This week is a special episode--“The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. I hate it when the producers do this. At this point in the season, we’re ready for the final show. This is particularly true this season, because the name of the final woman was leaked weeks ago, and we don’t even have the suspense of “Will Byron propose or not?” because preview commercials have already shown Byron getting down on one knee and proposing.

Since I’ve been complaining all season about how scripted the show is, you’d think I would like the “Women Tell All” episode (which I am going to call WTA from now on). After all, in theory, the WTA episode will give us the chance to see what the women look like outside the mansion, and how they feel about things a few months later....And, if the show delivered on its promise of the scoop on what really happened behind the scenes, it could be very interesting. However, as usual on The Bachelor, the reality falls far short of the hype. In fact, in one segment, where Byron veers away from the script and starts to talk about how difficult it was to be completely cut off from the outside during the show, Chris quickly shuts him up.

Previously on The Bachelor and Preview of Tonight’s Show

As always, the show starts with a Previously on The Bachelor” segment. You can recite these by heart by now.

“Then, one week from tonight, it's the moment we've all been waiting for as Byron must choose between Tanya and Mary. It's the most romantic proposal in Bachelor history.”...”But first, the women Byron rejected are back to tell all”...”Krysta's confronted by those she betrayed”... “Jayne faces her enemies”...”And, Byron's backstage watching it all, including Cynthia's emotional meltdown after she went home.”...”Then, Byron takes the hot seat”....That pretty much covers the high points of the WTA show, but, since I’ve promised to recap, then recap is what I’ll do.

The 25 Women

Like all previous WTA shows, the episode takes place on a stage set, with the bachelorettes sitting in the first three rows, and a live studio audience behind them...Chris comes out to huge applause from the audience... I’m sure Chris loves the WTA show, as well as the “After the Final Rose” show, because for once, he is at center stage, and gets to say more than three or four lines. Chris is somewhat less robotic than usual, but the fact that Chris is so excited is also kinda sad. It’s as if Chris is so thrilled at the chance to finally talk, that he doesn’t realize that he’s the Master of Ceremonies at something that’s about as spontaneous and hip as the annual chess club awards banquet (albeit, the chess club at a school for 30-something women who are trying to pretend they still look 20, and where perky breasts and perfect teeth constitute the entrance requirements.)

Chris tells us “the rejected ladies can't wait to dish on the secrets from behind the scenes.”...I’m sure they can’t wait, but it doesn’t mean that the producers are going to let us hear what they have to say....Chris then reintroduces us to the 25 women sent home by Byron, as each one waves to the camera. Look fast, because this is all we’re going to see of most of these women tonight.....As the faces and names flash by, I remember most of the women, at least vaguely, but there are a few I swear I’ve never seen before... Susie, Ashley, Wende, Kristin (I don’t remember her at all), Kerry, Lisa (who?), Leina, Amanda, Nicole, Abby, Jennifer, Carolyn, Kelly and Lola (her puppy, who gets a special welcome from Chris), Natalie, Cindy, Elizabeth, Krysta, Melinda (who was sent home the first week, but, is sitting in the front row for a reason we never find out), Andrea, Amy, Heather, Kristie, Jayne, and Cheresse....Chris promises we’ll get to hear from everybody. Nope, not even close.

Krysta, Lies, and Videotape

Chris then says, “Let's start with one woman who had the most to say and caused quite a bit of controversy in the house,” and he calls Krysta up on the stage...To help stir things up, he says, “Krysta. It's no secret that you love to gossip, but I don't think all the ladies are aware just how much you talked behind their backs. But they're about to find out right now.”...We then get a sampling of some of Krysta’s more pointed comments, most of which we have seen already on previous episodes...However, there are a few new ones, such as, “Cheresse wants to be here so that she'll have enough camera time so she can be the next bachelorette.”...Ha! As I’ve said before, Krysta may be a bitch, she’s a witty bitch. And, sometimes her comments are so on target that you can’t help cracking up...Another sample from the tape of Krysta: “I think Cindy is an alien. Cindy has fake boobs, as does Andrea, as did Kelly”....They must have shortened Krysta’s comment, because those were far from the only three “enhanced” women in the house....The audience loves this segment and laughs and applauds, but all the women sit stony-faced and don’t clap when the segment is over.

