wearing only a white, barbecue apron, and doing a parody of a cooking show called “Cooking for Byron.” She says, “First off, don’t wear any clothes, except a thong and an apron.”...Personally, I thought it was pretty funny. If Krysta’s going to be an attention hog, at least she’s an interesting attention hog....But, Krysta’s nemesis, brunette bar-owner Kristie, is unimpressed...Kristie: Some of the stuff that Krysta has been doing has been a little out of control. She'll just strip her clothes down. She doesn't care. It seems like she's doing everything she can to draw attention to herself. This isn't a frat party. (No Kristie, it’s more like the 10-year reunion at a sorority house.)

Back to Byron and Cheresse...I’m not going to recount most of their conversation, because there was nothing about it or their talking together that struck a chord with me. It seemed like a repeat of all the show’s favorite platitudes...One somewhat unique remark was that Cheresse thought that Byron seemed like a gentleman...If you’ve been following the Internet gossip about Byron, he’s allegedly had an active dating life, with many well-endowed women. That, combined with the fact that the whole Bachelor experience seems to turn even the nicest guys into jerks, makes you wonder if Cheresse will still feel the same way later....I didn’t sense any special chemistry between Byron and Cheresse, but on The Bachelor, that means nothing. The producers have no compunction about lying to the viewers to keep up the suspense, so for all we know, they fell in love at first sight. But, I don’t think so. We’ll see as the show goes on.

Back at home, Kristie decides to take some initiative of her own...While Byron is out with Cheresse, Kristie writes Byron a note, and leaves it by the door of his bungalow with three roses...Then, big surprise, our buddy Krysta gets the exact same idea...Krysta also writes Byron a note, and when she goes to leave it by Byron’s door, discovers Kristie’s note and three roses. Personally, I expected Krysta to steal the other note and the roses, but she doesn’t. However, she does go back to get a couple of large bunches of flowers to leave with her note.... Here is where I knew for sure that Krysta is a jerk, even if it wasn’t obvious before. As Krysta leaves her flowers, Sabrina (Byron’s dog) is looking through the glass at her and wagging her tail. If Krysta acknowledged the dog, at least greeted her, we never saw it on camera. Any smart woman tries to get a man’s “child” to like her.....From the top of the steps overlooking the pool, Kristie was watching Krysta leave her note....Kristie: I know Krysta saw me writing the letter, and the fact that Krysta had done that immediately after I did, was really upsetting me....It bothered me that she was trying to almost outdo me.

Byron and Cheresse return from the date and he says good-bye to her at the bottom of the stairs with a small kiss on the cheek...Then he goes back to the bungalow and finds the two notes and two sets of flowers....Byron: I don't know if it's just a coincidence that they were both there on the same night, or if it's the beginning of some competitiveness in the house. But it makes me wonder how this is gonna turn out and what's gonna happen with me living on property. It's gonna be interesting...We cut to a commercial as Chris warns us that there are fireworks ahead between Krysta and Kristie.

When we return, it’s the next day, and Krysta confronts Kristie by the pool....Krysta to Kristie: I overheard that you're upset about something....Krysta to camera: Kristie and I have had some issues. She's talking cr*p because I left Byron a note after Kristie left a note. I'm the kind of person that just meets controversy head-on. It's a free-note country. I can leave whatever the f*ck notes I want. I can say whatever I want. And she (Kristie) has to grow up or get out....Krysta to Kristie in an innocent tone of voice: I didn't even know you were the one that left the other note, and I did not know before I wrote the note that anybody had left him a note....Kristie has heard too many stories in the bar to be buying Krysta’s act: Literally, less than half an hour after I did it (wrote Byron a note), then you (Krysta) did it.....Kristie: Krysta expects me to believe that she came up with that idea all by herself minutes after I did the same thing, So, yeah, I think she's full of sh*t.

