I'm enjoying this season of The Bachelor so far—the show went by quickly this week.

That's not to say that this week's episode didn't have its major and minor annoyances, beyond the usual stuff like stilted writing. One thing that I think is going to be a major annoyance for me this season is the fact that the producers seem to have decided to show us little of the women beyond endless catfights. As a result, we still know very little about the remaining women, even though we are already down to eight. Surprisingly, I think we've gotten a picture of what Charlie is like, and got some additional information this week. But, surely there is more to the women than breasts and jealousy. I know the overly simplistic storyline makes things easier for the producers, but it also makes it harder for viewers to develop favorites among the women and get invested in the show.

Charlie is continuing to get lambasted by many commenters as a sleazebag, particularly this week, after he succumbs to Kimberley's overt flaunting of her ample assets. But, one thing I like about Charlie is that he doesn't pretend to be anything other than what he is—a strongly heterosexual guy, who is no intellectual, but is (so far) pretty easy-going and nice, and likes to have a good time. If the Bachelor process ends up with him finding the love of his life, great. But, in the meantime, Charlie's in the midst of a male fantasy, and he's going to enjoy the ride, as much as possible. If Charlie were lying or being dishonest about his motives, I would feel differently. And, it isn't as if any of the remaining women are naive virgins who are being led astray.

I know a lot of you missed this week's show because of the NCAA Basketball finals, so my recap, once again, includes a lot of detail about what happened on the show. I'm still going to try to cut back on the amount of detailed recap in later reviews, but, I'm finding it difficult, so we'll see what happens.

Krisily and Kerry Show Their Claws

As usual, this week's episode starts with the standard introductions from Chris, reminding us what happened last week on The Bachelor, and giving a preview of what happens this week. Since it's nothing we haven't seen before, I'm going to spare you the recap. I did think it was funny that the introduction started out with Chris saying that last week Charlie began his "quest for true love." Yeah right. Sure Chris. We believe that the reason Charlie is on the show is because he's on a quest for true love.....Either somebody high up must think that we're really stupid, or the producers forgot to change the words when they recycled last season's scripts for this season.

In our first real scene of the show, most of the women are sitting around the table, and the infighting has already begun, this time between Krisily and Kerry....Krisily tells the camera that Kerry got upset at the rose ceremony the night before, because she had to sit next to Krisily......I was surprised at Krisily's remark, because Kerry didn't strike me last week as the trouble-making type. But then, we saw almost nothing of Kerry last week....Krisily goes on to say that she thinks Kerry feels intimidated because she's the oldest of the women. Krisily says, "It's a total difference when you're 32 and look 32, and 25 and look 25."....Meow. Except, mean as it is, I do have to agree with Krisily that Kerry looks older than 32.

Krisily tells Kerry that she has no idea why Kerry was upset with her last night....Kerry says to Krisily that when Danuska called Krisily a slut at the last rose ceremony, Krisily turned to Kerry and said to her, "I can't believe it's coming from (Danuska). I thought it would be coming from you."...Krisily accuses Kerry of saying to one of the other women, "Oh my god, I'm sitting right next to Krisily."...You get the picture. Kerry and Krisily go back and forth a couple times, but the whole conversation is pretty useless...Then Kerry tells the camera, "I didn't initiate any of this, so I'm in shock right now," and starts to cry...BTW, none of the other women says anything during this exchange.

I know some people enjoy watching the catfights on The Bachelor, but enough already. It's only the second episode of the new season, and I'm already tired of them.....Personally, I think catfights are immature. But, then I have to remember that the women are stuck in a small house, in an emotional situation, with no outside contact, and nothing to do but talk to each other. No wonder they're getting on each other's nerves....Still, it does seem strange that the men on The Bachelorette were able to get along pretty well, but the women are already at each other's throats...We also shouldn't forget that it's all in the editing. We have no idea how the women in the house really get along, only what the producers decide to show us.

Back at Charlie's apartment, he is looking at the pictures of the original 25 women....He tells the camera that last night's rose ceremony was crazy, but that's not what he's here for...Then Charlie does a funny bit where he picks up the picture of Danuska (she of the sunglasses and the attitude) and pretends that the Danuska picture is saying to the pictures of the other women, "You're a slut. Ooh, you're a slut." Then Charlie finishes by throwing Danuska's picture across the room.....Charlie is definitely the most entertaining bachelor yet.

