Have you ever watched any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows?
No, and I still haven't as we don't get the "Bachelorette" in France ! But of course I have looked at what was going on on the web to be updated, and a few media in France have run subjects about me. The show should be broadcasted in a few months here, of course all my friends cannot wait to see it !

Were you recruited for the show?
I got a call from a casting director, who had heard of me through a friend. At first I thought "no way I am doing a reality show again !" but then I thought it would be a fun story to tell, and Jen was my type of girl physically. I now have a few other countries to try out, I can't wait for more amazing rumors about me to come out !!

What was your 1st impression of Jen?
I was wondering if she was auditioning for a role on the "Stepford Wives". She was trying hard to look as "perfect" and expressionless as possible. Too bad because I bet that in "real life" she is a lot more fun, but I guess this role as a "bachelorette" was overwhelming for her.

What was your favorite part of doing the show?
Finding out that all the guys were quality kids, with a special mention to Michael (he is such a character trust me !), Ryan (the Andrew Firestone lookalike !) and Jason. I was really impressed by the three of them.

And the least favorite?
Being cooped up in a house with nothing to do all day Granted, the house was beautiful, but I understood that I couldn‚t stand still ! I was really admirative of how patient everyone was, while I was really anxious to get back to "normal life".

Do you think that you were able to spend enough time with Jen?
I wish I could have got to know her in a different context, she was really stressed out by the cameras.

Would you be interested in being the next Bachelor?
No way – but it’s not as if I was asked to anyway ;-) The producers say they “love” me but in fact they know I’d give them a big headache!

What was your reaction when you realized the waitresses were Jen's friends?
I thought all her friends were trying to look like her !

When did you decide that you did not want to continue to be on the show?
After the date at the Cotton Club. Something happened that made me realize that I wasn‚t a big fan of the whole process. Also I was certain at this point that nothing would ever happen between Jen and I , also I regretted kissing her... The nights were very long and I guess I overindulged in the cocktails served - so I was obviously not behaving as I normally would have. I have been hurt that she then implied I practically tried to rape her as, trust me, she hit on me big time the whole evening. Plus, I had asked her before if she minded that I kissed her, so I felt totally set up that she then acted the way she did. I was really thinking she would not give me a rose at the next rose ceremony, so that is why I was upset when she did : I was wondering what she was up to.

Who do you think will get the final rose?
I hope Jerry will : Jen and him would make a cute couple for the little time it would last, and he would get the media coverage he is looking for ! Just kidding of course.

Do you feel that you were correctly portrayed on the show?
You have to understand the producers have to tell a story when they edit this kind of show. They are not technically making things up, but obviously everyone has a lot more sides to them than what is shown ! Most of the time, I was JOKING and not truly meaning what I was saying (like when I came up with the cheesiest pick-up line !), and I'm not sure a lot of the viewers saw that ;-) in real life I am very easy going and I get along with everyone. I must admit I tried to stir a bit of controversy sometimes when it was getting really boring, but all the people who really know me find it hilarious that I somehow appear as a "villain". Actually everyone on the show was getting along really well, for instance Jerry and I were always having very friendly chats behind the scenes, and we were just playing it as though we hated each other ; trust me sometimes it was hard not to laugh ...

When all of the Bachelors reunite with Jen for the Men Tell All will you ask Jen any questions and what will they be?
I don't think she'll ever be sincere on this show - so there is no point asking something to get another "politically correct" answer ;-) but I would be curious to see how she really is when the cameras aren't rolling !

