For whatever reason, my supply of insightful introductory comments is all dried up this week, so I'll get right into the recap of the show.

Kim's One-on-One Date--How Does She Make Out?

As the episode begins, Kim is sitting on floor of the bachelorette's "barracks" bedroom, going through one of her suitcases, which is packed with enough seductive underwear to stock a branch of Frederick's of Hollywood. No plain cotton underwear for our Kim....Finally, Kim decides on her outfit for her one-on-one date with Charlie tonight—a very low-cut black bustier top, and what looks like tight black hot pants....Somehow, when my mother used to tell me, "Less is more," I don't think this outfit is what she had in mind.....Kim shows off her outfit to the other women, telling them she had it specially made to fit her—apparently when she was about five pounds lighter than she is now.....Okay, slap my hand, and tell me I'm just jealous. But, bluntly, if a woman is going to wear "f*ck me" clothes on TV, and then brag that she's had them specially fitted for her, she'd better do the required working out (or lipsosuction) so that she doesn't hang out over the waist of the pants....To her face, the other women say to Kim, "You go girl," and "You're gonna get a rose," but, behind her back, they're saying "wh*re."....Okay, the women don't actually use the "w" word. But, it amounts to the same thing.

Then, Kim gets her phone call from Charlie about her date, and it turns out that Charlie is taking this role model for culture and good taste to an art gallery....Obviously, someone on the production side has a sense of humor....When the other women hear that Kim is going to an art gallery for her date, they decide that someone should talk to her about proper art gallery attire...Jenny tells the camera, "I was a little bit embarrassed for Kim 'cause she has no clue what class is or what one should wear to an art gallery. We're from the same city. I felt that I should kind of help her out or try to, so Anitra and I decided to kind of take her aside and talk to her about her outfit, and kind of encourage her to put a little bit more clothing on.".....If Jenny's remarks sound condescending, that's because they are. But, unfortunately, Jenny is right...Anitra and Jenny try to be diplomatic in what they say to Kim, but even Kim can see through them....In the end, Kim wears a plain black dress that's very low cut and short, covered with a fairly tasteful dressy black and gold print jacket....It's better than her previous outfit, but, it's also too tight, so it makes Kim look fat. (Note: Kim is not fat—I should be so "fat." But, tighter isn't always better.)

However, I have to give Kim credit—she knows her audience. She's not dressing for the other women, she's dressing for Charlie. When Charlie sees Kim, his response is, "Wow! Now we're cookin'...with gas!".....And, Charlie isn't worried about "proper attire" for an art gallery—he's wearing his usual jeans....In a voiceover, Charlie tells us that he grew up in an artsy family—his dad was an art director, his mom is an art teacher. However, if Charlie picked up any knowledge about art along the way, we don't see any of it tonight....As usual, Charlie is going for the laughs, but Kim is impressed by Charlie's abilities as an art critic. At one point, Kim tells Charlie, "That's so weird. You just look at (the painting) and you think all that stuff."

To add some humor to the evening, they've hung a few of Charlie's childhood paintings in the gallery along with the real ones, without telling Kim....As Kim looks at Charlie's paintings, she says, "That's, like, so easy to, like, do. I mean, I could do it."....Charlie tells Kim that a little kid could do it, and in fact, did. He picks up one painting, and shows her the notation on the back that says, "Charlie O'Connell. 1977." (Charlie was a year and a half old when he painted it.).....Kim says she was totally fooled and that Charlie is a pretty good artist....Charlie and Kim then sit down at a sand table and draw shapes in the sand. (Kim draws a heart.)....The rose is sitting in a holder right next to them, but Charlie doesn't give it to Kim at that point, but instead, invites Kim back to his place.

Back at the women's loft, the women have been amusing themselves by going through Kim's luggage....Jenny tells the camera, "Kim left on her date tonight, and we decided, 'If Kim's gonna look hot and Kim's gonna look sexy, we should, too,' so we opened her luggage, and we all found slutty clothes to dance to and drink to and have a good time."....The women strut around wearing sunglasses and Kim's clothes, saying, "Go, Kim. Go, Kim. Welcome to Hooch Fest 2005, b*itches."...It's pretty funny stuff. Unfortunately, we never see how Kim feels about the women going through her luggage and wearing her clothes....After the "Kim Tribute" party goes on for awhile, the women realize it's getting late and Kim still isn't home...They joke around about what Kim and Charlie are doing. They figure that Charlie must have taken Kim back to his place, and that Kim and Charlie aren't limiting themselves to "stimulating conversation."