Megan Lightens Up

While the women are still sitting at the table, Chris appears in the apartment, and calls them all to the living room.....He tells them that this week there will be two one-on-one dates, and one group date with the remaining 10 women. But, on every one-on-one date this season, the bachelor will decide to either give the woman a rose, or send her home.....The women give the appropriate gasp of surprise. (I wonder how many times they had to film that to get it right.)....Then Chris tells the women that who goes on the two one-on-one dates was decided by reviewing the women's original applications, and determining which two women were most compatible with Charlie....Megan and Sarah W have been chosen for the first one-on-one dates....Before he leaves, Chris reminds Megan and Sarah that they need to pack their bags and leave them by the door before they go on the date....Whoa! That's hardcore! The rejected woman doesn't even get to say good-bye to the other women before she goes. Geez, not too much pressure for the one-on-one date.

Megan gets the first one-on-one date.....So, she decides that, since Charlie seems to favor blondes, she will go blonde, too, before her date that night....She tells the camera that she "decided" to call Caesar, a "top-notch hair stylist in Manhattan" to transform her into a blonde.....Huh? Isn't Megan from Tallahassee? How does she know the names of Manhattan hair stylists, much less get them to make a house call? These poor women are required to say some really dumb stuff to be on this show, and they don't even have a chance at a million dollars.

Caesar shows up in his stocking cap, and he and Megan go upstairs for Megan's dye job....Last week it looked like the women's loft was only one story, but not it appears that there is another story, although it's not clear what's up there besides a bathroom.....We see Megan having her hair dyed, and then she walks out to the living room to greet the other women as a blonde.....Well, sort of a blonde. In truth, her hair comes out kinda light brown, with blonde streaks. Call me a traditionalist, but I liked Megan better as a brunette. Megan's natural hair color is pretty dark brown, so her new hair color doesn't really go very well with her skin tone....To her face, the women tell Megan how great she looks....But, as soon as Megan leaves on her date, the women start dissing her hair, saying it really doesn't look blonde....Krisily sums it up well when she tells the camera, "I am so confused as to why Megan cut her hair. I know that she can be very insecure, but, please, don't dye your hair to get a guy. I don't think Megan's gonna come home with a rose tonight. If she doesn't, I think we all kind of know why."

Megan's One-on-One Date—I Hope the Food was Good

Charlie meets Megan downstairs, and he compliments her on her new hairstyle. Megan tells him that she likes it because it makes her personality come out....Charlie tells Megan that they are going to the Savannah Steak House, which is owned by a buddy of Charlie's....As they sit down at dinner, the rose is sitting right at the table next to them....Whoa. Not too much pressure.

After some idle chit chat where I don't see much chemistry, Charlie gets right to the point. He says to Megan, "What I'm unsure of is, are you liking me because I'm the bachelor? From the beginning, at one point, it seemed that you would have liked anyone that walked through that door."...Although that sounds harsh as I'm writing it, Charlie didn't say it in a mean way....Megan tells Charlie that he is wrong if he thinks she likes him just because he's the bachelor....Megan tells Charlie, "I really do think that there is something there, and I'm interested in finding out. And I do feel connected. I'd like to go further."

However, Charlie isn't feeling it, and has decided not to give Megan a rose. You can tell from Charlie's face and from comments that he makes to the camera that he feels bad about having to do this....But, I've gotta give Charlie points for how he handled the situation....Here's some of what Charlie said to Megan, "It's a real, real scary thing to say 'go home' or 'stay.' And I want to let you know that I really like you. With that being said, I also want to apologize, because I'm gonna hold out on the rose. And I'm really sorry about that. In this situation, I'm torn between giving a rose or not giving a rose, and that's my only option."....Charlie says to the camera that he let Megan go because he felt that she was trying to give Charlie what he wants, but Charlie wants someone who is "comfortable in her own skin." Charlie goes on to say that first Megan says she's a sweet Southern girl, and then she dyes her hair blonde and says she's wild and crazy. He feels like Megan is young, and he isn't sure if she knows who she really is yet.....In an interview, Megan says she was surprised that Charlie didn't give her a rose. She felt that something changed during the date. She tells the camera, "I don't get it. I feel like a loser."....Then we see Megan get in a cab to go home alone. Poor Megan, she doesn't even get a limo.

