Welcome to my weekly recap of the Bachelor. As usual, I’ll give you a detailed recap of what happened on the show, along with my comments.

I had a harder time deciding what to say about this episode than any episode so far. In a way, it epitomized what I love and hate about The Bachelor, and also, what I love and hate about reality TV. This episode was the most obviously contrived of any episode so far this season. The producers clearly manipulated a scene of Jayne leaving the mansion to lead us to think that something terrible had happened. As usual, The Bachelor producers over-hyped the scene, and, as usual, turned out to be “much ado about nothing” and anticlimactic.

But, this episode was still interesting, because despite the best efforts of the producers to create artificial drama and to oversimplify story lines, the people involved are still complex. To me, at least, there are no clear “good guys” and “bad guys” on this season of The Bachelor. I had mixed feelings about almost everyone after this episode. In that sense, it was an excellent example of why I enjoy reality TV. In the end, real people are far more complex than the characters created by the writers on most TV shows. Let’s get into the show itself, and I’ll have more to say as it goes along.

Previously on The Bachelor

“Byron Velvick, one of America's most eligible bachelors, was introduced to 25 women, with the hopes that one of them would become his wife”.... “And then, for the first time ever, the bachelor moved in to the ladies' mansion.” ...”Byron chose 10 women to continue, but a shocking mystery date brought two former bachelorettes back to the mansion.”...”Byron narrowed the field to eight women, who are falling head over heels for him”....”And a sexy slumber party pushed emotions over the edge”...”Mary considered leaving”...”And, Jayne lost control.” “Then, Byron chose the six women he had the strongest feelings for.”

On Tonight’s Show

“Tonight, Byron is getting serious with several women.”...”And, they are passing the point of no return.”...We see shots of Byron kissing Cindy, Mary, and Jayne... “Then the pressure gets too much to take, and Jayne explodes.”...We see the women running outside after dark...The women are saying to each other: ”We need to find Jayne. You don't even know where she is? I thought she was going to do something to herself, so I was scared. She's nowhere to be found.”.... “Six women, four roses. Who will make it to the rose ceremony, and who will move on? Find out tonight on The Bachelor.”

Notice the subtle change in wording in the preview, “....Who will make it to the rose ceremony?” suggesting that it’s possible that, after Jayne’s “disappearance” she may not make it to the rose ceremony.

Aftermath of Last Week’s Slumber Party From Hell

After the previews, Jayne is shown on the treadmill in the exercise room by herself, while the rest of the women are outside by the pool....Jayne says in a voiceover: After the slumber party, I really got a vibe that something was going on. I could sense that the girls weren't happy with me. And it was hard for me to understand, because my whole intention the night of the party was to have fun with all of us....By the pool, Cheresse asks the other women, "Was anybody surprised about Jayne being so different?...In a voiceover, Mary says: After the slumber party, we all saw some behavior in Jayne where she was practically yelling at Byron. She was really upset about the fact that he left to talk to me.

Jayne joins the group by the pool...Mary asks Jayne, “Were you mad at me?...Jayne: No. I didn't even know what happened. All I know is that the party came to an end. I didn't even know why. But I hadn't even realized that you had gone off and that he went after you. I was frustrated with him...Mary asks Jayne: Do you feel more comfortable now?...Jayne: I didn't feel uncomfortable. I was getting vibes from other people as if they had a problem. That night, I wanted everyone to have fun. It was not about me trying to be with Byron...From Mary’s expression, she isn’t totally believing Jayne, and frankly, neither am I.

Byron Spends Some Time With Cheresse

In the next scene, we see Cheresse sitting by herself on a couch on the patio, waiting for Byron....Byron says in a voiceover: Today I want to spend time with Cheresse. We haven't had that much time since we first went out. We had such a great connection right off the bat, and I want to rekindle that. There's drama in the house, and at this point, I have to stay focused to the task at hand, which is finding the woman of my dreams...Cheresse and Byron walk on the grounds of the mansion to the double lounge chair with the umbrella over it, where Byron spent time on the last show with Cindy and Mary...Cheresse tells the camera: It's very important for me to spend quality time with Byron, because, honestly, I think I'm definitely one of the normal people in this house. I do feel that I am a strong, independent person, and I hope that that is something that Byron is looking for in his wife.

Cheresse and Byron sit down to talk... Cheresse says to Byron: I was very upset at the slumber party, honestly, because a couple of people ruined it for everyone...Byron: Do you think Mary ruined it?...Cheresse: No, she was upset. And I think that you were a gentleman to go out and try to understand why she was upset....Byron: You don't take that the way somebody else did?...Cheresse: No....Byron: I appreciate your honesty, and I appreciate your perception. I needed that.

Byron tells the camera: Cheresse has wisdom and maturity. She's pretty solid, she's grounded, and she's the kind of person you know would just make a great life partner...Cheresse says to Byron: When I first got here, I looked at all these beautiful women, inside and out, and I thought, ‘How are they all not married?’...Cheresse laughs and says: And, now I know why...Byron: Are you serious?...Cheresse: Yeah...Byron: All of them?...Cheresse: No, not all of them. Maybe you should kiss me and I'll tell you more....Cheresse laughs: Just kidding....But Byron leans over and they share a long kiss....Byron: Spending time with Cheresse today reminded me of how great our date was the first time we went out. She's intelligent. She's beautiful. She's able to understand what I'm going through and be compassionate to that.