Elsewhere, Amanda and Leina are having a friendly, but emotional talk...Leina tells Amanda that her heart is somewhere else, that she has feelings for someone at home... Amanda: Do you think you want to leave? ...Leina: Well... maybe, yeah....Amanda comforts Leina that she shouldn’t feel bad, that Byron doesn’t want people who don’t want to be there.


By the pool, the women discover the invitation to the second one-on-one date.... This time Kelly picks up the invitation, and asks everyone for a drumroll....She calls out Jayne’s name....Cynthia tells the camera that she’s bummed she didn't get the date with Byron....Jayne reads the invitation—she seems embarrassed rather than triumphant..."This evening, I would like to spend a special night with a special woman in a special place. Please join me, if you will, and share this moment in time with me."...Jayne tells the camera: Tonight's date with Byron is very important because I'm 37 years old, and I realize my shyness a problem....Jayne is excited but is afraid that if she doesn’t open up to Byron tonight she won’t get a rose.

Byron drives up in a silver van and asks Jayne, “Like my car? Well, it's just something I picked up the other day.”...At first Byron won’t tell Jayne where they are going, but eventually tells her that they are going to go fishing.... Byron to the camera: Jayne and I are gonna do a little bit of fishing tonight. This date's going to be special to me because it's really what I do and who I am. Jayne's got a lot of great qualities, and I want to find out how she is in my world....Jayne tells Byron she’s never been fishing, but seems excited about the idea (in her own serene way)....When they get to the lake, Byron toasts Jayne....Side note to Bachelor novices: If you haven’t noticed already, there are constant toasts on the Bachelor and frequent liquor consumption. It is apparent that the producers have discovered that they will get more interesting TV if the participants have imbibed a little (or occasionally, a lot).

Jayne: We got to the side of the lake, and Byron got the rods out. He just lit up. It was exciting. There's nothing like seeing a man in his element, and Byron was definitely in his element.....From the shore, Byron shows Jayne how to cast...It looks like she was successful the first try (but we never trust the editing on this show) and catches a fish....Byron is very excited...Jayne: I cast the rod, and there was a fish, and it bit, and it was dangling. It was just so exciting. And I completely understood where he was coming from in that he would make this his life.....Byron tells Jayne to give the fish a kiss before they put it back in the water, and Jayne willingly does so.....Byron: Oh, I'm loving you. Then you just put him (the fish) back like this. This is what I love to do, is put him back and let him flop....Byron: Today, Jayne caught her first fish in her life with me. Then she reeled it in, and kissed it, which is absolutely unheard of for a woman to actually kiss a fish, like I do.

Then Byron and Jayne get into a rowboat to fish from there. It takes a little balancing for them to get into position without tipping the boat over... Jayne: By the time we got into the rowboat, I was having so much fun, I forgot to be nervous and I forgot to worry. It just flowed. It was so natural. I was just enjoying myself, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. And it was just great. You know, there seemed to be a connection....Jayne to Byron: Watching you fish is...I'm just enjoying you. I love it!....Byron: Yeah. I love that you love it....Byron to the camera: When I see a woman like Jayne -- beautiful, natural, falling in love with what I love to do -- it makes my heart jump. I thought to myself, "This date couldn't be going any better. This is a dream date."....On this note, Chris’s voice cuts in to lead into the next commercial...Chris: Byron's falling for Jayne...But will her shyness get in their way?...And one woman's tearful breakdown results in a surprising reaction from the girls....And, later tonight, a shocking twist right before the rose ceremony. Chris: What you hear could save you from making a big mistake. (Note to Bachelor novices: All the twists on this show are hyped as “shocking.” Don’t get your hopes up.)

When we return, Byron and Jayne are sitting on the porch of a quaint cabin by the lake and Byron is “cooking” them dinner. (Sure, we believe that. Right.)...They both talk about how much they are enjoying their date so far and then Byron (with seemingly genuine excitement) toasts Jayne on catching her first fish.... Byron asks Jayne how she is enjoying the experience so far....Jayne: I felt like it was my only chance to kind of come out of my shell a little, and I was worried I was gonna have a hard time doing that.....B: You're not, I hope....J: No, I'm having a great time... Byron to the camera: Jayne's got a sweet heart. She's shy, but she's optimistic, and she's open to the concept of love. She's a remarkable person that's hidden down under a lot of layers....B to J: It's just so much easier to chill out and get to the back. [ Laughs ] I'll dig to the back to get to you.