Back at the loft, the women are sitting around the table when the doorman comes up in the elevator and picks up Megan's luggage.....(It's probably just the stocking cap, but, to me, the doorman reminds me of Caesar, the hair stylist.)...At first the women think it's a joke, then a couple of them go over to the window to see if they can see Megan outside.....Sarah W, who has the next one-on-one date, tells the camera that the whole thing was weird, and they had all been sure that Megan was coming back.

Sarah W's One-on-One Date—Is Something Brewing With Charlie?

Before her one-on-one date, Sarah is acting pretty composed, at least around the other women. They ask her about her kiss with Charlie on the bar date, and she says, "Yeah, it was hot."...I haven't decided yet what I think about Sarah W. She is very self-confident, which is a good thing, and as we'll see, her self-confidence is one of the reasons that Charlie is attracted to her. But, Sarah W's self-confidence borders on arrogance, and I can see how she would bug the other women....To the camera, Sarah W isn't quite as confident as she is in public. She admits that the fact that Megan went home has made it more real that there is a chance she won't come back to the house after her date.

Charlie's feelings about Sarah W are very different than his feelings about Megan. With Megan, she was the one who worried about what Charlie thought. With Sarah W, Charlie is the one who is nervous, and doesn't want to "blow it" with Sarah....When Charlie picks up Sarah, he tells her that they are going to take a water taxi, then go to a brewery....When they get to the brewery, Charlie takes Sarah W on a mock, silly tour of the brewery. Charlie is pretty witty. I was impressed. You know the Bachelor writers didn't write Charlie's lines, because they were actually funny.

Back at the house, the women have all been given lookalike sleeveless pajamas, and they are eating sushi and doing skits making fun of each other....Krisily remarks to the camera that, at the party, everyone got along perfect(sic).....Hmmm, Krisily, are you suggesting that it was Sarah's absence that made the difference?....Kimberley and Kindle do a skit of the Krisily's body shot, with Kindle lying on the piano. Krisily doesn't take offense, but laughs as much as everyone else.

At the brewery, Charlie and Sarah W exchange small talk...Sarah tells Charlie that she is from Corning, New York and still has friends there, and enjoys visiting. She tells him that she feels that no matter where a person is (geographically), it's all about who they are with.

In a voiceover, Charlie is pleased by the fact that Sarah hasn't mentioned the rose all evening and doesn't think she's even thought about it. He says that this is the first time he's felt like he's on a real date with a girl that he likes and is trying to impress.....Then, Charlie and Sarah sit on a counter, and he tells her how nervous he was about this date, and that he would love to move on and get to know her better....Then he gives her a rose....Sarah tells Charlie, "I like you," and gets embarrassed because she's blushing....Then Sarah, being silly, throws the rose on the floor...Charlie is impressed by this, and tells the camera, "I don't think any other girl would have the courage to throw a rose. away. This date's not about a rose. It's about connection."....Don't believe it, Charlie--it's about the rose. Sarah is just too smart to admit it to you.....Then Charlie gives Sarah a kiss that is awkward at first, but then gets more passionate....Sarah says in a voiceover, "I wouldn't call (Charlie's) technique smooth, but it was cute, and it was adorable. I don't think he's gonna have to try a move on me again. I'll kiss him naturally."...Poor Charlie. How embarrassing to have a woman say on TV that your technique isn't smooth. Ouch.

As they leave the brewery, Charlie is obviously in a great mood (and probably more than a little drunk) and says in a voiceover, "I feel great. This is the greatest experience I've had so far. It's gonna be hard to get some sleep, because, wow, this was a great night.".....As he kisses Sarah good-night, Charlie seems to find it hard to let her go....Sarah had an equally good time on the date. She tells the camera, "It's rare to meet someone who's funny and who's a gentleman. I'm really, really happy and excited that I found that."