Byron and Cindy go on a Picnic by the Ocean

Byron tells the camera: Today I'm actually going on a date with Cindy, and I can't wait -- I'm so excited. Cindy outside, is fun -- she's vivacious, she seems quirky, but to me, there's a Cindy inside I need to discover....Byron meets Cindy at the mansion, and Cindy tells Byron: I've got Cheresse's toothbrush, 'cause I couldn't find mine...Byron: Toothbrush? Okay, why? ...Cindy: Just 'cause we might eat something....Byron: Brushing your teeth on the date? ...Cindy: Well, after you eat, you have to toothbrush....Note: Does anyone but me think it’s kinda strange that Cindy is fastidious enough to feel like she has to brush after she eats, but doesn’t mind that it’s Cheresse’s toothbrush that she’s using? Yuck!...Cindy says in a voiceover: Byron already knows I have a quirky side. And I'm hoping to let him know that I have a mind. I'm intelligent, I'm deep, and I have a big soul and a great heart.

Byron and Cindy arrive at a picnic area by the ocean. Actually, it looks like it’s the side yard of someone’s house overlooking Malibu beach. It’s not a very big area and they are sitting near the side of the house...Byron says in a voiceover: Cindy and I arrived to the picnic area, which was actually a cliff top over the top of the Pacific Coast. It was beautiful. We just started getting closer and closer together....Byron toasts Cindy: To a beautiful woman and a beautiful place....Byron to Cindy: We so needed this time. Let me tell you right now, when I was on the first day, I made note of the fact that you pulled me aside, and you wanted to talk about my intentions. Everybody else wanted to sell themselves. And you were talking about, "Are you the one for me?"....Cindy: 'Cause that's important....Byron: And it never, ever left my memory....Cindy: Well, just so you know, Cindy's getting more invested....Byron: As is Byron.

Byron says to the camera: Cindy's definitely quirky and kooky and all these wonderful things, but when you cut to her core, she's motivated to find what I'm looking for, which is true love.....Byron and Cindy move to a bench overlooking the ocean, and see several dolphins in the distance and get very excited....Byron gives Cindy a long kiss...Cindy says in a voiceover: When I had my first kiss with Byron, I can't even explain the magic. I've never had this kind of connection with anybody else, and I think he felt the same way.

Let’s talk about this scene for a minute. First off, it epitomizes what has been particularly frustrating about The Bachelor this season. In their attempt to keep up the suspense, we see almost nothing of actual conversations between Byron and the women. Most of the conversation is voiceovers. So, we have very little idea of what Byron and Cindy talked about, and why they felt they connected (other than kissing.)

Second, it illustrates very well one side of Byron. Byron is one of those men who has the ability to make any woman he is with feel like she is the only woman in the world. This makes Byron an excellent choice for The Bachelor, since essentially, his job on the show is to get several women to fall in love with him, and then create drama as he dumps them one by one. This side of Byron helps explain why all the women come back from their dates gushing. However, for me, at least, it’s a turnoff. How could any woman trust anything Byron said and did with her? For example, The scenes we saw with Cindy weren’t any more intimate than those with other women, and in fact, are less intimate than those we see later with Mary. Yet, as we’ll see in a minute, Cindy felt that she and Byron shared something very special and unique.

Back at the mansion, Andrea and Jayne are talking....Andrea: Are they (Byron and Cindy) back?...Jayne: I don't know....Andrea says to the camera: I'm not worried about anything right now. I don't think Byron and Cindy really connect. I think that he sees what we see, that she's fun-loving, and she's beautiful. I don't know if he sees anything more than that right now. I don't think there's any threat...Andrea then looks out of the front door of the mansion and sees Byron and Cindy necking in the back seat of the limo. Andrea doesn’t look upset, however. She just gives a little smile.

Okay, another brief digression to talk about Andrea. Andrea is portrayed very differently in the show tonight. The producers seem to have decided to substitute Jayne as the show’s designated “crazy one.” In this episode, Andrea never talks about how much she is in love with Byron. Instead, in fact, she comes across as the most level-headed and mature of all the women, trying to stay above the developing drama between Jayne and the other women.

As we see Byron and Cindy kiss good-bye at the front door of the mansion, Cindy says in a voiceover: I would say that Byron and I didn't have sparks. It was more like the Fourth of July. After today's date, this is more real than it's ever been for me, and I'm very happy where this is going, and I want to be with him....Cindy walks upstairs to the bedroom where the other women are sitting, and asks them: So, you wanna hear about it?....One of the women asks Cindy: So, are you happy?...Cindy: I'm feeling like I'm really happy to be here and to meet him and to spend the little time I did with him. And I'm not trying to make you guys jealous...Jayne says to the camera: Cindy came home from her date, and she's just gushing, which is great, but it makes me feel insecure. You can't help but, at moments, feel envious, but I cannot drive myself crazy with this....Cindy says to the other women: You know what, you guys? I'm in. Game is on....We cut to Chris’ introduction to the commercials, giving an over-hyped preview of what is ahead on the show.