At Charlie's place, he is giving Kim a tour, and Kim is trying to break the Guinness World Record for saying "cool" the most times in one evening.....Charlie has lots of pictures of his family, including some of his parents when they were young. (Charlie looks just like his dad.)....Kim's reaction is (of course), "That's so cool."

Charlie and Kim snuggle on the couch, and Kim shows that, even if she isn't exactly a brain trust, she definitely knows men.....She has her shoes off, and one bare foot is caressing Charlie under the knee, and one of her fingers plays under his T-shirt on his stomach....Thankfully for Charlie, his T-shirt is long and loose, or this could be a very "uplifting" scene....While Kim is doing this, she tells Charlie that on her dad's side there are 18 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. Kim says, "I'm definitely a family kind of girl. I like going home and seeing everybody, and I don't get to see everybody at once, but big occasions and stuff. It's cool." Oh yeah, Kim, just a nice, traditional family girl.....Between Kim's feet and Kim's fingers, Charlie hasn't heard a word Kim's said, and croaks, "You're a good foot rubber. You like to keep full contact."....Well, that's one way to put it.

Meanwhile, Kim tells Charlie, "By me coming here, I really get to see what kind of guy you are and where you live and what you like and what you do, and I just like it."....What Kim has learned so far is that her foot and finger technique is successful, because Charlie now gives her a rose, telling Kim that he hopes they will continue to enjoy each other and get to know each other better.....And, in case there is any doubt about how much Charlie would like to get to know Kim better, he takes her down a spiral staircase to his bedroom.....Kim declares Charlie's bed "bouncy" and says, "I like your place. It's cool. I'm glad you brought me here. That's really cool."....Our last shot of Kim and Charlie is of the two of them lying on the bed making out, with Kim's bare legs over Charlie's legs.

At the women's loft, the bachelorettes have decided that Kim must be at Charlie's place. We see a quick shot of a clock, so we know it's about 1:45 am, and the women start to speculate whether Kim is going to spend the night with Charlie....Kara says that if Kim spends the night there, she's not sure she wants to go on a date with Charlie......The women (who must be a little drunk at this point) decide to call Charlie. One of them has figured out that if they punch "redial" on the cell phone, it should ring Charlie's number.....Anitra makes the call and Charlie answers. Anitra is smart, she doesn't act like the women are upset, but says to Charlie in a joking East Coast accent, "How ya doin'?" Anitra says to Charlie, "We're just at the house, having fun, and we just started to get worried about our little Kimmy. Do you know where Kimmy is?"......Charlie replies, "Kimmy is, um, on her way back home."......Once Anitra hangs up the phone, the women speculate about whether Kim and Charlie had sex...Then, the women scatter off, so that they are in bed when Kim comes home. (I hope they remembered to repack Kim's suitcase.)

Since Charlie's place can't be that far from the women's loft (particularly at 2:00 am in the morning), I doubt that "Kimmy" was really on her way home at that point, or the women wouldn't have had time to get to bed.....Instead, we see a rumpled (but fully-clothed) Charlie kissing Kimberley good-night at his door....Charlie tells the camera, "I would have liked our date to continue, but it was getting late, and it was a good time to say goodbye."....Kim walks out the door, and there is an unfortunate shot of the back of her as she walks up a New York street in the middle of the night by herself, in her too-short, too-tight dress....I'm too polite to say it, but you get the picture. Just a nice "family" girl.

One observation before we move on.....During Kim and Charlie's date, I never got the feeling that Kim feels any emotional connection with Charlie. Kim seems to like Charlie, but her intent seems mostly to make sure that Charlie gives her a rose, so she can thumb her nose at the women in the house who look down on her. But, I don't see affection or caring.....As for Charlie, he obviously likes making out with Kim (as would pretty much any heterosexual guy), but I don't see him going out of his way to impress Kim or worry about what Kim thinks of him (which seems to be the way we can tell whether Charlie likes a woman or not).

Group Date--Bowling for Six

The next morning, Kim tells the other women that she wishes they'd been awake when she got home....It's not clear why Kim said this. If I want to be nice, maybe Kim was still wired after her date and just wanted someone to talk to. If I want to be mean, Kim either wanted to rub in how late she got home, or wanted to flaunt her rose.....Sarah B tells the camera that she is glad that Kim didn't spend the night with Charlie, and says that she doesn't "throw her body out" like Kim does, because she has "morals and values"....Well, Sarah B, you're an RN, so you've obviously got some brains, besides being cute. Kim's just using what she has the best she can. I'm not sure whether it's worse to be slutty or self-righteous....The whole Bachelor setup doesn't bring out the best in any of the women.