Chris asks Krysta if she feels bad about anything she said...Bottom line, she doesn’t...Naturally, this doesn’t endear her to the women she dissed in the video....For example, Andrea, the dental hygienist who Krysta called “emotionally disturbed” in the video, gives Krysta a look that suggests that she wouldn’t mind pulling all the caps off Krysta’s teeth without the aid of novocaine...During the show, they occasionally show us Byron’s reactions backstage. Most of the time, these shots are useless, because, Byron has mastered the art of having his face show the appropriate expression at all times. However, after the Krysta video, Byron’s reaction is to put his hands up and make the sign of the cross with his index fingers, the universal gesture ward off vampires and other evil beings....As we’ll see more of later, Krysta was clearly kept on the show because the producers wanted her there for interest, not due to any interest on Byron’s part. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Chris asks the women for their reaction to Krysta’s comments, and Cindy mentions Krysta’s spread in “In Touch” magazine, where Krysta is dressed up like a dominatrix on a motorcycle....Cindy remarks, “She (Krysta) might want to think about a little silicone.”...Whoa! Dagger straight to the heart, er boob...Krysta replies that she thought her boobs looked pretty good. Sorry, Cindy has a point here (so to speak).It isn’t that Krysta’s boobs are actually saggy, but she tends to pick unflattering outfits...We go on to hear from Kristie. (Remember her? The restaurant/bar owner that Krysta said looked like a man?)...Kristie asks Krysta what part of her looks like a man, and then goes for the jugular, “You made it very clear that Byron doesn't make enough money for you--you're high-maintenance. You need to get yourself a real job so that if you want nice things, you can buy yourself your own nice things.”...This is greeted by cheers and applause from all the women, from the audience, and from me.

Then, Chris turns the tables. He says, “Krysta may have been more blatant about some of the backstabbing. But she wasn't the only one cutting down the competition.”...Then Chris shows a tape with a selection of remarks from the other women, including the comments from Cheresse to Byron that we heard in an earlier show, “When I first got here, I looked at all these beautiful women and I thought, ‘How are they all not married?’ and now I know why.”...We hear from Cindy, "Did we do a background check? Do we know if anyone's crazy? We have G.I. Jayne. And we've got psycho-kitty Andrea.”...Cindy then goes on to say, “Cheresse is great, but do you know she measured her ass every [Bleep] day with a tape measure?”

After the video, Chris asks Cheresse if she really measured her butt every day...Cheresse laughs, stands up, and points to her rear, asking, “How’s it look?”...Cheresse goes on to say that, of course she didn’t actually measure her butt every day....Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange that Cheresse measured her butt even once? After all, they were only in the mansion for a few weeks....Then Chris asks Cindy about her comment that being in the house was like being in high school...Cindy: “Yes, the locker room. PMS, hormones were raging, and there was no man in sight. It's a scary place. Cheresse started looking good to me”...Everyone cracks up at Cindy’s last remark, and Chris quips, “That would have made for great TV, by the way”...Of course, this being network TV in the post-Janet Jackson “clothing malfunction” era, we never would have seen any of that if it happened. But, I guess a little woman-on-woman action would have given the guys who do the filming a break from their usual thankless task of filming endless gorgeous women in bikinis.

Chris then turns to Heather, and asks her how unwelcome she felt in the house...Heather: “Enough that I did not want to stay”....Heather goes on to say that she and Mary knew that the women weren’t going to form a welcoming committee, but they didn’t expect to have knives thrown at their backs, either...I expected Chris to show the video of Krysta’s mean, but hilarious imitation of Heather at this point, but since we saw it repeated in endless previews earlier in the season, we know it by heart anyway... Then Chris asks Cheresse if she has any parting shots for Krysta...Cheresse: I do feel that you have said a lot of things that, unfortunately, have hurt people here. But, I'm taking it with a grain of salt...Personally, I don’t think Cheresse is taking it all with a grain of salt, but, if Cheresse indeed wants to be the next bachelorette, as Krysta suggested, it was the politically correct thing to say.

Jayne’s Turn

First, Chris briefly talks to Amy, if you even remember who she was. (She was the one with short, blonde hair, who had a cast on her arm.) Amy is upset by some of the things Krysta said about her...Then Chris gets to the real purpose of this segment of the show, and invites Jayne to join him onstage...Chris says to Jayne: “Early on, everyone believed you were the front-runner in Byron's eyes”....Then Chris shows a tape of scenes of Jayne and Byron together, as well as a comment from Cindy early in the show that Jayne is definitely the front-runner....After the tape, Chris rubs it in some more, “You were definitely the front-runner. Byron even said he was falling in love with you. How'd that feel in the beginning?”...Jayne says that she honestly didn’t realize that she was the front-runner...Then Chris says, ”Now, I know you're dreading this, but jaws dropped all across the country that night when your emotions got the best of you. Take a look.”...And we are shown scenes of Jayne’s meltdown the night of the infamous slumber party, as well as Jayne’s confrontation with Cindy on the night Jayne “disappeared” (but actually was talking with Byron in his bungalow). The tape also includes Jayne’s good-bye to Byron, when she tells Byron that he lied to her.