Byron and Mary go on a One-on-One Date

To show that this is apparently an “official” date, we are treated to the ritual of the women “finding” the invitation at the podium by the pool....Mary in a voiceover: When Jayne and I walked outside, and I saw the envelope sitting there with two beautiful boxes, I was really excited. My heart was racing. I was hoping that the invitation was for me....Mary reads the invitation to the other women, “Let's dress in style for an elegant and enchanted evening. Sincerely, Byron Paul."...Hmmm, what does it mean that Byron signed with his middle name, too?...Mary in a voiceover: As soon as I saw my name on that envelope, my heart was racing. First I opened the box that had the shoes in them. And I was like ‘Shoes, hmm. Gotta be a dress to go along with it.’...There is indeed a dress and Mary shows it off to the other women, who are all very excited for her (well, except Jayne)....Cindy says in a voiceover: I really think Jayne is jealous--very jealous. On the outside is a really shy, beautiful Jayne. On the inside, there's a tiger. And sometimes, the tiger is pretty scary.

All the women help Mary get ready for her date...Jayne pouts: I'm so jealous. I want fancy shoes and a fancy dress....Then Jayne says to the camera: When Mary got the invitation, Byron had given her a beautiful dress and beautiful shoes to go out with. I was furious. I'm not sure why Byron didn't pick me.

Byron: Tonight I'm going on a date with Mary. I'm looking forward to just getting to know her outside of this pressure-cooker situation in the house.....Mary walks down the stairs to greet Byron, and all the other women stand at the top of the stairs to see her off....Mary says in a voiceover: I was really, really excited to see Byron. When he picked me up, I waltzed down the stairs, and, of course, he looked really handsome. I just might be one step closer to that fairy tale ending....As Byron and Mary drive off, Jayne is standing alone at the top of the stairs, looking pensively down at the front door.

Next we see Byron and Mary walking into a hotel lobby...A doorman greets them: Welcome to Hotel Casa Del Mar....In a voiceover, Mary says: When we walked into the beautiful hotel, I was just in awe of all the beauty that was surrounding me....Byron and Mary go into a suite in the hotel, where a table for two has been set for dinner....Mary in a voiceover: I want Byron to know that I'm opening up my heart, and I don't want anything that's in the past in my life to hinder me moving forward....Mary makes a toast to Byron: Here's to starting from ground zero...Byron: Promise me that....Mary: I promise...Mary asks Byron: So, when you got married, did you feel like, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is the one? This is it, this is it, this is it?"...Byron: I believed, ‘This is the one,’ and it was beautiful. But it was a gamble, and I failed. But it did teach me a lot.....Mary: It encourages me about you is that, even though you went through that you’re...Byron (finishing Mary’s sentence): I’m still optimistic. Yep. Hopelessly romantic and optimistic...Mary: I'm a hopeless romantic myself.

Byron says in a voiceover: Mary is beautiful, she says all the things I want to hear, and she seems sincere in her quest to finally connect to somebody that she could spend the rest of her life with....The dinner conversation about marriage is continuing...Mary says to Byron: What happens in some marriages is that people give up so easily. And they have the easy out of divorce. I don't want to get divorced. I want the marriage that my mom and dad have. They still sit on the couch together, holding hands. And I think that's so awesome....Mary says in a voiceover: I feel that tonight was a huge step in the right direction. I'm definitely scared of getting hurt, but I just feel more at ease. He may very well be worth the risk.

Then Mary says to Byron: Let's go change and get in some hot water....Mary in a voiceover: After dinner, Byron and I walked outside, and the hot tub was waiting for us. It was really, really nice....Mary gets in the hot tub, and sits in Byron’s lap...Mary: It’s really hot...Mary and Byron passionately kiss...Byron in a voiceover: I do have concerns about how fast this is happening, but tonight Mary and I shared something very special. There were some sparks, and there was some intimacy there. I hope Mary is everything she portrays herself to be, because she's phenomenal. It's almost as if it's too good to be true...Chris then cuts in with his preview before the commercials.

Let’s talk about this date. First, unless the producers are hiding something from us (which they very well could be doing), Byron is far more excited after his date with Mary than he is after any of the other dates this episode. Also, there appears to be more physical chemistry between Mary and Byron than between Byron and any of the other women. Mary shows more physical passion for Byron than any of the other women, but, we also have to remember that Mary is the only one of the women who has been on The Bachelor before, and so, is more used to making out with cameras only a few feet away.

But, because of Byron’s ability to make each of the women feel like they are the only one, I never entirely trust his reactions. For example, on the last episode, we saw Byron get very excited about his date with Tanya, and want to see her again right away. Yet, on this episode, we hardly see Tanya, and, if her comments to Byron are to be believed, she doesn’t see him at all on this episode until the rose ceremony. So, was Byron’s chemistry with Tanya last week real? Or was it alcohol talking? (Last week, Byron was obviously a little drunk when he got home from his date with Tanya.)