As Sarah comes back in the house, the women are waiting up...Jenny tells the camera that she pretended to be happy to see Sarah W, but inside didn't want her to get a rose, because she finds Sarah annoying at times...The women quiz Sarah about whether she asked Charlie about his date with Megan, but Sarah replies (with a touch of arrogance), "Am I gonna ask him about what happened on that date? No, absolutely not. That's their deal, so I didn't ask about it."

Group Date—Pool Party With Ten Women

As the women sit around waiting, Charlie calls to invite the remaining women to a pool party....The women scramble into their bikinis, and, as they leave, Kimberley cattily says to Sarah W, "Have fun by yourself."...Nice gal, that Kimberley. Frankly, if I were Sarah, an evening alone after being cooped up with 12 hostile women in a small apartment would be a welcome break....Charlie takes the women to a large covered pool at the top of a building...The women notice the pretty setting, the fact that there is an open bar, and the two roses sitting on a table....Charlie tries valiantly to make small talk with 10 women at the same time, while he leans on a float in the pool (with Krisily sitting on the float next to him).....The women ask Charlie if he likes to give foot massages....Charlie replies that he can think of better things to do with his time, but he'll do it....So the women ask Charlie what kinds of things he does to show a woman he appreciates her...Charlie laughingly replies, "I give her the remote."...Ha! I had to give points to Charlie for being honest—truth in advertising of what the women can expect, although I suspect that some of them thought he was kidding. They've obviously never been married.

Charlie tells the camera that the toughest part about the group date is getting individual talks with each of the women. He wants to say to the women, "Please, make a connection here, because I want to keep you."....First we see Charlie talk with Krisily while still on the float. Krisily tells Charlie that he gets a goofy little-kid smile when he gets excited, and Charlie admits that he's definitely having fun today....While Krisily talks to Charlie, the other women are watching carefully....Kara asks Carrie and Sarah B, "(Charlie) and Krisily definitely have a connection. Do you think he likes that kind of girl?" Sarah B replies that Charlie does seem to like "someone that's loud and outspoken and blunt and to the point."....Kara says that she and Krisily are extreme opposites, so she doesn't know that Charlie would feel the same about her....When Krisily comes back to sit with Kara, Sarah B, and Carrie, they ask Krisily if Charlie has kissed her, and she says (in a kind of superior way) that Charlie kissed her when they were on the bar date (during the last episode).

Next we see Charlie talking to Kerry...She asks him about his family and his relationship with his brother, Jerry....Charlie describes Jerry as, "Half brother, half parent," so Charlie doesn't feel like he can tell Jerry everything. Kerry agrees, "Not if he's going to tell your parents." Charlie says, "(Jerry would) tell my parents, tell the taxi guy. I might as well print it in the paper."

Back at the house, Sarah W is sitting on the couch knitting. She "just happens" to be holding the cell phone when it rings...It's Charlie with a video message, "Hey, Sarah, I had a great date. I hope you're enjoying the place to yourself. I'll see you soon." Sarah W tells the camera, "It was so sweet that he took time out of his day to send me a video message. I think he wanted to let me know he still likes me a lot and not to worry that he's on a date with 10 other girls."...Uh Sarah, you were holding the cell phone in your lap. I hope you don't really believe that that video message from Charlie was spontaneous, or even necessarily his idea.

At the pool, Kara asks Charlie how he feels about dating a single mom, now that he has had time to think about it. Kara tells him her story. She says, "I believe that things happen for a reason. It was a high-school relationship, my first true love, or what I thought was a true love. He kind of disappeared after....Charlie says that it must have been tough...Kara answers, "But it made me the person I am now. I wouldn't be who I am now if it wasn't for the situation and for what happened."...Kara came across as totally classy in telling her story. She didn't act embarrassed about having gotten pregnant in high school, or whiny for the cards life had dealt her.....Charlie goes over and gets one of the roses and gives it to Kara. He tells her, "I think it's brave of you to come here and do everything you're doing, and I'm glad that we're getting to know each other.".....Charlie then gives Kara a long kiss, but it isn't as passionate as his kisses so far with other women. It's more a "smacking" kiss....Kara tells Charlie that she hopes the other women don't hate her....Charlie replies, "No one's gonna hate you. I don't think that's possible."...Charlie tells the camera that he gave Kara a rose because she is one of the most down-to-earth girls there.