Later, Charlie picks up six of the women for a group bowling date....Charlie tells the camera that he had a couple of birthday parties at Bowlmor Lanes when he was a kid, and was thrown out twice.....He also says that he hopes he doesn't hear about the night before from the other women....The women bowl for awhile, and Charlie gives Sarah W some bowling tips after she makes a gutter ball.....Sarah W stands with her arm around Charlie in a possessive way, and the other women aren't amused......Jenny tells the camera, "I really kind of felt like I was with Sarah W, and boyfriend, and my girlfriends."....Apparently Jenny isn't overreacting, because Sarah tells the camera, "Today I felt almost like, 'Okay, these are my friends, and this is the guy that I like'--like, 'girls, he's mine.'"

Then, Charlie and the women go into a room with a lot of pool tables....Charlie sits down on a couch next to Krisily. Sarah W spots the two of them from across the room, and immediately walks over and sits down on Charlie's other side....Charlie admits that he's tired because he only got about three hours of sleep last night....Since Charlie has now brought up the topic of last night's date, the women ask him about it....Krisily says her concern was that, if a girl is sleeping at a guy's house, 9 times out of 10, it's not just sleeping....Charlie replies, "We did go back to my place, we did make out, and she did go home. That's what happened. I'm not trying to sleep with anyone. I don't think it's right to start doing that with any girl at the moment."...Sarah W stands up for Charlie and says that when you don't have a boyfriend and you're just dating, it's pretty normal to go back to his "pad" and hang out.....Sarah B chimes in, "Yeah, but I wouldn't spend the night there."

Charlie takes Krisily off for some one-on-one time, leaving the two Sarahs talking on the couch....Sarah W tells Sarah B that she knows who the final four will be because Charlie has told her—Sarah W, Kim, Krisily, and Jenny....Sarah B tells the camera, "Sarah W basically told me that she was gonna be one of the four and I basically wasn't. It kind of hurt my feelings. I was like, 'Maybe this is the facts and I just need to face it.'"....Alone with Charlie, Krisily says to him that she knows she's been the "pot-stirrer" in the house, but it's because she's taking the whole thing more seriously than some of the other women...Charlie kids Krisily, "I think we could probably have a good fight." Krisily agrees, "I don't think either one of us would put up with each other's [Bleep]"...Charlie goes on, "I have no doubt that me and you would definitely be good friends. As far as chemistry with dating goes, we'll find that out when the time comes."

Back at the women's loft, Kara and Kim are sitting in the kitchen talking about what Kara should wear for her one-on-one date with Charlie that evening. Sarah is thinking about a nice sweater, but asks Kim if that would be too conservative. Kim suggests says that a sweater would be fine as long as it's a little off-the-shoulder, because "guys love it when you show them skin."....Kara says to the camera that Kim suggested she show some skin, but that's not her. Kara goes on, "If it was up to Kim, everybody would dress sexy and revealing."....Then the women look at the clock and see it's 9:17 pm and wonder where the women are....That is a long bowling date. And, Charlie is still supposed to go out on a date tonight with Kara?

At the bowling alley, Sarah B has grabbed some time alone with Charlie. She tells him that they haven't gotten to spend much time alone together. Charlie answers, "We haven't, and why? I mean, like... I want to spend time with you." Sarah B tells Charlie that she wants to have a family someday and raise her children going to Sunday school. But, she says she's not a "bible-beater" and doesn't go to church every Sunday...Charlie quips, "I know my hymns."....He then assures Sarah B that he knows she has a great personality, even without alone time.

Charlie's energy is starting to flag, and he tells the camera that he woke up this morning exhausted, and isn't sure how he's going to make it through a date with Kara.....Back with the six women, he tells them that he had a great time, and apologizes that he was so tired, but that he has to go because he has another date tonight...The rose is still sitting there, and he says he wishes he could divide it up. Then he holds it up, and looks around while all the women hold their breath, and he gives it to Sarah B.....Sarah B tells the camera that she was totally taken by surprise when she got the rose. She goes on to comment, "Now that I've gotten a rose, I'll definitely be more aware of what Sarah W tells me. I know she's had problems in the house with people saying that she's being two-faced, and now I think I'm starting to see a little bit more of where they're coming from."