Jayne Goes on a One-on-One Date with Byron

When we return from commercials, the women are outside, and Cindy spots an invitation on the podium by the pool....She goes over to get it.....Cindy says in a voiceover: I went out and found the invitation, and I was like, ‘It's probably not me.’ ...The invitation is for Jayne....Jayne says in a voiceover: Byron invited me on a date. I feel like the other girls might not want me to go. ...Jayne reads the invitation to the other women, "Would you please join me for a ride into the sunset?"...Cheresse comments to the camera: Byron just doesn't know Jayne's true colors. I think that everybody was very frustrated that he had chosen to go out with somebody that, if we could tell him as a friend, we would probably say, ‘This is not somebody we see you with.’

In the next scene, the other women are in the bedroom talking about Jayne...Cheresse: Do you think that he likes drama?.....Mary: No, but maybe he's taking her out for a reason....Cheresse: I will say that I'm upset that he chose to take Jayne out over me this evening....Andrea says to the camera: Everyone's waiting for their time with Byron, and I think in that frustration, they look for things to vent. I don't like to be in the middle of it, because I like Jayne. And it kind of feels like everyone's coming down on her.

Mary asks the other women: Honestly, do you really think there’s a connection?....Cindy: No, I don't think so....Cheresse: Why would he keep her?...Tanya: This could be just like a last-call date, you know, to really find out. He had a great date with Elizabeth, (but) she went home.....As the women are talking, Jayne suddenly walks in the room, and the conversation stops. Everyone looks embarrassed....One of the women says to Jayne: Oh, you look so pretty...Mary (lamely) says: We thought you’d left......Tanya comments in a voiceover: We were having a conversation about Jayne's behavior, and she did, kind of walk through. So I definitely thought that she heard what we were saying.

As Jayne walks out of the bedroom to leave for her date with Byron, she says to the other women:”...and a hush fell over the room”...Mary says to Jayne in a somewhat sarcastic voice: Do you want to know what we said? We said if you're happy, we're happy....Jayne: Thank you....The other women say good-bye to Jayne as she leaves, with Cheresse commenting under her breath: Make sure you freak out (when you’re with Byron)...All the women laugh at this...Jayne says to the camera: I feel like the girls were all kind of talking about me. But to be honest, I was so excited for my date, my thoughts weren't with the girls at that point.

I want to comment on the growing drama between Jayne and the other women. I have mixed feelings about both sides. Clearly Jayne is having a problem sharing Byron with other women. And, it’s compounded by the fact that the six remaining women are all sharing a single bedroom. Personally, I’d be as uncomfortable as Jayne is in this situation. Sharing a room with a lot of women might be considered fun by some young women in college, for example. But, Jayne is 37, and probably lives by herself. (Frankly, even when I was in college, sharing a bedroom with five other women would be my idea of hell. But that’s just me—I need my own space.)

However, I can make an equal argument that Jayne is overreacting, and knew exactly what she was getting in for when she went on the show, and should be trying harder just to make the best of it. Personally, one reason I’d never go on a show like The Bachelor is because I know that I’d have a problem with all the rivalry and with the sorority-like atmosphere. I can see how a woman in her early 20’s might not realize upfront that she would find the situation difficult, but Jayne is old enough to know herself, and that she would probably find The Bachelor difficult to handle. Why did a woman who is very private come on a TV dating show?

On the other hand, the other women are talking behind Jayne’s back, and are lying to her when they make her feel like she’s reacting to something that isn’t happening. The only woman who seems to be trying to reach out to Jayne at all is Andrea. So, the other women aren’t completely innocent—they are acting more like high-schoolers than mature women. Okay, on to Byron and Jayne’s date.

The women don’t see Jayne off on her date, so they miss Byron riding up to the mansion on a horse. Jayne gets up on the horse behind him, and hugs him around the waist....Byron in a voiceover I feel a lot towards Jayne. I know there's chemistry, but at the same time, I saw a side of Jayne at the slumber party that confused me...Jayne in a voiceover: Byron and I so desperately need this date. I definitely need to express, tonight, my attraction to him and my openness to affection...They get off the horse in an open area and sit down on a blanket...Jayne to Byron: You and I seem to be having a tough time communicating or something....Byron: I know that there are reservations with us, when we hug, or when I hand you something, and you're like, ‘Thank you," and you pull back....Jayne: It's not you. It's all me, and I apologize. It's just -- growing up, we were not a huggy-kissy family. ...Byron: Are you a huggy-kissy girlfriend?...Jayne stammers “If the -- if – I need to work on that”....Byron says to the camera: It was very nice to see Jayne finally making some effort. It's absolutely a breakthrough for her, and that means that perhaps this experience could lead us to what we're both looking for.

By this point, the sun has set and we see Byron and Jayne walking hand-in-hand into a barn...Jayne says in a voiceover: In a perfect world, Byron is definitely someone I could fall in love with. I want to kind of come out of that shell and show him who I really am....At the barn, there is a baby kitten, and Jayne picks it up and hugs it, and kisses it on the head....Byron and Jayne sit down on a blanket that’s been draped over several bales of hay. They sit face-to-face...Jayne says to Byron: Attraction-wise, it's happening. As far as the affection thing, I'm trying....Byron: So am I....Jayne: I'm trying. It's not out of not wanting, it's just out of....Byron breaks in: So should I be more aggressive?...Jayne: Yeah...Byron leans over and kisses her....Jayne says in a voiceover: I feel like I'm kind of falling for Byron. I'm excited, but then the reality is we're heading back to the house, and there's girls waiting for him at home....We see Jayne and Byron share a long kiss (although it’s much less passionate than the kiss Byron shared with Mary).