Then Charlie decides that he hasn't had enough time with the women to decide who to give the other rose to. So, he says, "I thought it'd be nice to see them on their own home turf."....Charlie and the women arrive back at the house, and Charlie greets Sarah W with a quick kiss and hug....Sarah W shows Charlie her knitting, and tells him she's knitting something for him....Jenny is jealous again about the fact that they are bringing Charlie back to where Sarah W is, because it's "our" date....I'm really sorry to see these scenes of Jenny being jealous, because I liked Jenny last week, and I think she is very pretty. On the other hand, some jealousy is probably only to be expected in this situation, and we have to remember that, in any interviews the women give for the camera, the producers ask leading questions to elicit certain responses to advance the storyline.

Kimberley then decides that since there is only one rose left, it's time to "lay everything on the line."..."Everything" in this case, of course, means her huge boobs....Kimberley puts on a hot pink bikini and pareo wrap (along with an ugly pink handkerchief scarf on her head)....When the other women see that Kimberley has changed out of her regular clothes back into a bikini, they are upset...Anitra says to the camera, "The minute I saw her outfit, my chin dropped to the floor. I just could not believe that she could think that outfit was appropriate."

However, Charlie feels differently, and says to Kimberley, "Should we have our talk?"....My first reaction to Charlie's invitation is that Charlie is showing he's a sleazebucket by reacting to Kimberley's outfit...But, on the other hand, Charlie is a heterosexual male, and I can imagine few males of my acquaintance who wouldn't enjoy some alone time with Kimberley in that outfit...I did have to think about whether Charlie was being hypocritical because he has already sent women home for coming on too strong to him.....But, then I remembered a couple of things. First, Charlie has said that he likes Kimberley. He said last week that he doesn't usually like it if women sit in his lap, but Kimberley was an exception. Also, Charlie has reacted negatively to women who acted a certain way because they thought it was what he wanted. Based on what we've seen of Kimberley so far, she may be acting in a way Charlie likes, but she is definitely acting like herself....Charlie and Kimberley chit chat for a bit, and Kimberley tells Charlie that her family owns the best Ukrainian restaurant in Canada...And, then, no surprise, Charlie goes and gets a rose and gives it to Kimberley, followed by a long, deep kiss...Charlie tells the camera, "Obviously, I want an outgoing girl, someone to challenge me on who's the life of the party. Kimberley's a lighthearted girl, and she's here to have fun, and she's not taking it so seriously. Not to mention, she's hot."....I have mixed feelings about Kimberley's tactics, and I think I would have felt better about them if she hadn't made the following laughing comment to the camera, "My plan--getting hot and sexy--definitely worked. I got my one-on-one time, and I got my rose."

While all this is going on, the women in the living room have hidden Sarah W's knitting behind a couch....When Sarah W comes to look for it, Krisily and Carrie tell her that they want her to just sit without knitting, that maybe she'll join in discussions more if she's not knitting. Sarah W picks up her knitting anyway, and Carrie says lamely, "It was a joke. Ha ha."....What's with Carrie and Krisily? Why do they care if Sarah W knits while she talks? This is all pretty seventh grade....However, I'd feel more sympathy for Sarah W if she hadn't made the following comment to the camera, "It's not about the knitting. It's about the roses. This is a situation that's happened to me my entire life. Even in first grade, I was dealing with girls being mean to because I'm pretty and because the boys like me. So this is nothing new."....Oh puhleeze Sarah. Do you really think we're going to be sympathetic to your "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" whine?

Then, sitting at the table with the other women, Sarah W confronts Krisily directly. She tells Krisily she really enjoys knitting and she's not going to stop. Krisily tells Sarah that it's not about the knitting, it's that she feels that Sarah may not be here for the same reasons that some other people are.....Huh? Where is Krisily getting this from? How is Sarah acting that differently from Krisily?...Sarah replies, "It's really rare that I meet a guy that's funny and really sweet and nice, and Charlie's both." Krisily then shoots back, "I think that you're a [Bleep] artist. You act very different in front of Charlie than you do when he's not here."....There is some more of this back and forth, and then Charlie walks in the room.....What? All this was happening when Charlie was still at the house? What are these women thinking? Do they think that their arguing is going to cause Charlie to like one of them more and the other one less? C'mon ladies, it's a poor strategy in any case, but, with Charlie, you've got a guy who said over and over last week that he hoped the women would treat each other well and get along. Fighting in front of Charlie isn't likely to win you any points with him.

