I made a big mistake this week—while I was in the middle of writing this Bachelor recap, I watched The Amazing Race. It's unfair to compare the two shows. The Bachelor doesn't have the same gorgeous scenery (or the huge production budget). But, watching The Amazing Race made me start thinking how much more "show" we would have if The Bachelor didn't waste so much time with repetitive teasers before every commercial. And, is it really too much to ask that we be allowed to get to know the women on the show? We're now in the fourth episode this season, and, although we have learned something about Charlie, all we really know about the six remaining women is that Krisily and Sarah W hate each other, and Kim has big breasts.

I'm not asking for a steady diet of "Masterpiece Theatre." The Bachelor is a fun, tasty snack—a guilty pleasure that sometimes gives us a peek at a romance. But, the constant catfights are getting tiresome. And, although I'm really trying, I'm finding that I don't care that much about any of the women this season, because the producers have shown us almost nothing of their personalities. <sigh>

Okay, back to business....

One-on-One Date—If Wishes Were Horses Then Sarah Would Ride

Last week, Sarah B (known to Charlie as "Little Sarah") got a rose from Charlie on the group date, so this week she gets a one-on-one date with Charlie....Charlie calls the women's loft, and invites her to go horseback riding.

When Charlie comes to pick up Sarah B for their date, she is wearing a pink cowlneck sweater, a black coat, and a black hat with a pink band. (I normally don't like hats, but Sarah looks cute as a button in hers.)...Charlie and Sarah drive out to the country to Epona Stables. The setting is beautiful—lots of trees, and fields covered with snow.....Sarah tells Charlie how nervous she is about horseback riding, because she's gotten bucked off horses in the past. Charlie tells Sarah that she doesn't have to ride if she doesn't want to, but Sarah says she'll give it a whirl.....Charlie loves horseback riding. The summer he was nine, Charlie's family was in Oregon while his older brother filmed "Stand By Me, " so Charlie got to go to rodeo camp. He loved riding so much that he cried when he had to leave.

With the help of a platform, Sarah gets on a horse, but spends most of her time saying, "Whoa." (And, maybe Sarah would have done a little better on the horse if The Bachelor had stretched its budget and loaned her a pair of riding boots instead of the high-heeled boots she was wearing.)....Sarah and Charlie ride a little way, very slowly, then Sarah asks the stablemaster to come get her....Charlie picks Sarah up off her horse, and carries her to a nearby fence...All through this segment, I was impressed by how Charlie handled Sarah's nervousness. He never criticized or was impatient with her. Whatever his faults, Charlie is a nice guy......Sarah tells Charlie to go ahead and ride, and she'll watch, and Charlie happily gallops off in the snow.

The Claws Come Out (and Get French Manicures)

While Sarah and Charlie are on their date, the women left at home go out to the spa for manicures and pedicures....Once at the spa, the conversation between the women starts innocently enough. Kim asks the others if they think Sarah B will get a rose from Charlie on her date, and Kindle replies that she thinks Sarah will.

Then Sarah W makes the following remark (seemingly out of nowhere), "It's weird. Like, every night I have a dream about Charlie, and I really, really, really, really wish I could spend more time with him."....Taken by itself, Sarah W's remark doesn't seem like a call to war, but it sets off Krisily, who questions whether Sarah honestly misses Charlie, or whether it's about the game....The two women go back and forth like a couple of junior high girls, with the other women saying nothing. The whole dialogue is so tiresome that I'm not going to bother to detail it here. Basically, it boils down to, "I'm better for Charlie than you are," "Charlie likes me better than he likes you," and "You're just jealous."....The climax comes when Sarah says to Krisily, "I really hope that Charlie doesn't end up with you, because you're horrible, you're a nightmare."....Kindle, who is sitting in between Sarah and Krisily, finally steps in, and says to Sarah W, "That was mean. That was just mean."....Unfortunately, this just encourages Sarah to go further, and she asks the other women, "Has Krisily been horrible to me?" then says to Krisily, "You're not very fun. You're not funny. You're nothing great at all."....Krisily loses it. After a few more remarks, she walks over to Sarah and says, "If I didn't think that I could make it work with (Charlie), then I would not be here. I would never put myself through the bullsh*t of living with you ever again in my life. You are the only reason why I've ever wanted to leave this house. I am here for (Charlie), so I don't give a [bleep] what you think about me."....This goes on for awhile longer, then Krisily walks out of the spa....Whew! Silly me for thinking that going to a spa was a relaxing experience. It could be that catfights are the latest New York spa innovation, but I doubt it.