Note: Byron makes an interesting point in the middle of this conversation, that I think is important in his reservations about Jayne, although he never comments about it in the voiceovers we are shown. Byron asks Jayne if she is a “huggy-kissy” girlfriend, and she has a hard time answering, and finally says, “I’m working on that.” Byron is clearly a physically affectionate guy who appears to be looking for a woman who is equally physically affectionate. It appears that Jayne has difficulty showing physical affection even in private. There is nothing wrong with being reserved about being physically affectionate (particularly when you have cameras on you), but that isn’t Byron. So, despite the fact that I was a big Jayne fan in the beginning, and I still like her, I don’t think she’s the right woman for Byron, and vice versa.

Jayne Comes Back From Her Date

Next we see Jayne in her pink flannel pajamas getting ready for bed, and then walking into the bedroom where the other girls are in bed talking...Jayne says in a voiceover: When I came home from my date, I'd noticed the mood in the room. It was quiet and subdued, but it tends to be like that when I'm around. I was the one girl coming home not gushing, and they may love that because that gives them a better chance, like, ‘She's out.’ ...Cindy says sarcastically to the other women: Okay, could you be more excited than Jayne?

Mary says to the camera: She (gets in bed) kind of covered her head (with the comforter) and stuff like that. We were all sitting around, just kind of looking at each other. And then all of a sudden, Jayne pops out of bed and (starts yelling), just spewing at the mouth....Jayne: Okay, who are you to start in on me? I don't need to hear your [Bleep] ....Cindy to Jayne: Why so much anger?...Jayne: Where did that come from? ...Cindy: Honestly, I had a good date today, and I felt bad....Jayne (still yelling): My date's got nothing to do with your date....Cindy: I'm just saying I felt bad about coming back. ....Jayne (still yelling): That's you, not me. I didn't [Bleep] ask you about your [Bleep] Date. It wasn't about you, for once. ...Cindy says in a voiceover: When Jayne was yelling at me, she looked like, honestly, someone possessed her and took over her body. Those eyes light up like two saucers, and you're like, "Oh, my god, what's going to happen?" I really was scared for my life...Cindy says to Jayne: Next time, if I go on a date, I'm going to come back with a frown on my face....Jayne: It's got nothing to do with that....Cindy: Did I say anything wrong?...Jayne: No, but you're going off on me gushing. I don't need to hear your [Bleep] ...Jayne leaves and slams the door behind her...We see Jayne going down the outside stairs in her pajamas...Jayne says in a voiceover: It's unhealthy for me to be in a house with a group of girls all fighting for the same man and all being mean to one another behind each other's backs....At this point, Chris cuts in to introduce the commercials. We see a scene of the women outside looking for Jayne, and Chris says, “What happens next will shock you. And leads to the most explosive rose ceremony ever.”

I see both sides here. On the one hand, Jayne is reacting to a real situation. The other women are giving her the cold shoulder and making cutting comments about her. On the other hand, the scenes of Jayne’s anger are kinda scary.

The Search for Jayne

When we come back from commercials we see Jayne walking over to Byron’s bungalow...Jayne says in a voiceover: After that happened with the girls, I just needed desperately to get away....Jayne knocks on Byron’s door...Jayne says in a voiceover: I felt as though they were all against me. The only person that I could turn to would be Byron, and I couldn't run over there fast enough.

Back at the mansion, Mary says to the other women: When she walked out that door, I thought she was going to do something. The look on her face was very evil....Suspenseful music plays in the background...Mary says in a voiceover: I was really concerned by the look in Jayne's face when she left. I thought she was going to do something to herself. I was scared, and I asked the girls to help me to try to find her....Mary says to the other women: We need to find Jayne....Andrea: You don't even know where she is?....Cindy isn’t too enthusiastic about looking for Jayne, and says: She's not going to want me to find her....Mary: Just, let's find her... Andrea says in a voiceover: Mary was very fearful and frightened, so we all put our clothes on and started calling Jayne's name and trying to find her.

We see the women run outside out the front door of the mansion and down the road, calling out Jayne’s name...Tanya says to the camera: One minute, we're all lying around in bed, getting ready to go to sleep, the next thing I know, it's just chaotic. We were all very panicked at where she could be. Because it was dark out there and there are animals out there....We hear the sound of coyotes howling...Mary says in a voiceover: Cindy and I went towards the front of the house. We were looking all over the place. We looked towards Byron's (bungalow) and were calling out her name. And, we didn't get a reply, so I didn't think that she was over there.