Back at the mansion, things are happening....All of the women just happen to be hanging out in the living room when Amanda and Leina walk in, with Leina obviously upset.... Leina: I have an announcement to make. I'm really glad I met you girls. You're all so fabulous. But seeing you guys so excited, so encouraged to date Byron, to get to know him, just made me realize that my heart's somewhere else. I love someone else, and I want to give all you girls a chance to get to know Byron, because my heart's not in it....All the women come up to comfort Leina....However, redhead Wende says to the camera: When little Miss Hawaii came in there and to us that she was leaving, I think everybody was grateful that now the cut will be a lot smaller, so I'm kind of glad she's gone.”

Byron and Jane are still back at the cabin, talking once again about how difficult the experience will be for Byron, and the fact that Jayne is shy....Byron asks Jayne if the shyness is a way of protecting herself. Has she been pursued in the past and this is different?...Jayne says that most of the time she has been the one who has been pursued...Jayne says to the camera: Byron is definitely someone I could fall in love with, and I want him to understand that I can be shy, and it has no reflection on how I feel about him. I'm getting very frustrated with myself because I don't want to lose out because of this shyness thing that I have to deal with....J to B: I need to make it happen. B to J: Well, it's mutual. We both have to make it happen.

Back at the house, right after telling the other women her news, Leina packed up and left...Tanya: And then she (Leina) was gone...We see Leina get in the car to go, with the other women standing on the steps saying good-bye.

Back at the shack (okay, the cabin), Jayne and Byron are sitting on the porch swing and decide reluctantly that they’d better go back....This was an interesting scene. It was clear that there was genuine attraction and chemistry between Byron and Jayne, but there were no scenes of kissing or physical affection...Was that Byron being a gentleman, or selective editing by the producers? After all, these two aren’t 15-year olds sitting on the porch swing knowing that grandma is inside....Jayne to the camera: I'm kind of worried about going back to the house. I feel like I'm falling for Byron, but the reality is, there's 14 girls waiting for him at home.....Byron: I feel that there's something really special between Jayne and I. I could see us developing a relationship that could last a lifetime, but she needs to break out of her shell a little bit and show me the Jayne that I believe is inside....The two say good-bye at the bottom of the mansion steps with just a hug. (Of course, any further display of affection may have been hampered by the fact that Jay still had a fishing rod in one hand.)...Byron wishes Jayne sweet dreams, and heads back to the bungalow.

Coming up is the scene that makes me like Byron, if I hadn’t already liked him before. Even if the Internet rumors that suggest that Byron may be less than a gentleman turn out to be true, he still has my vote. Because, when B comes into the bungalow, and the first thing he says is (to his dog Sabrina), “Well, hello, baby. Oh, what's going on? Come on up here.”...A man who loves his dog like this can’t be all bad. I greet my cats at the door after work the same way, by asking them how their day was, even though I know perfectly well it consisted mostly of sleeping in various sunny spots around the house...Byron finds a note from Leina on his bed, along with a shell lei... He reads the note: “It was such a pleasure getting to know you. You're an incredible guy.”...B: She (Leina) realized she needed to be back home with the person she cared about. I wish her well, and I know the man that she's with will be a very lucky man. That is really cool.”

One last Sabrina comment for tonight. When Byron read Leina’s note, we were shown a scene of Leina leaving the note and the lei on Byron’s bed in the bungalow. While Leina did this (accompanied, of course, by a full camera crew), Sabrina was sleeping in the middle of Byron’s bed, and never moved a muscle or even paid any attention to what was going on. That is one relaxed, easygoing dog....We get yet another commercial break, this one accompanied by the news from Chris that the women are in for a shock.... “For the first time ever, there is no party before the rose ceremony.”