While the drama queens take a breather, let's put this incident in context.....In interviews after she left the house, Jenny (who was sent home last episode) said that while they were filming, the bachelorettes had no contact with the outside world, and nothing to do—no books, newspapers, magazines, etc. The women weren't even allowed to have playing cards. No wonder the other women got jealous of Sarah W's knitting—at least it was something to do. And, this season, to create maximum drama, the women's loft is pretty small, with nowhere to escape.....So it's not surprising that the result of all this is a cross between Big Brother and The Dating Game. Or maybe it should be titled "Prison Women Get Pedicures." I'm just glad that no one let any of the women near the nail scissors.

Back at the Ranch, er Hayloft

Things are a lot quieter back at the stables. Sarah B and Charlie have finished riding, and are sitting in a hayloft, eating lunch, and getting along very well. In fact, one of the first things Charlie says to Sarah is, "I know that we're two peas in a pod."....Strangely, Charlie and Sarah are now wearing riding helmets, even though they weren't wearing them when they were actually on the horse....Charlie says to Sarah, "I like hanging out with you. I know you're fun. I mean, the question between you and I is 'Can we be boyfriend and girlfriend?'"....Normally a comment like that is the "kiss of death," kinda like when Jen Schefft told Wendell last season that he reminded her of her brother....But, so far at least, Charlie's comment doesn't seem to mean that he's writing Sarah off.

The conversation moves to past relationships.....Sarah was engaged until about a year ago, and has only dated a few times since then.....Charlie then tells Sarah about his last girlfriend, who apparently is still calling him, and he's upset because he just found out that his old girlfriend has been posting on the Internet that she and Charlie are still dating, which Charlie says is absurd.....Charlie seems relieved to able to talk about this.

Charlie thanks Sarah for being so understanding and listening to him, and gives her the rose.....Then Charlie asks Sarah why she was so surprised that she got a rose on the last group date....Sarah tells Charlie that Sarah W had said to her, "Well, I know who the final four are 'cause Charlie just told me," and that Sarah W had gone on to say, "I really hate to see you go. We've had so much fun.".....Charlie is upset to hear about Sarah W's comment, and tells the camera, "I was shocked to hear that "Big Sarah" told "Little Sarah" that she was going home. I really like Little Sarah, and to have Big Sarah come over and do that really annoyed me. She felt Little Sarah was competition. She's damn right. Little Sarah is competition."...Charlie tells Sarah, "Ever since the dance date, I was crazy about you. I know that you like to laugh and you like to have fun, and I'm glad that I got some time to spend with you."

Charlie then gives Sarah a kiss on the cheek, the only kiss on the date. Charlie tells the camera, "Sarah and I clearly enjoy each other. That's one thing that's important, and it doesn't take kissing to do that. I don't want to kiss Sarah until it's the right moment."....I was impressed by this comment. I didn't expect Charlie to be interested in someone who wasn't a "party girl." But, it's also easy to see why the women are confused about what Charlie is looking for in a woman, since Charlie is attracted to "nice girl" Sarah B, but is also attracted to swimsuit model Kim.

The women are waiting when Sarah B comes back from her date, rose in hand....Sarah B tells the other women, "That was, like, the best date I've ever been on in my entire life.".....Sarah W tells the camera, "When Sarah B got the rose, I looked around, and the other girls were crushed. They were completely somber. No one was smiling. No one was happy. If I don't get a rose at the next rose ceremony, then Charlie is just making the hugest, blind mistake, and if Krisily gets one, he is in for it.".....If Sarah W weren't acting like such a jerk, I'd feel bad for her. As we've seen in past seasons, the woman who gets the first one-on-one date is in a very tough position. She makes an early connection with the bachelor and feels special, but then has to watch other women go on one-on-one dates, while she (because of the format of the show), only sees the bachelor on group dates.

Group Date—Masks and Sharp Instruments

There is one group date this week, and, despite the title above, it's not an group excursion for boob jobs to match Kim's. Instead, Charlie decides to introduce the women to one of his other childhood pastimes—fencing. Charlie makes the expected joke to the camera about trusting the women with swords in their hands, but, the women are on their best behavior. It could be the fact that Charlie is there. It also could be because Charlie has chosen his former next-door neighbor, Bess, to be their fencing instructor. Bess looks to be about 11 or 12, and she is helped by a younger boy (her brother?) who looks about 9 or 10. Even if the women have no compunction about showing their worst sides to the manicurists, they are at least polite enough to act somewhat like grownups in front of kids.