In Byron’s bungalow, Jayne and Byron are lying on the bed talking. Sabrina (Byron’s dog) is lying at the foot of the bed, and calmly sleeps through all this....Jayne is lying on top of the bed wearing her flannel pajamas and Byron has no shirt on and is under the covers...Jayne says to Byron: I'm so bummed right now. I'm so disappointed. Everyone comes back from their dates gushing. And I didn't.....Byron: I thought it was a great date. ....Jayne: You don't even hear. You have no idea....Byron: Can't you ignore it? Aren't you stronger than that?.... Byron says in a voiceover: I was confused when Jayne showed up at my room. I just came off a great date with her. We shared a lot. I just don't understand exactly what Jayne's going through....Jayne: I need to leave this house so badly. I told her (Cindy) [Bleep] you twice. I hate this so much....Byron: I'm sorry you went back into a ranting Cindy and a weird house....Jayne: I don’t want to go back. I want to stay here....Byron: I know you're going to slide right in and go to sleep, just like I am. Sneak over there, put the covers over your head. You know I'm glad you're here?' Cause I am so glad you're here, and it was a great night. We grew so much. I learned so much. And it felt so good.... Jayne in a voiceover: I just wanted five more minutes, just five more minutes. I didn't want to go back, I didn't want to deal with them yelling at me. I just wanted him to make it feel better. I knew I couldn't stay, but in dreamland, I wish I could.

Outside, the women decide to give up the search for Jayne...Mary says in a voiceover: Our entire search party was searching for Jayne. It was pitch black out there. We couldn't see anything. And by this time, it seemed like a lifetime went by....The women go back into the house and back up the stairs....Andrea stays downstairs and sits on the living room couch looking worried... Andrea says to the camera: I was a little frightened, but at the same time, I felt like it was futile. I just felt like we needed to go back in the house and wait for her.

Back at the bungalow, Byron kisses Jayne good-night...Byron says in a voiceover: At the end of the night, I tried to calm Jayne's nerves, but I wanted to stay away from the conflicts of the house and the drama that's transpiring behind those doors. I know she wanted to stay, but I decided it was important for both myself and the women to not have any sleepovers, because I just have to stay focused on finding my soulmate....Byron and Jayne say good-night, and Jayne leaves

Andrea is still in the living room waiting for Jayne...Andrea says in a voiceover: As I was sitting there waiting for Jayne, I was scared because I know she's just so fragile. I walked to the kitchen, and she was out on the patio. I was just so relieved. I didn't know where she had been, and I just wanted to comfort her, because I know she was hurting....Jayne says to Andrea: I'm afraid to go up there....Andrea: No, don't be afraid. In reality, there is only going to be one girl, though. He's going to choose. Just go to sleep....Jayne: And then what tomorrow? How am I going to get up tomorrow?...Andrea: I don't know. We'll figure it out. Okay?...Andrea to the camera: I think I calmed her down a little bit, but Jayne was still very nervous. She didn't want to go upstairs. She just didn't want to hear more talk.

Andrea and Jayne go back upstairs by the outside stairs, and Andrea stands in the doorway and says to the other women, “She's here.”. .. Mary confronts Jayne: Jayne, that was not cool. We're out in the middle of nowhere. We don't know where you're at....Jayne: Oh, okay, you're going to start in on me?...Mary: I'm finally going to confront you with this....Jayne: I don't need to hear your [Bleep] I don't need to hear any of this [Bleep]....Mary: You're going to hear what I have to say....Jayne: Oh, why, because you're so tough?...Mary: No, I'm not tough. You're being very immature right now. I came looking for you. I'm going to talk to you as an adult. If you want to hear what I have to say, you can. That walking out, there, was not right. What was that? I don't understand. Please help me understand.

Jayne says to Mary: What it was was me coming back from a date and I wasn't gushing like Tanya. I wasn't gushing like Cindy. And I got an attack from Cindy because it's all about her. I don't see anyone giving a [Bleep] About how I feel. And you know what? I'm over it....Mary: I'm trying to show you that I care....Jayne: I'm not seeing it. ...Mary: How do you not see it, though, hon?...Jayne: Listen, Cindy, you went off on me....Cindy: I apologize. If I took it wrong, I apologize....Jayne: Now I want to come back gushing, just as Tanya was and just as you were. And it hurts like crazy. But instead, I got attacked, and it's like I can only handle so much....Cindy: If I could take it back, I would have not said anything

Mary to Jayne: You know what? Don't think that all these other girls, including myself, are trying to attack you....Jayne: What am I supposed to think? I get up in the morning with the little giggles and little – and then I get ignored all day long....Mary: But why do you have it in your head that the giggles are about you?...Jayne: (Because) I hear the word "Jayne."...Mary: Why do you think no one cares about you?...Jayne: No one gives a [Bleep]. Because I can talk and people don't listen....Mary: Including her? (Pointing to Cindy) She walked out and was looking for you, also....Cindy goes up and puts an arm around Jayne...Cheresse says to the camera: I do hope that Byron sees Jayne for who she really is, but I don't think he sees everything that we see. At the next rose ceremony, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jayne go home....Chris cuts in here to give previews before the next commercials.

The whole episode of Jayne disappearing has to be one of the most contrived and manipulated scenes ever on the Bachelor. Obviously Jayne was never really missing. Cameras followed her as she walked down the stairs and into Byron’s bungalow. The camera crews and the producers clearly knew exactly where Jayne was.