When the tape is over, Jayne is smiling, but is obviously dying of embarrassment. Still, Jayne handles herself exceptionally well....Chris says to Jayne: “What the heck happened that night?”...Jayne replies: “I am sorry that everyone had to see that. It's embarrassing to see it and that everyone has seen me act that way, but I'm glad for it. Because I saw it for the first time in my life”...Then Jayne laughs and says, “I don't think it's gonna be happening again.”...I give Jayne a lot of credit. None of the other women on the show apologizes to any of the other women for things they said or did. It takes a lot of maturity to be able to laugh at yourself on national television... Then Chris asks, “What was it (about the mansion) that brought that out of you or who?”...Jayne: “They crossed the line. I'd been backed into a corner.”...Chris: “Who's ‘they’?”...Jayne: “Cheresse and Cindy were the main two.”...Cheresse reacts immediately from the audience, “And, it had to be about you?”...Jayne: “There were definitely things about me. There were things about other people. You guys liked to talk about Andrea and Kristie. And, you know, a person can only take so much.”...Cheresse says that she takes that as a personal attack because she never said anything rude about Andrea....Note to Cheresse: Maybe. But, but what about the things you said about other women?...Kristie stands up for Jayne: “I understand where you're coming from because you walk in a room, and hear the whispers. And they stop as soon as you walk in. Before I would walk into a room, I would knock on the door or the wall and announce that I was coming in.”

Then Chris says to Cindy, “You caught the wrath of Jayne's outburst.”...Cindy replies that she’s not going to apologize for her behavior because the only person who had a problem with her was Jayne...Then Chris asks what happened between Cindy and Jayne the night that Jayne confronted Cindy in the women’s bedroom...Jayne and Cindy go through what we have heard before, that Cindy had come home excited from her date, and Jayne felt bad because she felt her date didn’t go so well...Then Jayne asks Cindy: “What about (all the women talking about me) before I went on the date?”...Cindy looks puzzled, “Before you went on the date?”...Jayne: “You don't remember talking about me then?”....Chris breaks in: “Okay, so agree to disagree”....Hey, unfair to Jayne. We saw in an earlier episode that the women were definitely making fun of Jayne behind her back before she went on her date. In fact, Cheresse even said under her breath as Jayne left, “Make sure you freak out.”.(For the record, that was Episode 5, which aired on October 27).....To give her credit, however, Jayne didn’t press the issue further.

Chris then addresses Cheresse. (BTW—Jayne is still on stage at this point, while Cheresse is in the front row of group of bachelorettes.)...Chris says to Cheresse: “Much like Jayne, everyone kind of thought you were gonna go to the end, as well. On your last date, you said you were hoping for a future with him”...Cheresse answers that she had wanted to bring Byron to her hometown to meet her family...Chris: “You were shocked, though, you were sent home?”....Cheresse: “I wasn't shocked. I guess if you just don't take the fantasy suite, you don't get to go any further than that”...The audience and the women applaud loudly to this comment....Chris: “Obviously, you mean something by that”...Cheresse: “I just mean I think that I would be embarrassed if I was him that I kicked the one girl off that (didn’t go to the fantasy suite). I thought that we had chemistry on our date. Maybe we didn't. But he didn't make me feel that way. But then again, everything that he (Byron) says to everybody seems to be the same. He didn't get to know the real me”....There are more cheers and applause from the audience to this remark...Then Chris thanks Jayne and Cheresse, and Jayne goes back into the audience.