The women arrive back at the house talking about their bowling date, and Kara still hasn't gotten a phone call from Charlie about her scheduled one-on-one date with him that night....Then, the phone rings, and it's Charlie asking Kara if she'd mind postponing her date until tomorrow because he can't even keep his eyes open....Kara is very nice about it, and tells Charlie he should just worry about getting to bed....After she hangs up, Kara kids the other women that they wore Charlie out, but Kara shows what a class act she is by not whining or complaining at all about Charlie postponing their date....Soon after, the elevator opens, and the doorman delivers flowers to Kara with an note from Charlie, apologizing again for having to postpone their date.....The flowers were a very nice touch. I hope it was Charlie's idea.

Kara's One-on-One Date--Ice Skating, Snow, and Good-Bye

The next day, the telephone rings in the women's loft, and Charlie invites Kara to go ice skating with him in Central Park....Kara is very excited, and say's it's like a dream come true, because she's always wanted to ice skate in Central Park....I suspect that Kara's fantasies probably were about skating at Rockefeller Center, but Charlie takes Kara to a different rink, that looks like it's one of several rinks in a larger complex....But, it's still a pretty scene, particularly as the snow starts to softly fall....As they skate, Kara talks about her daughter, who is in third grade....Several Joker's posters had wondered about whether Kara got a chance to talk to her daughter during filming, and it turns out that Kara had talked to her daughter on the phone the day before....Kara's daughter asked if Charlie was cute. Charlie quips, "So, did you lie and say yes?"....Kara tells Charlie that her daughter misses her, but knows that Kara is having a good time.

After a bit, two little boys that look like they are about 7 or 8 years old "just happen" to skate onto the same rink as Kara and Charlie...Yeah, right, that wasn't scripted or anything.....Charlie kids Kara, "Uh-oh, a rival gang."....One of the boys challenges Charlie to a race. (Charlie lets him win.)....Kara says to the camera, "I think Charlie was great with the kids. He makes me laugh and can be a great family man, so I would definitely like to get to know him better, which would mean getting a rose."

After the mandatory "showing Charlie with kids" scene, Kara and Charlie sit down on a nearby picnic table with a blanket...Charlie says to Kara, "I think we have a lot in common, and I think we clearly have other things that aren't in common, you know?" Charlie goes on to say that it's crazy that Kara is younger than Charlie because she is definitely more mature.....Kara lays it on the line to Charlie, "I want you to realize that this is part of me. I go to soccer games and school meetings and volunteer at church, so I'm at a different place in my life. The dynamics are completely different with me. You have to make a decision based on what's most compatible for you. And, you know, at the same time, it's not just me that I have to worry about. Can you see yourself seriously dating a single mom, honestly?"....Good for you, Kara.....And, to Charlie's credit, he is equally honest...He tells Kara that he's never dated anyone with a child. Charlie then says, "I had a great time getting to know you. I think you're great. I just think as we move on, (your having a child) comes a lot more into play. I'm sorry, but I think it's better for both of us right now that it doesn't go on further. I'm not gonna give you the rose, but I hope you don't feel sad about that or anything."....Kara replies, "No. I definitely think it's for the better. It was a pleasure meeting you. It was a lot of fun. You've got a hard decision."....Kara seems to mean what she says about thinking it's for the better. She tells the camera, "I appreciate (Charlie) being honest. It's very difficult trying to find that special someone, but, you know, I'm just gonna go back home, and I'm gonna let my daughter know her mom won't ever settle for anything than what's best for the both of us."......Kudos to both Charlie and Kara for how they handled the situation.

It was the right thing that Kara went, but I am sorry to see her go. She was, I think, the nicest of the women, and a real class act. The good thing was that Charlie seemed to recognize and appreciate Kara, and seemed genuinely sorry that circumstances weren't different....After he leaves Kara, Charlie walks through Central Park in the falling snow....Then there is a totally gratuitous scene where Charlie sits down in the park and calls his brother Jerry on his cell phone.....Huh? Is this a scene to show that Charlie is a family guy, even though he just sent home the single mom? Does Charlie feel bad about sending Kara home and is calling his brother for support? Or, did the producers have Charlie call his brother to remind us that Charlie must be "somebody" because he has a brother who is a famous actor.

Whatever the reason for including the phone call, it's useless.....Jerry asks Charlie how he's doing. Charlie answers that it's hectic, but there are some girls he really likes...Jerry asks if there are any psycho girls, and Charlie says there definitely were some psycho girls in the beginning.....It ends with Jerry saying, "Chuckie, you sound good, man," and then warning Charlie to avoid any hot tub scenes......Sorry, Jerry, you're a little late. After Charlie's date with Kim last night, hot tub scenes are the least of it.