Some commenters have felt that the whole scene was set up by Mary as way to make Jayne, one of her biggest rivals for Byron’s affection, look bad. I don’t know whether that is true or not, but you do have to wonder why Mary began the whole search for Jayne since she, more than any of the other women, knows exactly how the Bachelor works behind-the-scenes. Was it Mary’s idea? Or did the producers suggest it to her? And, obviously the producers must have goaded the other women to go along with it. I do know that Mary was obviously being disingenuous with Jayne later when she told Jayne how much they all care for her, and I can’t blame Jayne for not believing it. On the other hand, Jayne could have handled her anger and frustration better.

I’m sure the producers are happy. By putting all six women in the same bedroom, and apparently having the women spend most of their time together, they set the stage for drama, and they got some, and then milked it.

Last-Minute Talks

When we return, Byron is in his bungalow, dressed for the rose ceremony, and looking at the pictures of the remaining eight women...Byron says in a voiceover: Tonight's going to be a difficult night, and I'm not looking forward to this rose ceremony. There's so much tension in the house. It's really becoming difficult for the girls. This is getting serious, and I have to accept that and make some pretty hard decisions tonight.

Chris comes into the bungalow and greets Byron...Chris: Once again, you have the opportunity to have a last-chance talk with three of them. Do you know who you'd like to speak with?...Byron: Tanya, Cindy, and Jayne....Chris goes to the living room where the women are dressed for the rose ceremony....Chris greets the women: Tonight, Byron would like to speak to...Jayne... Cindy... Tanya. Jayne, you're first.

As Jayne walks outside, she says in a voiceover: Right now I'm worried that he might be concerned with why am I not getting along with the other girls in the house? Maybe he might even be worried that I've got a temper. I don't know what he's hearing. I don't even know what he knows.....Byron greets Jayne and they sit down on a couch out on the patio...Byron: How's it going?...Jayne: It's going good....Byron says to the camera: Jayne has confused me. I feel elated to be with her, I feel excited for the time we spend, but it's kind of like a roller coaster of emotions with her, and I just think we need this one-on-one time together....Byron to Jayne: So, I was curious if there was anything on your mind....Jayne: Well, the other night, as you know, there was some stuff that happened. Cindy and I got over it. I was saying one thing, she mistook it and said something else. It's all good. The only thing that concerns me is that she doesn't really know me....Byron to Jayne: I'm not going to form any opinion of you through somebody else's eyes, ever. Everything I've learned about you, I've learned through our time together. And not one perception of you is based on anybody else's observations or opinion. Not one....Jayne: That makes me feel better.

Back in the living room, the women are talking....One of the women says: He doesn't see what goes on over here in the house....Andrea: I wonder how she is, though, with him, one-on-one. When she's one-on-one with him, she might be totally open and direct....Mary: Do you think that he has a sense for the real her?...Andrea: I hope. I think so....Cindy: Do you think that that's what he wants to talk to me about, is the Jayne episode?...Mary: No, sweetheart. ...Jayne comes back and Cindy walks out to the patio.

Cindy says in a voiceover: When I was walking over to see Byron, that's like walking the plank, okay? That is the end all, end all. I don't know what to say to him. I get a little nervous and a little tongue-tied....Byron greets Cindy...Byron: Hi, how are you?.....Cindy: Good.....Cindy to Byron: Do you have questions for me?...Byron: Well, yeah. How are you doing?...Cindy: I'm good. I told you that...Byron: How is everything at the house? How is the drama? Are you all right?...Cindy: There's things in the house that haven't dealt with in a long time, since maybe high school or junior high. Do you need to ask me questions about that? 'Cause go ahead....Byron: Nope, absolutely not.... Cindy: 'cause you can....Byron: I don't want to....Cindy: Okay. I miss our date. It was good. We had a fun time....Byron: That was good. It was fun out there. It was nice....Cindy: I just want to get to know you better, and I want to get to know that we have the connection I think that we're kind of having. And it'd be nice to explore it. I'm not just a good-time girl....Byron: I know that. You wouldn't be here if I thought you were.....Cindy returns and Tanya goes out to the patio.

In a voiceover, Tanya says: I was glad that Byron asked me to come over, mainly for the reason that I haven't seen him. I know how I'm feeling, but I'm not sure how he's feeling. I need a little bit of time with him to see where he's at and what's going on with him.....Tanya greets Byron: Hey, stranger. I was very glad that you called me over, whereas most girls (are nervous) 'Cause I knew that I wanted to talk to you about things. ...Byron: Are you okay?...Tanya: I am. I wasn't sure how you were feeling and everything, because we haven't seen each other. There's that concern in my head, if the interest is still there, and if you're still in it for the same reasons....Byron: Is it still there with you?...Tanya: It is still there with me, or I wouldn't be here....Tanya tells the camera: Normally, when Byron and I talk, there's something I can get from him that reassures me. And this time I didn't get that. I felt like there was a poker face going on. I had no idea what he was thinking.

Tanya goes back to the living room, and, as Byron walks back to his bungalow, he says in a voiceover: After tonight's talks with Jayne, Tanya, and Cindy, I have made up my mind where I'm going in regards to my decision. The difficult part of this is that I know I'm going to hurt somebody really bad tonight....Chris then gives a preview before we go to commercials, “Byron is in for the most gut-wrenching night of his life.”