Cindy Up Front

Next Chris calls Cindy to join him onstage. Chris tells Cindy that first they’ll look at a tape of her romance with Byron...The tape is a repeat of what we saw on previous episodes, with no new footage...Then Chris says to Cindy: “You were nearly speechless when you didn't get a rose. Why didn't you say anything?”...Cindy replies: “Because I thought it was like bad dream. I kept waiting to wake up--like it didn't happen. I was in shock.”...Chris says to Cindy: “I can see in your eyes you're still emotional about this”....Cindy: “Yes, very. I just thought that he was such a good match for me, and I had such strong feelings for him, and he seemed to reciprocate it, and he seemed to say it over and over that he felt the same way. I hate to say it, but I think Jayne might be right. He might be lying about his feelings”....Chris then says that Cindy was so distraught a few days after she didn’t get a rose, that she called the producers in the middle of the night. Chris tells us that this (footage) has never been seen before....We are shown tape of Cindy sitting alone in a hotel room, writing in a journal, and crying...In her hotel room interview, Cindy mostly says the same things we have heard already, about how hard this has been because she didn’t see it coming....Among other remarks, Cindy says, “He opened up a vein in me, and now I don't know what to do with it.”...When the tape is over, Chris asks “How hard has it been trying to come to terms with all this?”...Cindy doesn’t really say anything new, but it’s clear that she is still feeling very bad about being sent home.

If you’ve been reading my weekly recaps, you know that I haven’t been a whole-hearted Cindy supporter. But, I felt very bad for Cindy after seeing this tape. First of all, I hadn’t realized that, even after they are sent home, the final contestants have to stay isolated until the filming is done...Under normal circumstances, Cindy’s friends and family would have been there to give her support and perspective....And, while it would seem that enough time has passed since filming that Cindy should have gotten over this by now, we have to remember that another part of the bachelorettes' confidentiality agreement is that they will tell no one what happened on the show until the segment where they are sent home is shown on TV. The WTA was filmed on November 6, and the episode where Cindy was sent home wasn’t shown until November 12. So, at the point the WTA show was taped, Cindy hadn’t yet been allowed to talk to any of her friends or family about being sent home. That had to have been really rough.

Byron Faces Cindy

Back to the show, so that the producers can exploit Cindy’s still raw emotions even further...Chris says to Cindy: “I know you still have some questions left to be answered. You haven't seen or spoken to Byron since you left the show. He's back here tonight. Let's bring him out”...Byron comes sheepishly out from backstage to wild cheers and applause from the audience...Byron’s seat is right next to Cindy’s, and when Byron sits down, Cindy moves as far away from him as possible...Chris to Cindy: “What was that for?”...Cindy: ”I was hoping for--oh, never mind. I don't know what to do--either hug him or throw something at you (Byron)”...Byron to Cindy: ”Do whatever makes you feel better. I'm feeling horrible.”...Cindy: “Good.”

Chris asks Byron what he thought when he saw the tape of Cindy’s breakdown...Byron takes a breath, and then says, “Its' overwhelming. It's gut-wrenching. It's painful. And, as you can see, from both her and from me, it was difficult.”....Chris says to Cindy that now is her chance to get answers from Byron...Cindy says to Byron: “Hi”...Byron: "Hi. You look great.”...Cindy: “So do you wanna go make out?”...The audience cheers and applauds, and Byron gives Cindy a big hug....Then Cindy asks Byron why he let her go...Byron replies that at dinner on their last date, Cindy told him not to invite her to the final two if Cindy wasn’t going to be the last one standing. Byron goes on: “That was a tough ultimatum because I knew that we still were growing just like Tanya and Mary and I were growing. And, if I would have, ultimately, gone to the final rose ceremony and not given you a rose, that would have been a lie you set me up for in that date. What beat in my head like a drum was, ‘Don't hurt her,’ ‘Don't hurt her parents,’ ‘I can't be 100% (sure) with her,’ and ‘I can't go to that next step with her knowing that I could possibly hurt her and her parents at the end.”...Cindy: “You missed out. I'm a great girl.”....The audience cheers and applauds, and Byron replies, “You know, I think the women here are just remarkable. And, I think that Cindy would be a gift to anybody's life”....Cindy end the conversation on a positive note. “Just seeing you and having this experience right now, I'm okay with it. And I wish you the best.”

Granted, Byron’s answer to Cindy was pretty “pat”—I’m sure he rehearsed it a lot before the show. But, I felt bad for Byron. I don’t know whether he is a jerk or not in real life. But, Byron’s contract with the show requires him to lead the women on to create drama for the producers. And, on the WTA show, the producers highlight the women with the strongest negative feelings, to get the maximum effect. Let’s face it, on the WTA show, Byron is set up to come across as a jerk, no matter what he says.