The Rose Ceremony--I'm Not Like Her

Since Chris Harrison has been MIA so far tonight, I was a little worried that Chris might be the latest casualty as the budget for The Bachelor visibly decreases by the episode. However, Chris finally makes an appearance as he gets off the elevator with Charlie for the rose ceremony...... And, in a Bachelor first, Chris is actually dressed better than the bachelor....Chris is wearing a dark shirt and dark jacket, and almost looks a little hip....Charlie, on the other hand, is wearing his usual dark jacket, with the ugly chartreuse shirt we've seen before, and, as always, jeans....Sheesh, is the Bachelor on such a tight budget this season that it can't even afford a pair of cords for Charlie? At least we've seen Charlie in swim trunks, and wearing only a towel as he gets out of the shower, so we know that he doesn't wear jeans 24/7. I can only hope that Charlie has been allotted more than one pair of jeans, so that they get washed once in awhile.

As usual, the two women who already have roses are sitting on the couch on the left, with the six women who haven't yet received roses standing facing Charlie.....Perhaps as a way to thumb her nose at the women who don't approve of her, but who also don't have roses, Kim appears to be wearing the bustier that was the subject of so much controversy earlier.....Maybe next episode, the Bachelor producers will decide to fork over a little extra money so that Kim can actually wear clothes to the rose ceremony instead of her underwear.

As has become the custom this season, Chris asks the women if they have anything to say....Anitra starts out. (By the way, Anitra appears to have taken a page out of Kimberly's book, and is wearing a low-cut black and gold top.) Anitra says to Charlie, "I think before we all get started, why don't you tell us why these ladies (pointing to Kim and Sarah B) are here, and why they have a rose? They're lovely ladies, but they're very different.".....Charlie doesn't give much of an answer, "What I'm looking for, I don't really know exactly. Kimberley, I had a great night with you. Everybody knows we made out. I don't think it's a big deal or it's a secret. And I'm starting to figure out what I'm looking for because I like each one of you for different reasons.".....Apparently Jenny is frustrated by Charlie's answer, because she gets huffy, and says in a somewhat angry/frustrated voice, "I'm a little bit confused, and I feel like I'm being completely overlooked. I don't know if it's because I don't look like that (pointing to Kim) or I don't act like that (pointing to Sarah W), but I think I'm a good catch. I'm smart, and I'm pretty, and I'm funny, and I'm successful, and I deserve a fair chance."....Charlie replies to Jenny, "I think you look great tonight. I don't know what you're talking about."....Then Chris asks, "I knew what you're talking about with Kimberley, but what were you talking about with Sarah W?"....Jenny replies, "She has an aggressive personality, and I don't. That's the difference between us. I'm not gonna be all over you all the time. I'm just not that aggressive."....Kindle (who we are hearing from for pretty much the first time tonight) says, "I second that."....Chris laughs and says to Sarah W, "Maybe you're not laying as low as you thought."...Sarah W puts a look of surprise on her face and says, "I don't know what they mean. I would hate to be perceived as aggressive or have anyone feel that." Jenny says, "We are different. That's all I was saying."

Then, either Chris or the editors decide to cut the conversation short tonight, and Chris asks Charlie if he's ready.....Charlie, with his usual grim look on his face, hands out roses: Krisily. Anitra. Sarah W. Kindle.....Jenny looks very surprised when her name is not called....Charlie says to Jenny, "I think you're a great girl. I had a lot of fun. I'm narrowing it down, and I'm just not sure if we're right together. It doesn't take anything away from you. Honestly, it's no big deal."....Jenny hugs the other women good-bye, gives Charlie a very perfunctory good-bye, and then huffs out of the room.

However, in her voiceover, Jenny is not so cool. She says, "I'm frustrated. No one likes to be the loser. Maybe if I'd thrown myself all over him, I'd be sitting there, but that's not me, and I'm not gonna change my personality to get some guy to like me. I'm annoyed 'cause I didn't get a chance. I didn't get a one-on-one date. I didn't get time to show him who I really was."...Then, as she starts to cry, Jenny runs gets up from her chair, saying that she doesn't want to be filmed crying on camera.