The women suit up and Bess and her brother show them basic fencing moves...Charlie gives Krisily some tips, causing Sarah to tell the camera, "I'm comfortable with fencing. I'm not comfortable with putting a sword in Krisily's hand in front of me, because if she were to stab me, there'd be a major lawsuit pressed on her which really would be the ultimate revenge."....Oh puhleeze Sarah, let it go.

Charlie and Krisily then sit down together for a moment. Krisily tells Charlie, "It's funny, 'cause I didn't think that in a short time of talking to someone that you could really want to see them that much. It was like a little kid in a schoolyard, like, 'Ooh, where's the cute kid?' It's like I light up when you're around. I just would love to be able to get to know the other sides of you."...Then Krisily admits to Charlie that she's afraid of the fencing mask because she's claustrophobic....Charlie is fine with this, and tells Krisily that, if she's afraid, she doesn't have to put the mask on. He says, "Maybe fencing's not for you."....Then Krisily changes the subject, and says, "You're a good guy, and I know you're here for the right reasons. And just to let you know, as a friend, I would be very sad for you if you ended up in the long run with Sarah W. I feel that she's not herself here, and everything that comes out of her mouth is false." Charlie gives a noncommittal response, and doesn't take sides. He tells the camera, "I like to hear what the girls have to say about each other, but if they think I'm picking sides, they're crazy. Hell, I've got plenty of ex-girlfriends that don't get along. I've got to go with my gut, not Krisily's.

Then Charlie sits down on a bench to talk to Sarah W....Charlie talks to her warmly, but, probably in part because they are sitting where everyone else can see them (and kids are there), the only physical affection he shows her is to put his hand on her shoulder in a sort of brotherly way...Charlie says to Sarah W, "I thought we were definitely making a connection. Some girls are saying that you might be here for the wrong reasons.".....Sarah replies, "I know Krisily hates me, and this kind of thing happens. It's happened to me in high school. Like, I guess I'm an okay-looking girl, and I've dealt with this gang-up-on thing a lot."....Having heard Sarah's remarks in an earlier episode this season about women always hating her because of how pretty she is, this sudden false modesty is a little much.....Charlie assures Sarah, "You're easy on the eyes."....Sarah goes on to say that it's been lonely and she's an emotional wreck, and tries to hold back tears.....Sarah tells Charlie that she misses him because it's been a long time since they've hung out, and she was attacked by the women the day before for saying that....Charlie is very careful in his response and replies, "I don't know what the other girls are talking about. I hope they're wrong." To the camera, Charlie says, "I have no idea (about) the drama going on between those two girls, and I don't want to get involved. Obviously, the house is making some girls crazy."

Later, Charlie and all the women are making small talk when Chris Harrison suddenly walks in.....Poor Chris, it's bad enough that he has to say a lot of stupid lines and wear geeky clothes, but, this season at least, everyone groans when they see him.....Chris tells everyone that he has a "little surprise." There will be another one-on-one date tonight, and it will go to the woman who is judged best in a fencing match with Charlie. However, there will be no rose at stake on the one-on-one date.....To help him judge, Chris has brought along Paolo, who fenced for the Italian national team, and was three-time all-American at Columbia.....Hmm, forget Charlie, I'll take Paolo. Of course, it's an unwritten rule that no man on the show can be taller than the bachelor, so Paolo is only of average height. But, I'm short, so that's fine with me.

Each of the women has a short fencing match with Charlie. Some of the women are better than others, but none of them is an experienced fencer. (For the record, despite Sarah W's earlier comment that she's "comfortable" with fencing, Chris comments that her fencing technique looked like "swatting at flies.")....As each woman fences, Krisily looks more and more scared, and when her turn comes, she asks if Kindle can go first....Finally, Krisily is the only woman who hasn't fenced, and clearly, she's petrified....Charlie assures Krisily that if she doesn't want to fence, he'll understand completely, and Chris tells her that the choice of whether to fence or not is up to her. (But, the obvious is unsaid—unless Krisily fences, she has no chance at a one-on-one date.)....Sarah W gets in her dig in a voiceover to the camera, saying that she thinks that Krisily's faking it, and her tears are because she knows she's not going to get a one-on-one date.