The Rose Ceremony

When we come back from commercials, the women standing on the steps, nervously waiting for Byron and Chris to walk up...Chris: Ladies, there are four roses here in front of us. Now, traditionally, this rose ceremony determines which four women will be taking the bachelor home to meet their families. Not this time. Instead, the four of you who receive roses tonight will be going on fantasy overnight dates with our bachelor....Cindy: That's not so bad....Everyone laughs.....Chris: I wish you all the best. Byron, when you're ready....Byron: Hi, ladies. This is going to be so difficult. This will be the hardest decision I've made. I've gotta go with my heart, my intuition. Thank you all for being a part of my life and letting me be a part of yours....Byron starts to hand out roses while suspenseful music plays:

Cindy (Cindy answers, “Hot diggity dog, yes.”)

Chris: Ladies, Byron--the final rose tonight. When you're ready.

Cheresse (When Cheresse accepts her rose she does a little dance.)

Chris: I'm sorry, Andrea, Jayne. Take a moment to say goodbye. It's time to leave the mansion....The women hug Jayne and Andrea.

Andrea says to the camera: It would have been nice if this was my time for love, and I really thought there was a good possibility this was it. But it wasn't...As Byron says good-bye to Andrea, he says to her, “Whoever finds you will be a lucky man.”...Andrea looks disappointed and serious, but she doesn’t seem seriously upset, and she isn’t crying. I would have expected Andrea to be more upset at being sent home. We get some clue from the “Bachelor Diary” on the ABC Web site, where Byron says that Andrea was feeling it was time to go. Despite being painted by the producers earlier in the show as desperately wanting a husband, any husband, I suspect that, after seeing other women’s reactions to their dates, and seeing Byron in action, Andrea realized that she wasn’t the right one for him. Also, it was clear in this episode that Andrea also was uncomfortable with the way the women were treating Jayne, but responded to it differently. In my mind, Andrea came through like a trouper, and I wish her the best.

Then Jayne says to the camera: I feel betrayed. I was honest with him. I told him how I felt. He verbalized an interest in me on several occasions, which led me to believe he was interested in me and apparently is not....Although Jayne is upset, she is very collected....When Byron says good-bye to Jayne, he says to her, “In another time and another place.”...Jayne quietly replies, ”You lied.”...Byron: No, I didn't...Jayne: That's okay....Byron: I didn't lie...Jayne says to the camera. He made everything seem so special. He acted as though we really had something. Byron lied to me about everything. Byron led me on....Byron: When Jayne and I parted, her words hurt. Here was a woman who seemed to be stable, solid. I had all these aspirations for us, but I was seeing her unravel to such an extent that they were just vanishing by the second. Andrea and Jayne are both great women, but at the end of this, I have to ask myself, ‘Can I get down on my knee and propose to one of them?’ I didn't feel it happening.

Since I liked Jayne, I would have felt worse about her leaving if I hadn’t also been sensing that she and Byron just weren’t right for each other. I can see why Jayne felt betrayed. Byron may not realize he’s doing it, but he does have the ability to make every woman he’s with feel like she’s the only one. On the other hand, it was probably naive of Jayne not to realize that, if nothing else, under the premise of the show, Byron is coached to act this way. In hindsight, Jayne probably shouldn’t have come on the show. Like Andrea, I think Jayne will find the right man who can give her what she needs and vice versa, and, with any luck, being on the show will give her the chance to meet that man.

Byron walks up to the remaining four women. He looks upset, and Mary pats him on the back...Byron says to the camera: I'm down to four women, each of whom possesses the qualities I've always looked for in a woman. I'm fortunate, I'm lucky, and I can't believe I get to spend four different dates with four awe-inspiring women...Byron toasts the women: Here's to safe travels.

Next Week on The Bachelor

“Byron takes the four remaining women on exotic overnight dates”....”But this time, the women decide whether to invite Byron to their fantasy suite”....We hear one of the women saying: I don't want to say to Byron that he can't be intimate with somebody else, but if he chooses to do so, then he doesn't choose me....”There will be tough questions”... We hear a woman’s voice asking Byron: Have you gone to the fantasy suite with anyone else? Will you promise me something? ...”A secret”...Tanya: I had something that I need to tell Byron. ...”And a fight.” ....Byron says angrily to Cindy in the back of the limo: Do you want to talk about my ex-wife on this ride or not? “The women are falling in love with Byron. And he struggles with an impossible decision”...Byron: I'm confused, and I'm in trouble....”Four women, three roses. Who will Byron choose? And who will be sent home broken hearted? Find out next week on The Bachelor.”

There was one thing I really liked when I saw the previews. On previous Bachelors, I don’t think any woman has ever refused to go to the “fantasy suite” with The Bachelor. (Although, we have heard after the show that, on many occasions, going to the suite was for purposes of creating suspense for the show, and the couple, in fact, returned to their own rooms for the night.) I like the fact that, at least one of the women is saying that she doesn’t want to be led on—by Byron or by the producers.

Over the credits, they show a very dull scene of the six women playing football on the lawn.

Until next week—it should be a very interesting episode.