Are you gay, or straight, or bisexual?
I am straight. I know all my dearest fans will be disappointed ;-) but I-am-not-gay. I think the rumor started from a bad joke from someone who advertised like 10 hours a day on the boards a badly made-up page from a gay dating site with pictures of me. The same pictures that everyone can find on my web page... Then of course there was the "proof" : the shirtless pic from Chicago. The real story is that I happened to go out one night on my weekend trip there to a mixed place, a photographer came up and asked me if I could remove my shirt (on a hot august night !) and I did .. This has nothing to do with a "gay pride" parade, that is just the name of the site ! It is so hilarious to see how people then concluded I was practically a gay spokesperson living in Chicago, and that showed me how people have a tendency to build things up. Oh, I forgot about the one "testimony" of a guy who supposedly dated me; No, really, there is so much unquestionable evidence that all there is left to do for me is to change my sexual orientation ! LOL
However, this gives me the opportunity to address a more serious issue : intolerance and close-mindedness. I happen to have some gay friends (is that allowed in America or does that make you gay ?) and they were as shocked as I was by some comments on the internet. Some people think that because their anonymity is preserved they can be totally homophobic. All I have to say is : shame on them. And I am not even talking of all the racist, derogatory anti-French comments... I was really sad sometimes, as I love both countries and my mother is from the US. I am not sure those people would have dared make the same kind of comments if I had been black, so it shows how hypocrite they are, and how much work there is still to do to promote tolerance.

Did the producers know that you were gay or bisexual?
Trust me, they run very, very thorough background checks, and they would have found out if I was really gay ! For the record, you know I also happened to be on a straight reality TV show in France (which was never a secret, it is actually one of the first things I told Jen about, as this was something we had in common !). At the time, I often happen to go a gay club in Paris, as do lots of other straight guys, because the atmosphere was surreal there. And, guess what : nobody ever questioned the fact I was straight !

Did the guys know (or figure out) that you were gay or bisexual?
I think after two weeks living together they might have had a hint of me being gay if I were ;-) I do not think anyone in the house would say they had doubts.

Do you really live in Paris and when/how long were you in Chicago?
Yes I have lived here all my life. I went to Chicago once, for two days last August. I traveled back and forth from Paris to NYC during most of 2004, mostly to find real estate to invest in.

Do you feel bad that you were lying to Jen by not being honest about your sexual orientation?
I feel bad I told her way too much about myself when I see how she handled it. Of course I have no bad feelings against her and really wish she doesn't need a third reality TV show to find love - but for the record she is the one who asked me to stay until the last rose ceremony, to say I wanted to leave at that point if I had not changed my mind (when I was thinking of leaving way before that!). I tried to exit in a nice way and then she says "oh, anyway he wasn't going to get a rose". I feel sad that she really just tried to fool me and kick me out herself, and then did not have the class to respect my decision.
But hey, trust me, it is not keeping me up at night !! And I'll be glad to see her again !

Why did you go on the show? To further your acting career? And, why are you described as in real estate when you have had an acting career in France?
Hey, I wish I HAD an acting career at all !! This is another example of the power of gossiping. I took evening acting classes as a hobby, and ended up in a small theater play in Paris : you call that an acting career ?! Also I got on a few commercials after "Operation Seduction" in France, but that has never been my main occupation. However, after my performance on the Bachelorette, I really feel I deserve lots of offers to play villains on TV ;-) LOL

To be more serious, I primarily went on the show out of curiosity. I was thinking I would get kicked off the first night as I so did not fit the mold of the "perfect" Bachelorette contestant. You can ask anyone in the house, I was always saying exactly what was on my mind, and I intend to continue doing so. Of course there is no need to speak your mind when it gets disrespectful, so that is when I choose to shut up, or qualify my words. But I felt it was b**shit to pretend we all believed Jen was "the One", and talk for hours at a time about "Love". I am sorry, in real life, guys don't do that ! At first some of the other guys told me they were shocked by some of the things I was saying, but eventually almost everyone came up to me to say they liked me for that. Also like I said I was just playful ! Of course I didn't really mean Ryan's letter was "stoopide", I was just pretending to be trashing everyone. The interviews last for hours and, as I was tired of having always the same lame questions, I would say shocking things, but then laugh it off ! Actually I really liked everybody. I kind of knew that second degree wasn't gonna go well on the "Bachelorette", but I had no clue everyone would think I was actually meaning everything I was saying.