Byron Faces the Other Women

I found the next segment one of the most interesting on the show, if only because it showed a side of Byron’s experiences on the show that we hadn’t seen before....First, Chris shows a short tape of “what it was like having 15 girlfriends lurking around every corner and literally fighting for (Byron’s) attention.”...Among other things, we see footage of Krysta knocking on the glass door of Byron’s bungalow, and peering through, trying to see if he’s there...We see Andrea bringing Byron a tray of food, and several other women writing Byron notes and drawing him pictures...We hear Byron say, “It’s getting weirder every day”...Then we see footage from the night of the slumber party, where Krysta complains to Byron that she hasn’t had any time with him...Byron’s reply to Krysta on the tape is priceless: “We've had plenty of time. We have had a lot of one-on-one time, and it's usually unsolicited.”

When the tape is over, Chris says to Byron that most men would consider it a dream to be living with 15 women...Byron replies, “Yeah, watch what you wish for.”...Then Chris asks the bachelorettes if they have questions for Byron....Cheresse tells Byron that she wants him to admit that the fact that Cheresse didn’t go to the fantasy suite played a big part in his not choosing her...Byron: “I told you that night at dinner that (the fantasy suite is) 8 or 10 hours that would be nice to spend together. I felt as though you chose not to.”...Cheresse: “So you didn't have enough time with me during the day to figure out who I was?”...Byron: “What really mattered the most for you and me was 8 or 10 hours alone in sweats by the fireplace eating chocolate-covered strawberries, drinking red wine, and just being friends and building our relationship. And that's what was missing with you and me.”...Chris says to Cheresse: “You buying that?”...Byron answers: “That's what happened”....Cheresse doesn’t seem fully satisfied, but she says: “(Byron) says the same thing to every woman, so I guess I have to buy whatever he says.”

Then Chris asks Jayne if she has any questions, obviously expecting hostility...Instead, Jayne continues to be a class act, and says to Byron, “I want to thank you, actually, for being nice at the slumber party when I was out of control. Watching that was really hard, and I'm sorry.”...Byron replies: “You know, I picked you even after that slumber party. And people ask me about that. And I go, ‘Do you know how remarkable a woman that was?’ Everybody has a bad day—everybody...Byron goes on to say that if anyone had started crying and running out of the room, he would have followed her to try to console her...At this, Krysta pipes up, “I don't think you would have followed me out.”....Byron: “For fear of my life.”....The audience cracks up.

Chris then asks Krysta what she has to say to Byron....Krysta: I have never met a man that was so scared of me. Never.”...Byron: “I find that hard to believe. Nobody else was locked in the same house with you before.”...Krysta protests that she’s spent time in the same house with guys before, and then goes on to say, “We never had 8 or 10 hours together. We had little bits and pieces”....Byron: “They were pretty aggressive bits and pieces. You were coming over and very scantily clad. Sabrina was freaking out--the dog was wondering, ‘Why can't we sleep at night?’....Krysta continues to protest, but the laughter from the audience and the other women drowns her out...Then Cindy asks Byron why he freaked out in the limo when Cindy mentioned his ex-wife.....Byron replies that that night was emotionally charged, and “I saw myself going kind of G.I. Byron, and I’m like, ‘That’s not me.’”...Byron goes on: “But at the same time, all of us were in this place with no TV and no phone and no books and energy--lots of energy....”....At this point, Chris stops Byron mid-sentence, and Byron laughs. (By now, Byron is obviously used to the producers shutting him up whenever he starts to talk about his real feelings.)....Chris thanks Byron for being on the show, and Byron is wildly applauded by the audience as he leaves.

Jay Who?

Chris reminds the audience that this was the first time the women got to choose between two bachelors. He asks the women which of them voted for Jay...Then, as if it’s a big surprise, Chris brings on Jay.....Jay comes onstage, and does a little move where he puts his hands together and bows. Huh? Zen Jay?...BTW--Jay looks exactly the same as he did months ago when the show was filmed. He still has an extra-short haircut, and is wearing a brown wool polo-style sweater that is buttoned all the way up....Chris asks Jay what it’s like to see all the women again....Jay takes a deep breath and says: “Wow. It's pretty surreal”...Jay goes on to say that one of the things he wanted to do when he left the mansion was to thank not only the women who voted for him, but all the women who considered voting for him. But, he says that as he was leaving the mansion he was in a “zombie” state, and all he could think about was “I got to get to sleep for god's sake.”...Everyone laughs... I’ve heard stories from previous bachelor seasons that filming for the first rose ceremony sometimes goes into the wee hours of the morning.