We haven’t gotten to see much of Elizabeth so far, who is a brunette at least partially of African-American descent. And, unfortunately, the quote from her that we finally see is pretty unmemorable, that is, that all the women are hoping that they are one of the three women chosen for a final one-on-one talk with Byron before the rose ceremony.....Chris to Byron before B goes to meet the women: You have a big decision to make tonight. Now, the women don't know this yet, but there's no party before tonight's rose ceremony. Because you live here, you've had more time to spend with these women than any past bachelor. However, I will offer you a little help. You may choose 3 women out of the 14 for a last-chance talk. What you hear could save you from making a big mistake. Who's it gonna be?”.....Byron quickly names Natalie, Jayne, and Kristie.

Chris goes into the mansion where the women are assembled in the living room....Chris: Tonight is gonna be different. For the first time ever, there is no party before the rose ceremony. (The women show appropriate shock.)...Chris: Which means some of you have said your last words to Byron before he makes his big decision. However, a few of you will get one last chance. Byron had the opportunity to choose three of you for a last-chance talk. Byron would like to speak to... Natalie... Jayne... Kristie. Natalie's first.

Natalie (this is the brunette who reminds many of us of Diane on BB5, but is quieter): When Chris said that Byron wanted to meet with me, I felt as if it was kind of a negative thing, as if he was kind of on the fence of maybe giving me a rose or not giving me a rose....Natalie tells B that she has reservations about the fact that he has been married before....B replies that she should have more reservations if a 40-year old guy hasn’t been married before...After the conversation, Byron says that Natalie is a beautiful woman who knows where she's at in life, but that he hasn’t felt a solid connection, and is not sure what he’s going to do with this....Jayne is up next.

Jayne tells the camera that her heart sank and was devastated when he was one of the three women named. She was worried that she hadn’t made her feelings about Byron clear to him...Byron: The reason that I wanted you to come here tonight was to talk to you some more because I don't know how you're feeling. I know you're shy and you're sweet and you're kind and you're considerate, but I don't want your shyness to be what hurts us.....Jayne: I just want you to know I'm really interested. But it's hard for me to make that first move. I need the other person to make that first move...The producers cut the scene right here, which was very frustrating. Because, as Jayne said her last words to Byron, she clearly (at least to me) gave him the “Please kiss me” look. Now, unfortunately, many (most?) guys I’ve dated have completely missed the “Please kiss me” look. But, if Byron is anything as experienced at dating as the Internet rumors suggest, he kissed her sweetly here....Personally, I think the producers are keeping something from us.....We are given a quick glimpse of Jayne as she walks back to the house with a serene, happy look on her face. I think I recognize the look of a woman who’s just been kissed, but, who knows?

Okay, on to Kristie...Of course, when Krysta hears that Kristie is one of the women chosen, she immediately thinks that Kristie is going to use the opportunity to say bad things about her...Kristie is very nervous (and it doesn’t appear that Krysta has even crossed her mind)... Kristie says that she wants to make sure that she gets through to B that she feels a strong connection between them, because that could make or break whether she’s getting a rose tonight... Among other things, Kristie tells Byron that she used to go fishing with her brother, and that she’s heard that Byron has a Harley and has always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle...After the conversation, Byron tells the camera: It seems to me like Kristie likes me and is intrigued by me, and so she's selling herself. Every aspect of my life that she can relate to, she sells that to me. That is a concern.

Back at the house, Amanda is telling a couple of the other women that she knows she is going to cry in the limo tonight....They assure her that they could tell that Byron really liked her and that she’ll be staying tonight. (Not to mention that Amanda leaving would totally wreck the potential stalker story line the producers seem to be setting up.)

Byron is up in the deliberation room (although they haven’t called it that yet this season), looking at the pictures of the remaining 14 women.....Byron says that he was hoping that the last-minute talks would help, but they made his decision harder... And, in the best Bachelor tradition, he once again reminds us that its a painful situation, but it does leave him one step closer to the woman he hopes to spend the rest of his life with....After the usual buildup by Chris, we go to commercials.