Soon after Charlie walks in, Sarah W grabs his hand and walks back to the bedroom to sit on a bunk with him for some one-on-one time....Not surprisingly, this once again raises the other women's' ire... Jenny says to the camera, "After Sarah W and Krisily have their conflict, Sarah runs and grabs Charlie, and they have their own little one-on-one time, which I don't think is fair, because she got her date the night before, and they were gone all night. Charlie has already given out three roses. We have no idea what's gonna happen at the rose ceremony. This is our time with him, not hers."

Sitting on the bunk, Sarah tells Charlie she had a nice time with him last night. She has difficulty getting her words out, and gets embarrassed. She then starts to get a little teary, and tells Charlie that as she sat around all day, she was just glowing. She says it's like a major crush....As soon as Sarah W starts to cry, Charlie starts looking uncomfortable, and when Sarah mentions her crush, he says to her, in a light way (but obviously serious), "Don't get a creepy crush. Let's keep it...." Sarah interrupts Charlie and quickly assures him that it's not that. But, in a voiceover, Charlie says, "After going out with 10 girls, the last thing you want to do is go home to another girl crying. She's just worried that I went on a date with 10 girls, but it's what I have to do. I don't what to tell her about crying."

The Rose Ceremony—Who's the Instigator?

Not surprisingly, Charlie is not looking forward to the rose ceremony, and he tells the camera that he hopes it "doesn't get too crazy in there," and that he hopes they do this rose ceremony "with respect."....Dream on, Charlie....As a reminder, Sarah W, Kara, and Kimberley already have roses, and Charlie has five roses left to give out to the remaining eight women.

Charlie and Chris get off the elevator, and Charlie walks down the hall to the living room looking like he's going to his execution....Chris tells the women that once again each woman will have an opportunity to speak her mind....Krisily goes first and says to Charlie, "I've had a great time with you here so far. I know that you've heard there is lots of drama going on in the house. My differences with anyone else in the house, whether it be with Sarah or anyone else, have absolutely nothing to do with why I'm here. I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to find a nice guy, and I did, so I hope that you keep me around."....Charlie smiles at Krisily, but replies, "I hope you make friends.".....I'm not sure why Krisily thinks this little speech is going to make Charlie more likely to give her a rose. I would think that Charlie would prefer a woman who not only got along with the guy, but with other women, as well, since Charlie is certain to have female friends.

Kerry is next, and tells Charlie that in terms of drama, she thinks Krisily is the instigator, and that Krisily has targeted not only Kerry, but Sarah W. She then goes on to say that she hopes Charlie will give a rose to someone who's here to get to know him, and who doesn't want to be destructive and distracting.....Krisily takes umbrage at this remark, and says it's not about being destructive and distracting, but about being one way with one group of people and another way with others, looking directly at Sarah W as she says this.....Sarah W chimes in that she just wants everyone to be happy, and that if she had her way, she would put fairy dust on the whole world. (Fairy dust? Where did that come from?)....In one of the few times we hear from Kindle tonight, she says it's just natural that there is going to be drama, because the most competitive thing among girls is guys....At this point, Charley looks as if he wishes he could chuck the whole thing.

But, Chris asks Charlie if he is ready, and Charlie hands out the five remaining roses. He looks very unhappy as he does it, but does give each woman a smile as she walks up.....Frankly, if I were the women, I'd be wishing Charlie was showing a little more enthusiasm as he gave me a rose....The five roses go to: Anitra. Jenny. Sarah B. Kindle. Krisily.....Then Charlie apologizes to the other three women, saying that he had a great time meeting them, but just connected better with the other girls....In the exit interviews, Gina Marie says she's surprised and p*ssed....Carrie says to Charlie that there are a lot of great girls here and that he'll find someone... Kerry says she doesn't have one clue why Charlie picked Krisily, that Krisily is white trash and Kerry is not.