Despite her fear, Krisily decides to go put on a mask and fence. She holds the mask on with one hand, and gives up after about 30 seconds, but she does it.....Okay, maybe I'm being too nice, but I don't think Krisily was faking her fear of he mask. I've never put on a fencing mask, so I don't know what my reaction would be. But, a few years back, I tried scuba diving and decided it wasn't for me because the mask and breathing apparatus made me claustrophobic. So, I can see how it could happen.....Afterwards, Charlie gives Krisily a hug, and Krisily tells the camera, "I definitely got the award for facing the fears for the day, without a doubt. If I have to make myself extremely uncomfortable for two minutes to have the opportunity to spend alone time with (Charlie), then I will."...However, despite getting an "A" for effort, Chris and Paolo award Anitra the one-on-one date....Charlie and Anitra leave for their dinner date, while the other women get ready to go home.

Even now, Sarah W and Krisily can't let it go....Sarah W tries to tell Krisily that she respects what Krisily did, but Krisily isn't having any, and retorts, "That's not what you said when you were sitting on the side."....Sarah W gets in a few more digs at Krisily in comments to the camera, saying, "(Krisily) tries to be so strong, and if anyone were to take a close look at my presence and her presence, and how weak and broken down she is compared to me, it's amazing."

One-on-One Date With Anitra—Too Much Liquor, Not Enough Chemistry

Both Charlie and Anitra are excited at the chance of having a one-on-one date together. Unfortunately, there is something missing almost from the outset of the date.

As Charlie and Anitra eat dinner, they try to find common ground, but keep missing it....Anitra loves to eat. Charlie says that food isn't his thing, and even as a kid, he'd rather be outside at recess rather than eat lunch....Anitra has a sweet tooth. Charlie says he doesn't have a sweet tooth in his body.

Both Anitra and Charlie continue to try very hard to make conversation, but it's almost painful. In the process, Charlie has a little too much to drink....Anitra tells Charlie that when she saw the initial video introducing him, she was disappointed, because she had the impression that Charlie was going to be a "Hollywood scene" kind of guy, and that's not her. But, she tells Charlie that now that she's met him, she's found he's not that way....Uh, Anitra, that may not have been the best comment you could make to Charlie. I have a suspicion that Charlie wouldn't mind being a "Hollywood" guy dating Rebecca Romijn, like his older brother Jerry.....The differences between Anitra and Charlie keep piling up. Anitra says she's cold all the time. Charlie says he's always warm. (Of course, as they say this, Anitra is wearing a tank top and Charlie is wearing a shirt, covered by a sweater. Maybe they should switch clothes.)....Anitra likes to email, Charlie doesn't.

In reality, none of these differences are really "deal-breakers." After all, it seems to be one of life's little dirty tricks that the neat person always falls in love with the messy one, and the person who is cold at night and likes lots of covers always marries someone who wants as few covers as possible....Still, for whatever reason, Anitra and Charlie just can't seem to connect.....Personally, I was sorry to see this, because, even though we've seen very little of Anita up to now, she seems funny and fun, and has kept herself above the emotional battles among the women....Still, if it isn't there, it isn't there....The good thing is that both Anitra and Charlie are feeling it. It isn't as if Anitra is falling in love, while Charlie is just trying to be nice. In a voiceover, Anitra tells the camera that she's not sure what she's feeling about Charlie, and will just wait and see how she feels in the morning.

Breakfast With The Bachelor

The next morning, we see Charlie headed for the women's loft with a bunch of flowers in his hand....He tells the camera, "Today I got up, and I realized that I didn't have enough time with the girls to make my final decision on the four. It stinks that I really don't know. I thought I'd definitely know who was going home and who was staying. I'm dying for something that says, 'Come to my hometown.'"....So Charlie makes a surprise, early morning visit to the women's loft....When Charlie gets off the elevator, it's Sarah B who spots him first, and greets him with an excited, "Hi! Girls, we have a visitor!"....Then Charlie says, "Who's still in bed? Who's not up yet?" and heads back to the bedroom, where Kindle and Anitra are still in bed. Charlie greets them, "Morning, sunshine! Just having happy little sleepy time in the bunk beds. Look at the little campers.".....Charlie climbs on to the bunk next to Kindle, and chats with Kindle, Anitra, and Sarah B.....Then, Charlie goes into the bathroom, where Kim and Sarah W are getting ready....Charlie tells the camera, "As soon as I showed up, Sarah made a break to get dressed—put her Charlie face on." Charlie says to Sarah W,, "We're cooking breakfast, not washing hair." Then Charlie tells the camera, "So I grabbed (Sarah W) out of the bathroom and told her to get back there and start cooking—woman," kiddingly making a gesture like cracking a whip.