Chris asks Jay: “How bummed out were you?”....Jay replies: “The competitor side of me was very bummed. I come from a family of five guys, and losing is always a tough thing. But I also felt that ‘If I’m meant to be the guy, I’ll have a blast. And, if I’m not the guy, then Byron earned it.’ And he’s been great.”....Bottom line, Jay doesn’t seem bummed out at all, which is borne out by his next remarks...Chris asks Jay how things are going now and if he is dating anyone....Jay laughs and says, “I'm having a blast. I have to say--and this is also true for everybody who did not get a rose--is that the great thing is that everyone knows out there that you're committed to being married and you're single. So it was a calling card. How bad is that?”...In the end, by not being chosen, it appears Jay may have been the real winner on The Bachelor. He got publicity for his business, didn’t have to be away from home for long, and he hasn’t left behind a bunch of women who think he’s a jerk....Chris tries to pin Jay down on any specific favorites he had among the women....Jay tries to dodge the question, and then finally says that there were four or five women he was attracted to, including Natalie, Kelly, and Leina. But, for the short time he had with the women, there wasn’t any one women that he felt, “She’s the one.”...Chris thanks Jay for being on the show, and Jay bows again, and leaves.

I liked Jay better this time around. On the first episode, the producers portrayed Jay as far more stiff and geeky than he came across here. But, I’m glad the women chose Byron, because, in the end, I think Jay would have been a really boring bachelor.

The Final Two

Chris may have gotten to say a few words of his own earlier, but now he’s back to his script...”It's nearing the end and the moment we've all been waiting for. And Byron must choose between Tanya and Mary. Who will be the one to capture his heart?”....We are shown footage of Byron with Mary and with Tanya, as well as Byron telling us that this is the hardest decision he has ever had to make....There is nothing new here—it’s the same stuff we’ve seen on previous episodes.....Then Chris thanks the bachelorettes for being on the show. “And you, too, Lola”....When the camera pans to Lola she is half asleep, which is probably the way most of felt at this point....”And don't forget to watch next Wednesday for the amazing two-hour season finale of The Bachelor.”

Geez, that’s it? That’s the whole show? Why did they bring all the bachelorettes back if we were never going to hear from most of them? For example, we heard from Amy and Kristie, but Andrea never opened her mouth. And, what about Leina, who left the show because she realized she was in love with someone else? Did she get engaged?

Next Week on The Bachelor

I’m not going to bother to repeat the highlights of the preview of the season finale. You saw them at the end of last week’s show and at the beginning of this week’s show, and in endless previews during the week.....Short version: The parents come to the mansion. The women go to Las Vegas to meet Byron's friends. Byron proposes, and if you have been skeptical of National Enquirer prediction that Mary is the final one, it only takes a close look at two or three of the screen caps of Byron proposing to be able to figure out that Mary’s the one, not to mention obvious differences in the body language and expressions of Mary versus Tanya.

BTW—Right after the two-hour finale next week, there will be a “first-ever live” After The Final Rose show. So, that means three hours of The Bachelor next Wednesday, starting an hour earlier than usual at 8:00 p.m. Eastern/7:00 p.m. Central....What are the producers thinking? First, a three-hour show is Bachelor overload, even for addicts. Not to mention that this three-hour extravaganza is being shown the day before Thanksgiving, when half of the U.S. is traveling, and the other half is busy cooking or cleaning the hours to get ready for the next day...Apparently the reason for showing the finale the night before Thanksgiving is to have it shown during November sweeps. But, if 90% of regular viewers are going to tape the show anyway, and fast forward the commercials, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?...Oh well.

Over the credits, we see a kinda funny segment of Chris interviewing Lola, Kelly’s puppy...Lola is sitting in one of the interview chairs and Chris is sitting in another...Chris asks Lola ”How you feeling? When you got voted out of the house, did you take it personal? 'Cause you shouldn't have. It had nothing to do with you. And, let me tell you something, Lola, if you pee in my chair, I'll take care of you”....Then Lola makes a motion as if she’s ready to jump down, and Chris says to Lola in a voice that I think he means to be kidding, but actually sounds a little mean, “That's right, get out of here. Just go. Go on. You know what you did.”....Poor Lola. Before she gets down, she gives Chris a puzzled look, as if to say, “Why are you talking to me in that mean voice?”...Then she jumps down from her chair and walks away, proving that at least one female on The Bachelor has the self-esteem to say “Sayonara baby” when the guy acts like a jerk.

Until next week, and “the most romantic proposal in Bachelor history.”