A few words about the commercials tonight. The commercials shown are different in every area, but, in Chicago, at least, throughout the evening we saw commercials for the TV shows “Wife Swap” and “Desperate Housewives.” Does anyone else see the irony in this? Is this a portent of the future if there is a happy Bachelor couple? Also, later in the evening, there was a commercial for Claritin D, showing a woman who was now able to smell the long-stemmed red roses from her garden without sneezing. Good call. Somehow I think a sneezing fit when presented with a rose at the rose ceremony would give the wrong message to the bachelor.


We return to find the ladies standing on the steps of the mansion, and Byron ready to hand out the roses...Chris has certain lines that his Bachelor contract apparently requires him to say...Chris: Ladies, Byron, there are only 10 roses to hand out tonight, which means four of you will be going home. As always, ladies, you do have a choice. If you do not feel Byron is someone you could possibly marry, you can and should decline the rose....Byron tells the ladies that they all look beautiful tonight, and thanks them for welcoming he and Sabrina to their house....Then he begins to hand out the roses:
--Andrea (who accepts with all her heart, and keeps at least one potential story line alive)
--Krysta (who tells B that he was making her sweat, and accepts the rose with “H*ll, yeah.” Byron has never shown that much interest in Krysta, which makes me think that this one was the producer’s choice.)

In case the women and Byron can’t see that there is only one rose left, Chris says (as always), “Ladies, Byron... this is the final rose tonight.”...Then, to Byron, “When you're ready.”

--Cynthia (When Cynthia goes up to accept her rose she gives Byron a wary look, as if she’s afraid he made a mistake. It was sort of strange)

Then, Chris says, “Ladies, if you did not receive a rose, take a moment to say good-bye.”

A few notes on the women who are gone: Ashley, Kelly, Natalie, and Wende. By the way, all of the women who left seemed to take it pretty well and none seemed devastated....Ashley was the blonde who reminded me of Jen Schefft, the next bachelorette. We never got to see much of Ashley, so we don’t know enough about her to miss her....Wende would have been fun to keep around, but she was pretty aggressive, and suspect the producers only wanted one “Krysta-type” for the show...I was surprised that Byron let Kelly go, if only because Kelly was the one who brought her fourth-month puppy Lola with her. We should have seen this coming, because Lola got only a few seconds of air time tonight. Maybe Sabrina made this choice, and laid down the law to Byron that, while she was willing to share him with a human woman, there was no way she was going to share Byron’s bed with a fourth-month old, cute, attention-grabbing little b*tch (using the technical term for a female dog, of course.) By the way, the fact that Kelly (and Lola) are now gone, puts to rest rumors that it was Lola whom everyone was searching for in the season previews shown last week...Natalie said that she was surprised that she was let go, but I wasn’t surprised. Byron didn’t seem to feel much chemistry for her.

Back on the mansion steps, Byron is toasting the remaining ten bachelorettes, “Here’s to a wonderful adventure.” (What, no journey?)


Next week, Byron will be going on a “mystery date” with two women who are not in the house....We see Byron go to a room where two women on a wooden elevator are rising to meet him....Note that other official spoilers have said that the two women are two “Bachelor All-Stars, returning to give love a second chance.”....And, when the women find out who the mystery guests are, "the claws come out"....Byron is developing feelings for several of the women, and they are definitely falling for him...We get a brief glimpse of Susie holding hands with Byron as they face each other talking. This is only interesting because we’ve seen almost nothing of Susie so far.

But, we do get a final glimpse of Susie as the credits play....She is doing a fake strip tease for the other women while she removes layer after layer of clothes...pajamas, T-shirts, etc....until she is finally down to a T-shirt and jeans. G-rated, but funny, and showing us a glimpse of Susie’s personality.

That’s it for now. See you next week!