In the kitchen, Charlie tells the women that the best way he could probably help is to stay out of the way. After Charlie says this, Krisily says to him, "You want to get out of the way in the kitchen for a minute?" and takes him up to the roof for a quick chat.....Of course, Sarah spots this immediately, and tells the camera, "When Krisily pulled Charlie away, I think that might actually be the point when I really felt, like, so nauseous I wanted to vomit. Every time she's with him, I think, 'Oh, god, here it goes. She's definitely gonna say something about me.'"....This time Sarah W is wrong—her name doesn't come up. (Smart move on Krisily's part.)....By the way, Krisily is an attractive women, but this morning she looks awful. I've got to give her points for not being afraid for Charlie to see her at her worst.....Krisily asks Charlie if he's nervous about that night's rose ceremony, and Charlie admits that he was even nervous about coming to the loft this morning, because everything is such an emotional drain....Krisily tells Charlie that, no matter what, it's been so much fun to meet him and get to know him. She admits to Charlie that this is the first time she's been really nervous before a rose ceremony....Charlie tells the camera, "Krisily's a real tough one to decide. I think she's a real sweetheart, but if I give Krisily a rose and go to her hometown, it's completely based on faith. I like her, and I personally want to like her more."

Charlie and the women all sit down to breakfast together. Charlie proposes a toast, "I think everybody's great. Tonight sucks, so, here's to a great time, and let's try not to even think about that, please."...The group then makes small talk about where Anitra and Charlie went to dinner....At one point, Charlie turns to Anitra and says, "I had a good time last night. I'm sorry I got tipsy."

The "Ambush" Rose Ceremony—Hasn't This Been Done Before?

Apparently the Bachelor producers feel that if a "twist" is worth doing once, it's worth repeating....As Charlie sits on the couch chatting with Sarah B and Krisily, suddenly Chris Harrison shows up in the elevator....Krisily yells at Chris to go away, and even Charlie throws pillows at him....Chris calls the other women to the couch and announces that, unknown to both the women and Charlie, there is going to be a rose ceremony right now.....Chris sends the women downstairs in the elevator. (Apparently the set for the rose ceremony is on the first floor of the building.)

Once they're alone, Chris apologizes to Charlie for doing this to him....Yeah right, Chris. Sure, you're sorry. Stuff like this is your revenge for the fact that you're stuck with the lame lines and the geeky clothes, and the bachelor gets all the women.....Charlie just seems resigned and exhausted. He tells Chris that they'll figure it out in the elevator.

Charlie and Chris head downstairs where the women have lined up for the rose ceremony....The women are all still in their PJ's and look pretty awful, but somebody has combed Charlie's hair....Chris then reminds the women of all the things they know already, namely that Sarah B already has a rose, there are only three roses left, and the women who get roses will get to take Charlie home to meet their families. Then, as usual this season, Chris asks the women if they have any last words for Charlie.

There is no drama before the rose ceremony this week. Kim tells Charlie that the last few weeks have been amazing. She says, "I've got to see the adventurous side to you, the romantic side, and I got to see the real you when I went to your house." (Translation: Remember what happened when we went back to your place? Don't forget that after the hometown dates are overnight fantasy dates.)....Kindle tells Charlie that she had been nervous because she hasn't gotten a one-on-one date, but now she's completely confident, because if she'd choose one place for Charlie to get to know her, it would be at home with her family.....I don't know whether Krisily and Sarah W decided to keep quiet for once, or if the producers simply decided not to show it.....Charlie hands out the roses as suspenseful music plays:

--Kim. Kim is very excited, and tells Charlie she was thinking of jumping up on him (when he gave her the rose).

--Sarah W. Sarah W is so excited you'd think she'd won the lottery. She keeps repeating, "Oh, god, I'm so happy. Yay!" until Charlie finally says, "Okay. Settle down. You settle down or just keep quiet—one or the other."....Hmmm. That was a pretty strong response from Charlie. Did something happen that we weren't shown?

--Krisily. Krisily is happy, but subdued and controlled.

Charlie tells Anitra, "Anitra, I know we had our date, and I think we had a good time and that we can be friends. I don't think there's anything to discuss there."...To Kindle, Charlie says, "Even this morning, I laughed more and more with you, and I think that it would have grown and I think we would have had a great time, but I had to not give someone a rose, and I'm sorry."