I was surprised that Jenny was sent home—I was expecting it to be Kindle since we've seen almost nothing of her at all. Not to mention the fact that there have been rumors that Jenny was in the final four....However, the post-show video of Charlie on the ABC Web site clarified things some. It sounds like Charlie hadn't completely made up his mind coming into the rose ceremony about which woman he was going to send home. But, apparently he was turned off by Jenny's remarks criticizing women who he is starting to like.....In any case, in a post-show newspaper interview, Jenny said that, once she got out of the intense atmosphere of the show, she realized Charlie wasn't her type, so it sounds like Charlie made the right decision, both for himself and for Jenny.

As a reminder, the six remaining bachelorettes are (in alphabetical order):

Anitra, 29, Makeup Artist, Manhattan Beach, CA
Kimberly, 25, Swimsuit Model, Edmonton, Alberta
Kindle, 23, Pro Basketball Cheerleader, Rockwell, TX
Krisily, 25, Salon Coordinator, Warwick, RI
Sarah B, 24, Labor and Delivery Nurse, McKinney, TX
Sarah W, 24, Fashion Design, Los Angeles, CA

After-the-Rose Fight

I don't think the producers have ever shown us a post-rose ceremony conversation among the women, but we see one in this episode...As the women sit around the dining room table after the rose ceremony, Sarah W is still upset that Jenny called her "aggressive" (even though Jenny is gone)....Somehow, as it always seems to, it turns into a fight between Sarah W and Krisily, with Krisily saying that Sarah W should have stood up for herself with Jenny....Sarah tells Krisily that she's being attacked, and is going to lock herself in the bathroom to remove herself from the conversation....Although Krisily does most of the talking, everyone at the table is frustrated with Sarah W.

Next Week on The Bachelor

Note: The following preview information is taken both from the preview segment at the end of the show, and from an ABC press release issued 4/12/05.

Next week, Charlie has one individual date (with Sarah B). He takes her horseback riding, and it turns out that Sarah B is scared of horses because she was thrown off in the past, so Charlie lets her just watch as he rides. Afterwards, Charlie and Sarah B go to the hayloft for a talk. Among other things, Sarah B tells Charlie about Sarah W's claim that Charlie had told Sarah W the names of the final four women, and that Sarah B was not among them, and this upsets Charlie.

Meanwhile, the remaining women take a trip to a nail salon and "the claws come out" between Krisily and Sarah W. Sarah W tells Krisily, "I really hope that Charlie doesn't end up with you, because you're horrible." Krisily retorts to Sarah W, "You're a nightmare. I would never put myself through the bullsh*t of living with you again in my life."

On the group date, Charlie takes the women fencing, and Chris tells the women that, in order to earn the next one-on-one date with Charlie, they must compete in fencing. Krisily gets upset at wearing the fencing mask because she says she is claustrophobic. But, Sarah W isn't convinced that Krisily really has a problem and thinks she is using this as a ploy to get sympathy and a date.

Finally, Charlie arrives unannounced at the women's loft to have breakfast with them, because he still has some questions before that evening's rose ceremony. But, Chris arrives to announce a surprise for everyone—an immediate "ambush" rose ceremony. The women must line up in their "just-out-of bed" clothing, and Charlie must send two of the women home. The four women remaining after the rose ceremony will go on hometown dates the following week.

The "over the credits" footage this week is pretty dull. When Charlie postpones Kara's one-on-one date until the following day, the women decide to go out to the Raccoon Lodge, and we see them drinking and dancing.

Spoilers and Speculation

First off, now that Jenny is gone, we know that the rumors that she was one of the final four women are wrong. However, if there was any truth to the rumors that Bachelor camera crews were spotted in Edmonton, then it appears that Kim is one of the final four. (Kim was a likely candidate for the final four, even without the rumors, because her one-on-one date with Charlie this week went well.)

As for other spoilers, the preview screencaps at the end of this week's show give us only a few clues.....First off, all six women are sitting with Charlie on the couch when Chris comes to announce the "ambush" rose ceremony. This means that Sarah B must have received a rose on her one-on-one date with Charlie, and is one of the final four...But, the preview screencaps we have so far don't give a clear indication of whether one of the other five women also received a rose beforehand from the fencing date and is safe.

As for which two women get sent home next week, it's a tough call. We've still seen hardly anything of Anitra or Kindle this entire season, which could be an indication that they will go next week. On the other hand, Charlie could be so turned off by the bickering between Sarah W and Krisily that one or both of them could go next week, rewarding Anitra and/or Kindle, who have both managed to stay above the fray.....This season of The Bachelor is so different from previous shows that I'm not going to hazard a guess at this point.

See you next week when we all find out!