Charlie looks exhausted....He tells the camera, "I don't know any woman in real life that would be happy she is one of eight women dating a guy, but these girls seem to be happy. And, at the moment, I'm happy, too."

So why did Charlie pick Krisily? He hasn't said it directly, but it appears that, at least for now, Charlie is following the strategy that Byron followed in Bachelor 6, to base his decisions solely on his own interactions with a woman, and not what others have said about her. But, since Charlie does seem to be a guy who doesn't like conflict, it will be interesting to see if any of the women's roles in the ongoing drama play a part in his later decisions whether to keep the woman or send her home.

For the record, here are the eight remaining women, in alphabetical order:

Anitra, 29, Makeup Artist, Manhattan Beach, CA
Jenny, 23, Marketing Coordinator, Edmonton, Alberta
Kara, 26, Nanny, Woodland Hills, CA
Kimberley, 25, Swimsuit Model, Edmonton, Alberta
Kindle, 23, Pro Basketball Cheerleader, Rockwell, TX
Krisily, 25, Salon Coordinator, Warwick, RI
Sarah B, 24, Labor and Delivery Nurse, McKinney, TX
Sarah W, 24, Fashion Design, Los Angeles, CA

Next Week on The Bachelor

Note: The information below comes not only from the previews shown on the 4/4 episode, but also from an ABC press release dated 4/5.

Next week's episode promises yet more fireworks.....First, Kimberley gets a one-on-one date to go to an art museum with Charlie, but the other women strongly criticize her outfit as overly seductive and inappropriate....So, while Kimberley is away on the date, the other women pay "tribute" her by doing a mock fashion show of their sexiest outfits....Apparently Charlie feels just fine about Kimberley's outfit, because he and Kimberley go back to his home, and it gets so late that the other women call Charlie's place to find out what's going on.

Meanwhile, Charlie takes six of the women on a group date to go bowling, and one of the women (Sarah W) makes the other women feel she is dominating Charlie's time....We see Krisily confront Charlie about a girl "sleeping at a guy's house" (clearly Kimberley), and Charlie replies, "We did make out."

Then Charlie admits that his late night with Kimberley left him tired on the group date, and he postpones his second one-on-one date with Kara because he is exhausted. Charlie and Kara go ice-skating, and afterwards, Kara confronts Charlie about whether he can see himself seriously dating a single mom.

Last, at the rose ceremony, "things get a little out of control." Jenny tells Charlie that she has no idea what he's looking for. She says, "I don't look like that," pointing to Kimberley who is wearing what looks like black lingerie, and "I don't act like that," pointing to Sarah W.

Over the closing credits, we see another funny scene of Sarah B and Jenny pretending to be Sarah B booty dancing with Charlie...The women are pretty funny, but, I agree with the Joker's poster who said that this group of Bachelor women isn't nearly as funny as the men on the last season of The Bachelorette.

Spoilers and Speculation—Don't Read if You Don't Want to be Spoiled

The preview scenes at the end of the 4/4 Bachelor episode, combined with the ABC press release, make it pretty easy to guess who is going into the next rose ceremony with a rose. First, the press release confirms that Charlie will give out six roses total on the 4/11 episode, and the preview scenes show us four roses remaining at the rose ceremony. We also see a picture of the women who are standing at the rose ceremony (and thus have not received a rose yet), and they are, from left to right: Jenny, Krisily, Kindle, Sarah W, and Anitra. There is also a shot of Kimberley sitting on the couch, which means that she has already received a rose from Charlie. That leaves Sarah B and Kara unaccounted for. If Charlie has four roses left, that means he has already given out two roses. The show previews say that Charlie has one rose to give out on the group date, so it looks like he gives it to Sarah B, and, thus, decided not to give Kara a rose on her one-one-one date (sending her home).

I don't have good guesses yet about which one of the remaining five women will be sent home next week....It appears that Jenny is likely to get a rose. This is because there are rumors (based on unsubstantiated sightings of camera crews in the women's hometowns) that Jenny, Kimberley, and Sarah B make it to the hometown dates....We saw a little bit of Anitra this week, and almost nothing of Kindle. Or maybe Charlie could send home Krisily if he sees her as a troublemaker, or Sarah W if he thinks she's become too clingy. Your guess is as good as mine.

Until next week!