In exit interviews, Anitra seems fine about leaving, and says she has no doubt that she'll eventually find the man for her....Kindle is disappointed, and feels Charlie never got a chance to know her. But, like Jenny last week, when Kindle starts to cry, she walks away from the camera, saying she's not going to cry about Charlie....And, since tonight's show could have been named, "The Sarah and Krisily Hour," the producers have to give us one last interview with Sarah W, who says, "I can't believe Krisily got a rose. What is he thinking? They're a horrible match. When it comes down to it, I would be the best girlfriend in the whole world. Oh, my god! Times a million!"....Strangely, Sarah W is in tears as she says this. Where did that come from?

As I said in my remarks at the beginning of this recap, I'm having a hard time this season getting invested in any of the bachelorettes, because the producers have let us see so little of their personalities. After the one-on-one date, I'm not surprised that Anitra was sent home. And, I also wasn't surprised that Charlie chose to keep Krisily and send home Kindle. If nothing else, the fact that Kindle has gotten almost no airtime this season should have been a clue to us that she wasn't in the final four. And, even though Charlie hasn't had a one-on-one date with Krisily, he did hit it off well with Krisily on the group bar date. (Remember the infamous body shot?) And, Charlie knows that he and Krisily have at least some chemistry, because they kissed during their one-on-one time on the bar date. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the producers encouraged Charlie to keep Krisily, if only to keep the "Sarah W versus Krisily" plotline alive another week. If nothing else, it looks from the previews that Charlie's home visit with Krisily may be one of the wildest yet.

Some posters have said that they're very upset that Charlie kept Sarah W. I wasn't surprised that Charlie kept her, because they did have a great date, and Charlie is trying to base his decisions on his own experiences, not what the other women say. Still, it sounds like Sarah W's remarks could catch up with her next week, but it's anybody's guess whether it's enough to send her home.

If anything, I'm wondering whether Charlie could send Sarah B home next week, because I don't know if he's ready to settle down yet, and Sarah B may not be enough of a party girl.

Next Week on The Bachelor

Note: The following is taken both from the previews at the end of the show, and from an ABC press release dated April 19, and posted on www.abcmedianet.com.

Next week Charlie visits the hometowns of the four remaining women.....Before he goes, he reminds himself of the rules for hometown dates, "Don't say anything dumb. Bring something nice. Compliment the mom and don't call her 'hot'".

On Charlie's visit with Sarah B in McKinney, Texas, Sarah's sister presses Charlie about kissing many of the other women. Charlie admits it's true, but, in fact, he hasn't even kissed Sarah B yet. And, Sarah confides to her sister that she's playing "hard to get" with Charlie.

During Charlie's hometown visit with Kim in Edmonton, Alberta, they visit her parent's restaurant. Her family falls in love with him, but Charlie "desperately avoids" Kim's physical advances in front of her parents. Later, Charlie and Kim are "ambushed" by one of Kim's ex-boyfriends, and by Edmonton-native Jenny, who wants a second chance with Charlie. (Hmmm, I wonder how the ex-boyfriend and Jenny "just happened" to know where to find Charlie and Kim.)

During Charlie's visit with Sarah W in Corning, New York, Charlie confronts her with the "final four" remarks she made to Sarah B, but charms Sarah's entire family.

Last, on Charlie's visit with Krisily's family in Providence, Rhode Island, it turns out that Krisily's "Nana" has a framed photo of Charlie above the fireplace. Charlie is coaxed into dancing with Nana, only to be surprised when Nana hits him with her "booty." Nana tells Krisily that she has to fight for her man, and what she has to do now is try to get (Charlie) in bed.

At the rose ceremony, Charlie's emotions get the better of him, and he breaks down and cries. But, he must send one woman home and narrow the field down to three women that he'll take on overnight fantasy dates to Aruba.

Over the credits this week, we're treated to an impromptu fashion show by Sarah W and Kim, where each puts on outfits that are progressively more revealing. Kim quickly gets down to a bikini, while Anitra compares Sarah's final outfit to something Marilyn Manson would wear.

Spoilers and Speculation

This week's previews don't give us give us much of a hint about who Charlie will send home next week.....However, despite the lack of spoilers, we did find out last week that Kim was in a film with Traci Lords titled "Frostbite." (Geez, those Edmonton women must be tough. In the film, Kim and her buddies are in the snow in their bikinis.) In case you've misplaced your video of this treasure of the cinema, Dreamer posted a few pictures from it, along with some other pictures from Kim's Web site. Link

See you next week for The Bachelor version of The Amazing Race (aka, the hometown visits).